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4:13 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 7 hours to continue reviewing.
Q: Android costume theme for android

rowwwssI want a theme for my android app.is there any theme to buy?i search but nothing found.is there any website to sell android theme and style?a full package for design.

^ voted...twice :)
No not sent email. Directly go to their office and ask.M D 10 hours ago
4:24 PM
> You are not suppose to ask like this on SO. try something and then ask with some code. anyways , try following.
What a rep whore
fixed it
"You are not suppose to ask like this on SO" if you feel that way then you shouldn't encourage the behavior by "answering". — codeMagic 11 secs ago
Waiting for both of those to be closed so I can vote to delete. Y U PEOPLE NO CLOSE?
+1 neighbor, this is why you would make a good mod
Thanks! Tell that to the voters :P
In the last couple days, I've lost about 100 points on the guy in front of me. I was hoping to at least move up a little. Probably should have gotten my answers in sooner
Hmm... Is it supposed to be kinda difficult to get your app running on a phone or in the emulator with android studio? I do give that my phone is old as fuu (gingerbread) but the emulator refuse to start properly.. I only get the window with "android" written in it :/
anyone remember salty bet
4:37 PM
Nope, google apparently doesn't remember either
its the first result....
What is it? Can't view at school?
its not as fun anymore
but basically some guy built a thing which puts to CPUs at max difficulty level against each other in MUGEN
which is a 2d fighting game where anyone can make a character, so there are like thousands and they range from standard "ryu from street fighter" to ronald mcdonald
and you bet on who wins with fake money
back when it first came out it was the funniest thing ever
4:52 PM
I avoid 9 patches at all cost
gotta use em sometimes, at least in my case
I prefer to avoid any technique that would require density buckets.
Stop being lazy and draw it once and for all
5:11 PM
OK, let's have this discussion
I have to admit I really like the S6 edge
Why, you might ask?
1. I can now add Google Now as my launcher and hide all the bloatware
2. The device's design is great
my wife just got a motox
hasnt arrived yet
3. Adding the Google Now launcher gets rid of TouchWiz!!!
i like the one we use at work
but its expensive af
@Kjelkor You don't yet meet the criteria for this room give some awesome Android answers before requesting again
5:25 PM
@Emmanuel is #3 actually true?
S6 edge is awesome. I played with it in old peoples store and liked it.
The Note edge I liked even more.
Old peoples store nana?
Anyone else notice that AS now has a built in decompiler?
no, how to access it ?
so far it's triggered when i go into any compiled class via the command-b short cut
that I don't have sources attached to
but i'm not sure what the limits of that are
5:32 PM
all the sdk classes are stubs
@Eenvincible Yeah, the blue and yellow one...
@09stephenb Welcome. Please read the room rules room-15.github.io
@NathanielD.Waggoner I noticed that the other day, and was pleasantly surprised by it
5:45 PM
@DaveChen I mean, you cannot have both launchers at the same time
and when you go select Google Now as the launcher, icons and the layout changes...
you still see the settings app with Samsung's custom layout
so I do not really know, but at least it removes the annoying stuff from sight
I have not played in AS for a while, but the "I show the current values of your variables" features while debugging is nice
I first saw it when using IntelliJ some time back
and wondered when they were going to bring it over to AS
6:10 PM
Have to have chrome
6:47 PM
for playing mp3 on a long-term basis I'm planning to use intent service (but make it "unkillable" so that it won't kill self when job is done) and start it in foreground - with a constantly hanging notification with some play/pause buttons etc. Is that correct approach?
6:58 PM
hm, found more info on media playback from d.android.com
7:15 PM
nothing really
sup nd
just finished a 5000 line refactor from hell
my brain is mush
you got that right
7:22 PM
haven't coded in almost 2 months...it feels...weird
wat have you been doing Emm?
enjoying life...basically
i was wondering where you'd been
you were on a vacation or something right?
I have been in Ecuador, Argentina, and Guatemala
7:24 PM
sounds wonderful! and sunny.
it was awesome
I have been playing basketball as well
I haven't played in a long, long time
Happy friday friday friday \o/
7:54 PM
yo, PeeHaa
@F4z denied for low A:Q ratio
When you set input type on a EditText, did I understand it right that it will format the text for you? If you type in a letter in a number EditText, will it give you an error?
@@09stephenb I've removed your access for not using it. Request again later if you want to chat
@Gemtastic it will show the number pad instead of the full keyboard
Awesome! :D
> Election closes in 4 days.
@Emmanuel do you watch NBA
8:06 PM
Go make your final votes!
I think I am voting for the Android taggers :p
There are just two, I think
Are yo mod yet @codeMagic :(
Next year. This was just a warm-up nomination
8:13 PM
Yeah many candidates do that. Just make sure you end up on the good side so I can properly vote for you :)
Aww you didn't make it cM :/
I was gonna vote for you
Yeah, I know a lot of people run for several years before making it. That's why I don't feel bad but I really thought I'd do better. Oh well, I will meta even more and do better next year.
Thanks, gemtastic.
You'll have my vote in the preliminaries next year ^^
You can still vote for Raghav, if you so wish. Don't want to be telling anyone what to do :)
I can't really make up my mind about my last vote. But yeah looks like you people could use a proper janitor
Why is there no "2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire" answer from you @RaghavSood?
8:19 PM
@PeeHaa I'm typing it up right now. Ran into some more pressing concerns on a personal front
We really need more 10k+ users doing more cleanup. That would help a lot
Yeah, I had to do my own because I never got them from you Raghav :P
@RaghavSood At least give me the prview of #9 :)
> When reviewing recently deleted posts and current posts with deletion votes, you begin to notice a pattern. A group of users is consistently present for deletion votes, and some of the deletions begin to cause meta posts questioning the validity of the certain deletions. The deletion set gets so big that some high profile posts are being deleted. How would you address this situation?
Yeah I want to see the answer, not the question :P
8:21 PM
> It's a little hard to give an exact answer on what I'd do without more details. In my experience, it's not uncommon to have the same set of users contribute votes to a large number of questions in their tag of expertise. For instance, in Android, there are only a handful of users who patrol at that level of moderation, so it's easy to repeatedly come across their name. This is something that can be seen across most, if not all, larger tags. Before proceeding further, I would:
> Evaluate whether or not the questions actually needed to be deleted. Outright spam and abusive posts should be deleted, and may often be deleted by the same people if posted in quick succession (which some particularly annoyed souls have done in the past)
I've seen enough. ty :)
> If the deletions by the same set of users are indeed unjustified, I'd first seek the opinion of other mods - I am capable of human error, and obviously may not understand every tag well enough to distinguish in every case. A second opinion would help. Then, if it is a genuine problem, I would take the necessary steps in warning or temporarily suspending the users who are abusing their power.
> This, of course, applies to unjust, repeated deletions at every level, even by a single user. You don't need a ring to do it wrong over and over
Like it
8:26 PM
They were all good questions for the most part but difficult to answer with anything specific. I felt like mine were tending to all be the same answers almost. So I tried mixing things up where I could
I especially like your last sentence
Yeah I like that too
"I swing my hammer of justice in a just and fair way!"
hope you had a good bday !
Oh, you had a birthday recently? Happy belated bDay then ^^
Thank you! :D
8:31 PM
so how old are you now?
old enough?
18, so close enough
I can drive, vote etc.
don't do drugs
!/tell RaghavSood Happy Birthday
I will bring you back one day, @AndroidBot. I promise
8:34 PM
What happened? You had him back a few weeks ago for like a day
He didn't quite work right
I thought you had him all patched up again when I saw him. I even threw a party in his honor
I've been watching baseball in my office for the last 2 hours. Not very productive
I've actually been pretty productive
I'm still kinda slow in learning the Android structure though
@netpork I used to
The bot has to run on a server as a service.
8:45 PM
I might have to stay at work longer just so I can watch the end of the game. Lol
One of those days I will write the fuck out of that bot.
A: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Raghav SoodRaghav Sood's answers: Best of luck to all the candidates! I apologise for the delay in answering. I'm afraid I ran into some more pressing tasks on the personal front. A question is asked and receives some very good answers. The asker then flags this question and asks for it to be delete...

Do you have any recommendations for a kitkat running android phone?
Do you need a cheap one?
9:02 PM
Well, not the most expensive one
But I was thinking about getting a somewhat better one
I was looking at the Experia Z2
I will sell you an S3
Wait, you wanted a cracked screen, right?
I don't want a second hand one at all
I find that the modern phones only lasts about 2-3 years, don't want someone else to have used it up already :P
Plus, people are icky
Oh, you must have missed the part about the cracked screen. You can't get that with a new device
Sorry, I'm not into that fancy kinda stuff
I will probably be great at cracking it on my own
So you actually want to use it?
9:16 PM
There are only 12 badges which I don't have...
Not counting the tag ones
I was going to suggest the LG 34C, which I have suggested couple times before. It's cheap ($40ish) and comes with KitKat.
Ok, I'm out for a little bit
You guys and gals be good
later @codeMagic
\o neighbor
9:20 PM
o/ cM
9:30 PM
c you later cm
Hmm, maybe I'll add a export to imgur feature to my app xD
9:45 PM
anyone use plurals?
I never use plural.
@nana Yes, that's the intention at leasy
But if you mean plural in string.xml then yes.
Q: Accountsd using lots of CPU constantly

Sarge BorschThis dreaded issue started at some time after upgrade to OS X (Yosemite) 10.10.3. accountsd uses about 60% CPU constantly, making the laptop hot and noisy. I'm not using iCloud at all. Killing it doesn't help, because it starts again quickly. Probably related question, but it's about iOS: iPho...

did anyone encounter this?
I can't find anything on the internets
and it's 100% crazy
@nana Doesn't seem to be carried by many stores here :P
9:54 PM
It's a cheap burner phone, I don't know what can you get up there, sorry.
It's ok. I think I will buy the Z2
good weekend guys
To you too EEn.
I'm out too guys, cya
Later MrE.
10:18 PM
@nana wanna spin?
Sure :)
Lets roll
1 hour later…
11:41 PM
What's up?
Watching baseball and trying to clean up my desk
What's up with you?
Been going through the queues and this "Help and Improvement" queue is pissing me off. So much stuff marked incorrectly
Trying to decide which project to work on, where to put a button, talking with my girlfriend on Skype, and trying to gain rep on Stack.
Just pick one and go, put it to the right, hang up with her so you can get shit done (!), keep working on that
You're welcome
11:56 PM
I did, no room, she can just stay in the corner, I am trying.
Do you have my app? The xkcd Reader?
But I will
Okay, you don't have to but it's pretty nice ;)
I can't promise how much I'll use it but I will download it and check it out since you put hard work into it. And give a review (if it doesn't suck)
11:59 PM
It kinda sucks, layout wise. Functionality it's not bad.
What's it called?
Uhh, I'll link you
Then I will just comment on the functionality in my review :)
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