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6:00 PM
@Michael oh so the time stamp is not the most recent, is there a facility to check the most recent image?
@BrianJ 1. caching 2. keeping track of them yourself 3. look it up in the directory
=javadoc File#listFiles()
OakBot Online.
=javadoc File#listFiles()
@Michael File listFiles(): Returns an array of abstract pathnames denoting the files in the directory denoted by this abstract pathname. (1/4)
6:09 PM
@Michael I'll look into that, thanks, the file does exist already just looked through the other methods. the "getOutputPhotoFile();" is just retrieving the photo captured from the camera intent.
=http 404
Hey Charlie how is ur angesl
@ShaU Ehm, my English is kinda good, for someone from the Netherlands, why are you asking ?
@Gemtastic Evening
What's up in here?
6:22 PM
@Michael @Unihedro maybe I should be adding the exif data in another method, eg the code that calls the camera intent? hastebin.com/tivucatepu.avrasm
=http 404
mot enghlish ... i was asking about angels...
Who is from Netherlands here?
@Gemtastic Hiya!
@JavaFan Me :D
6:27 PM
Abusing interfaces like no tomorrow.
@Unihedro Anything fun happening at your end or are you prepping for bed?
@Charlie you?
@Gemtastic Getting repz
I like interfaces. Once I got the hang of them. :3
@ShaU Ehm, I think my angels are fine
6:28 PM
And hats
30 HATZZZ!!!!
I want to know about java developer jobs in netherlands
Charlie has been promoted to Godhood. He now has an ensemble of angels. :P
@JavaFan Do a google search
@Unihedro Congrats ^^
@Gemtastic :p
6:29 PM
@Unihedro You got exactly 10 reputation today
@Unihedro Good hunt
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 9 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@Unihedro HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 3 days, 5 hours, 31 minutes and 16 seconds. :(
@Charlie on Stack Overflow
@Unihedro Yeah
@Charlie I don't only participate on Stack Overflow in the Stack Exchange network.
in google all jobs required high qualifications
@Unihedro Ah
@JavaFan No s*** sherlock
6:30 PM
@JavaFan Google sucks. Don't work for them.
but are there jobs with low qualifications?
@JavaFan What's your age ?
@JavaFan freelance?
@JavaFan What languages do you work in ?
6:31 PM
I don't understand why people have been downvoting my answer to this person who sought career advise:
A: Can a software test engineer become data scientist?

Steve1) What is the role of an data scientist/ data analyst? http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere/data-scientist/ 2) Can a software test engineer become a data scientist/ data analyst? Yes 3) What are the skill-set needed? http://www.quora.com/What-are-the-key-skills-of-a-data-scienti...

@JavaFan If you know how to code, you will get a job. Especially in the Netherlands. If you're not good at coding, well, you might still get a job. There are tons of sucky programmers with a well paying job :/
@Steve Because you're answering, and keeping alive, off-topic and low quality questions.
@Gemtastic nice
6:32 PM
@Steve Don't encourage off topic questions.
However @Steve, I asked for missile launchers to fire on that question, so it's not going to stay alive for very long.
Brace yourselves. :)
I am thinking from many years to work in Netherlands as java developer
@JavaFan Learn yourself some HTML and JSP and you're ready to make websites, which are more wanted by the community
Oh I see.
Plain Java isn't work that much
6:33 PM
@JavaFan But as with everything, contacts are important. Try to go to some meetings like hackathlons for programers. If you have friends who work they can recommend you when there's an opening at their company
@Charlie False
@Unihedro Explain
@Charlie Java is the future of software development industry.
@Charlie Wat. Where on earth do you live?
6:34 PM
There's also Project Euler among other sites that are noteworthy of mention. To answer your side question, I do not believe Perl is of any effective language for the child - As noted, they are interested in web development; It may have been useful once, but few people use it now for decent reasons. I was professionally hired as a Java developer, and Java may be the future of mainstream industry for software development. I also deal with system administration and web design, although irrelevant. — Unihedro 17 hours ago
@Gemtastic The Netherlands :3
@Charlie JSP is deprecated.
@Unihedro that's a pretty bold statement... But sure enough, it doesn't appear that Java will disappear anytime soon
really I know someone has a company in Netherlands
@JavaFan Contact him, ask
6:35 PM
but I shame to ask him to work with him
@fge Java powers things.
@JavaFan (facepalm)
The netherlands must the the only country in the world in demand of front-end developers in that case
@Unihedro well yeah, but then so do C, C++, python...
In fact C powers everything
@fge Yeah, but C isn't handy as Java.
front-end developer == desktop java app?
Can someone point me in the right direction with a question? still a bit lost..
realy working in netherllllands is my life dream
I know also how to program with android
6:38 PM
@JavaFan y dont u try in amsterdam y onley nethardlands.
@JavaFan A front-end developer codes how things are supposed to look, like HTML, CSS and mayhaps JavaScript.
@JavaFan Build and decorate a CV. Work on open source stuff, and give it popularity.
@Unihedro okay really nice advice
Use and exercise code to the point where you can pull out code from your mind.
blog.terrencemiao.com/archives/… Java is powered by C++, powered by C, powered by B, powered by BCPL/Bon, powered by Assembly. Java is powered by Assembly
6:39 PM
@JavaFan A social tip is to really work on your english. My friends working in the netherlands says it's perfectly fine to speak english instead of their language, but you have to speak it well. If communication is hard, they won't wanna work with you.
Find online quizzes and try to ace them.
@Charlie Assembly is the best language.
I know also how to extract data from websites by java language
@Gemtastic is there any cgnagce for me there...becaise i can speak giid enlisjh
@ShaU Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands...
but I found all jobs focus on hibernate and spring
6:41 PM
Wait, the blog is wrong, Java is built on C, not Cpp.
@ShaU Sometimes I don't know if you're a troll or not.
@JavaFan Extracting data from sites is a piece of cake.
java built on both c and cpp
@Unihedro what do you meant by a piece of cake?
@JavaFan Idiom for tasks which are easy.
ha ha ha
6:43 PM
HTTP request, run a regex, ship and go home in fifteen minutes.
I hate those review tests :c
I failed one
I never failed because i never tried
> The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.
audits? They are really obvious, if you fail any then maybe you should br more careful
I know swing , jdbc , android ,and oracle
6:44 PM
@Unihedro Well, the answer said "Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab3" and I would've said it just the same.
Although I would have done it in a comment
Flag. NAA.
I'll do that from now on
Quality control is important. Review properly.
Okay so anybody wanna talk me through a programming problem?
Ehm, if I can
6:46 PM
I think the last I've failed an audit was a month ago, I've passed over a hundred audits in a row now
A: Why are Review Audits not more clear and well-explained?

Unihedro Why not spend a little time on improving the whole thing? You're a developer / programmer too. We all know how hard it is to have the best system. I would like to break down the main blockers for improving "the whole thing" (the review system) into... some smaller things: Planning (Researc...

My stance on audits
@BrianJ I wanna talk, if I can
Hey Charlie did u bite Harry's finger
@Charlie so I'm trying to write exif data to an image captured in a camera intent. I'm trying to do this by saving the attributes to the captured image's path, ie. "exifVar" but the data isn't written to the image. @Michael explained to me that, I'm writing the data to the incorrect path but I can't see how as this is the same path that is used to load the file after its taken. This is the complete class: hastebin.com/tivucatepu.avrasm
OakBot Online.
=http 418
6:50 PM
@Michael HTTP 418 (I'm a teapot): Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout.
@ShaU ha . ha . not funny
@Charlie ;)
@Michael I see you implemented it ;)
I redirect 404 pages to 418 pages, just for fun/troll
@BrianJ I'm affraid I can't help you with that. Haven't made any android application (yet) :x
@Charlie no problem I'll try to figure it out in the mean time.
@BrianJ Good luck ;)
6:54 PM
@Charlie I'll need it,just one of those all week problems, I'll figure it out one way or another
What does everyone else do when they are stuck on a problem for 3 days?
Yeah, @JavaFan ?
@BrianJ Ehm, I quit the project until I'm bored, then I try to continue
can I contact you to help me finding java or android job in netherlands
If I fail three times in a row I move my project to Dropbox and only look at it when I know I've did something there I can copy/paste
@Unihedro hey dude come to javscript room now... banjamun purpsoely downvoting my answers
6:58 PM
@Charlie what about if you have a deadline in one week? :P
That's true, I encourage you to do the same - at least until @ShaU fixes his bad answers.
@BrianJ Hmn, I've never done deadline'd things, but I think I'd go to SO, ask the question, put a bounty on it and wait
@Charlie I posted one earlier, heres hoping someone will save me :/
@BenjaminGruenbaum this is too bad ...u r not being professional...
On the contrary - you have bad answers
7:00 PM
@Unihedro dude wer are u?
I'm protecting the content quality of this site and of the JS chat at the same time - it's two wins.
@BrianJ Does it have a bounty ? Should attract some people. Try adding more (appropiate) tags if possible
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh come on.... U r not James gosling.... eberyone has a start.... even u posted silly answers sometimes...
@Charlie good idea, I don't think I can put a bounty on it yet though, I'll try to re organise the question and tags.
@ShaU go ahead and fix your terrible answers.
7:02 PM
@BrianJ Throw me the question
@Charlie appreciate the help, can be a bit demotivating sometimes when your stuck on a problem for so long
@BrianJ It's good, I'm Skyping some of my friends who do have made Android apps
Look at this answer for example:
A: String comparison performance in java

ShaUCompares the specified String to this String using the Unicode values of the characters. Answer 0 if the strings contain the same characters in the same order. Answer a negative integer if the first non-equal character in this String has a Unicode value which is less than the Unicode value of the...

It's terrible.
You didn't read the question at all - that's not what OP asked - you're just explaining what compareTo does.
@Charlie thanks, this is the complete class for your reference hastebin.com/tivucatepu.avrasm
@BrianJ Add that to the post itself ;)
7:06 PM
It's also plagiarized
@BrianJ When editing, add the Java tag
@Charlie good point
It looks like you did the same thing. Are you sure you're using the right path ? Debug the path
File.toString() should be File.getAbsolutePath()!!!!!
@BrianJ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
@Charlie so it should be get path? what is the difference if I'm using toStirng? as I thought this would do the same thing.
toString() gives just the filename, not the path
Your app is not in the folder with pictures
So the path is incorrect
7:14 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I ran out of downvotes for today, sorry not to be of any help.
=javadoc File#toString()
@Charlie String toString(): Returns the pathname string of this abstract pathname. This is just the string returned by the #getPath method.
=javadoc File#getAbsolutePath()
@Charlie String getAbsolutePath(): Returns the absolute pathname string of this abstract pathname. (1/2)
=javadoc File#getAbsolutePath() 2
7:15 PM
@Charlie If this abstract pathname is already absolute, then the pathname string is simply returned as if by the #getPath method. If this abstract pathname is the empty abstract pathname then the pathname string of the current user directory, which is named by the system property user.dir, is returned. Otherwise this pathname is resolved in a system-dependent way. On UNIX systems, a relative pathname is made absolute by resolving it against the current user directory. On Microsoft ...
Windows systems, a relative pathname is made absolute by resolving it against the current directory of the drive named by the pathname, if any; if not, it is resolved against the current user directory. (2/2)
@ShaU Congrats, you woke me up at 3.14am, now what do you want?
@Charlie Okay, so the toString is just giving the image name and not the absolute path which is why the attributes weren't being written..I guess I should have had an exception check in there also to check for that condition
@BrianJ Exactly!
And I haven't made a single Android app :x (Maybe I should)
@Charlie what a relief! I'll test this now and see if that is the solution
7:17 PM
@BrianJ Let me know, can I answer your question ? To get some rep
@Charlie I'll keep you posted, sometimes I find I over think problems yano? I was thinking the path itself needed to be changed as the time stamp would be newer than the previously saved image
@BrianJ Could also possibly be, added answer anyway
@Charlie I'll keep you posted if it works
@BrianJ Okay :D
@ShaU I'm not surprised you're getting reviewed. Your chat activity isn't impressing and you just have to mess with the Javascript faction. Your rep count still has a long way to go before you lose access to chat rooms, but if you don't redeem yourself one way or another, I'm sure a chat suspension is nearing out of your activity in Javascript and on the chat site in general.
7:22 PM
^ Flagged
The user has been kicked and cannot return for 30 minutes. Moderators have been informed
gone, valid..
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 29 minutes.
Permanent invite and room creation and ownership suspension is in place only raised by a moderator, although: Dear moderator, sorry for the recent outbursts by this user which disrupted this room along with the Javascript room. PLEASE do not raise the suspension.
@BrianJ Is it working ?
7:25 PM
hi @ThiefMaster
He's aware of everything from the JS room
I don't think he'd come back, even without that automatic suspension
Oh, while I'm here again: Java is pretty terrible.
/me agrees :p
7:26 PM
@Charlie unfortunately no..I wonder what it could be?
@BrianJ Timestamp ?
crawls back to bed and sleeps
@BrianJ How about getting the contents of the gallery, stripping the date, checking which one is the oldest and use that one instead
On the upside - you can suggest and learn a new language this month: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/281553/…
If you ever wanted to learn Rust or Common Lisp this is your chance to suggest it :D
Or Scala, or Groovy
@BenjaminGruenbaum <><'s my fav language
7:28 PM
@Unihedro Brainf---- ?
@Charlie yeah if I knew how, will have to have a think about this one
I'll try to do something, I'll edit my answer when I have it
@Charlie Brainfuck is just another language, nothing makes it remarkable. It's not even as exceptionally obfuscated as it can be.
@Unihedro, Well what language is <>< then ?
7:29 PM
You can say fuck here we're all adults.
@charlie appreciate it, I'll keep trying on my side
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'm not but I don't disapprove.
@Charlie appreciate it, I'll keep trying on my side
@Unihedro Got a new language to learn
7:31 PM
You're welcome ;)
@BrianJ Give me some filenames from the 'directory' folder to test with
@BrianJ Nevermind, found something better
n*^!?(2@ <;
Isn't that <>< factorial program so elegant?!
@Charlie IMG_20150101_191936
@BrianJ Said Nevermind, watch your post
@Unihedro It's lovely
@Charlie IMG_20150101_191910
7:34 PM
@BrianJ Stop it
@Charlie will do, thanks
I want more repz :(
I want to DELEEET!!!
@Unihedro I can make some questions you can answer, but I'm affraid they are going to be downvoted ^^'
Nah, faking question - answer pairs are boring :p
After another tag burnination I will go on an answering spree
@Unihedro answer more questions - Java questions are among the easiest to rep on.
7:41 PM
@BrianJ I edited my answer another time, let me know if that works !
Whenever I look at the Java tag, the answering expendition becomes CV spree @Benjamin =(
@Charlie will do
I answered stuff like stackoverflow.com/a/12200361/1348195 2 years ago and it slowely climed to +32, when you figure stuff out that's not in the answer answer - even if it's an old question.
Thanks, I will look for old questions to answer
No :P My point is when you figure out useful stuff that's not on the site answer with it - even if it's on an old question.
The question was 2 years old when I added that answer.
7:43 PM
<-- looking for a way to vent his frustration of having to use JUnit
@fge How about trying to write some code in Java 1 ?
I do cardgames when my programming fails
Back to the past, refreshing your mind
Java 1? Can you even find a JDK 1 anywhere?
Might as well then code in Turbo Pascal or Visual Basic.
or 8088 assembly lang
@HovercraftFullOfEels BASIC, not Visual Basic
7:48 PM
@Charlie anyway, I am looking for a way to vent my frustration, not worsen it
@Charlie: my bad.
Although you are probably going to be having to create your own compiler
@fge Well, sleeping ?
No time for that yet
Or you have to find your old Win95 computer
Which I did, not that long ago
And it still works
650 MB HDD, 16 MB RAM, Win 95
Luckily I could find a PS/2 mouse and keyboard
Just floppy for extended storage
Uh, I forgot -- the project uses maven, too
<-- even more frustrated
7:54 PM
@BrianJ Is it fixed ? If so, please accept my answer

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