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3:02 AM
Nice screenshots!
6 hours later…
8:42 AM
@Unihedron voting typo
Can I post Link-only accepted answers here?
@Cerbrus Sure, just say "Oh look pretty sparkly magic happening soon" and magic happens!
A: I wana display just 10 rows per page.But i don't know how?

NimmyHere is the Paginate Directive created by Michael Bromley for pagination. Here is Github & Plunker

^ Oh look pretty sparkly magic happening soon
pours oil on it
Isn't the question too broad too?
I don't know much Angular but it looks like it's a case of "I did easy thing, do me hard"
8:57 AM
@Kyll thanks
@Kyll Kinda too broad, yea.
Still, the answer is at -3, can be delete-voted now
@Kyll Derp, should've used some instead of filter. -.-
@Cerbrus What do you mean?
Edited the answer, have a look
Eh, nevermind
Monday mornings, I'm not paying attention
Looks like you've got a vamp there
(Went to your edit history to understand you lol)
I hate it when I answer with some code and the OP won't stop trying to make me write his code for him
9:13 AM
Yea. "Oh, but there's also this, and that, and this..."
9:29 AM
A: categorizing short audio samples

user5436035this is some fucking bullshit mate you guys think this site is good? its full of racist bastards, bush did 9/11 bowing 747 mate 1v1 me in the wildy mate i will ags spec u in the anus mate

Like... wat
Grammar started out decently
And then it went to shit. Any way, Smokedetector true positive :-)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because its Spam — Rohan West 42 secs ago
@RohanWest You don't VTC spam, you flag it for deletion. — bob 16 secs ago
1 hour later…
10:56 AM
@Tunaki Mjöllnired
11:07 AM
@Kyll boom
Hm, is it possible to add a rule to the SmokeDetector, so it identifies "Make comments mandatory with downvotes" requests on meta?
12:02 PM
Good morning
Good afternoon
Good day.
Yay, ambiguitiy
My favorite ambiguous greeting: aloha
it means hello and goodbye
Works too :P
12:18 PM
@Cerbrus I always think of Donna Noble from Doctor Who when I hear "Oi"
Doctor donna :D
*Highfives @NathanOliver*
@Cerbrus Love the Who
Just don't blink
Never. Have you been watching the newest season?
It started again, right?
12:22 PM
Yeah. I believe Saturday was episode 3. haven't watched that one yet.
Nice, 3 episodes in a row :D
I'll be busy tonight :D
Should this be OT SF or just to broad as they wan to create the application? stackoverflow.com/questions/33080926/…
Broad, imo
1:17 PM
Plop @gunr2171 !
so, uh, what happened yesterday?
did you guys go star crazy?
No, not at all
so I propose TF2 Tuesdays
@gunr2171 At what time?
1:26 PM
5:30p EST (whatever that is UTC). Same time as last time.
23:30 here, will do
I like the "event type" options I have:
event created
1:58 PM
Hell, you have Forced?
that game is VERY hard
my friend and I got about halfway through and stopped
@gunr2171 lol, my friend and I went halfway through and stopped too!
with our powers united!
We were playing for the 100%
Which, at first, only requires making a minimal number of mistakes
But then it's basically speedrunning and powerplaying
2:04 PM
(sd) that looks fine
You miss one skill and you're saying "ah damn, reset"
@Kyll we tried getting 100% on all the levels. And then we tried to just complete the level
If we could play at 4 that'd be amazing!
Ah, you too?
Damn now we must do this
2:05 PM
We didn't even get to the third boss
I played swords or bow, my buddy played shield or hammer
well don't count on tomorrow. my friend is still driving home from work at the time we would start.
Don't worry, we'll schedule it at some point. Would you still enjoy playing, this time with 3 other people?
probably would make it easier
/ managable
I think our worst level was the one in which you have to light up all the torches for the challenge
2:10 PM
it's been a long time for me, I don't remember how far we got
@SmokeDetector why?
@Kyll There is no why data for that post (anymore).
bug or ninja edit?
I guess it was a grace edit
fixing an all-caps post in under 20 seconds?
2:28 PM
"acts crazy in certain cases" what does that mean? Does it start brewing coffee, does your computer start talking to you about getting sentient or some nonsense? Please add some details. — Kyll 16 secs ago
Well I finally got a gold badge on meta. It wasn't the one I wanted but Ill take it
@SmokeDetector edited
@NathanOliver Why did you leave the signature?
@Kyll because the auto editor didn't remove it all. fixed it
@NathanOliver Ah, okay.
@SmokeDetector Should we un-blacklist this user?
2:32 PM
@NathanOliver They're still suspended on SU for spam, so I'm leaning towards a no
Ah. did not see that. nvm
> I can call myself an intermediate but not once have I made a game, i found a cool tutorial on YouTube,
So many contradictions in so few words
hey everyone
Plop @durron597 !
I wanted to let you all know why i've been so uninvolved lately...
2:35 PM
oh hey there
have you joined a rival SO chat room?
I just gave notice at my job and things are going to be pretty insane for the next month, I'm going to be doing a cross country move in the near future. cc @gunr2171 @rene
@durron597 It's not like you have anything to answer to us, we're fine with you being here any time
where too?
Seattle. Amazon.
2:36 PM
Cool -- congrats! Moving can be rough -- good luck!
@josilber Thanks!
@durron597 hopefully you don't get attacked by the drones ;)
@NathanOliver You kidding? I'll be piloting them.
@durron597 I just got one yesterday for my birthday. they one I have is a little tricky to fly. going to take a little while to master it.
@NathanOliver Nah dude, I'm writing the master software that will make the drones take over the country like von Neumann berserkers
2:51 PM
@durron597 sweet. If I give you my address can you add it to the safe zone filter?
POB? Send it to CodeReview?
The first half might be on-topic on SO, the second half is definitely a code review
@Kyll it is two separate but related question. 1 looks okay for SO as it is answerable. 2 looks like a good candidate for codereview
Okay then
The code of the second question currently works, and you are looking to get feedback on it. Generally these questions are too opinionated for this site but you might find better luck at CodeReview.SE. Remember to read their question requirements as they are more strict than this site. — Kyll 11 secs ago
@Tunaki The info for that question (author and time) don't match up with the one that it links to. Looks like a possible bug?
2:59 PM
I think it's two person taking the same class, and they have an assignement due tomorrow or something
Most likely, given that one class is named Lab1 and the other is StairsLab
Q: Don't allow honeypots for questions that I've voted on, or that I've already passed an audit on

durron597When reviewing, it has happened that I get a review-audit for a question I've already voted on (this is not the first time, it is only the most recent). If I know I've upvoted a question, and I know that the question has very positive score, doesn't that defeat the purpose of a honeypot? If the ...

3:14 PM
not worth the edit
1 hour later…
4:18 PM
I just noticed that the C++ book guide and list refers people to discuss it in the Lounge before making changes to it, lol
@durron597 Hasn't this been deleted?
@durron597 So it does. Never noticed that
stackoverflow.com/questions/33085699/… Guy asks question about his non-working jQuery code... doesn't include any of his jQuery code in the question facepalm
@cimmanon I think your comment is missing a word
shouldn't it say "is not the culprit"?
@TylerH better?
its almost certain the guy is using autoprefixer
5:15 PM
Bonjour, ici c'est une nouvelle questionne, et alors SVP utilizer le bouton "Ask Question." En plus, Stack Overflow est seulement pour l'anglais. Je suis désolé pour mon francais faible. — josilber 2 mins ago
Boom French class paid off
And I have rep capped :(
@NathanOliver Then you made more rep today than I made in the last 4 weeks. Congrats.
ty. It was a couple of easyish questions
5:39 PM
Mmm just hit 25k gonna go roll around in a pile of statistics for the rest of the day
@josilber have fun. congrats.
The prospect of getting access to those stats definitely motivated me to keep grinding through r questions
Which means it succeeded as a microprivilege
Huh, bing is losing the race against google
and yahoo is right out
Was it ever really a race?
I mean when you pit a middle school track runner against Usain Bolt you kind of know what the result is going to be.
5:52 PM
5 is right out =)
Ah yes 5 not 4. silly me.
6:19 PM
Who is somkeys creator?
@NathanOliver @ProgramFOX & @Undo
@ProgramFOX @Undo I think there might be an issue with smokey. this is its second report of a question with an all caps body but the question is fine and there is no revision history.
@bob thanks
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver There is no why data for that post (anymore).
@NathanOliver @ProgramFOX A known bug?
I'll try a reboot.
@bob 4478
6:23 PM
Goodbye, cruel world
hm, latest commit
Bugs are usually fixed pretty quickly, probably an unknown bug.
I have only seen it today so I wasn't sure. I just felt like I should let someone know since it has happened twice.
6:25 PM
@bob This should fix it... we get the first X characters (don't remember the exact number) of the body in the web socket, which was all-caps in this specific case.
@ProgramFOX ah, good
@durron597 Keep your head cool but in Seattle that wouldn't be much of a problem...
rene returns
6:37 PM
Does anybody have the power to protect this question: stackoverflow.com/q/9706429/2675154
It attracts new answers that IMHO don't add anything new...
@honk besides the answer from 6 hours ago the last one before that was over a year ago. I really don't think that this warrants protection.
@NathanOliver Ok, thanks, got it!
despite @NathanOliver's advice ... protected.. @honk
@rene Ok, that's fine, if you ask me ;)
@rene don't worry about ignoring my advice. I don't listen to myself either
6:45 PM
@rene so have you collected enough stars to become a ninja yet?
@NathanOliver Hm, it seems that all the great things happen when I'm away...
I guess people are just happy to see me again in the room. That feeling will go away after a couple of hours...
you hope
6:48 PM
I'll make sure that happens...
Shame SE removed starrer info.
@rene yes, I'm being a spoil sport: chat.stackoverflow.com/messages/26233557/history
I love how when you have access to the lookbehind in RegEx, you completely forget about the lookahead. The second highest voted answer uses a Regular Expression that uses 62 steps for the test string, while without using the lookbehind and instead using a lookahead, it uses 56 steps.
I can't see that but the error picture was great
:D RO link only
6:51 PM
@gunr2171 daaafuq is at that page? o.0
@NathanOliver Only ROs and Mods can see it
@Sam I was setting up to get that info ;)
Best I've seen today:
user image
I wouldn't have tried to order Bill, but apart from that...
6:56 PM
Seen that on coding horror.
@NathanOliver I'm going to say that it's probably a situation where he edited it within the 5-min window. Strange though, let me know if you see something like that again.
@Undo I think it was fixed
35 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
@bob This should fix it... we get the first X characters (don't remember the exact number) of the body in the web socket, which was all-caps in this specific case.
@Sam But I guess you haven't yet seen this one:
Nope lol
@honk Now replace the leaves with a terribly deformed photo of TG's face :P
7:07 PM
is there any way to go back more than a couople hours in the recently deleted 10k tool?
@Siguza I leave this as an exercise for people who need a challenge with Paint ;)
7:22 PM
@honk challenge accepted
user image
@gunr2171 I was hoping for nothing else ;)
@gunr2171 But you didn't use a photo of his face...
I don't have that
7:24 PM
Wow, I'm honored.
also, fun fact, paint.net is hard to use
you can't edit text after you put it down
@gunr2171 But you can overPAINT it :)
@honk don't make me hit you with my BEAR hands
Does not answer OP's problematic. FGITW fail! — Kyll 6 mins ago
7:26 PM
@gunr2171 This could burst off the T from the PAINT...
@Kyll funny, yes, but can be mildy rude
@gunr2171 It's mildly supposed to be
ok, just a heads up
Oct 6 at 21:23, by Tiny Giant
No matter what we say in here, we should always be courteous to users when in the trenches. We end up saying some pretty mean things in here, but that should not extend to the main site.
@NathanOliver I absolutely always will be if users don't post crap asap for the sake of posting crap
7:34 PM
@Kyll also grammatically problematic
@Kyll "always" tends to preclude conditions
@TylerH On what part?
@Kyll "Does not answer OP's problematic"
@TylerH problématique is a noun in French, might have translated it too transparently
In english it is just problem. Does not answer the OP's problem
Oh, okay. Thanks for the tip
7:46 PM
Actually to be completely correct this does not answer the OP's question or this does not address the OP's problem
well in mathematical terms you often have "problem answer sets" but grammatically yes you'd have to address or solve the problem
(or ignore, of course)
btw the user updated their answer.
Got it!
@NathanOliver Which now really looks like another answer
Yep. that is a problem with an incorrect FGITW answer. by the time they get it right normally the right answer has already been posted.
@bob poof
@TylerH Also learned what preclude means, ty =p
7:59 PM
any time :-P
@Kyll You're calling people poofs now?

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