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I assume that mooseman guy is trolling because it has lo logic.
Whoever that Joel guy is, he's getting a lot of votes.
the Joel guy who made SO?
or some other Joel guy who hasn't posted?
Yea, joking. I've read all the Joel on Software stuff
You know Joel is one of the rainbow folk, right?
7:04 PM
yeah. I remember him posting when they started SO
!!youtube gay wedding key & peele
I actually had no idea Joel is gay, it's also nog a big deal really IMO, he's a great guy and I don't see his sexuality as relevant for me but I'm happy for him.
A: Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

Sterling ArcherI'm in full support of this notion, as a heterosexual, non-religious male. I normally don't butt into these types of politics etc, but a couple of these answers are just disgusting. Calling it hate speech, or throat shoving. All humans have basic rights, rights that existed long before the found...

my 2 cents
7:05 PM
I know now. That never came out in his other software articles.
Those 2 answers really tweaked me.. i never get into politics stuff
@SterlingArcher too many gay jokes in that summary
@BenjaminGruenbaum Indeed, sexual orientation is 100% irrelevant except when talking about sexual orientation, or when flirting.
Maybe throat shoving isn't the best term I could have used there...
@SterlingArcher no, it's really really not
7:06 PM
When in rome?
be careful where you roam
So the help desk has been insisting I have a virus for 3 days now
@SterlingArcher engage in fellatio?
Can't tell if trolling or being decent human..
I just realized my logo probably isn't the best notion on the topic either
7:07 PM
mm, that's not good either
you shouldn't butt into the throat shoving while wearing that shirt
Deepthroating someone's butt?
can you explain the process?
@NickDugger only in germany
That was a wild turn
ah, that makes sense
7:08 PM
large intestine, small intestine, stomach, throat
@SterlingArcher yeah, intestines can be pretty... kinky
omg that typo
jesus man
> Whether someone is a sandwich, gay, or has three penises, it shouldn't matter; the entire thing is a red herring.
gay sandwich with three penises
!!s/(with)/$1 red/
7:10 PM
@Jhawins gay sandwich with red three penises (source)
I'll take the three-penis sandwich, on rye.
That was pathetic :/
This chat is a roller coaster of unexpected genitalia references
7:11 PM
@SterlingArcher entirely your fault
Like any other day, really.
I've gone for a week in a caravan to see Scotland and the school I'll go to (in Oxford) :D
!!giphy genitalia
@Jhawins That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
^ someone
7:12 PM
Fun fact: my class will be called ES6
@SterlingArcher I can't login to PhantasyRPG
English Secondary y6
Also, started learning about ANNs! They sound so fun!
@Luggage That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
7:13 PM
for americans.
@Cereal I haven't logged in there in almost a year now lol
Thanks for posting this! There's nothing worse than everyone being all in on something as horrendous as what happened today! — Peter Turner 2 mins ago
A caravan is a camper, but a caravan of caravans is not a camper of campers.
Man, mention a damn rainbow logo and the bible thumpers come running
7:16 PM
Does anyone here have any experience with ANNs?
I didn't know stack had so many... closed minded people
@towc a small amount
The world does.
But you think they are normal people until that topic comes up
@SterlingArcher The comment I linked above - His bio says he has 4 kids. So He's raising 4 people with the same mentality.

I imagine that's how
Then all the sudden, "gay people cause hurricanes" and other asinine shit comes out of thier mouth
7:17 PM
or they change their FB pictures to confederate flags
@KendallFrey Then all the sudden, "gay people cause hurricanes" and other as shit comes out of thier mouth (source)
@SterlingArcher I think, if you look at the votes the non-assholes still outnumber the assholes
Most definitely
7:18 PM
@SterlingArcher Go to Walmart and ask 3 people what they think about gays
I'd rather not get shot, tyvm
You'll use 3 of your Walmart flags at once
Go to walmart and try to buy a rebel confederate flag lol
walmart doesn't have any good flags since they got rid of them the other day
7:19 PM
^ beat you to it!
now what am I gonna put over my lifted double-wide cinder block house?
they have walmart in canada too you know
Those flags are everywhere here compared to Indiana
I'm sure it would be fine there
Hey, some of those double-wides are nice..
7:20 PM
@Mosho Yeah with conveyor belts for your recycling
and larger than my rancher..
@Mosho canada doesn't count, it's weird
Canada is great ok
Just wait until the Supreme Court legalizes Canadian marriage...
7:21 PM
srs question: is it true they have poutine in the food courts at costcos in canada?
Why wouldn't they? Don't all large stores that sell food sell what the locals eat?
if the food court has a new york fries, probably
Yeah you can get poutine pretty much everywhere
so going to costco in canada now
like right now
Word of warning if you ever want a poutine while in canada
there's like 1200 calories in a small one
No one sells small ones.
7:22 PM
1200 calories of pure heaven :')
I'll get the low fat one.
what are some traditional canadian cuisines?
@Luggage The one without cheese curds, gravy, or fries
Moose salad
@RalphWiggum I heard garlic fingers are canadian things
also donair sauce
7:23 PM
@RalphWiggum kraft dinner
and donairs
dinosaur sauce?
I think it's called garlic white sauce in america
more genitalia references?
Yes, please.
7:24 PM
mmm garlic fingers
I like to lick my fingers after I touch some garlic
Garlic fingers are pure sex.
your mum likes my garlic finger
Q: Full size background-image to SVG path

RahulI've been using Raphael JS (…it's brilliant). I was just wanting to understand how I can add a background-image and background-size (cover) to my SVG path I created with Raphael. Is this at all possible? What I have tried: I've tried adding a class, but it adds it to the SVG (parent of path), ...

your mum is pure sex
@NickDugger Too bad she can never find it :(
7:24 PM
I have made a friend!
I wanna try a kraft dinner once
A: Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

Peter TurnerGo ahead and gloat, I would if I one day woke up with the ability to reconfigure reality to fit my purposes.

he posted another answer
2 months lol
Is Kraft dinner actually not a thing in the US?
Kraft Dinner ain't
It's called Kraft Mac & Cheese
you god damn commies and your "kraft dinner"
7:25 PM
@KendallFrey It's mac and cheese..
What else is Canadian..
Ketchup chips?
maple trees
7:25 PM
Beavertails maybe?
@Cereal All-dressed maybe
Canadians usually
I think indians come from canada too
Moonmist ice cream?
French rap
7:26 PM
Is a Kraft Dinner just a frozen meal? Got lots of those, of course.
I got some poutine ruffles in edmonton
so nast-ay
@Luggage no, just a mess resembling mac and cheese
Like dry noodles and a cheese 'pouch'?
7:27 PM
@Cereal you fucking bitch
@Luggage I have no idea tbh
never made it
dry noodles and powdered cheese packet
"Marry whomever you love. Even if they're not a developer".Tim 59 mins ago
That's what I, and probably most US citizens think of.
heh I missed that one
@Cereal I was expecting the same thing
who WOULDN'T marry a developer?
@RalphWiggum everyone
7:28 PM
Tbh I think it would piss me off
I wouldn't wanna marry me!
@RalphWiggum everyone I've ever met
I should just marry a dumb girl
Developers have strange minds that don't work with normal people
7:29 PM
That way I'm always right
I should just marry a moose
@Cereal no, we manipulate normal people into giving us money.
@SterlingArcher I dated a complete dolt once. Sex was great. Couldn't deal with the fact her eyes glazed over whenever I opened my mouth
they'll cheat on you
from my personal experience, no one wants to marry/touch/look at developers
7:29 PM
Not if I cheat first!
I meant the moose but ok
@SterlingArcher this is why you have a trophy wife and a mistress, who know about/know each other and are ok with it.
@Cereal Sex is great.
@SterlingArcher so you don't have to worry about damaging her voice while deep throating?
why you guys talk so much!!! I can't sleep for you
7:31 PM
not sure how to respond to that one lol
ah the best response
@KendallFrey In that case you should marry someone with no teeth, because safety first
@ivarni nah, you don't need safety for first base
@KendallFrey ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
7:32 PM
@KendallFrey deep throat is first base? Where are you from?
I don't know if you're right about that
also, yeah, totally second
@ssube Read this as trophy wife and a mattress
It's so hard resisting replying to these people.
@ivarni I didn't say that...
@Jhawins well, yain't gonna keep a trophy wife if you don't have a bed
7:33 PM
@Jhawins roflmfao
@ssube chair, table, wall...
ceiling if you're good
Family bathroom before the concert..
I detect a personal experience
Horse trailer
@KendallFrey "Hello, trophy wife. Please park the mercedes I bought you in the garage and feel free to sleep on the chair."
7:33 PM
nah, ain't gonna cut it
whores' trailer
@Luggage I caved... the sheer ignorance for basic human rights is astounding
It used to be a horse trailer but then it took a boner to... the whore
I did, too. and I never comment on these things.
7:34 PM
"I'm christian so my opinions should be listened to most of all"
yea.. I hate that argument soo much.
Every angle of it
@SterlingArcher Hey way to have an open mind! I'm proud of you
@Jhawins You guys are married, everything is open to you.
I believe in humans, not god
@ssube dang lol spot on
7:35 PM
@SterlingArcher then you are a moron
I know :(
Humans suck
@Mosho most humans are
lmfao at least they didn't say the earth is stationary because "If it was spinning and you flew in the direction it was spinning you would never get there" like that Muslim Cleric
We should all evolve into crocodiles and just fight hippos for 100 years
7:36 PM
I'm personally gonna book the 5th-ish one way flight to mars
@Mosho have fun fighting the replicants
I assume people who fly on 1-4th are all going to die
Now this is going to turn into a religious thing? We're calling each other morons because they don't believe in god?
Nobody is calling anyone a moron?
@Luggage whoosh
7:37 PM
I was making fun of something that happened like yesterday
Oh it was in Feb
@Jhawins you, sir, are a mormon
I just saw it yesterday..
But why
7:38 PM
@crl That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@crl Nobody is calling anyone a mormon? (source)
@crl Strangest typo ever
@crl too slow
way too slow
@Jhawins French keyboard with §ù
@Mosho yes :D
English keyboard has space bar
space bar has space chicks
!!youtube deep space 69
*dehydrated space monkeys
@Jhawins space (source)
Such useful
@KendallFrey fucking love that show
7:40 PM
!!youtube baman piderman
me and my buddy "dressed up" as baman and piderman for halloween
by which I mean, we each bought a $2 mask from the costume store
I wonder how @m59 feels about this given he's our only religious member.
Jan Dvorak
and possibly more
7:43 PM
Im religious, but I have no idea what you guys are talking about
See, we don't need to categorize people here by religious and non-religious
We're talking about this headline: nytimes.com and the new temporary SO logo: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/297859/…
I dont see what the big deal is. People should be allowed to make their own choices
Right answer. :)
I don't care if you believe in God, Allah, Vishnu, FSM, or aliens. Just as long as you like to talk about nerdy things.
7:46 PM
I absolutely agree. I have no problem with religious poeple up to the point where they try to push religion on me. That's when there's beef. What people do in their own time that doesn't affect me is none of my concern.
Finite Spaghetti Monster? Flying State Machines?
I like nerdy things. Nerdy things are cool
@BenCraig True. False.
Idunno, according to my sister "nerd culture" or whatever its called is popular with the young folk these days
7:47 PM
I think nerd culture is just hard left wing
There's a difference between people who think they're nerds and real nerds
I can't sleep guys
@ArupRakshit Add alcohol, it's friday after all
!!s/\bg/with g/
7:48 PM
@KendallFrey That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
did you try sleeping girls?
@KendallFrey I can't sleep with guys (source)
the slow motion ping pong ball to the grandmas face xD
similar mindset
@NickDugger yep, got arrested
7:49 PM
@BenCraig I keep hearing that but I don't get any young groupies for being a 'nerd'.
Hey baby, wanna hear why I like dynamic typing?
I will optimize you all night long.
@ArupRakshit This might help you sleep
Same, I want some groupies
they can carry my bags
@Luggage see, I found out that that isn't about efficiency.
7:51 PM
I wish I had someone to carry my bag
when you're sleeping with somebody, you don't want to be efficient
I can't hear.. I can see only ....
@ssube really? shit
@ssube ohh right.. you want O(n) not O(1)..
@ssube Oh come on, there's no price for coming second
7:52 PM
@Luggage why should fat girls take longer?
Big O.. orgasm, in this case.. as in giving her multiple
@ivarni oh, there is
dang, I went full nerd over that one
if you come second, you get to try again
come first and you're done
chutiya sala...
7:53 PM
@ssube my point exactly
oh, price as in penalty. Yeah, you're right
@Luggage I would like you to know that I posted your "use lube or, if you're cheap, foreplay" comment to facebook (as a quote) and a number of attractive women liked it.
also, if you search foreplay in this room, @rlemon and @Zirak are responsible about 1/3 of the results each
I got it from House M.D.

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