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7:00 PM
Smells like something's died.
yeah, agreed
It would've ended your session by now.
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 23 hours, 23 minutes and 3 seconds ago and lasted 8 minutes and 51 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value. Note: You still have a review session in progress. It started 21 minutes and 22 seconds ago.
7:02 PM
I have a feeling that missed audit is also tied into this.
We'll still need to figure out what went wrong though.
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@Dustin Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
oh weird, you shouldn't have to do that
so that means it's dead
@Closey stop bot
7:03 PM
@gunr2171 I'm shutting down...
@gunr2171 Not necessarily.
not your fault, we are testing out new stuff
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
Fox did that before the bot had a chance to automatically end his session.
Man, I wish I had more cv reviews to debug this. :/
7:05 PM
hum, yeah
@rene That may have something to do with the bot's start time inflation calculations.
I don't care how you call it, just fix that bug ... ;)
Since it goes by your review timestamps, it doesn't actually know how long it took you to complete the first review.
@rene Sure thing.
@Sam That is not my point
If I finished my reviews Closey waits for x minutes
It should subtract that from the finish time, right?
Yes, except the finish time is based on the timestamp of your last review.
7:14 PM
I will use start time inflation calculations tomorrow on one my customers, btw
lol :D
@Gunr Can I see a DB dump of rene's last session pretty please (with candy sprinkles)?
Ok, but we agree something is off when Closey reports?
@Sam yeah, let me see what I can do
@rene With the timings, yes.
@gunr2171 Thanks.
Wonders what the NSA Closey has in store for rene
7:19 PM
Hang on a second.
Is Jenkins running on linux as well?
Your last review was at 18:40.
Closey posted this message at 18:41.
38 mins ago, by Closey
@rene Your last completed review session ended 13 seconds ago and lasted 8 minutes and 29 seconds. You reviewed 38 items, averaging a review every 13 seconds.
it should have said: ended 73 seconds ago
or 47 seconds ago
	Id    	RegisteredUserId    	SessionStart    	SessionEnd    	ItemsReviewed
	151 	8 	2015-06-10 14:43:09.317584-04 	2015-06-10 15:02:55.49519-04 	40
	150 	1 	2015-06-10 14:40:30.373042-04

	149 	3 	2015-06-10 14:32:27.209089-04 	2015-06-10 14:40:56.975657-04 	38
	148 	4 	2015-06-10 14:26:07.147032-04 	2015-06-10 14:34:21.681831-04 	40
	147 	3 	2015-06-10 08:35:40.156954-04 	2015-06-10 08:37:38.339077-04 	1
	146 	5 	2015-06-10 08:34:17.605055-04 	2015-06-10 08:36:14.791192-04 	1
	145 	5 	2015-06-10 04:43:26.403063-04 	2015-06-10 04:59:31.628763-04
But your last review was at 18:40.
7:21 PM
uh, yeah, not going to fix that formatting
let me look up user ids
It's alright, I can tell 3 is rene.
@Sam yes, in my timezone between 18:40 and 18:41 you find 60 seconds. either way 13 seconds is plain wrong
yep, #3 is rene
7:23 PM
I wannabe first
I'm #1
well, first is the worst, second is the best
third is the one <insert matching rhyme here>
Kevin Brown is #2
and not sure why
7:25 PM
@gunr2171 Over here it's "Third the one with the hairy chest."
the one with the treasure chest...
stackoverflow.com/questions/30762370/… Possible Re-open Vote candidate
there are a lot of combinations
He added the code after I talked with him about how to improve the question
I don't have hair on my chest
7:26 PM
He has so much hair, he has a chest on his hair
How did this conversation turned into a discussion about my chest hair?
some say, rene has a full-sized tattoo of his face, on his face
Ok, so there is definitely something wrong with the timings.
@TylerH voted
7:28 PM
Real timestamp: 18:40:03
Reported timestamp: 18:40:56
So 53 secs are being added from somewhere...
should this be closed as "can't reproduce?"
yes, it's a meta post
I was als looking for a dupe
@gunr2171 that one is fine
Ok, I've got no clue how it mangled that timestamp.
Well, I can't find anything "suspicious" looking in socvr.net. I have yet to check the actual bot code...
7:43 PM
Nice, that are the best bugs. Blame time(7)
They even state Broken-down time
woot, closed by OP
Ah ha!
Found the bug.
Creating a demo to emulate proposed site behavior is too hard -_-
@Sam :D
what was it?
Eh, it's with the DB accessor method for ending the session.
7:51 PM
@TylerH is the proposed site behavior vague? (guessing answer is "hell yes")
ah ok
making a mockup for how my suggestion for comments will work
It doesn't accept an arg for the real time of the end of the session. It just uses the current time.
So it means modding the query...
oh, ok
Which also means I'll need your help.
I should be able to fix that tonight
7:53 PM
oh hallelujah, you can associate two labels with a single checkbox
in html?
you should be able to associate an unlimited number of labels for an input
I was worried because the spec is not very clear on that direction
from the other direction it is pretty clear, "Each label is associated explicitly with one input"
7:59 PM
though I'm not sure of the use case for that
Did you test in FF?
did you test in Netscape? That's important you know
I want to toggle between two states using the checkbox hack
It will probably crash IE. If not IE11 then IE8
@rene don't you dare sow those seeds of doubt
I develop in Firefox
Anyway this is just to show the MSE goers what I mean in an interactive way
8:01 PM
@Gunr I'll just update the method's signature + update socvr.net. And it'll be ready for you.
ok, great
or make that commit on a branch so it doesn't break on you
I was just going to commit to the current branch.
Since it'll still function fine as is.
ok, works either way
And... done.
Should we remove the session end trigger?
@Sam yes, in the same was as the "starting" command
but keep "end session" just in case
8:09 PM
How's, "You don't need to post this message anymore! When you finish reviewing I should notice it and record the end of the record."?
(Yeah, it's practically identical to the starting command one.)
sounds good
same with audits?
maybe not, we don't reply with anything to begin with
going afk for a while
I think I completely removed the audit trigger already.
8:47 PM
jsfiddle.net/TylerH/km2mtpr8 well that's a cool effect but not really what I'm going for...
@TylerH will that be for an FR?
it will accompany my answer to this question: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/180325/…
The irony of Help us figure out a way to handle the explosion of comments on Stack Overflow is the show 40 more comments under the post...
2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Hi everyone, I want to know 'does vote casters get any notification when a question is reopened? so that they can change(undo or recast) their voting'
@ShaifulIslam no. no one, not even the OP of the question, gets that sort of notification
thanks @gunr2171. Can I do a feature-request(ask question) for it?
or its bad idea
you can, but I don't know if it will get much traction
there is already a re-open queue, which does the same thing
if someone edits a post after it's closed, it lands in that queue for people to review
My concern is people get lots of downvote before closing it but reopens can be changed vote casters mind. like this quesion stackoverflow.com/questions/30719221/is-html-turing-complete
he got 7 downvote before close after reopen 5 upvote
still its -2 but i think those who downvoted they never realized that it has been improved or come back to recast/undo their votes
you can't expect every person to go back to every post they ever vote on to see if their vote still applies
11:08 PM
but if they get notification they may be check it again
maybe, but that will create a lot of notifications for most active voters
i'm trying to find some relevant meta posts on this topic
:) i tried
but did not found any that's why i am asking suggestion here
but afraid to ask the question because many people may dislike it
you already said a reason
Q: Allow an edit to notify downvoters: "I think I've fixed the issue now - please check"

Jon SkeetTo me, a downvote usually indicates a problem with an answer. When I downvote it's to mark the answer as having a problem, not the person. If the answer is fixed, I want to remove that downvote - but it's tricky to keep track of all the questions I've looked at over the last few hours. I don't a...

and also this one
Q: Notification on edit of downvoted content

cmasterI just came across a comment by someone who wrote that they make a point of revisiting content on which they have cast a downvote. I really like the idea of checking whether stuff that I downvoted on has been edited so that I can remove the downvote. However, afaik there is no support from the s...

seems like its bad idea
lots of people said many good reason why this should not be
it's not that it's a bad idea, it's just that we think we have a better way to handle it
(review queues)
11:20 PM
oops seems like many people want it but still its not implemented
Looks like all of the questions should be in the queue
@Sam, I made the DatabaseAccessor change to pass in the correct DateTime
11:41 PM
Going to go through the rest of the .net licensing questions
hopefully there are 11 worth saving and just retagging :)
What's the plan for tracking which questions should remain open (as they are on-topic) in the legal cleanup?
Most of them are just fine without the licensing tag
so I'm just removing it
instead of VTCing
They usually relate to licensing instead of being about licensing
I was considering recommending disambiguating the tag as an option
But the only other alternative that exists (right now) is
11:58 PM
Okay, every question has been retagged or is in the queue
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