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6:03 PM
<title> is invisible? jsfiddle.net/r508nqoy
@crl it goes in the head to display a name on the browser tab. Read the docs please :)
Ok :) forgot it right
you probably are looking for a heading instead
Ah yes
or a title attribute for a form
too broad
6:19 PM
oh, mistaggings
they make it so easy to tell if the OP knows what they're doing or not
@SecondRikudo I don't have to build as crappy of an app any more! Deadline was pushed until next friday! \0/
@Gemtastic nice
extra five days?
Extra five days is the difference between WTH am I looking at and "It works, it's not buggy and I kinda know what I've built"
@Gemtastic yeah, I was just asking how many extra days you got :-)
Ah, ok. It sounded like "only 5 days?"
6:54 PM
hi guys I have a wired question in my mind. in css we can do design for mouse over event like :vore right ?
but how to do things for mouse out event?
:vore = :hover?
like a transition when mouse out
sorry for the typo
you can only fake it in some circumstances using hover
no other way?
JS or fake it
6:56 PM
i know this can be done using jquery
but trying do using css
it can be done in regular JS, no need for jQuery unless you're already using it on the project
on my project i'm doing some transition when mouse is hover on a image
but when mouse out it instantly comes back to normal state without any transition
that looks kind a bad
put the transition on the default state - it'll apply when it's hovered and un-hovered.
good idea
@Gemtastic \o/
7:03 PM
@ZachSaucier Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
!!tell Zach urban vore
@Zach vore Short for "voraphilia" or "vorarephilia": a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive (sometimes known as phagophilia). The most common type of vore is "soft vore", being swallowed or swallowing whole with no bloodshed. There is also the less common "hard vore" which involves the tearing and chewing of flesh. Other types of vore include macrophilia and microphil(snip)
@SecondRikudo silly anime
Anime exposed me to vore, sure. But vorarephilia is a real thing.
Silly germans
Armin Meiwes (English pronunciation: /ˈɑrmɪn ˈmaɪvəs/; born 1 December 1961) is a German man who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom he had found via the Internet. After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim's severed penis, Meiwes killed his victim and proceeded to eat a large amount of his flesh. Because of his acts, Meiwes is also known as the Rotenburg Cannibal or Der Metzgermeister (The Master Butcher). His main occupation was working as a computer repair technician. == §Killing and cannibalism == Looking for a willing volunteer...
7:08 PM
And one more time to fix a duplicate ID that was causing an error. — isherwood 7 mins ago
This guy doesn't seem to know that edit summaries are a thing
@Gemtastic , have you started yet?
@SecondRikudo yes
Is it hosted somewhere?
but I don't think you can say much about it yet
it's on my github
hey guys can I ask your feedback on something ?
im actually confused a little
so feedback would be very nice
7:14 PM
> Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once!
I've just added the featured image over the post name
I'm thinking whether it is looking good or bad
not sure
Thats why asking for your feedback
that particular image?
Or just having an image there?
having an image there
7:16 PM
@iSaumya I like it
I think it's probably fine. Most sites do it that way
Looks good, hate the modal in the beginning
I dont care what most site does
yeah - the modal is annoying
I care about a good user experience
so that users dont feel annoyed
7:16 PM
remove the subscribe modal than
@iSaumya I like it. Drop the modal that pops up
if users find the website interesting they will subscribe either way
yeah unprompted modals are always annoying
instantly cheapens the site to me
7:17 PM
don't need to bomb them even before reading
makes me think its some scammy site
well that subscribe modal only pops up when you try to leave the page
@Loktar immediately makes me close it :P
I personally also don't like the subscribe footer bar that can be removed, but at least it's removable
7:17 PM
otherwise it wont appear no matter how much time you spend on the page
it popped when I entered
it popped up when I first went to the page
7:17 PM
I will disable that
but different
thanks for the feedback
site looks decent overall
otherwise good job on the website - looks solid
so the image over the post title doesnt look bad?
7:18 PM
nope - fine with me
I'm glad you guys liked it
and make me feel nervous before showing things :)
you guys are pros
this is actually one of the more relevant kind of questions for this chat
I will disable the popup thing
7:19 PM
@iSaumya When you scroll all the way down, the right sidebar w/ ads is overflowing over the footer
as you said that its annoying and degreting user experience
Not sure if that's intended or not
yah I've seen that
but dont know how to fix that
Also I would remove a lot of the vertical whitespace in the footer
I don't think it needs to be 60% of the screen height
still fighting to fix that
7:20 PM
@iSaumya position: sticky; would be perfect for it, if only other browsers would start supporting it
let me try that
@iSaumya no I wouldn't use that if I were you
it's only supported in Firefox and maybe still Opera currently
Chrome did support it in the past, but removed support a while ago so that they could eventually re-do it in a better, more performant way
IE has never supported it, and AFAIK Safari doesn't either
see this answer:
A: Why doesn't position: sticky work in Chrome?

TylerHTo answer the updated question about why it was removed: Google (Chromium) removed support for position: sticky due to the unfinished nature of the spec, and they will focus on other scrolling features in the mean-time: "We would eventually like to implement position: sticky, but the current ...

then I better do it after chrome starts supporting
it's definitely something to look for!
because as per google analytics, most of my vierers uses chrome
7:28 PM
I've petitioned the IE devs pretty heavily to support it in Spartan
so far it's still "Under Consideration" though
yes I will put that in my list
also I use a plugin for this
Just remember (as IE devs are wont to remind us), "the tail of the web matters"
Yeah, Modernizr is a lifesaver for feature detection (and in some cases, polyfills)
and I have redited the plugin code and tested in my chrome didnt work
now I know why
thanks bro, you helped a lot
all you guys give me honest feedback
Q: What causes the electrical reaction between two carbon rods touching?

Zach SaucierI recently watched this video in which carbon rods from a 6V lantern battery are removed and then touched together to create a makeshift arc reactor furnace. This produces electrified plasma which can then melt anything from steel to rock. More info about the battery used can be found here. W...

which will help me to make it even better
7:30 PM
^^ If you know how to phrase it better please help (@TylerH perhaps?)
Here is a demo @iSaumya jsfiddle.net/TylerH/gv9ugaw9/1 That you can test out in Firefox to view position: sticky behavior
I don't know what to call the things
@ZachSaucier I'll take a look at it :-D
thanks man
thanks a lot for the fiddle
I have another quick feedback question for you guys
in this project I've used display: inline-flex; for the 1st time in any of my project
on my home page
@ZachSaucier If you have time, this page describes it decently well donklipstein.com/carbarc.html
7:32 PM
I was thinking is it bad to use display: inline-flex; though its working fine on every browser
@TylerH will do
@joshhunt day late :P
damn it
i didnt see it starred though
@ZachSaucier tl;dr the arcs are just electricity, I think
7:34 PM
but how, lol
either magnetism or one of the fundamental forces of the universe
@joshhunt try telling that to anyone still using windows xp
electromagnetism or gravity
@joshhunt it looks good man
the proximity of the arcs excite the atoms in the rods
7:35 PM
awesome clean design
i like it :)
... not mine
!!afk soccer
Terry Pratchett died :(
7:40 PM
disabled the optin
guys is it bad to use display: inline-fles ?
@iSaumya nah, so long as your target audience uses browsers that support it
which browser doesnt support it
Whether you use any feature should be determined by 1) Do you need it? 2) Does your target audience support it
it seems working fine everywhere
@iSaumya IE10 requires an -ms- prefix
IE8/9 don't support it
Safari still requires a -webkit- prefix
same for iOS
7:45 PM
I'm glad the ie is going away
it never support anything
If you are only targeting evergreen (auto-updating) browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE11+ etc. then it should be fine
disgusting browser
ie should be banned throughout the world
@iSaumya there were some big issues with 6, 7, and 8, yes... 9 was sorely needed, 10 was decent and 11 is actually pretty good
Spartan, which will replace IE in Windows 10, is actually pretty good
I heard that too
tough didnt have the time to install win 10 dev edition
IE is to thank for a lot of features from the past, though
and if they didn't do such a bad job of it for several years, we maybe wouldn't have had the impetus to come out with Firefox and Chrome and Opera, at least not when we did.
7:47 PM
in japan most people still use ie 6
Competition is healthy :-)
yah its true :)
We probably would've had Safari, still, because Apple just can't stand not doing their own thing :-P
chrome still is best
i guess
Relevant hilarious video: youtube.com/watch?v=0poM1Kdi_G8
might want to wear headphones if at work due to ambiguous language
@iSaumya For future reference, Caniuse is an awesome (and usually up-to-date) site for checking the current support of a CSS or HTML feature across browsers and versions
7:51 PM
awesome vdo
on the other day I find a real hilarious thing on a ecommer site
iphone 6 plus cost around Rs. 74,000/- in India
thats a lot of money
and one person ask that whether it bends or not ?
lol, a person spending that much of money on a phone and still worried about whether it bends or not
.lb domains are down :P
all of them?
hmm they're working for me
hmmm looks like it's a local ISP thing
@Gemtastic alright, now I've got time. Let's see :P
@SecondRikudo blushing it's not that good :(
8:03 PM
@Gemtastic However bad it is, I can 100% assure you that I've seen worse.
@Gemtastic yes, just look at some of my work :-P
@SecondRikudo Yeah, but those weren't mine. I care about my performance, I take pride in what I do.
@TylerH You're just saying that to make me feel better
My second question Stack Overflow was asking why <ul> wasn't centering... I had no idea that it had inherent padding
@Gemtastic Remember that correctness is infinitely more important than robustness.
@TylerH Newb minds think alike
8:04 PM
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Ah, I see you went with javafx
@SecondRikudo How does that differ from my point of view O.o Though preferably I want correct and robust...
@SecondRikudo Yeah, I somehow just felt like it
@Gemtastic the notion that code that works but is not maintainable is inherently bad is wrong
But the great thing is; I could just slap a web version on top of it.
If I do it right I mean
Sure, maintainable code is better than non-maintainable code
But all working code is good code.
So far all it does is launch a window with a beginning of a design
8:07 PM
My new case and motherboard have been out for delivery since 5AM this morning
been compulsively refreshing the tracking pages every 10 minutes to see when they get delivered
even though I will get a text message notification
FXML = Fuck x??? my life?
Or just Fucking XML?
@SecondRikudo it's just an XML based language
@SecondRikudo not sure if troll or got abducted by aliens
@BasementKeyboardHero Don't get me wrong
8:09 PM
I kinda feel like Fucking XML XD
@TylerH I finally figured out the formula that I was looking for yesterday :D jsfiddle.net/6e6xwwmu/3
I still frown upon unmaintainable code
But with scene builder it's all so easy~
And I still frown upon bad practices (or even not implementing best practices where it's trivially possible)
But let's not forget the goal
Step 1. Make it work
8:09 PM
sticking it to the man?
@joshhunt nice, that's pretty close
Step 2. Make it pretty
refactoring usually takes more time than feature development :P
@BasementKeyboardHero Not usually...
Writing an application takes a finite amount of time
Refactoring it later and improving it is potentially infinite.
yeah I ended up using a quadratic ease formula, now to plug it into my car and see if the steering feels right
@BasementKeyboardHero I want to make a giant poster with "the man" in big bold letters, and then write "it" on a bunch of post-it notes, and hand them out, so everyone can take turns sticking "it" to "the man"
8:11 PM
you just agreed with me :P
preferably in front of a court house or something
@BasementKeyboardHero Yeah, so?
The fact that you bang camels doesn't mean I can't agree with you on stuff
@TylerH Pure GENIUS!
tyler for president
@SecondRikudo one of these days we're gonna double team a camel :O
wonder if bibi will get re-elected
@BasementKeyboardHero I'm pretty sure he wouldn't.
But I have been surprised before.
wonder if we ll ever have peace between our countries
8:14 PM
Pretty sure that wouldn't happen
i mean how cool would it be to visit for a weekend x.x
Unless some major event were to occur (scifi alien invasion level event)
or hezbollah fucks off :P
Even the countries we're at peace with aren't that good friends of ours
I mean, you still don't spontaneously pack your bags and go to Jordan or Egypt
Even though there's a peace treaty with them.
8:16 PM
@BasementKeyboardHero \o/
The problem with peace in this case, is that there are a lot of elements willing to abuse and take advantage of every compromise we're ready to give.
If we retreat, nothing will change except the fact that Israel got a little smaller and weaker.
And if we don't, we're the assholes.
I don't mind israel the way it is, I just wanna be able to go there :P
To be frank, I'd rather be an asshole than be dead, if you know what I mean.
totally understandable
arabs are shitty neighbors :P
@SecondRikudo would that make you frank or an asshole? :-P
@BasementKeyboardHero Don't move to Georgia then; Alabama sucks too
8:18 PM
@BasementKeyboardHero too much baseless hatred.
@Second Uhm so... Did you not have anything to say or did you just forget about it?
@Gemtastic Well, there isn't too much there to be honest :D
I'd structure the directories a bit differently.
That discussion is more suited in the Java room though. Shall we?
zappa <3
also Terry Pratchett died :'(
@SecondRikudo I didn't really expect much ;P How would you structure them??
I have transform: scale(2) on an element to blow it up, and then transform: scale(.5) on its children to keep them the same size. Most of the children are fine, but some of them are blurry. Any way to get around this?
@StephanMuller rip :(
8:21 PM
@ElliotBonneville can we get a fiddle?
yeah lemme see if I can dupe it, hang on
Why do I have a saved fiddle with this text... מפחד מהמלחמה
some things the world may never know
movie recs
gimme smth to watch
@ElliotBonneville at a guess: transform-style: preserve-3d;
does anyone know where I can find a list of control characters in URLs and their meanings?
8:25 PM
@BasementKeyboardHero with the girl? Horrible Bosses or Bad Neighbours
@BasementKeyboardHero I Just watched Taken 3 last night
alone and seen em
Dale and Tucker Must Die
I watched District 9 again the other day
@mikedidthis hmm, no effect :(
were you able to reproduce it
8:28 PM
@ElliotBonneville it may need to be on the parent, will wait for fiddle.
@BasementKeyboardHero working on it
Real Steel?
Wolf of Wall Street
I actually liked the new Tom Cruise movie (don't usually like his movies)
Edge of Tomorrow
^ me too
the end made me sad though
Haven't seen it but my brother enjoyed it
Guardians of the Galaxy if you haven't seen it already
8:35 PM
here's a fiddle: jsfiddle.net/cLL6e16u
blurred for me, Chrome 41.0.2272.89.
in the fiddle all the children are blurred, actually.
oh I saw Edge of Tomorrow twice. I liked it
ending wasn't sad for me though?
8:48 PM
i v seen them all :P
@ElliotBonneville I don't see any blur in Chrome 41.0.2272.89 m
@TylerH screenshot? this is what I get: i.imgur.com/QaDGJRX.png
@ElliotBonneville Yeah I don't see any blur in that, either
I'm expecting a crisp 1px line. That looks like the browser is falling back to lowering opacity on a 2px line to simulate a thinner line.
Chrome is scaling the outline up by x2
8:57 PM
yes, and then I'm scaling it to .5, so it should scale to 1.
looks like Chrome might not support scaling heights at less than 1
all it's doing is making it look more opaque or more transparent
rather than thinner
you mean scaling by factors of less than 1?
or it is just applying the scale to the parent in the wrong order
I'd say scaling to something that will result in less than 1px
dunno, there's probably some questions about it on Stack overflow already, if you dig deep enough
9:07 PM
because if you change the width/height to 2px, it looks fine
@AlvaroMontoro well if you remove the scale(2) from the container div, you can see the lines drawn at 1px
so when the container is scaled up, the lines are still 2px
If you scale at any increment between 0 and 1, it just fades the outline rather than making it smaller
most of the questions on SO are about blurry text :(
I wonder if I could use JS to trick it into scaling in the proper order
What I meant, is the scale(0.5)applied first or the scale(2)? if the scale(0.5) is applied first, it would result in a 0.5px height/width (that may result in the transparency), then it tries to grow that
if the scale(2) is applied first, the result would be 2px (browser can draw without "faking" it), then with scale(0.5) is back to 1px
I don't know if I make sense at all
^ sounds right to me, I wonder what decides the order of scaling
and it's only a gut feel. I don't have proof or anything
9:12 PM
yeah, that's what I'm wondering
if I can scale to 2 and then scale by .5 after that with JS, it might work
yeah, js didn't help: jsfiddle.net/cLL6e16u/1
not surprising. the scale would have to be recalculated whenever the CSS is changed and that wouldn't affect the order I guess
I wonder if there is a CSS rule that would directly or indirectly delay the scale calculation so that scale(2) happens first...
@probablybest o/
@ElliotBonneville just out of curiosity what is the purpose of this?
@ElliotBonneville outlineBotton has the right color tone (although the incorrect height)
I have binded two events(change, keyup) on a text box in backbone. the problem is when i delete everything in textbox and hit the enter button, both the events are being called. this should not happen as change event will be triggered only when we lose the foucs
anyone have any idea about what is going wrong?
9:25 PM
@joshhunt Working on a browser-based design prototyping tool. Want to be able to support CSS3 transform properties. But the controls are children of the DOM element, and are there to stay unfortunately.
@AlvaroMontoro I know! It's progress.
@ElliotBonneville "progress" :P
I can't seem to get anything beyond that to happen, though. I wonder if sticking the .outline element in a parent and then scaling that would change the order
brb food \o
@ElliotBonneville Check this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/14677490/…
Using the zoom property, it "kind of" works: jsfiddle.net/cLL6e16u/2
9:35 PM
That looks great, but I was hoping for a non-zoom solution. That's a fallback if I can't figure anything else out I guess
thanks for finding that, though \o/
Putting the outlines in a container didn't solve the problem either.
10:24 PM
so my .digital domain wont do a 301 redirect without the www. sooo annoying
10:42 PM
nope i lied :P cache issue fml

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