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@Nor next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
To be honest, no. I don't think it is wise to extent our powers to meta as that same meta will probably be used to discuss the behavior of this room. Then we will be close voting our own criticism. It is ok to link a post here to discuss what the best action is, don't make it a cv-pls though. cc @cybermonkey @Cerbrus
@Tunaki The next 5 tags are: 79, 71, 56, 52, 43
Fair enough
@Cerbrus I have started an answer 3 times on that question but I couldn't get it any further as you did and I couldn't verify the doubts I had now raised by @Braiam
1:05 PM
Imo, "This is not a problem SO's responsible for / can solve" is a perfectly fine answer on meta, though.
@Tunaki I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@Cerbrus Yeah, agree. I wasn't to happy about the passive/aggresive tone of the question and comments so I didn't feel it would be constructive to say just that.
The whole OP wasn't constructive
It just got closed for the wrong reason
Tunaki passed a audit!
@Cerbrus I actually checked the geo location api docs to see what its capabilities were so I could have the OP try it for themselves ... but meh
:28036742 just give the poor bot some slack, will you? ;)
1:12 PM
I'm truly sorry Mister Nordehinu. Please accept my sincere excuse. It was most inappropriate of me to think you could have had a bug (!)
Tunaki passed a audit!
1:28 PM
@Tunaki You've completed 40 CV review item(s) today (2 of which were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 21 minutes, averaging to a review every 33 seconds.
@Braiam ^ that's my answer :)
if someone is looking for questions to close, the LQRQ is full of them
@Braiam I voted to close as dupe
sd remove- on it
1:50 PM
G'day peeps
Hey @Tim o/
Cough cough dat bragging
@TimCastelijns I'm trying to make it look good but SQL Server is not cooperative right now
@Kyll o/
2:33 PM
which is basically the same :p
55 pages of queries, nice rene
@Tunaki yep
@TimCastelijns don't forget SEDE stores every freaking query you ever did run, you can't delete them. There is a lot of rubbish in that list
Want to know how good you are doing on your favorite tag? Execute this query!
Could a 10k please tell me what activity was generated here today?
2:40 PM
A new answer that was deleted
Okay then, thank you!
> Your score: 1.45290. Site score: 2.03632
possibly spam?
@KevinGuan you're not so good as Tunaki?
2:42 PM
@KevinGuan Meaning your average score per answer on the tag you selected is 1.4 when the average score of all other users of that tag is 2.03
@rene Seems so :(
> Your score: 2.71074. Site score: 2.53257
Wow, meh:
> Your score: 1.68182. Site score: 1.57259
@Tunaki Then rene's right.
A lot better for :
> Your score: 2.23333. Site score: 1.64545
2:44 PM
@Kyll Ah, you JS expert!
Kind of disappointed by my score though =p
Wow I'm way below average on every one of my tags
I share c# with the Skeet, that is a disadvantage....
There's Bergi who's a beast in JS >.>
@TimCastelijns It could be also that there's a single user with a huge score, which would increase the mean
2:49 PM
Yes I know
I compete in google-app-engine with alex martelli and guido van rossum >_> no chance there
i am excited. i made my first pull request on haskell project: github.com/jaspervdj/digestive-functors/pull/125
@cimmanon \o/ I was also excited when I made my first PR on some plugin I worked with :)
3:07 PM
> I've heard that when you it stands still upside down
> logistical aspects of drinking
Woah, this gets serious
I didn't even know there was a coffee Q/A :D
I see EdChum is active there
@cimmanon You know what? I just realized right now that your username is not "cinnamon" but "cimmanon"... goes into hiding
i get that a lot
3:17 PM
@Tunaki I noticed that too recently...
when you hear "next monday" (considering that tomorrow is monday), which monday you think the speaker is referring to?
You know what I just realized
@Tunaki from urban dict Lord Tunaki: A kind , gentle and sexy beast with large genetilia.
............................................................. ok
I know :D lol. Realized it also when googling the name
Did the googling perhaps take place before you chose to use that as your username
3:19 PM
after :)
but I've yet to see which anime is that from. I never found the answer to that one I think
It appears it's actually called tanuki
yep that's what my hours of googling resulted in also
Better change your name
Better sue "urban dict" for inapproproate usage of my username
@Braiam I'd say not tomorrow but the one after that
@Tunaki Was that the audit you were talking about?
@Sam It was my bad, I though it didn't catch an audit but it did eventually
Well, it has weird internal throttling, so.
> Your score: 5.07692. Site score: 1.48729
For C#.
Checks The Skeet
> Your score: 9.17941. Site score: 1.48729
> Your score: 8.15517. Site score: 8.52162 for [discussion] on Meta Stack Overflow
3:32 PM
That's.. disappointing for a skeet
@Tunaki the query should ignore CW posts
> Your score: 30.0000. Site score: 10.5031
On MSO for feature-request.
> Your score: 0.00000. Site score: 10.5031
3:34 PM
@Braiam yes that's true, let me update that
> Your score: 8.15517. Site score: 8.46401
no much improvement on discussions
3:43 PM
I flagged as VLQ only
It is Spam ... Did you go to the link?
It is a job offering site
@BhargavRao Do you have Smokey privilege?
@BhargavRao I did, I'm applying now for a job
3:44 PM
@Tunaki Nah..
@JarrodRoberson doesn't seems a duplicate here
@rene Awesome, apply for the 4th one also, you'll come to my city for the posting :)
@JarrodRoberson is it really a dupe? THe first one is asking "what's the difference" when the other is "something is wrong with my code"
@Tunaki it is spam for what looks like an idian job seeker site for "freshers" which I assume means beginners from my experience, I got that much from the url that it was not actually related to the question.
@JarrodRoberson Deleted now
3:46 PM
@JarrodRoberson Indian
Lol rene, gl
@BhargavRao I would have to lie about my age or I can say I'm twice as good....
@BhargavRao typos
@rene Oh c'mon, 49 isn't damn old :)
3:49 PM
@TimCastelijns with answers that long, it just screams too-broad. Not that there are not some quality efforts just they will not go apreciated by 99% of the readers of a 1% question like that.
@Tunaki my troughs exactly
@Tunaki it explains what it is in the answer so it answers them both,
@JarrodRoberson that doesnt look like a clear duplicate to me
@cimmanon there are at least a dozen questions about one time bindings, any of them that explain what it is answers the lazy question about what it is, even if it is a side effect of answering another question, the answer, answers the duplicate.
@JarrodRoberson yes, but the accepted answer on the "original" question is a case of "my chrome extension was breaking it"
3:52 PM
@cimmanon there are plenty to choose from, I inivite everyone to try and find a better one, it is a duplicate none the less of something
it might be a duplicate of something, but it isnt a duplicate of that question
@JarrodRoberson Note that this question has a meta question to it about renaming the title
But maybe that's how you found it in the first place :D
@JarrodRoberson I edited the other question so it has a better title
^^ this is in the review queue in reverse, the zero voted question is being used as the target dupe of a 78 voted question :/
"but this one is older!"
4:06 PM
oh I have truly lost my mind
working around the clock for 3 days on php
I don't think I should review LOLOL
sd remove- ignore it
1. [:28038084] <processed without return value>
2. [:28037906] Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
3. [:28037883] <processed without return value>
Thank you to everyone who participated in The Great Legal Cleanup™, together we were able to clean up 22 tags over the last four months.
Well done
4:23 PM
Bye o/
Need to study ;_;
4:49 PM
@KevinBrown I've burned and
So 24 tags :P
@MadaraUchiha has two locked questions, so it isn't actually burned (related meta question). But thanks for burninating :)
Should this question be closed as off-topic? stackoverflow.com/questions/34617155/irc-client-for-mac-os9
@Ferrybig Yup, definitely a tool recommendation
@KevinBrown It's not even a tool recommendation
It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with programming.
@MadaraUchiha I phrased that wrong, it's a software recommendation. Falls under the "tool recommendation" close reason usually, because of the loose definition of "tool"
5:00 PM
@Yam stats
Posts being watched: 471.
5:11 PM
@Yam die
GraveRobber started
> INFO: post http://stackoverflow.com/q/13133326 was edited, but did not meet the search criteria.
It works. \o/
1 hour later…
6:26 PM
@Sam \o/
2 hours later…
8:32 PM
^^ someone fixed it.
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
There are three questions in , 1 2 3, aside from the locked one keeping alive (See meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/313767/…). Please close and delete.
This answer posts serial numbers for Visual Studio 2013 - should I flag?
I searched for those serial numbers - the sites they came up on look dodgy.
I think the last (that was locked) is now gone guys
thanks Jon
8:55 PM
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@Closey starting
@Undo Happy reviewing!
Rene passed a audit!
@rene You've completed 40 CV review item(s) today (1 of which was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 11 minutes, averaging to a review every 17 seconds.
attracting them
9:10 PM
@Drew It's TB, at the very least.
And unclear.
back then (stackoverflow.com/a/25312995) <----- 3 answers, then just now (stackoverflow.com/a/34710396) <----- 2 answers. The next time a mod says the script picks this out I will laugh again
@Drew What script?
the script that picks up dupe cut-and-paste Answers that allegedly works, and that I get scolded for flagging for mod attention saying ... them saying "you do not need to flag for this"
That script only picks up exact duplicates. I can't speak for SO mods, but you're welcome to flag those on SR/HR :)
nah junk content is good enough for me if my flags get decline
9:19 PM
@Drew the system did pick that up... and having "this is lame." at the end of your comment wasn't warranted - let's not put stuff like that in the future please
ok I'm the problem. I will strive to improve myself.
Comment was fine without "This is lame" at the end - that's all :)
I'm sure the guys here have a great comphrensive set of canned comments than can be tweaked
Please don't post identical answers to multiple questions. Post one good answer, then vote/flag to close the other questions as duplicates. If the question is not a duplicate, tailor your answers to the question.
(in case somebody doesn't have a good canned comment)
@JonClements There's actually a repo about it. It needs some work though.
I know we've got some on sopython.com/wiki/Useful_Comments but they're hardly comprehensive or up to date
9:30 PM
The list of commonly used auto comments is available on GitHub in markdown format.
9:47 PM
points to an answer
Well my flag was declined but I'm not sure why.
as VLQ or NAA
it's not VLQ
it's NAA
Hmmm, as VLQ because link-only
it's randomly decided by whoever at the moment. That is why.
9:52 PM
from what I was taught link only is NAA
It shouldn't make that big a difference anyways, then all end up in LQP review queue
mind you I think if it's NAA and you flag as LQ then it's splitting hairs, but some people take it very serisouly
@Tunaki totally agree
but it's a game of pedantics and semantics
Well that's great, it was just deleted by a mod
that's happened to me
So I guess it wasn't all declined after all :D
9:58 PM
I got a flag declined also and then it was deleted
don't overthink it. It is random.
blame Jon or Madara.. it's the funnest way to go about it :D
it's people trying to clear queues and we're not even as good as the bots, and even the bots make mistakes O.O da da daaaaaaaaaaaa music
@MsYvette You've completed 40 CV review item(s) today (1 of which was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 18 hours and 54 minutes, averaging to a review every 29 minutes and 6 seconds.
bl00dy stalker
Well it took you long enough.
10:00 PM
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sleep deprived it's insane
trying to keep up with Australian and Indian time and deadlines
10:29 PM
@Tunaki That answer though..
Code is broken so wrap it in an empty try{}catch{} to fix it :o
if you can't see the errors then there are no errors eh?
11:06 PM
Hey all, happy Sunday
also, anyone have that "please don't answer off-topic questions" auto comment? It's needed in that question
found it:
> Please don't answer off-topic questions; by actively answering them, you give the question that questions like this are appropriate for SO, which only encourages more off-topic questions.
@JAL that guy didnt even vote to close it >.>
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