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3:45 AM
Good Morning Everyone
Wake up it's morning time
@SilentKiller @SweetWisherツ there ?
4:07 AM
@NareshSharma awaken :) Mrngggss :)
@ErumHannan yes ?
@SweetWisherツ How are you ?
@NareshSharma m Awesome:) hws ya ?
I'm also doing good
any idea how can i clear cache of specific package
pls tell me
here they have defined but this is only for user defined application
4:37 AM
hi all'
hw to create segamentment controller in android with same animation like in ios
can anyone help me with this
4:53 AM
Good morning all :)
@SweetWisherツ i want like in ios if u click the segment controller it will move im looking for that can please tell is there any library available do that or is there way to make it
@shantha.kumar have u checked tht ?
@Shadow Mrng Mrng
Good morn :) @SweetWisherツ
@Shadow Hws yaa
hii @NareshSharma how are you?
i am good :) @SweetWisherツ you?
4:56 AM
good morning
@Shadow me too
:) @SweetWisherツ
@SweetWisherツ any idea about my issues ?
@Shadow My dear I'm good how are you ?
good :) @NareshSharma
4:59 AM
@ErumHannan what about this?
its not working i used that
@ErumHannan itz wrkng for me
i want to clear cache of single app for that i have open settings page for specific application
its for deleting all applications cache
A: How to clear cache of another application in Android?

Cathal ComerfordYou can't, it would be a massive security flaw in Android if one application could clear another. If you're involved in the development of the other app that you're trying to clear, your best bet is to send an Intent and have the other app listen for that intent and clear its own cache when it re...

@ErumHannan yes
A: How can I clear the Android app cache?

tigeroctopusCheck out android.content.pm.PackageManager.clearApplicationUserData: http://grepcode.com/file/repository.grepcode.com/java/ext/com.google.android/android/2.3.3_r1/android/content/pm/PackageManager.java/ The other hidden methods in that class might be useful, too. In case you've never used hidde...

i have successfully open settings page for specific application cache deletion now
5:04 AM
this says this link is useful
on click of cache button how can i read that user has pressed cache clear button
which one 2nd one ?
that will b done by Android only...Why u need to worry abt it ?
but on click of cache clear button i want to bring user back to my app
when use pressed Cache button, doesnt it clear app data ?
how can i do that ?
yes it clear app data but after that user is still on the same settings page
how can i move user back to my app ?
5:06 AM
how u open that page ? using intent ?
yes using intent
shw line
Intent i = new Intent();
i.setData(Uri.parse("package:" +junkAppBean.getAppPackage()));

try {
// context.startActivity(i);

// result = true;
} catch (Exception ex) {
// result = false;
this one is correct one
user has to manually press back button to go to my app
same is the problem in case of "Enable" "Disable" option for systems app
just a min
Q: How it works: warning that app is going to be uninstalled?

barmaleyAll we know that usual (in practice any) antivirus application before uninstall used to fire simple dialog like: "You're going to uninstall app, are you sure?" - "yes/no". Yes, I know that I can intercept package delete intent using intent-filter like: <activity android:name=".UninstallInte...

here is the solution i tried but its not calling my reciever
5:11 AM
it is an un-install receiver ..right ?
I cant find any solution...ask the question on main site @ErumHannan
there is a cleaner app that is doing same
@ErumHannan this one??
cleaner master
@ErumHannan pass the link
5:16 AM
@ErumHannan it is's not opening app setting page
@ErumHannan Yes u can
its opening
@ErumHannan when
app settings page i have used that application
have u used ?
see junk files option and click on any app
5:17 AM
I have never seen app setting page
come on skype ?
@ErumHannan why
use junk app
5:18 AM
use junk app then click on System Cache
then click on any app
that will move u to clear app cache page
pls check it
just a min
its working for me
it is not returning back when we clear data
wht abt u ?
@ErumHannan you need to press back
may be u have older version of cleaner master
recent versions do the same task
yes ok but how can i manage if i press back
5:22 AM
then will i go to onResume and check either its cache data has been deleted or not then subtract the cache size from totalmemory
i have latest ONE
Ugh, caching.
same is the issue for enable or disable
8 days later...
5:23 AM
in case of enable or disable apps its bringing u back to the app how r they doing ?
@ErumHannan when
app manager
then pre-installed apps
then click on any system app ---> dialog ----> disable
seen ?
5:30 AM
have u got how r they doing its really amazing
now u got what i m trying to achive
I know wht u wanna do
searching from 2days just stuck here at this stage
even write reciever but reciever is not getting called
post a question
5:32 AM
i dnt have permission to post question
as well as try toget code from apk
@ErumHannan why
blocked to ask question
code has proguard
Hi All
I have posted a question, can you have a look?
Q: Android Custom AutoComplete textview icon and text

Co KoderI want to have an AutoCompleteTextView that can display both text and icon. I get help from this example: http://wptrafficanalyzer.in/blog/customizing-autocompletetextview-to-display-images-and-text-in-the-suggestion-list-using-simpleadapter-in-android/ In this example, images are used in drawab...

@CoKoder sqlite db?
@CoKoder saving image in blob type?
@W-I-Z-A-R-D, yes, I already did that part.
5:50 AM
how to set value according to specify devices in android?
for example:
user_dev.id.bustype = id->bustype;
user_dev.id.vendor = id->vendor;
user_dev.id.product = id->product;
user_dev.id.version = id->version;

//minor tweak to support ABSolute events
user_dev.absmin[ABS_X] = -2047;
user_dev.absmax[ABS_X] = 2048;
user_dev.absfuzz[ABS_X] = 0;
user_dev.absflat[ABS_X] = 0;

user_dev.absmin[ABS_Y] = -2047;
user_dev.absmax[ABS_Y] = 2048;
user_dev.absfuzz[ABS_Y] = 0;
user_dev.absflat[ABS_Y] = 0;
why set the range of ABS_X from -2047 to 2048?
@W-I-Z-A-R-D do u have any idea about cleaner master
@CoKoder cant u change List<HashMap<String,String>> aList?
@DarkHorse your question is unclear
@CoKoder it is jst an Adapter... u can change it..what issue are you facing ?
6:06 AM
@ErumHannan app?
@SweetWisherツ sorry. I never write program about android, but get a project running on such OS. In this project, finish a remote control system like VNC, but is not pc to pc, however that is phone to pc. In whole, this system is to control mobile phone on PC.
@CoKoder how are you saving images in db ?
@ErumHannan app that i use
@DarkHorse Ohk.so ?
Create a CustomAdapter @CoKoder
@SweetWisherツ so I debug the program under android. Find it get the coordinate coming from PC and write event though virtual input subsystem of android.
I want to know how to set parameter of struct list in uinput
6:13 AM
Welcome @Prince :) Mrngss Good
Doog morning :-)
because following the setting which write by other people can't work well.
Have somebody understanding what i am saying?
@DarkHorse Sryy cant help u
cleaner master app
6:20 AM
@ErumHannan okay, it's clean master
i just stuck how can i do the same as clean master do in case of when they open settings enable page now when user click on any button either enable or disable then they return back user to the app
how can i read that user has pressed which button
@SweetWisherツ you are welcome
@W-I-Z-A-R-D thanks, but how to implement this code into the autocomplete textview. I guess I need to have a customadoptor, right?
@SweetWisherツ the issue is that i do not know how to set the images from the database into simpleAdaptor.
@SweetWisherツ images are stored as blob
@CoKoder checked the answer??
6:29 AM
you just need to change one method in Adapter : setViewImage
22 mins ago, by SweetWisher ツ
Create a CustomAdapter @CoKoder
@SweetWisherツ I also tried to create a custom adoptor, but it does not work.
@CoKoder yes you need to use custom adapter.
@CoKoder have u created all the methods ?
@ErumHannan m not getting
6:33 AM
@SweetWisherツ which one?
can u pls check inside app .... app manager
then pre-installed apps
then click on any system app ---> dialog ----> disable
seen ?
Hello @All stackoverflow.com/questions/17381486/… anyone tell how to achieve for this one in android.
@CoKoder all of SimpleAdapter
@SweetWisherツ not yet, but i am doing now, and let you know about the result.
6:43 AM
@SweetWisherツ Yes, I saw it. I did not understand most of the code. For example, new CategoryIconRetriever(context); what is that?
6:56 AM
@DroidDev i found your counterpart :D
@maveňツ Woah! he/she has lot more repz than mine and account is also older than mine
but, naming convention differs :D
@DroidDev ur kernal version is new :)
@maveňツ or maybe older, but not really used here :P
@DroidDev maybe can change the world
@maveňツ how?
7:02 AM
@DroidDev would you like to check this
@maveňツ but that is love changing world, not maybe :P
@DroidDev hehee
@CoKoder it is a custom class only
@SweetWisherツ If I implenent that, I think it should work. But, not sure how to do that
@CoKoder Great :)
@CoKoder why ?
7:07 AM
@SweetWisherツ I mean what is this custom class?
public class JournalEntry {
	public String title;
	public Bitmap image;

// Get a reference to ImageView holder
				categoryIcon = (ImageView) row.findViewById(R.id.category_icon);
check this
@SweetWisherツ I know JournalEntry , but my concern is iconRetriever = new CategoryIconRetriever(context);
@SweetWisherツ, can i just ignore that line of code in the contractor of adoptor class?
@CoKoder yes can ignore
@SweetWisherツ it does not work, maybe i did not call this adapter correctly. how to call this adapter from the main class?
check ma answer
7:23 AM
@SweetWisherツ Ok, let me try it.
tell me if you face any issue
7:37 AM
@SweetWisherツ, unfortunately it does not work, maybe i missed somethning
@SweetWisherツ, do you want me to upload my code to see what is wrong?
7:48 AM
@SweetWisherツ, pastebin.com/DMHKci7w
8:00 AM
Any one knows how to import gradle project in eclipse
@DroidDev @PiyushGupta @W-I-Z-A-R-D @SweetWisherツ
imported :)
8:16 AM
@maveňツ no idea buddy
@W-I-Z-A-R-D ok :)
@maveňツ :)
9:16 AM
lemme sleep :P
10:02 AM
in this method i m trying to update arraylist but getting error
getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, p.packageName,
new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(
PackageStats packageStats,
boolean succeeded)
throws RemoteException {
getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, p.packageName,
new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(
PackageStats packageStats,
boolean succeeded)
throws RemoteException {
in this method i m trying to update arraylist but getting error
any idea how can i update arrraylist inside background thread ??
1 hour later…
11:32 AM
Is any one worked on Image Caching or Data Caching?
12:11 PM
I copied a library for image caching once
using same since then
although, edited it according to my needs a lot
12:26 PM
@ErumHannan what ?
Yelloww @Prince :)
Can you provide me some idea?
@AmmY i dint wrk..any issue ?
Hi Everyone
Any one working on big data?
12:43 PM
Actually I have no idea how to do that and maintain images
How to get one view from gridview by its position ?
@RoshanJha where ? when
@Mr37037 not me
I have my grid filled with 12 items I need to access item whose position is 3
System.out.println("========Child: "+gridStaff.getChildAt(editRosterStaff.getColorPos()));
returns null
what gridView.getChildCount() returns ?
A: how to access to a specific element of every grid view item

Andreas BfThis is simple: GridView mGridView (Your object instance) final int size = mGridView.getChildCount(); for(int i = 0; i < size; i++) { ViewGroup gridChild = (ViewGroup) mGridView.getChildAt(i); int childSize = gridChild.getChildCount(); for(int k = 0; k < childSize; k++) { if( gridChil...

@SweetWisherツ Sorry :P I was calling wrong method on wrong grid really sorry
12:57 PM
Hello Can we show expenable listview in Spinner View?
:P I had this problem for last 3 hrs
By the I am pure Core Java Developer and i think there is no place for me over here lolx
@RoshanJha Grttt
@SweetWisherツ Want your comments on this one :
1:09 PM
@SweetWisherツ ??
Hello.. I have to work on a project which requires OCR functionality. I've tried to find any third party libraries for this purpose but no luck. I've even tried few tutorial projects available on GitHub but all are all most outdated. And the latest OCR engine which google provides dates back to 2012. So I think now they stopped improving the library. Can anyone help what should I try more ?
and yes it is for iOS

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