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9:25 AM
Markup proposal by @adambarth to suppress/truncate Referer header http://www.schemehostport.com/2011/11/referer-sic.html http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/Meta_referrer already supported in #webkit
9:37 AM
RT @jaffathecake: Styling the shadow DOM & why I think the scoped attribute is pointless http://jaffathecake.posterous.com/scoped-styles-the-shadow-dom
9:49 AM
Hi All
RT @mozpub: [Doc Sprint] Come join our Mozilla Reps throughout this weekend! http://pierros.papadeas.gr/?p=278&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
Any one is there ?
@adn295 Yes
10:11 AM
RT @codepo8: oh yeah! #HTML5 context menus in Firefox 8+ http://mzl.la/tYwib2 - a screencast, demo code and explanations. (as shown at # ...
10:28 AM
Morning all.
@James Morning
@RobinAndersson ok
What's the point in firefox anymore?
10:44 AM
@Feeds That's pretty cool. Browsers needed this eons ago.
Only in Firefox right now: caniuse.com/#search=contextmenu
10:56 AM
RT @jedisct1: CAAT is a javascript animation toolkit, able to render using Canvas, WebGL and CSS: http://labs.hyperandroid.com/static/caat/
11:10 AM
How can I omit one value from a dropDownList (using jQuery)??
1 hour later…
12:17 PM
So...in my game, at the end of a level, I show how the score was calculated. Would it be okay if used tables here?
@Amaan It sounds like tabular data, so yes.
Alrighty then
1:03 PM
Hi im quite stuck with this: stackoverflow.com/questions/8255099/…
can you help?
Hi Ryan
@PD24 , that question of yours is really really confusing
what is it that you want ?
.. lol .. i think he just jumped into channel , posted his spam an left
@tereško Love that kind of behaviour.
Should be some kind of trigger that slaps you in the face if you join a channel and post a link to a question in the first 30 seconds.
1:20 PM
Teresko, I was going to post a question
@Kayote And leave right after you do?
good thing its been 30sec since my entrance
well, to be straightforward, yes I have done that previously
Im not new to Javascript channel
as I frequent enough this channel
@Rasmus is the kind of guy that learns about programming by looking in image books.
@RobinAndersson Only sometimes.
1:34 PM
I´m now coded something with my exercise script. But it seems not to work --> koti.mbnet.fi/ollins/muuta/jquery/exercise.php
@Olli You have
'display: none' on your #result
yes, I have
and i use jquery to show it
@Olli Missed that, sorry
1:38 PM
so do you think there is some other mistake
Well, of course there is another mistake as the code doesn't work as intended.
@Olli wrap all code with "$()"
@island205 wrapped
when js code runing,dom is not ready!
@island205 that helped
thank you
see the code now
1:42 PM
@Olli i know the answer, aha
btw, can I use * inside $("");
@Olli it work now.
example $("ex*"); would match ex0, ex1
i don't think so
make sure the $(css express)
is he matching <ex0> and <ex1> .. grandma , what strange tags you have
1:45 PM
i would match all spans there
which have name ex0 or ex1
and then i would take them text
and it would be the right text. then add input there, where user can give right answer
@teresko the page is full english
@tereško forgive me,i am not good at english.
I changed it a bit, could you @island205 look at it
@Olli which page?
1:52 PM
i would like it would display alert containing element ID and value
from every item what has class exercise
hmm had to wrap $("
nothing now anymore
Hi thanks for looking at my thread
@teresko you should speak more politely to people
its not kind to call other spammer without a reason
i want to be able to set the kit product quantity as 25 but conditionally check a div content for a certainer product
why am i a spammer?
yes, I´m thinking same. @PD24
Im sorry if i have spammed? but im really stuck with my question.. One user has tried to help me but i really need to see an example in my jsfiddle
may i post the question here oillie?
1:59 PM
@Olli who said that i am calling someone a spammer without a reason ? chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1944873#1944873
I left because nobody was in the room
@island205 yes i got that solved, thanks. @teresko that isn´t spamming
@island205 but could you look this now --> koti.mbnet.fi/ollins/muuta/jquery/exercise.php
it´s not working
every span should be changed to input
but it doesn´t
actually it does!
Lol :P
@Olli yes!
can you help me
i can explain how the code works
2:04 PM
@island205 but it does not set answer like it should
please look the source after executing
eg firebug /chrome dev tools
@Olli change "answer" attribute to value
"<input type='text' id='ans"+its_id+"' size='40' value='"+arvo+"'>"
but doesnt work
i want array to have
"ansex0" => "red"
"ansex1" => "fireman"
how can i make this work
it work *
@Olli ok i want to say you must learn some form knowledge
ok so nobody wants to help me.. its soo simple you just need to look on the jsfiddle, type in 3 in the quantity box and click off the box and it changes to 25... i need it to be 25 or less to be inputted or more if they person chooses
i fixed the form now, but array cannot fix
@island205 ?
2:13 PM
@Olli what is the function of allAnswers?
i want array to have
"ansex0" => "red"
"ansex1" => "fireman"
and if you use Array type,you must use the push function of Array,like this allAnswers.push(arvo)
@Incognito lmao
@Incognito lmao too
2:25 PM
@island205 thank you. what if i want to specify name for the option
or array row
like "ansex0" => "red"
ansex0 is name, red is value
@Olli i could help you to finish it
@island205 ok ,is that possibel
i´msorrynedd to go
someone should implement that into chat
2:29 PM
/kill teresko
they should implement that
teresko where you from
@tereško kill * -9?
naah , the ability to clear the rollback
run unpatronizer -teresko -9
if you have time to read , you could look at the horror show that was going on for past hour
function clear () { document.getElementById('chat').innerHTML = ''; } //[[trollface-comes-here]]
2:32 PM
Q: Chatroom clear screen?

Incognitohttp://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1945880#1945880 I think this is an awesome idea, often a lot of garbage loads up ontop of the chat, maybe someone posts a picture of something I don't want to see but it isn't really flag-worthy (in which case I open webkit inspector and delete th...

And now the circle is completed.
@Zirak , looks like your organism is suffering from extreme wall-deficiency , you must self-administer it .. quickly , preferably on face
Just wondering, can anyone think up features in the chat that are missing they'd really like to see?
var clear = document.createElement( 'button' );
clear.classList.add( 'button' );
clear.textContent = 'clear chat';
clear.addEventListener( 'click', function () {
    var chat = document.getElementById( 'chat' );
    while ( chat.firstChild && chat.removeChild(chat.firstChild) ) {}
document.getElementsById( 'chat-buttons' ).appendChild( clear );
@Incognito , the ability to refer to yourself in 3rd person ? the IRC's /me
is speaking in the third person with a pitcure of himself before the name. Maybe?
I'd like to get a 'midnight' color scheme going on, I hate blistering white screens.
2:38 PM
yeah , that would be nice too
Color schemes in general will be nice
but i guess , you can do it yourself
You can do anything on the client yourself :P
Because it's JS, yeah, but I'd like to get a feel for cool things. In theory we could just make a bookmarklett load from github.
hhmm, room-specific syntax highlighting?
2:40 PM
@Zirak Maybe, we could probably auto-detect a best-guess from the tags in the top right.
Have you guys seen the StackExchangeScripts project?
There's a set of userscript that enhances the SE user interface
Including chat
@YiJiang That's pretty sweet.
For example, I can "link" to any comment
> I have zero relevant knowledge to answer it, but this is the best question I have ever read on this site. – Derrick Turk feb 4 '0 at 1:38
2:44 PM
The readme and stuff needs updating
But the scripts does have some interesting features
Oh, and there is /me, but its kind of lame
Q: conditional change of quantity text box using jquery?

PD24I have a problem, I have been working on some jquery to set the quantity text box to display 25 or more. It checks if the wording personalisation has an empty string, if it doesnt them apply the 25 quantity as its obviously a kit product and personalised. The crucial part for kit products is: i...

Can you explain, in essence, what you're trying to do?
@Zirak me?
Oh, and selectors like #id0 #id1 are useless. An id is unique, so just #id1 should suffice.
@island205 No, @PD24
Anyone know why Jplayer.swf is in the chat?
2:58 PM
@Incognito The notification sound
lol, @Incognito, someone answered your question with my mock answer
Yeah I saw that :P.
You know, it is positively amazing that this chat actually works on IE6. I've tried it before.
3:01 PM
I am trying to check if the div contains a certain text then overriding the code which places 25 in the text box
you should have a look at the jsfiddle - jsfiddle.net/FB5MQ/3
Basically, most people consider [] === {}
I was just reading that post!
@Incognito what a fuck equal!
@alFReDNSH I'm 0xbeef.
> TL;DR "if you want to remove shit from an array, don’t use delete". No shit, Sherlock.
3:11 PM
Gahh, how do I explain that objects and arrays aren't the same thing?
This isn't perl.
The post has been downvoted 8:3, its not like the end of the world
Even perl didn't make them truthfully the same thing.
well typeof [] === typeof {} !
@YiJiang I'm mostly worried about the people actively writing code that's like this.
@alFReDNSH Yeah... :(. Feels bad man.
3:14 PM
I know the author. Should I ask him to join the room? :P
this is pointless
thought you were here to help?
@PD24 No, the users on Stack Overflow is there to help. This is a chatroom. We chat.
nice point...
Well to be honest I'm here to learn rather more of helping...
well no1 is helping me
3:17 PM
@alFReDNSH No I'm about to leave the chat for a few hours.
Go ahead, have fun and enjoy your life!
@PD24 How easy did you make it for someone to help you? Ask yourself that truthfully.
@alFReDNSH Accept you can be wrong, ask about ways to improve stuff, teach stuff you know.
That's the best way I've found to learn this stuff.
Cheers everyone I'll be back later.
i made an indepth post
i gave a jsfiddle
i have explained MANY times
@Incognito Well as much as I can I want to help and teach people, I love to do it(not as much as I love to be programming) but, I'm no expert at the moment, lots of things I need to know, but I don't... So naturally in here, I learn more rather than helping...
hi all
in extjs4...how can i select a default value in a combobox?
3:27 PM
any explanation for what is extjs4? (sorry for noob questions!)
nevermind.... realized what is it :D
3:52 PM
@Incognito Left a comment on his blog.
good night everyone.
RT @hsivonen: XHR Level 2 is no more. Say hello to living XHR. http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/xhr/raw-file/tip/Overview.html
@Zirak could you help
I have a problem
If you are in a coma, then no. Are you in a psychotic trance? No? Emotional trauma? Sorry, can't help with that. Oh, is your leg on fire? Nope, sorry. Pregnant? I can falcon punch.
4:04 PM
I already asked this, but I went away and didn´t get answer
I would like to make array part to work, but I don´t know how can I set name&value with array.push function
Now that's better. Saying what your problem is and not leaving me guessing.
Ok. Good.
Hopefully you could help me solve the problem
And if you can look the code, please also say, which part I should make in other way
Since I´m just beginning jQuery
Codes pretty bad (lots of repetition). But what's your actual problem?
"I would like to make array part to work, but I don´t know how can I set name&value with array.push function"
((oh, and it can easily drop jQuery))
4:06 PM
@Zirak Cannot understand this.
What array part? What to work?
Line 23 has problem
allAnswers[""+id+""] = arvo;
jQuery is hardly necessary in your situation. You can use DOM awesomeness directly and with ease (like in many cases, but this is an obvious one.
First, ask yourself: Do you want an array, or a "map"?
but, like I said yesterday, I want to learn jQuery
@Olli Just a comment on your English, apostrophes are not typed out as backticks, they're typed out as single quotation marks.
4:08 PM
Why do you want to learn jQuery? ...nvm, this part of the argument is useless...
@YiJiang ok do you mean ' instead of ` ?
@Olli Yes
Anyway...an array is seuqential elements. They have an order (index), and are accessed by that order. Maps are key => value containers. Basically: You want order - use arrays. You want names - use "maps" (regular objects)
@Zirak because I think if I write JS it broughts extra job,eg
var arvo = $("#something").val();
instead of
var arvo = document.getElementById("something").value;
ok I want maps since I need the answer array in check() function
to check student´s answer
@Olli have you see my example?
4:11 PM
@island205 what example you mea
As a result of "typing less", you also know less. Your code is terrible. allAnswers is global, new Array is redundant (array literal [] is much more awesome) and you're repeating yourself in the loop. All that in ~7 lines.
@Zirak i agree with you
@Zirak what you exactly mean that I should type shorter
I don´t know any way how I could remove things from loop
Being lazy is a right you achieve by working hard at first.
Being lazy is cool. But first be right,
but,I have used JS before
now I want to learn jQuery
4:13 PM
1+ to that, I've become a programmer coz of my laziness!
Using !== knowing. You don't know javascript.
And there's really no "learning" in jQuery, just going to api.jquery.com
yes i have visited there
@island205 This part is already working
but please look my code now
Well I believe you should be playing a little more with JS and simpler libraries
4:15 PM
and the array part isn´t working
I suggest you learn javascript before touching jQuery or anything else.
I know js perfectly
and could do this with Javascript easily
but I don´t know Jquery
and because this i need to ask question
@Zirak !!!!! what i want to say
4:16 PM
Oh yeah? If you'd have known javascript, you'd have known that your array is technically fine
You remind me of myself after a week I learnt JS and wanted to move on to JQuery, had the same problems! :P
@Zirak yes but that array Isn´t working
That arrays are also objects in javascript, and you can dynamically add any name to pretty much anything, because it doesn't matter. Your code is technically fine. You just don't know it. BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW JAVASCRIPT
@Zirak no no complexity to he
4:17 PM
AAAANNNNDDD if you'd have known javascript, you wouldn't have made allAnswers global or declared allAnswers that way
Nor would you have that aweful code repetition inside the loop.
Because you made something work in javascript doesn't mean you know it. I've been doing stuff with js for two years and I'm learning new things every day.
so I though my array isnt OK
@Zirak I need allAnswers to be global
I need to use it in check
If you'd have known javascript, you'd know that's not entirely true.
() function
4:19 PM
See? If you'd have known javascript, you'd know how to do that.
12 new pings
yes but you said I don´t need it global
none of them directed at me
But I need it
No you don't.
4:20 PM
because I want to use right answers
Ok, if you think so, could you say, how I should implement checking in check function
in check() function
One sec, rewriting your code
@Zirak thx
BTW, Stackoverflow's css & js code is very hard to read
they have typed everything without linebreaks
not even having .min.js in end
so if remove it it would show better formatted file
Your design is pretty broken, tbh
Replacing the span with an input is pretty lame
4:24 PM
i want to write html easily
and then jQuery replaces it with inputs
so It´s easy to write html
when I want to add new exercise I just add <span id="ex3">Right answer</span>
@Zirak i don't know Olli want to do
....instead of replacing html directly, why not add another attribute to the input?
@Olli Well it is way to do it, but it's the best thing to do!
It's not*
<input type='text' data-rightAnswer='meep' class='exercise' />
Q: Chat: Partial Ping Inaccuracy

Matt McDonaldThis has been a problem I've noticed over the past few weeks since a user named "Matt" started participating in the JavaScript chat room on StackOverflow. Since then, I've received countless pings via partial matching. Today, I signed on to find 12 new pings, none of which directed at me, all ta...

4:30 PM
Actually, now that you have everything in the elements, you just need a reference to them, and not make an extra array
@Zirak do you think i should have different spans for answers
@Olli you can.but not need to do
@Zirak what you actually mean by this
and would it work
One sec
4:43 PM
Sorry about the delay
It's a rough sketch, but pretty simple
I take it he didn't like my example?
@Zirak hmm it does not use even jQuery
it looks very simple
@Matt You didnt even show example ?
I pinged you with it yesterday
pls send again since I think Im not seen it
Of course it doesn't use jQuery. I have the ability not to, so why would I?
4:46 PM
22 hours ago, by Matt McDonald
@Olli http://jsbin.com/uvefuk
yes,but it need answer to be inputted in array
i want them to be intergrated in textfield
read the code
yes I read it
@MattMcDonald I think you should trust him, he knows javascript perfectly!
and i would need to change code if I want add new question
but in Zirak´s example i dont ned
4:49 PM
@Matt,hopefully you didnto upset Your mind
@MattMcDonald Its a dupe, I believe
I know it's by design
couldn't find anything through search about it
@Matt What browser you are using ?
it looks bit old..
4:52 PM
@MattMcDonald IE5.5 for Mac?
Latest IE is 9
or 10
recommend update
@Zirak isnt prototype a JS library
you're missing the point
because you are using it in your code
the code I gave you is very compatible with browsers
4:53 PM
Q: Getting Marc's chat notifications

marcogUnfortunately, the first name of a popular individual here is also a prefix of my username. As a result, I get his chat notifications whenever someone refers to him by just his first name. Is there a way to improve this? Besides my initial proposal that he find a new name. :) Perhaps take into a...

@MattMcDonald This should be the dupe
sigh eloquentjavascript.net Read it. Your js knowledge is small.
@Zirak did you see my question
Yes, and this is my answer...
Instead of explaining how what prototypes are, I link you to a book teaching javascript.
Yes but that book doesnt have search
where could I write prototype
4:55 PM
Read it. You'd only learn tons more.
Besides, you're on a QA site...if you're too thick to want to learn more things, just search "javascript prototypes" or something like that.
I didnt know JS would have prototypes
I know only basic JS
This is with arrays
Gotta go now. Enjoy.
and thanks
you really need to use a form for that
separating questions into fieldsets like I did gives you precise control
and you can use the legend element as a question description
4:59 PM
Well you can change the code and save it :D
I'd scrap it all and start over
Though I love the idea of fieldsets, much more cleaner

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