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8:06 AM
say, what other 'must have' extensions do you guys run?
I run only AdBlock & Ghostery, personally.
AdBlock and Vertical tabs for FF
@ParkYoung-Bae I use DNT instead of Ghostery.
I've got a nice one that shows me who is on my MC server, and good old IE tab
@MarkGarcia ghosty has a cute little ghost icon though
I've read a comparison somewhere, where DNT is better at blocking trackers, but IIRC by only a low margin.
Also I use HTTPS Everywhere BTW.
8:10 AM
oh yeah, I forget I have that one
Gmelius is nice, if you use gmail that is :P
I had that extension that automagically makes text in images highlightable like real text, but I'm sure it's too much load for this crap work machine
Flagfox is quite nice. Not that it's essential, but it's always interesting to have those kind of infos.
damn that square game!
@MarkGarcia it do what?
uh, is there a setting in Windows to make the cursor wrap around the screen in a multi-screen setup? all I can find on google is programs that do this
oh, mildly interesting
@AlexM. I don't think windows will do it directly
get synergey
8:19 AM
like, if I move the cursor to the left edge of my left monitor, I want it to appear on the right edge of my right monitor
make the the screen connect to itself
@AlexM. Try Win 8 with that. :P
@AlexM. yeah I got you first time :P
@MarkGarcia I do have win 8.1
Though it's better with 8.1 and Update 1.
8:23 AM
I'll try synergy, thanks
@AlexM. interesting
@AlexM. why would you want that?
@AlexM. Synergy is fucking awesome
I just received a 2nd monitor at work and that's the first thing that seemed weird to me
the fact that I can't wrap around them
I'm using it right now
Synergy is meant to be for working with multiple machines
@AlexM. that you couldn't move your mouse all the way to the right and find it appearing all the way to the left? that "seemed weird" to you?!
8:26 AM
yeah, kinda
yeah I'm not sure that Synergy can do what you need want it to do
it lets you link them up so one keyboard and mouse can be shared over many, like the screens are all one machine
it's great
I found displayfusion that seems to do what I need exactly
meh it's a trial
Can't see any option for it
vOv I did say Synergy
8:29 AM
I see that Synergy is great. I still have no use for it though.
meh seems like there's no good, free and real solution
I'll just have to live with it
I should instead learn to use a 2nd monitor properly, how do you use a 2nd monitor properly
I put my email on it
but I'm still looking at my main screen all of the time
@MarkGarcia me neither. It's a great solution for a problem I don't often have
@AlexM. get a third
@Xeo What even is SAR?
it kinda sucks that one of them is 1080p and the other 1600x900 or sth
and there's a clear difference in color quality between them
8:32 AM
@Puppy shift arithmetic right?
probably because the first uses VGA and the 2nd DVI
@AlexM. ergh, get a matched pair
@Puppy Super Adrenaline Rush?
@sehe Doubt it.
@thecoshman everyone in the building seems to have the same setup so it's likely I won't get something like it
8:37 AM
@AlexM. ooh, work
@Puppy Something about radiation
Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field; although, it can also refer to absorption of other forms of energy by tissue, including ultrasound. It is defined as the power absorbed per mass of tissue and has units of watts per kilogram (W/kg). SAR is usually averaged either over the whole body, or over a small sample volume (typically 1 g or 10 g of tissue). The value cited is then the maximum level measured in the body part studied over the stated volume or mass. == Calculation... ==
@Xeo lolololololol
@MarkGarcia Oh lol, that was unintended
... right
@Xeo nice one
8:42 AM
I wonder if I can write my own program to wrap the mouse around; won't be perfect but it should work well enough
don't blame me I have no idea why but this behavior looks broken
I honestly think it's natural for it to wrap around
> However, they do see the octopus slowly work an arm under the lid of his tank and release the latch. He then climbs out of the tank and heads over to the crustacean tank, crawling across the floor. He climbs up the leg of the stand, undoes the latch on the tank, hops in, and goes to town on the crabs. When he's done, he climbs out of the tank and heads back to his own. Cheeky bastard.
I'll write a quick Python script to see what happens lol
8:51 AM
@AlexM. imo it's a horrible thing for it to wrap around.
and why do you feel that having two monitors means it should wrap, but not with just one?
no idea
@MarkGarcia what a tit
if there's something weird I'll notice it once I enable wrapping
9:05 AM
script seems to work fine :D
only need to make it consider the differences in height, but that's a minor detail
(i.e. it does not wrap horizontally if I try to move the mouse at a height not available on the other monitor)
haha this is so cool
I can move in any direction I want now <3
it sound sickening
An interesting question which got me thinking:
Q: Slicing in C++ where I am wrong?

napetsI read about the slicing problem in C++ and I tried some examples (I am from Java background). Unfortunatelly, I do not understand some of the behaviour. Currently, I am stucked in this example (alternated example from Efficent C++ Third Edition). Can anybody help me to understand it? My simple ...

Now I’m thinking, why are compilers actually not required to diagnose this? The relevant line – static_cast<Child&>(p) – is guaranteed to be a static type error, surely compilers could be required to reject this
@KonradRudolph operator Child&() \o/
(and then you run into the trouble of generalising against that)
@Xeo Sure, but there isn’t one, and the compiler sees it at the point of usage
there are only finitely many possibilities for the semantics of this cast, and the compiler has to resolve these at compile time anyway
did clang offer a diagnostic?
9:13 AM
In other words, the compiler knows that the user is attempting a downcast here, and is even generating the necesary code
@Rapptz I’d love to check but Coliru gives me Error 500
use the new coliru
“new coliru”?
I'm going to use this whenever Coliru is down now
probably clone :P
incidentally that link's down for me now :(
either that or taking forever to load
9:15 AM
It's a conspiracy
@KonradRudolph isn't that downcast valid?
@MichaelFoukarakis Yes, that’s my point
So this new Wandbox thing uses Haskell
Oh god he found out.
9:17 AM
that would explain why there's both 7.6.3 and 7.8.3 installed there
@Xeo you really thought I wouldn't?
> Android Gujurati discussion
noticed thast
also noticed that
WHY do most programming languages have only product types?! WHY!? I mean, who thought not having sum types was a good idea?
I wonder how it is that people who are so smart are typically so wicked.
@KonradRudolph: Oh I didn't notice the copy construction at all. Silly me.
@MichaelFoukarakis And I just realised that you wrote “valid”, not “invalid”. So, as you’ve figured out yourself: it’s not valid ;-)
@thecoshman I think I like it because I never try to remember where my cursor is
9:22 AM
@Rapptz no worky
I look at, say, point X on my first monitor and decide I want the mouse to go there
yeah it's dead
kind of ironic
no matter in which direction I move the mouse, if I move it enough it will get there
or at least it will appear on my field of view immediately
@BartekBanachewicz wicked in what way?
Thank you Avast for removing random files in my Python installation because you think they are viruses.
Now I can't do m work.
9:24 AM
antiviruses are worse than viruses
> PL-hobbyist, FP-(non)programmer, and level-1-art-fag. Also feminism. Also lesbians, ALL THE LESBIANS, always. Pronoun: she.
Great, now the download fails as well
@AlexM. it's retarded if you don't use mouse acceleration
"horrible" and "terrible" are pretty much synonyms, whereas "horrific" and "terrific" are pretty much antonyms, right? English is weird.
I'm reall thinking of installing Linux on my work PC
9:26 AM
IOW maybe try simply disabling mouse acceleration instead of such gimmicks
> Pronoun: she
ffs shut up
check your pronoun privilege
Lightness: it.
quite clearly a she
@BartekBanachewicz wut?
9:27 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Yes, problem?
what does mouse acceleration have to do with it?
@AlexM. if you have it disabled, you can't really get the cursor off the screen
every point of your mousemat corresponds to a point on the screen
so "losing" the cursor is pretty much impossible.
that's what 99% of gamers use BTW
still can't see what that has to do with me wrapping the mouse around two monitors on the desktop
I don't use a mousemat
@BartekBanachewicz I always turn that shit off
9:30 AM
@AlexM. to use wrapping, you'd need to lift the mouse up or go off the mat
Just increase sensitivity
Then less cm mouse movement equal more pixels on the screen
@rubenvb I typically leave it for regular work at moderate setting
never for gaming
I don't even have mouse accelaration settings
yeah windows has just on/off
@BartekBanachewicz I don't use a mat here but even if I did, I still don't understand
I never really noticed lifting the mouse or anything
9:32 AM
I just move the mouse around lol
sorry, I don't really get what you mean
I suck at PC
by wrapping you mean the cursor disappears on the right and appears on the left?
from one screen to the other yes
what does "from one screen to another" mean
right extremity of right monitor -> left extremity of left monitor
it's like a circular list
so, when moving the mouse to the right, it ends up on the left
so you have to move it even further to the right, right?
I think so
if you just moved the mouse to the right without stopping, it would continually switch between monitors
in a circular fashion
yep. And where would your mouse physically be, then? :P
shrug still in my hand
9:36 AM
I mean on the table.
It would be further to the right.
oooh, I get what you mean now
it would be problematic.
I have to work extra to compensate for the physical position
it hasn't been an issue so far, curious if it will become
yeah I just lift it unconsciously
9:37 AM
that's what I thought
I think it's an ok tradeoff though
It's not bad per se don't get me wrong
I definitely use wrapping a lot now that I enabled it
Whatever suits you.
But I'd still try using non-accelerated moderate-dpi setting and see how this works for you
wrapping a mouse?
Is that possible in Windows?
How do you split screen windows then?
as in, drag to left, window is resized to fit half your screen.
9:39 AM
@rubenvb he wrote a script that does that
@rubenvb hotkeys
@rubenvb Use Super-Left, duh
hmm keyboard
Also metro split is way better than that. (IMHO)
ok fair enough
9:42 AM
@rubenvb WinKey + left / right
python with pywin32 is pretty neat
all I had to use was win32api.GetCursorPos and win32api.SetCursorPos
I should write more python
lol that's just bare wrappers of the Win32 API :-p
"more python" :-p
well it's certainly quick to write and run
placebo effect
10:08 AM
@AlexM. I like knowing I can easily recalibrate by moving to a corner.
@BartekBanachewicz when was that added?
parsing operator something (args) is tough.
man I feel sad
oh noes, why so sad
I mean I don't feel sad about that, congrats
I feel sad because I've just sent my farewell email
hey, I sort of felt melancholic when I left my job but now I love my new job
free ice cream, got a branded notebook
waiting for a t-shirt
I'm so easy to buy
10:15 AM
@AlexM. a branded notebook?
as in paper notebook
@AlexM. well I was kinda bought by my yoga too :P
all black with gameloft written over it
@AlexM. paper? like in the ancient times? :P (jk I gave my intel one to my little sis)
I kinda like merchandise like that
10:16 AM
About Mars's sky - no surprises but well-written
hah, mine was blue with white Intel logo on it, which is arguably cooler
@BartekBanachewicz only a little bit cooler
@TonyTheLion That seems tasty.
And unhealthy.
10:31 AM
@Jefffrey that's good
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I think it's much easy to understand. — Edward 39 mins ago
wtf has SO disabled right-click in chat?
For some weird definition of good, yeah.
@Jefffrey I mean you probably don't wanna make those niggers healthy, right?
inb4 flag
10:33 AM
A: How do I call parent class copy constructors?

Vlad from MoscowIf you will not call the parent copy constructor explicitly when the compiler simply will initialize data member objects of the derived class using default constructors. So you have to write cChild(const cChild& SOURCE) : cParent( SOURCE ), iChildData(SOURCE.iChildData) {} See more detailed my...

fuck if I care
> Though it is written in Russian you can translate it into Englich using for example google service translator.
PSA: Dear flaggers, not anything that contains any, but not limited to, the following words is offensive. Nigga, Fuck, Bitch, Ass, Shit, Crap, Wank, Ass-cactus, Moron, Idiot, Asshat.
dis gun bi gud, hear that @LightnessRacesinOrbit
10:36 AM
what's an asshat btw?
then drop a meteorite on their head
@Jefffrey already flagged, already invalidated
you're too slow, old man
@Abyx a twat
@SecondRikudo You must be new here.
There we go
@LightnessRacesinOrbit ah, so it's someone like you, right?
10:37 AM
I was waiting for someone to flag XD
I swear you used to be a decent human being at some point
my imagination perhaps
wow, 3 flags on that message, just 1 on the n-word one
10:39 AM
man, my debug build finishes the job in ~55 seconds and the release build finishes it in ~5 seconds
what kind of optimizations are done there, wow
goat herding algorithm optimisations
(my first C++ release build, I'm amazed)
Yeah, I'm gonna get banned XD
#ifndef NDEBUG
@SecondRikudo snigger
@SecondRikudo aren't you a mod or something?
10:40 AM
@AlexM. Not on Stack Overflow. I have no power here
oh, yeah
just on anime.se
You can all kindly stop flagging. Thanks.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Although I do have chat powers across all of chat.se
@SecondRikudo Define "powers"
10:40 AM
But not on chat.so or chat.mse :P
I have chat powers to.
See me chatting.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I can ban yo' ass for a thousand years (literally)
\o/ Not banned
he's the PHP spy
my chat powers are powers of one
chat powers = power to procrastinate
10:42 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Exterminate rooms, ban users, etc
dafuq, who flagged that?
Mod powers in chat
@SecondRikudo suspend*
@DaveRandom 2 people apparently
10:43 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Suspend implies that it's temporary.
I am having hard time deciding whether to flag that PSA or not.
I can quite literally ban you for longer than you might live :P
I've seen someone suspended until '56
10:44 AM
my SE suspension was ~350 days
and the moderator said it was max
10:44 AM
@AlexM. for what?
BTW I have my last day cake
@SecondRikudo stop being an assbutt
@AlexM. Chat suspensions have no such limitations.
@Griwes but what?
Also, an SE employee can ban you for life.
10:44 AM
@BartekBanachewicz teenage drama
@SecondRikudo weird
And Also a moderator has the power to delete your account
I'll go talk to the guy when it expires
@AlexM. Wait, chat suspension?
on chat.se?
> This user has been temporarily suspended by a moderator and cannot chat for 319 days.
who cares?
10:45 AM
@AlexM. link please?
link to what :O
To the chat profile that says that
@SecondRikudo It's only a soft-delete though I think. I remember reading something on meta saying that the only way to trigger a DELETE statement to be executed anywhere in the entire of the SE application set was to open SQL Management Studio and do it manually
@AlexM. What'd you do? :D
@DaveRandom It's a semi-soft delete
10:46 AM
1 min ago, by Alex M.
@BartekBanachewicz teenage drama
It's still a pain to undelete
I argued with a mod
@AlexM. that's very impressive
etc. etc.
@SecondRikudo that's... what she said?
10:47 AM
@SecondRikudo There are no permanent bans in chat AFAIK?
I should get one of the gamedev mods to try to remove it or something
I wanted to chat in workplace.se a couple of times and couldn't
He asked for the max ban
yeah that was kinda lame now that I look at it
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Do you have a chat.se account?
10:49 AM
I was mostly annoyed by the other members constantly complaining about what was happening in private and shutting up on chat
so probably because of that
in Game Development on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Apr 25 at 11:53, by rolfl
You posted a video of a girl 'crapping' paint balls from her vagina.
There's no such thing as "perma-ban", but I can ban you for 2000 years, is that permanent enough?
@SecondRikudo That's still temporary.
yeah the guy who flagged that video subsequently removed me from his steam friends list
fuck if I know what he was thinking
10:50 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit True, but you still won't chat ever, so it's permanent enough :P
Maybe your great great great great great great great great great grandson would inherit your account, and continue chatting on your behalf after the ban is lifted :D
@SecondRikudo s/you/your suspended account/
@SecondRikudo Lightness Still Races in Orbit
Colleague who's learning C++ asked why I didn't use vector<T&> instead of vector<T*>
I told him that's not possible, but I had trouble pinpointing the exact reason why.
Why is vector<T&> not possible?
10:53 AM
I now look back at the C++ we did in college
@SecondRikudo I have a creeping feeling that his grandson might be great, but not that great. I mean, genetics do play a role
@StackedCrooked Because references are not objects.
it was not exactly different from the C we did a semester before :\
Oh, apparently it's been asked before:
Q: Why can't I make a vector of references?

ColenWhen I do this: std::vector<int> hello; Everything works great. However, when I make it a vector of references instead: std::vector<int &> hello; I get horrible errors like "error C2528: 'pointer' : pointer to reference is illegal". I want to put a bunch of references to structs into a vec...

is it not a common question?
10:54 AM
@StackedCrooked no kidding. Y U SO SURPRISED
Silly me.
@SecondRikudo Even if every subsequent generation didn't reproduce until the age of ~50 that would only get you 5-600 years
it seemed to be among the most common questions @ C++ to me
I should have thought of it.
@DaveRandom Add greats until it matches than.
10:55 AM
@SecondRikudo I refuse. I'm going to flounce back to room 11 with a flourish because of this unacceptable mistake.
@SecondRikudo You're making assumptions about my life expectancy
@TonyTheLion old but good
vector<T&> could delegate to an internal vector<T*>
oh lol a repost
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm currently the only person I know who made it past 2,000 years, are you saying you're another one?
10:57 AM
@StackedCrooked yup. because we need more surprising things that will completely trip libraries TMP if you pass the wrong kind of value-category to a function
Who wants a nice logic riddle?
@SecondRikudo Maybe...
@SecondRikudo That's a good one!
@TonyTheLion Actually he wasn't on drugs during the race. He used performance-enhancing drugs during training.
Anyone's familiar with the blue-eyes problem?
10:58 AM
@sehe I guess something like vector_ref<T> then .. which already exists in boost under a slightly different name.
@SecondRikudo googled it but it's too long
@StackedCrooked the linked question mentions vector<reference_wrapper<T> >
that's not transparent
28 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
wtf has SO disabled right-click in chat?

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