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12:00 AM
Link anyway, I can see deleted.
At least thread.
I can't even find a link.
A: Will there be hats on Meta Stack Exchange?

Lightness Races in OrbitI realise this is wrong and goes against everything that MSE stands for … but, speaking entirely selfishly, I'd like the same hat acquisitions to take effect on SO, MSO and MSE. Since the split, frankly, I still see MSO as basically the same as MSE (yeah, yeah, I know) and my "workflow" (such as ...

O here
The comment even got 2 votes.
Ya know what, I'm going to email SE about it.
I can just flag one of ur posts...
Yay, I haz 18th NQ badge on MSE!
@nicael Meh, doesn't that take weeks to process?
Nein. But does it matter :D
You can flag whatever you like :)
… until you get suspended too.
12:14 AM
Who prevents me from flagging while suspended ;) even if it is really not possible, what are the socks for?
Ok, I won't boast, I didn't try :)
12:31 AM
I complained.
I was even professional somewhat.
But I think I conveyed that I was annoyed.
1 hour later…
1:59 AM
How long does it take to reply to email?
@bjb568 A long long time. Two days?
1 week?
Huh. Then maybe the complaint to a 1 day suspension is going to be too late…
Yeah, probably will.
Unless you add URGENT to the title. I've heard they love that. ;)
why wuz ya suspended
2:09 AM
Oh, hai bohemian.
I remember you're a good mod. Oh yeah, I voted for you.
@J.Musser reed above conversation
@Bohemian You have a gross dp man
@J.Musser dp?
Display pic
Not double… you know…
2:11 AM
@bjb568 ... why would I think of that? Is it Urban's definition? Or just your mind? :P
doesn't comment
It's what dp stands for
Well, that wasn't what I was expecting.
@J.Musser you should see what I really look like :/
2:16 AM
1 hour later…
3:37 AM
Hiya @bjb568! can you not talk in tavern?
/*realizes the irony of starring stop star trolling messages*
We miss you @bjb568 , hopefully you and botling will be back soon!
4:36 AM
@Sompuperoo Nope.
@Sompuperoo 18h
5:22 AM
My New Year's resolution for 2014-54-12/30/14 Dec:12:1420001642 is to learn these stupid time formatting strings.
6:04 AM
Deputy on drupal! :D
2 hours later…
7:56 AM
1 hour later…
8:56 AM
おはよう (morning in Japanese… literally “it is early”)
@gunr2171 Thanks for the data. I'll start debuggin' in a sec.
I knew removing prompt handling from CE.Net would come back to bite me someday.
9:48 AM
reminds me I still have to learn .NET CE programming, and set up a VM for that
10:09 AM
3 hours later…
1:00 PM
downvote please
A: Explosive Arrows hit event not calling

MrLore I want to the player shot an arrow and when it hits the ground it will explode. You are overriding the wrong method for this. public void onDamage(ProjectileHitEvent event) is only called when the arrow hits an entity (something which can be damaged). You need to override the method public v...

@Joiner Hmm?
1:29 PM
see above
that answer is completely wrong
@Joiner Then you downvote it yourself. This is not herd game, one downvote means one person found it unhelpful. I can't certify the correctness, so I won't vote.
^ agreed
^ also agreed
2 hours later…
3:26 PM
I'm hungry
3:39 PM
Yum! Raw eggs!!!!
by the way, that is not a photo
3:57 PM
2 hours later…
6:14 PM
Is everyone ready for the giant slew of random chat posts in a couple hours as people try to get their stars for the winter bash hats?
@JRulle I won't be online anymore at 5 minutes before 0 UTC, so no.
But I don't think there will be many random posts, because those are unlikely to get stars and people spamming rooms can get kicked by the owners.
@JRulle yep!
@ProgramFOX Is a header about us link necessary when there's a footer link?
@bjb568 oh, totally missed the footer one. Perhaps a header one is still clearer as it will probably be used more frequently than the other footer links.
Hm… ok.
Will do some testing to see if ME LIKE.
6:59 PM
Hey @sam, you here?
@gunr2171 He left 15-30 minutes ago.
Why plural drats?
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 27 mins ago, by Sam
@rene Aye Cpt. Rene. But unfortunately I've been called up for a special recognisances mission this evening. So I'll no time to review tonight. :(
trying out a code patch for him and wanted to give him feedback
7:01 PM
@bjb568 Because one drat is not enough.
@JRulle If you spot any, ping me and I'll help trashing them.
7:19 PM
Got to go now, see you next year!
8:14 PM
> when @bjb568 leaves the room and then immediately re-enters , does that mean he acknowledges/agrees with the posted chat comment?
in tavern
Answer: Yes
9:03 PM
@Unihedro Just put text in the textarea and click the send button. No need for XMLHttpReq
9:21 PM
@bjb568 You're so smart, thanks!
10:04 PM
To behavior in tavern: message = 'write string here' is awful. First of all, use var. Second of all, what's the point of declaring a variable?
10:40 PM
@Uni Should I attempt to get Kofia on Parenting by asking a meta-y question like "How to support smart pre-teen with programming?" or something?
You could if you want to try for the hat @bjb, I thought about posting a Math.SE question but haven't settled on whether to actually or not
@Unihedro Ok, will do it.
so skawy posting onto a big-boy site
10:55 PM
thinks a crowdsourcing of courage is needed
Q: How can I help a child learn to program?

bjb568How could I help a smart preteen child (pre-teen) learn programming? He does well in school, and he has skipped 2 grades and is an introverted stereotypical nerd. He is very interested in web development and has mastered the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JS, which I don't know anything about (I'...

@Unihedro Edit plox so it isn't awful.
Ok, it got upvoted.
I think somebody needs to spray some WD40 on MSE, suspension over but my rep is still stuck at 1.
11:13 PM
@bjb568 I agree.
@Unheilig Your review history looks good. approves
Yay Kofia!
:O Congrats!
Happy new year!
Happy New Year!
11:21 PM
Happy (new) year!
Happy New Year!!!!
@bjb568 Thanks :-)
we still have another 30 minutes, right?
I'll get some fireworks...
11:31 PM
i have another 6 hours
@gunr2171 25 minutes
anyway, how do we create a SO chat room?
29 mins for me.
oh, sam, too bad. your patch had no effect :(
11:31 PM
I'm in 2015 already in my timezone
@gunr2171 actually, only 24 minutes.
@gunr2171 I'll debug it tomorrow.
everyone just wants to prove me wrong...
@rene ... Just now? It's 7:30 am here. And I'm making ramen noodles.
11:32 PM
@Unihedro have a nice breakfast
in Java, 10 mins ago, by fge
<-- beginning the year by cleaning up code, while his gf plays Skyrim
^ more eventful than I am
Meh, I can't wait. gets matches
user image
user image
11:35 PM
user image
Oh, nice better than the stuff in Amsterdam...
Internet is always better!
We'll fly with a chopper through the fireworks yeah, right...
I propose a toast!
11:37 PM
With butter?
Oh, getting drunk. OK
Er. You saw nothing.
@Unihedro Tanks.
It no gif :(
11:41 PM
@bjb568 It no animated :(
fresh from the year 1980
For 2015, I'm going to use a new IDE!
best resolution ever
11:42 PM
@Unihedro Notepad++
@Unihedro From which to which?
@bjb568 eclipse -> intellij
eclipse sux
use Visual Studio, because c#!
11:43 PM
I see sam agrees with me
@gunr2171 Only slightly ;)
@gunr2171 Is there another IDE for C#?
11:45 PM
Mono, but it's not the best
@Unihedro SharpDevelop.
that too
(And it's free.)
11:45 PM
and that uses mono
@bjb568 Image not found
Argh, then go find harder!
hum, not working for me either
11:47 PM
New year snacks!
Anyone for an oliebol?
Happy new year from Toronto!
I'm gonna get some cupcakes...
@rayryeng Happy new year!
11:50 PM
@Sam :O
Toronto Canada? That shouldn't be at midnight yet
@rayryeng Happy new year!
Happy new year
@gunr2171 Nope, figured I'd be early. I won't be here when it actually happens :)
11:51 PM
ah, ok
You too @Unihedro !
9 minutes
11:52 PM
well, 4 minutes
8 mins...
to the start of the +- 5
3 minutes...
when will that be?
11:52 PM
@rene for?
12:55 utc - mistletoe hat
Still got 7 hours and 7 minutes where I am :P
Here's me setting off some garden fireworks...
happy new year from my living room in Ireland :D
ah :) well I snuck in to get that lovely hat... but I figured I'd wish everyone a new year as well.
11:53 PM
yeah sam, that's a bit extreme
Rocket War festival? I would like to participate.
though awesome
More cupcakes!
1 minute!
11:54 PM
Just checking in — like everyone else, it would seem!
busy here as well
Those cupcakes reminds me of Cupcake.
@JonathanLeffler Nah, we're regulars of the tavern.
11:55 PM
Where is @cupcake?
@rene gone :(
The first day I joined the Chat rooms, I saw Cupcake in this room, and then another time on MSE Tavern, but never since
@Unihedro Really? As in deleted his account?
I'm not a regular. First time here!
11:55 PM
@rene last seen Oct
Ah Ok
@rayryeng Welcome aboard!
@Unihedro - Thanks!
OK; well, I'm sorry, but I'm here mainly for the hat...assuming I've read the Winter Bash requirements correctly. Happy New (UTC) Year to all and sundry in 4 minutes and counting down.
There's a hat?
11:56 PM
yes, if you chat within 5 minutes of UTC 00:00
Ho Ho Ho... Last message of 2014!
... which is... now!
@rayryeng You only get the hat if you join the room on Aug,5th as well
Awesome, just got lucky.
This is an automated message. If you star this message, you are a great person for giving me Mistletoe hat and you deserve a cookie from ProgramFOX. Except, he's not with us right now. :(
11:57 PM
Just another message.
So could someone star my message, then?
Yes: Mistletoe: chat ±5 of 0 UTC 2015.
Star for star, I suppose.
Someone star mine may be?
@Unihedro You got that setup didn't you
11:57 PM
You got to say something clever!
@AyeshK Done. Mind returing the favor?
There you go @Firedrake969
STOP! StackOverflow!
Starred someone's — any chance of reciprocation?
Thanks guys!
11:57 PM
There you go, Jonathan.
Jonathan, done.
Oh boy, so many stars on MSE
I just went to the Sandbox and starred a whole bunch
11:58 PM
More fireworks!
woo, fireworks!
OOOOOO pretty
That is nice
user image
11:59 PM

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