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12:56 AM
is this where I go to get help salvaging an answer?
2 hours later…
3:17 AM
No, this is where people hang out, constructive discussions are out of bounds. @tepples
4:06 AM
3 hours later…
7:34 AM
7:55 AM
8:51 AM
starts to look for questions to answer to get 3k*
I'd give you my rep if I could.
No @Unihedron, you should get 5k ;)
What, so I can start reviewing tag edits, which I'm mostly going to skip? :D
8:57 AM
@Unihedron :O Thanks!
Actually, the other user pointed out the use of \D, which is probably better. \D means NOT \d.
But whatever.
And the 9ker's answer kind of sucks.
@Unihedron Yep, so he got my upvote.
9:11 AM
Huh, I'm getting many upvotes on old answers today.
I only upvoted that one answer of yours.
Yay, #218 week rank! :D
Lol, the North Pole has been frozen
Puny :)
9:37 AM
Yay I defeated Feeds on the starboard! :D
Got to go for an hour or something, see you!
KK, cya!
1 hour later…
11:05 AM
I'm back!
Welcome back!
I'm going to take a shower.
See you!
11:19 AM
And I'm back!
11:32 AM
Welcome back @Uni!
Thank you @ProgramFOX!
12:30 PM
Got to go for lunch, see you!
See you!
1:00 PM
I'm back!
Welcome back!
How the tavern is like, most of the time: i.sstatic.net/sFGag.png
@Unihedron no time to talk while drinking all that beer
1:25 PM
Someone should stir in this pot a little
I suppose that won't happen if everyone's AFK :P
Lol, true.
So, in this tavern... Do we role-play? pours someone an ale and putaa wooden bowl of nuts on the counter
"Now tell me stranger, how did your adventure in the world of Binary begin?"
Awww :(
I wanted to make a programming themed text roleplay :/
@Gemtastic "I forgot."
"So you more or less were born into it, eh?"
"I don't know."
1:35 PM
rubs a wooden jug with a cloth
"Can't remember? Did the code-dreams get you?"
"Probably. :P"
"Ah, I remember my first code-dream. That's the stuff that turns n00bs into men"
poors an ale for the random stranger at the end of the bar
pours it into hammerspace and pretends to have drank it
"I had a trusty bit to ride into BIOS. Good times, good times."
hang over the counter
"So, what are your plans for tomorrow? Wait for the morning ping of the server?"
"Yeah, my PuTTY client just hang up earlier. I'm not sure how to check the time now."
1:45 PM
"You got one of them cute little PuttYs? I wish they were more common. Very handy them clients."
"I happen to know a guy over at the flo' who can fix them PuTTYs"
"Maybe you best be making a tour of that place?"
"It's impossible. My user chose to ignore the malware even though I've warned them. sigh"
"Hmm, everyone's talking in double quotes."
"How are you?"
1:47 PM
"Why helleo there! What can I do you for? A little snack for the hungry developer?"
"I'm fine, I've actually gtg for a few mins."
@Gemtastic "Nah, I'm fine. Thx."
"Oh, what for?"
grabs a jug and fills it up good with ale before slidingit over to @Sam
"Lunch ;) brb..."
"See you @Sam!"
1:48 PM
"Just have an ale, you can bring it with you! It's on the house!"
"lol, thx. Anyways, bbl..."
"Be well traveler!"
"And does this gentleman wish to wet his whistle mayhaps?" throwns a curious glare at @ProgramFOX
Gets another jug ready without even looking
"I have no idea what 'to wet his whiste' means, I'm going to look it up"
1:51 PM
"hhahaha... ha"
"I messed up with the INSERT key... holy .."
"Oh, I found it, but no, because age"
"Well, it never gets used anyways..."
"Don't worry lad, the ale is good for teens too. I can't afford toget the heavy stuff anyway."
"But I could serve you some nectar, if that's more to your liking"
"Ah, since the C# route got infested with badwidth bandits noone can get to the good stuff..."
"If only this old man didn't have this nasty back-pain, I'd script them up real good!"
"Ah, fine... Let me see here..."
"I haven't even touched this route for three months, I'd call this archaeology..."
"Wait... Hey! It's already there! I had already coded a back up route!"
"You best be dustin me off too then, boy!"
1:57 PM
"Yeah! I know I could count on myself! Bye!"
"You know how to get the merc' 'round the bandits! That's nice! Atta' boy!"
"I've been longing for a nice ripe frootyloop straight off of the sourcetree."
2:21 PM
@brso05 - I tried that... Screwed up in my exams.. Java code in C# paper, C# code in java paper .. :P — TheLostMind 8 mins ago
My little story died
I have 3k!!! :D
I have 73.
I can't find things to answer... all the ones I can answer gets downvoted :(
There's a spider in our office. We nicknamed it "Roger the Webmaster".
@Gemtastic patience, padawan! Some day you'll be able to answer lots of questions :)
@Stijn Hehe
Hopefully- but as is now, I'm caught in the SO moment 22; too n00by to answe real questions, and can't ask anything because all my questions are already answered
Except for the one on how to make my second screen work
Had to work that one out myself
2:35 PM
This was too easy. I just removed "too broad" from my Close Votes queue filter, and then I got a question that was flagged as too broad. And indeed, an audit.
@Stijn You can crawl? You must be a webmaster! ;)
@ProgramFOX Congratulations! :D How many posts did you write today?
@Unihedron 5 today, 8 yesterday
Ohhh you have a C# tag badge! I never knew! Well done!
Thanks! :)
Stijn does as well. Stijn has three tag badges :)
2:47 PM
@Unihedron eh I only have one I think?
Stijn, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
6.7k 4 30 69
He has a score of 100 in three tags, but that does not always mean that you have a tag badge.
Oh... You have the required score for that tag, but I forgot that you needed to post at least X answers for that :p
Yeah, my glyphicons is 126 from 1 answer and bootstrap 130 from 4 answers :p
Oh, the post's a year old.
3:04 PM
One day, I might be someone who can answer questions
Not today?
Well, the questions aren't things I know about >_>
It helps if you have strong google-fu. I occasionally answer questions for techs that I've never used before by simply googling.
I know, that's how I got my points I have ;P
3:07 PM
@Stijn The problem with that is that the same answer is already posted twice when you finished Googling.
HTML and CSS I know enough about to just google-fu or play around with until I get it as the questioner wanted
You know you can... Just... Eh... Steal it from devdocs.io, right?
Don't worry Uni, I understand what I answer too
@Unihedron I get to learn new things AND I get shiny internet points while doing so :)
@Stijn I mean HTML and CSS
It's great to learn by googling when you're trying to help with someone else on their specific problem.
But there's too much documentation for HTML and CSS.
3:10 PM
for HTML and CSS, a lot of my searches are "foo bar baz mdn" for developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web
nice site though
MDN is a great site.
the devdocs thing
It scraps off from most documentaries.
Helping with HTML and CSS is more or less coding it for them >_> which is why I mentioned "play around"
3:12 PM
I just enter their fiddle and code 'til it looks like they want and then tell them how and why
I did that even if I didn't answer
I wrote an SQL without being able to test it which worked miraculously once.
Because there's no point in answering the exact same thing as someone else >_>
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[c#-5.0]"
@ProgramFOX If you have time, help clear [bukkit] [minecraft] [minecraft-forge]!
I don't know anything about that though.
3:14 PM
You can skip.
Just did, and I had to skip many questions ;)
Going to take something else.
Great, thanks! :)
@Gemtastic am I imagining things or is your avatar an animated gif?
@Stijn Entirely imagined XD
nevermind, it's the system refreshing avatars every x seconds, happens with everything. It just looked like yours was blinking :p
3:26 PM
Ah, well, it's a jpg so nooo ;P
Does SO even support animation?
Probably not. I just saw it happen from the corner of my eye and then I stared at your avatar until I saw it happen again. Can you tell it's nearly the end of the workday and I'm bored?
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 8 hours to continue reviewing.
oh yay, there are still some reopen votes!
You have infinite reopen votes per day, but limited RO reviews. :P
... and those two items were reviewed right before I could decide whether the first one was reopen-worthy or not.
Oh, but now I can also vote to close/reopen on MSO!
!!! :D
3:40 PM
... and the queues are empty there.
goes to look at flag list to VTC questions from there
Apparently I can mark my own flags as helpful by voting to close for the same reason as I flagged them :O
Gaming the system?
I'm not, I just found that out.
Yeah, I realized that too, but were too lazy to do that every post through the history.
They're just helpful flags, I have like that many of them.
3:44 PM
Temporary feature :)
Should I post about this on Meta?
It's a known "issue".
oh okay
You can't raise new flags any more, at least not for the things you can pick as Close Vote now. You can still raise spam flags etc.
So not much harm is done.
3:47 PM
Spam, offensive, and VLQ for questions. No change for flags on answers and comments.
On the bright side, now we can burninate tags more effectively!
4:25 PM
I gotta go now. Night!
See you!
Hey @Psychemaster!
Hello world
Bedtime already? :/ Oh well, night Uni
4:34 PM
@Psychemaster Hello!
4:50 PM
Back. Ok, I lied. I took some more shots as well ;)
Welcome back @Sam!
So, if you're a minor, how old are you?
If you don't mind this old one asking
My profile says I'm 17...
I'm 14
4:59 PM
14 :O
Now I really feel old
And meh, to be bothered visiting profiles when I could get a conversation started instead
So, what brought you two in here (I know why Uni is here)?
in here = to SE
5:02 PM
Wait, you know why I'm here? I don't know why I'm here. Enlighten me?
You mean why I joined SE?
@Unihedron It's in your blood mr. progedy
I found Stack Overflow a useful reference, and I wanted to provide some answers myself and I did, and then I learned about the other SE sites and went to some of them.
@Sam Yes :)
You misspelled it, it's "prodigy". And I am no prodigy, if my skillset is anywhere near useful I would have a proper job and live that bit nicer.
5:04 PM
@ProgramFOX You're quite versitile if I'm looking at your tags. How long have you been doing computer stuff?
@Gemtastic Well...
codes a chair to sit in and eagerly prepares to hear Sam's story
@Unihedron That was a hilarious typo :')
@Gemtastic I started programming 5 years ago.
@ProgramFOX what language?
Also I just realized I'm typing without spellcheck
5:06 PM
Wait, spellcheck exists?
@Gemtastic First HTML and CSS, then JavaScript.
And then I started learning C++ and C#.
@Unihedron It does and I'm a bit too reliant on it when typing since I don't read what I type unless there's a red mark :')
@ProgramFOX Interesting. Are you taking any classes or are you self-taught through the net?
@Gemtastic I am self-taught using books and the Internet. I'm happy that I did so, because I heard that programming classes are not always good :D
still waiting for sam
@ProgramFOX I wholeheartedly agree about the class part. I regret learning Java from school.
5:09 PM
I found SO when I first started coding (in Small Basic, then I moved into VB.Net, now finally C#), and naturally I had some questions, so I joined, asked a few questions and got Q banned :O But I managed to get unbanned, so I decided to be more careful (read the rules, etc.). I then got banned, again :O So this time I didn't just skim through the FAQ, I actually read the guides ;)
But since I learn best when I "work things out" by myself I gradually stopped asking Qs and started to (try) answering other's Qs.
@ProgramFOX I think mine have been kinda good so it's not always true ;P
Probably @Sam first wrote out his speech in Notepad or something before he posted it here :P
It's infrequent for users to type in long paragraphs, so long paragraphs are actually more interesting to read. It's just me though.
But since Qs nowadays are mostly rubbish, I resort to self Q/As now.
And thus exists moderation :P
5:10 PM
@ProgramFOX Nope, I typed it all out in the textbox. :P
and quality control and pham
I did my first Q ans A today XD
@Gemtastic There certainly exist good classes, but you cannot know that in advance :)
@Sam oh okay :D
@ProgramFOX We have kinda high demands on our classes here. If the teachers aren't good, they get fired :P
Sweden sounds like a great place.
inb4 rant
5:11 PM
@Gemtastic Lol :D
@Sam :D
Meh, can't type tonight.
Cool, when you reply to a message with ID to a deleted message, it changes it into a raw ping.
@Unihedron Until you refresh. Then it shows up as :<number>
5:12 PM
What I was trying to say: So I mainly moderate (burn tags, work on Pham, etc.) and post self Q/As.

 Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
^ Great
But, I don't write many self Q/As, since when I write them they're normally epic.
I'll show ya...
A: Reading a single channel from a multi-channel wav file

SamMicrosoft have created a standard that covers up to 18 channels. According to them, the wav file needs to have a special meta sub-chunk (under the "Extensible Format" section) that specifiys a "channel mask" (dwChannelMask). This field is 4 bytes long (a uint) which contains the corresponding bit...

^ the biggest one I've done, so far.
This answer has been awarded bounties worth 200 reputation by Unihedron
Yeah, thx again ;)
It's a great post, well-worthy of attention. Shame at the end there's only 11 votes.
5:15 PM
Yeah, the low traffic tags :/
But votes on great posts on edge fields counts more than votes you get from nailing poor questions. ;)
True :)
And plus, you now have a colloquial answer to close dupes as to lead traffic to your post, potentially getting more votes in the future! Great farm!
Now I just need a dupe hammer ;)
Write more selfies. :)
5:18 PM
Hmm, lets see what I can write up...
Ah, for once I actually have remaining CVs for the night.
I'm too exhausted to do anything with them though, it's been a productive and eventful day so far. :D
Oh, that reminds me. I should probably help out with the cv queue...
Made progress on Astro's script, hasn't finished it though.
Yeah, and visit SEDE queries to use up the rest when you run out of review quotas.
The flagging script?
Click edit and every improvable point will be casted!
5:21 PM
Oh, the SE editor toolbox thingy?
Code format per tag, giving spaces around equal signs, typo banks...
Nice, lemme know when you're done ;)
Of course :)
Also, consider reviewing this:
Editor skills activate!
You should have editing rights following your gmail, if not, ping FOX.
5:24 PM
If you give me your email address @Sam, then I will add you.
Alright, but no spam emails ;)
:D No, don't worry
Deleting in 10 secs...
okay, copied
Or now... Since FOX is owner and can see deleted messages
5:25 PM
and if my clipboard fails, then I can always look at the history as Uni says
I don't mind him seeing it.
It's a public room, so...
Welp, "sharing is unavailable at this time"
Oh god, what have we done?
5:27 PM
> Congratulations! You've screwed up Google!
@Sam You should be able to edit now.
That is, when you log in.
Yeah I can now, thx!
Lol we both made the word 'context' plural at the same time @Unihedron :D
5:30 PM
Yay, there are Reopen Votes in the queue!
Q: RichTextBox - Create SEARCH and go through each result

F4zBasically I've got a RichTextBox, TextBox and a Button. The RichTextBox has some text in it and the Textbox is used to type the word and the button is used to find it. So far I'm using: Dim index As Integer = 0 Dim temp As String = txtbx_Write.Text txtbx_Write.Text = String.Empty txtbx_Write.Tex...

A: RichTextBox - Create SEARCH and go through each result

jack3694078Not sure what are you trying to do with that temp variable... and you might want to write something to clear the background color when you're done. Anyway, you could do the following for your "find" button: Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click If...

upvote both pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Do you know those guys?
5:42 PM
So, why do you want them upvoted?
they answered a question i was looking for months
and there's a new user who deserves to earn reputation because he posted a good answer
Upvoted them, good question and answer.
5:46 PM
thank you!
1 hour later…
7:16 PM
Got to go now, see you!
2 hours later…
8:53 PM
I've identified a spammer
All of this user's answers contain a link to a website apparently controlled by him
Hmm checks answers
in Ask a Super User Moderator on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 mins ago, by DragonLord
Pay attention: I just checked his toolswebtop.com site and found a link in the footer to everythingfonts.com
Looks like a mod nuked them.
The SU answers are still there. But yeah, spam.
I've asked some friends to nuke 'em ;)
They should be gone soon.
Yep, all gone.
9:27 PM
Thanks. See ya later
9:55 PM
Q: Do you use Big-O complexity evaluation in the 'real world'?

beggsRecently in an interview I was asked several questions related to the Big-O of various algorithms that came up in the course of the technical questions. I don't think I did very well on this... In the ten years since I took programming courses where we were asked to calculate the Big-O of algori...

what do you think about this questin
IMO, it's border-line off-topic.
Ok, I would not have seen bolder-line
another one recommendation: stackoverflow.com/questions/525065/…
I'm out of close votes. :/
10:06 PM
Yeah, that's naa. Flagged it.
I've gtg, night!
10:22 PM
sleep well :)
Thx, you too.
10:36 PM
what's about this, or is the question already asking for something like this: stackoverflow.com/a/26593076/1699210
10:58 PM
@bummi There's nothing wrong with the answer, it's with the question instead. It's asking for recommendations, and recommendation answers are answers. Flag the question.
And the other post is the same. You can flag.
I vote to close on two of them
I added mine as well.
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