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11:00 AM
these javadocs never give an example
ObservableValue<String> whichHelpScreen;
@miniHessel y u read javadocs? read the *PROFANITY* manual!
I have placed it in the IntroController then ;)
inside your initialize
11:07 AM
What? Shouldnt I declalre it at the top first?
public class IntroController implements Initializable {

ObservableValue<String> whichHelpScreen;
guessing that @ItachiUchiha is banging his head in the wall screaming MINIHESSEL
 value.addListener(new ChangeListener<String>() {

			public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends String> observable,
					String oldValue, String newValue) {

				if(newValue!=null && newValue.equals("value set by button1")){
					//load images

				else if(newValue!=null && newValue.equals("value set by button2")){


try something similar
so value is my whichSCren, right?
So that's in my intialize now. Last question(I hope). How do I tell from my main controller what whichHelpScreen is? like whichHelpScreen = "tableView" or something
comes back from eating to discover @Ita dumping code
Q: JFX: reset back to original launch state

seriallchillerHow can I make the stage reset in JFX when i press the R key something like scene.setOnKeyPressed(event -> { if (event.getCode() == KeyCode.R) { *SOMETHING HERE* } not sure what to do

^^^^ cc @ItachiUchiha
Inside your controller create a instance variable @miniHessel
StringProperty value = new SimpleStringProperty("abc");

	public String getValue() {
		return value.getValue();

	public void setValue(String value) {
@Unihedron apologies
You might have an answer for that question
11:19 AM
I commeneted
you need to get the controller from the FXMLOader
how else do you load the fxml ?
I had a method in my introController
11:24 AM
for loading Intro's fxml ?
you are mistaking me
use this in Main
I understand, have placed it there now. But I can't seem to figure out how to assign the variable "value"
yep, done
there is no set value :(
Are you blind ?
yep, I know, but when I call on the introcontroller in the main class, there is no set value method..
11:29 AM
Did you write the above code in the introcontroller ?
whats this ?
That's my main class
first I declare it, later on in the code I show the new scene and try to use setValue.
it's for testing right now.
@Unihedron <3
@miniHessel Create a gist with all your three controllers
or update your code in github and share the link
11:35 AM
FXMLLoader fxmlLoader = new FXMLLoader(getClass().getResource("/View/helpme.fxml"));
What is the controller for helpme.fxml ?
Dupe of our colloquial question! stackoverflow.com/q/26140417/3622940
WTF is this ?
nvm that one, it isn't in use atm :P
removed it now ;)
11:39 AM
This is the last time I am telling you not to use it
IntroController helpController = new IntroController();
You do realize github lets you select line ranges? gist.github.com/minihessel/…
Sorry, removed!
Oop, be right back
this is where I try to use the controller gist.github.com/minihessel/…
@Unihedron please be back soon
11:40 AM
@ItachiUchiha Why? :o
@Unihedron @miniHessel <3 :P
@Unihedron loves me, I just used select line ranges in github !
@miniHessel you need to create a class level IntroController in MainController
thinking hard
11:42 AM
OMG, since when are line ranges a new thing?
and instantiate it when you load the intro.fxml
hmm, how can I do that without using IntroController introController = new IntroController?
Introcontroller = Class ? :P
@miniHessel please post a question in SO, I will post an answer
Its difficult to explain this way
Class introController;
        introController =  fxmlLoader.getController().getClass();
sure, hmm, what should I ask? How to create a class level controller in another controller?
lolz, nevermind
@miniHessel yes this is the way
11:45 AM
First try!
Class introController; >> IntroController introController
>> does that mean I should change it to that, or should I use the whole line ? :o
change it
I joked
thank you!
since when are you learning java ?
11:46 AM
just do it like that then, and load helpscreen in each button, and set different values
finally no code dumps...
I feel like teaching some 12 year old...
Coding classes starts today, special sessions by Unihedron
You mean you're feeling like you're teaching some 12 year olds, or you actually feel like teaching?

Thank you @ItachiUchiha , this pastie works great
Public service announcement! @ItachiUchiha feels like teaching some 12 years old, if you're interested for a Java or JavaFX course, ping him, he'll gladly answer ALL your questions!
11:51 AM
@ItachiUchiha will run home and cry now, I am obviously a 12 year old :(
@Unihedron I can't teach anymore
@ItachiUchiha I am not actually 12......
but I'd still like to learn some JavaFX ;)
Ahh common! Is this cause of the stupid public announcement ?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 2 mins ago, by Unihedron
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 8 secs ago, by Unihedron
Public service announcement! @ItachiUchiha feels like teaching some 12 years old, if you're interested for a Java or JavaFX course, ping him, he'll gladly answer ALL your questions!
Yeah, I quoted it in quite a few rooms. Quick! Start a class!
3 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
I feel like teaching some 12 year old...
11:53 AM
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12:09 PM
@miniHessel is it working ?
I was just kidding
there is nothing to be scared of
I beleive I have a more fun question, though
and yes, it works great, thank you so much <3
12:11 PM
you can be scared of @uni, while playing chess
Hi @Karl
@Unihedron you forgot to edit
@ItachiUchiha You're implying that it's important to edit. :P
hehe, yeah
when you are cleaning all the mess that I am creating, its good to be perfect :)
Perfection is overrated.
12:21 PM
@ItachiUchiha is there any way to set a smallest size for your javaFX scene when using scene builder?
scene builder works with root of the scene and not the scene itself
So you have to set it in code?
in my intialize method in the main controller then?
12:31 PM
wherever you are setting the root to the scene, you can do it
I can do it ! :D
I did it!
is this for the styleClass ?
Q: When opening new Dialog, treeview gets red

miniHesselWhen I open a new dialog in controls FX - one of my treeviews turns red. Any suggestion ? With no CSS it get's a red border. If I add the folling css, the whole treeview turns red when I open a new Dialog: .tree-view, #left-pane .tree-view:focused { -fx-background-color: transparent; -fx-ba...

that is not a lousy suggestion
did you try it ?
I removed it, realized that it isn't lousy..
but it was "tree-view" both times
12:38 PM
does the change the style class ?
BEFORE + tree-view
AFTER + tree-view
thats the print out from doing it before and after
I beleive it is because it has focus, and then the focus goes away and the treeview turns red.
because it's actually only the border that's red, until I make the treeview transparent
but in your style you haven't mentioned red anywhere
I even removed all my CSS
the only difference is: with CSS the whole treeview is red(cause it's transparent). Without CSS, there comes a red border.
so its not the treeview
its the thing below it
hmm, perhaps the anchorpane
12:42 PM
check whatever is below the treeview
I will answer the question
thats the anchorpane
Yeah !
Changed the opacity of the anchorpane to 0, that actually worked :D
So it's definitly the anchorpane
why opacity of anchorpane
there must be some css used on the anchorpane
Just to check if it were the anchorPane
nothing tbh
sat the opacity to 0.35 and the red gets less intense
12:45 PM
tbh ?
shall I answer your question ? Devilish laugh
to be hounest
ye :P
plix ?
Please :P
I am getting an error while importing a class (which is not servlet) into JSP.

`<%@ page import="a.b.TestDetails" contentType="text/html" `
`pageEncoding="UTF-8" errorPage="Error/error-page.jsp"%>`

How to resolve this?
Any idea?
You can't. It's an error that none of us can handle. The world is banished from enlightenment from the ex-
What's the error?!
12:50 PM
@Unihedron error is 404 - not found
guess its not able to find the error.jsp
@ItachiUchiha when i remove import statement i get no error, and page loads fine.
it's because error-page.jsp doesn't exist.
@M.S. I told ya, its not able to find the page
12:53 PM
and why is it a.b.testdetails ? that isn't a approved filename? a-b-testdetials.jsp instead perhaps?
It is not JSP, it is a Java class.
So what is the error saying then?
you mean you have this import in a servlet ?
`<%@ page import="a.b.TestDetails" contentType="text/html" `
`pageEncoding="UTF-8" errorPage="Error/error-page.jsp"%>`
@ItachiUchiha not using "`".. it was meant to write code here.. not working..
@M.S. sorry bro, Unclear Question !
@miniHessel is this answer apt ?
1:00 PM
Ok, now it is working..
Since, you treeview is transparent. I guess the problem has to be with the container of the treeview.
:P :P
ye it is :P
But how to give errorpage information in this code?
What is wrong with errorpage?
I removed errorPage, it is now working..
But how to insert errorPage?
errorPage information must be included in jsp
if you want to use it in servlet you can use forward
ehm, shouldn't .anchor-pane{} work in css?
1:04 PM
@ItachiUchiha how to give information of errorPage in JSP?
it would
hmm, -fx-backgorund-color does nothing
@M.S. just the way you were giving it
@spoulson welcome !
1:07 PM
1:21 PM
I like the new inline link to your suggested edit on sites where you propose edit instead of having full edit privs.
1:49 PM
2:19 PM
@Opposingthetypicalitrecruiter Welcome ! You need more than 20 points to talk here ! Gain reoputation by asking questions and editing !
You can even answer a few question, if you can :)
Hi @dark and @Opposingthetypicalitrecruiter, welcome to the Java room!
@ItachiUchiha * asking and answering good questions
yay someone upvoted my answers, pointssss!!!
@Unihedron yeah good :P
No vote ups for me :(
Answer more! Answer good!
When I answer, I keep in mind to convince the next person to see it to upvote.
Remember, if you post something that works, you might get +15 for posting the answer, but if you post something that rules, you might get +200 for the potential 20 upvotes! :D
2:26 PM
@uni can we work for creating a script that will monitor and whenever a user who has less than 20 repu enters, a message will be written for him ?
I had a chatbot script, the chat changes broke him though.
what ?
ahh ! Its good, he is broke :P
2:29 PM
Error: undefined is not a function: 'current'
can we monitor who enters a chat room ?
Yeah, of course. We can do it automatically when I have the time to fix up the ot.
Until then, you can be the guard!
I have 4 days off this weekend starting from tomorrow
I want to do something :P
A game of chess?
Answer questions?
no good questions :(
I want to either create a bot for this room
or create a javafx control
When will your school reopen ?
2:35 PM
Why not both?
I don't know, hopefully by next week..
JavaFX Control is tricky :P
If you have some tips and hacks, write a self Q-A, and give it an attractive title ;)
Different from normal Javafx and there isn't much tutorials about it
Or you can help moderate SE..
Moderate SE is something I always do
coz you always keep posting links with
:P :P
review ?
all of those are already closed
Scroll down
3 hours later…
5:17 PM
Welcome back!
Something new for me: writing an IntelliJ plugin
Artistic question if you can help @Kylar: Do you think there should be an empty line under "Author Note"?
I'm indifferent. As long as there's a line break, I'm probably OK with it
5:32 PM
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5:43 PM
if i am not wrong tonight is Karl's birthday..
Hi @Unihedron
He's obviously having a party.
we need some decoration for the room
and a birthday cake
he still has time to party..
it mi8 have just struck 12 in the east
6:40 PM
Now that we've exhausted our social ability for the day....
Uhm... can i ask questions here, or i need to post it. :( my search didnt yield any results, and i think its a newbie question
@ItachiUchiha NEXT Thursday… [Not this week]
6:44 PM
UHm.. in eclipse Luna, i was wondering i was always writing generics this way:
Map<Object, Object> map = new LinkedHashMap<Object, Object>();
i know its lazy, but i thought, can i just do it this way:
Map<Object, Object> map = new LinkedHashMap<>();
before, eclipse was able to copy what generics i put in the reference variable, but luna does not do it now. so i was just wondering if its legal, and what could be the effects it might have if i did
@LeeJeong It has to do with the JDK and whether eclipse can do the introspection. did you use JDK7?
That's legal in JDK's > 7
>= 7 I mean
but not in JDK 6
@xgeorgekx Hey
thanks sir @ky
@LeeJeong NP. It should introspect that properly if you're using the right language level for the project/file
So we would have problems installing it on un-updated machines..?
6:53 PM
Installing what?
Eclipse? Luna?
my apologies sir, i dont know what introspect means. I should google, but id rather have you teach me
Luna sir is what im using..
im worried about installing the end-result program im working on... should the target machine be updated as well with this format of declaration
There are two different issues here: Eclipse being able to understand something like new HashMap<> and figuring it out what the declarations are
and then deploying the end result program
You can compile things for older JDK's
but Java version 6 is already deprecated
Just want to express how happy i am with Stackoverflow. So many friendly people. unlike my first forum experience that trauma'd me. T.T
so I would say that Java 7 is OK - if your end user doesn't have Java 7, they should update.
6:56 PM
and there's chat. weee!
@Unihedron Can't we just move it to ServerFault
instead of closing it
Nope, it's older than 60 days, not even a mod can deal with migrations.
Oryt! 1. I would just continue working on this way, because my Luna understands this declaration.. 2. if there's any issue, with target machine, i should just check and update right?
If you want bonus questions to close:

 Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
In cases like that (this is 5 years old) I'd rather just leave it alone, since it has a valid answer.. what good does closing a 5 year old question with a valid answer do?
6:58 PM
clears it out of CVQ
@LeeJeong That is my suggestion.
hi @Lee
Oryt sir! I trust you. ahaha
@Unihedron hi! :)
That's Mistake #1. Trust, but verify.
@Kylar Don't worry about it, it's closed now
7:00 PM
Don't just take someone's word for it.
@Unihedron My work here is done ;)
Enjoy yourself :)
ahaha.. but i think its practical. I wouldn't be using older JDKs anyways.. and updating JRE of target machine is just a swift activity
was it right JRE? i shouldnt bother installing JDK on deployment machines right>
@Unihedron yeah, im really enjoying it here. Such a paradise for non-geniuses like me, and welcomed without any quick condescension but just rational and humorous people..
@LeeJeong Humorous? You're kidding. :) We throw poorly drawn lines around here.
And just to make it clear:
Sure! The pointing system here kinda filters those kinds people i think anyway :)) ive learned and just reflected to myself how would i feel if someone dumped code on my face without anything to warm up with
7:07 PM
I see it everytime i research for answers in SO. witty one liners but doesnt attack the person but just the context they are posting. Also not scary. :))
Should all chat here be of Java related?
I'm out of up/downvotes (ammunition), energy, close votes and comment flags, + it's 3 a.m., so bye for now!
@LeeJeong As long as it's roughly Java related, you can put in an occasional pun or something.
It's very low "class" to make someone else the "object" of your jokes, though.
Roughly room participants-defined rules: docs.google.com/document/d/…
Very right!
Check out the help pages too. chat.stackoverflow.com/faq
Thanks sir! :)
Good. Ok. Thanks. Chars.
7:10 PM
I happy netizen of SO shall gladly skim it.
Night @Unihedron
Thanks, your ping woke me up. Night @Kylar! :)
I'll ping you every few minutes now ;)
Yeah, you would. :P
7:46 PM
ping @Unihedron
Question.. should all the tables in the DB have their counterpart objects in the application? I've heard and read quite a bit about ORM and Impedence Mismatch thingy but its quite voluminous..
8:16 PM
@LeeJeong huh?
I mean, for example. i have a table named products... there is a product object in my app..
but then, there is this supplementary table named, productDetails... is it necessary to be created?
should i model my application over the structure of my database... there are debates over the net over this issue (ORMs, Impedence Mismatch).. I'm struggling if i should create that little object. Is it even worth to become a class..
I think the term you are looking for is database normalization
@taco nope.avi
It's a concept used in ORM's. Kind of each object has a table or vice versa.
Oh, ok
JMS anyone?
8:25 PM
@Goldbones James Martin Super?
Java message service
We use Propel for ORM. I've never had to think about these things, but then again, I didn't do the database design
I don't really have an answer on your question since I didn't use ORM. When I encounter situations when I need to choose between method X and method Y I always take a look what would best fit my application, time schedule, skills.
For example, if you have a tight schedule and you have experience with method X then you should go for method X.
If it's a hobby/learning/no-time-limit project, then you might try method Y if the arguments on the net seem legit/logical
@Goldbones nope, I'm a noob in Java
8:37 PM
9:31 PM
posted on October 01, 2014 by Caroline Kvitka-Oracle

By Guest Blogger Bob Larsen, Java.net Editor The Java Community Process (JCP) presented the tenth annual JCP Awards and celebrated its fifteenth birthday at a gathering atop the Hilton Hotel on Monday night.   Heather VanCura (above, left) received the award for JCP Program Member of the Year for her leadership in the Adopt-a-JSR program, which provides a mechanism for Java User Gro

posted on October 01, 2014 by Caroline Kvitka-Oracle

Watch as Duke delights JavaOne attendees who lined before the JavaOne keynotes on Sunday. 

posted on October 01, 2014 by Caroline Kvitka-Oracle

By Guest Blogger Bob Larsen, Java.net Editor JavaOne officially started today with User Group Sunday, and, as usual, gave a strong showing out of the gate with some tremendous sessions.   User Group Sunday sessions targeted both current and future Java User Group leaders, including “Starting a JUGgernaut: How to Start and Rapidly Grow Your JUG”  and “Tools for the Day-to

9:49 PM
Hello everyone. I'm playing with log4j.
10:10 PM
10:28 PM
posted on October 01, 2014 by Caroline Kvitka-Oracle

Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz will kick off the Thursday keynotes. The architects of Java 8 will give you their insights into this revolutionary release, and start to  reveal what is coming in Java 9, Java 10, and beyond. Please note the following important schedule change for Thursday: The morning keynotes now run from 9 a.m. to 11:25 a.m. at the Marriott Marquis, Salon 7/8/9. JavaO

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