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5:40 AM
Lets see if those cupcakes are finally ready...
One cupcake on it's way
6:18 AM
That cupcake will be delivered in 25000 seconds...
Morning cupcake!
I forgot that the helper function doesn't take milliseconds anymore...
Just seconds I assume? (I don't speak JS)
setTimeout takes milliseconds but I made a sendDelayed where I add some radomeness and do the conversion from seconds to milliseconds...
Oh, only a simple fix then.
6:23 AM
calling sendDelayed('One cupcake for @' + ce.user_name, 25000); will take longer than expected in that case :)
Yeah, only ~7 hours. ;)
Are we complaining? :)
No no, just as long as my cupcake isn't a stone by the time it arrives ;)
7:31 AM
One cupcake on it's way
One cupcake for @Sam
@rene Good good, the delay bug is fixed.
418 I'm a TEAPOT
@rene What's the number for?
That is from the RFC..
Ranch Fried Chicken?
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol lol
7:36 AM
@rene did you use ShadowWizard's code as your basis? Or did he not get back to you with a link to the code?
No, he didn't...I wrote my own version...
runs client-side though...
So as long as this box doesn't crash and I don't refresh chrome I should be able to serve coffee and cupcakes...
I'll put the code on github after I made some final refactorings...
And maybe other stuff too ;)
I'm still being throttled now and then I need a fix for that....
Just add a delay?
yeah, what I have now is a queue that gets polled every 2 seconds
but if I post at the same time I still get a 409
I have some code to see how much messages I'm sending
but i need to do some curve fitting to see if I'm within boundaries
7:43 AM
Right, so is that an easy fix? (I don't do any web coding, so I haven't a clue...)
I looked at it late at night and I have the data needed to see if I'm within the bounds of the rater limits on chat for this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/164900/158100
I have no clue how to calculate if my data fits that curve....I have an array of milliseconds...
so that gives me time and number...
I now only take the last received event and see if it isn't witin the 2 second boundary...
Sounds quite simple.
But as I see it, the more messages I send the longer my wait period needs to be within 100*20seconds period
@rene i have no idea how to interpret that chart
@Stijn I looked at it for a while and I think it means you're fine if you're under the line...
7:50 AM
That's better, now for the analyzing...
if you send 100 message they should be 20 seconds apart
that's how I read it
And 10 secs for 10 messages
I started reading up on this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curve_fitting ... but then I went to bed :)
@Sam yeah, that is what I think as well...
Hmm, so 1 sec between 2 posts, 10 secs between 10 posts and 20 secs between 100 posts...
It is somewhat raining here...street is a river...
7:56 AM
That heavy?
@Sam yeah
@Sam array looks like this [ 1,4,11,20,25,30,32,34,50,60,120..., 200, 212]
@rene And the formula?
And I have now max 100 entries (I remove the oldest...)
@Sam That is up to you....I have no clue how to do that...
@rene Ok, I'll see what I can come up with...
I'm not a mathematician :(
7:59 AM
@rene Me neither, although I do enjoy algebra though.
@ProgramFOX Any good at math?
@Sam Umm... I think, depends on the topic.
Well, we're trying to come up with an algorithm to produce the above chart...
For the vending machine ;)
Haven't yet had graphs at school, but I know how it works so I can try ;)
8:10 AM
Alright :)
Does the graph indicate the amount of messages you can send within a specific amount of time?
Yep (we think)
Well this is what I've got so far (still working on it...)
8:29 AM
Ok, my first try is failed :D
At a specific point, my graph goes down zero...
I've managed to get a weird one lol
One cupcake on it's way
@rene When will you implement your WUT? reply?
8:36 AM
One cupcake for @Sam
(nom nom nom)
@Sam My curve is a lot weirder :P
And what was the formula for that?
It's the GeoGebra output if I put some points on the correct location and use the Polynomial function.
Oh right.
8:44 AM
Giving the formula is useless, because if I enter the outputted formula, I get another result O_o
I'm just trying to think of the must appropriate one, kinda hacking it together.
Hmm... Wolfram has an Interpolation function.
starts up Raspberry Pi to open Mathematica
Is the http error code in jqxhr.status? I find the api doc extremely vague on this...
@rene yep
is a number?
8:55 AM
OK, tnx
Closest I've got so far...
Nothing like the chart though :/
Why not use a linear function instead?
Oh, I found why GeoGebra was returning unexpected stuff. I confused interpolation and extrapolation...
Mathematica extrapolation is not very useful, it just continues with 20...
That's what the chart does, though.
Hmm... but you cannot post 1000 messages within 20 seconds.
9:02 AM
I know, but that's what the chart said...
Yeah, so my chart is wrong.
I would've thought it was pretty accurate.
It's a bit too small to tell.
Accurate? I don't think so, as you cannot post 1000 messages in 20 seconds...
The chart SE posted cuts off at 20 secs...
thats all the info we have.
Perhaps I added to many 20s to my Mathematica function. Trying again...
9:06 AM
Try, 1,2 10,10, 20,100, maybe?
Ermm... now I'm not getting the x-axis and y-axis, but no graph...
Maybe invert the axis?
If I try to plot the interpolation of some points within a range outside the values I have, it says it will use extrapolation, and then I get that. But if I really use extrapolation, I don't...
Probably I was using the Extrapolation method in the wrong way.
Hmm, don't we need interpolation?
Oh, Mathematica does not have a built-in Extrapolation method, so that's why...
@Sam Wait, do you want to get a continued graph, or knowing the exact points on the graph?
In case of the former, we need extrapolation.
9:12 AM
Ideally, it would be better to have the formula...
Perhaps the InterpolatingPolynomial function is for that.
And in order to interpolate it first needs to create a formula (hopefully an accurate one)...
Maybe, couldn't hurt to try it I guess.
Oh no...
But seeing that we're failing quite miserably at this, I suggested using a linear function instead.
I hate the Xming bug that blocks the clipboard!
9:16 AM
I have tried several other X Servers, but most of them fail when I open Mathematica.
I will save my Mathematica document, restart Xming and open it again to copy.
Just going to test something...
And the clipboard is blocked again.
manually types formula in GeoGebra
Is it long?
Quite long, yes.
Wait, I can save as CDF (which I can open on my computer), and copy it from there.
9:22 AM
It's really that long?
Yep, and also some floating point numbers, which I wouldn't like to retype.
Maybe we're overthinking this. I wouldn't expect SE to create such an long function, just for thortelling...
(I could be of course)
Yeah, probably SE's formula is shorter, but we don't know it so we have to do what we are doing now...
I guess so.
Well, at least I get to say "I'm doing educational stuff on my PC" anyway. ;)
I can paste it fine in Notepad, but not in GeoGebra O_o
9:28 AM
I thought it might be easier to ask the person who made the chart :)
@LanceRoberts How should the chat throttle chart be interpreted? What's the data used to generate it? — Stijn 55 secs ago
but don't let that stop you from trying to figure it out yourselves :p
Ah, now I pasted it.
Why didn't I think of that bangs head on keyboard :P
Result: GeoGebra hangs :P
restarts it
Lol, it's the ultimate algorithm.
Same result.
Ok, I think we have to wait some time.
Here is the generated (untested) polynomial anyway:
20 + (19/8 + (-(11/
        32) + (3/
          64 + (-0.00431548 + (-0.0226687 + (0.00523313 + \
(0.000967262 - 0.00136409 (-4 + x)) (-7 + x)) (-2 + x)) (-8 +
                x)) (-3 + x)) (-5 + x)) (-1 + x)) (-9 + x)
9:31 AM
Lets see what wolfram says...
Wolfram|Alpha doesn't understand your query lol. I'll try again...
hmm, donwstair neighbor has water pooring into the living room from my balcony... :(
@ProgramFOX And how would I use that?
Errmm... that backslash is not supposed to be there.
You ok? Sounds like a real storm?
@rene Remove the backslash, then you can just draw a graph with it, in GeoGebra or something.
@ProgramFOX Nice work. ;)
9:37 AM
Well, it was the backslash that made GeoGebra hang...
And it caused wolf to misunderstand the query too.
errmm... the result is not what I expected.
Looks ok to me. What's the prob?
It goes down zero at some point.
Yeah, but that can be adjusted. Still, you got closer than any of us.
9:41 AM
I think I should add more points to the interpolation, or specify also an x location, because it goes down zero at 10.
@Sam I improvised a repair so the neighbour doesn't feel helpless anymore...
I do not need Mathematica for this, as I can just use the Wolfram command line, which means that I don't need Xming and the clipboard won't be blocked.
A plumber is on his way...
Good good
Got something...
4.82146 log(x)-1.88249
^ Yeah, that looks good.
My new graph looks strange, it goes down zero at two points.
9:51 AM
What did you do differently this time?
Added both x and y, not only y.
Oh, stange. I thought that would've made the graph more accurate.
It is, it is already wider for example.
Perhaps I still didn't add enough points...
@rene Earth calling cupcake maker. We're getting very close to the formula...
It's annoying that Wolfram outputs the exponent on a different line, instead of something like ^-6.
9:55 AM
Yeah. Probably have upgrade for it to be less irritating.
I'll add more too...
10:12 AM
Well, this is a little better. It's not a flat roll off though.
@InfiniteRecursion Hi ;)
@ProgramFOX I think the first was probably better.
OK, the code is in the open now
One cupcake on it's way
One cupcake for @Sam
10:20 AM
@rene looks like you're mixing spaces and tabs :)
@Stijn Oh, notepad++ should fix that..
hold on
@Stijn what do we prefer? spaces?
Ok, I posted a question about the Wolfram output format:
Q: Changing Wolfram command line output into copyable text

ProgramFOXI generated a long polynomial using the Wolfram command line, with divisions and exponents. But the divisions look like this: 4 - 5 And the exponents are on a different line: -6 10 And I need to copy the output to another program, so I need to have the output format like this: 4/5 And:...

Does notepad++ have a default for that?
@rene tabs for indentation, spaces for aligning, that's the rule I live by
but pick whatever you like, important thing is to be consistent :)
@ProgramFOX Well, that got solve quickly.
10:31 AM
yeah, indeed
One cupcake on it's way
@ProgramFOX that should have worked
One cupcake for @Sam
@ProgramFOX Want some coffee?
hold on I have to rerun
@Sam @Sam Hi
10:34 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Lol, recursion...
Lol no, first time in chat...didn't know it would tag ur name automatically
Oh right. Welcome to the room of cupcakes and coffee.
(All provided by rene)
Thanks :-) wats with coffee and cupcakes here? I don't see those 2 users here (am confused now)
It's a chat bot...
418 I'm a TEAPOT
10:37 AM
See? ;)
Ik begrijp niet waar je het over hebt...
One cupcake on it's way
!!testing with spaces
10:37 AM
rene's an actual user though. (It's client side.)
!! cupcake
One cupcake for @Infinite Recursion
YAY! My cupcake arrived :-)
Ik begrijp niet waar je het over hebt...
10:38 AM
@rene Shouldn't it output that if you execute a command that doesn't exist, not only for !!wut?
@rene ? Who you talking to?
I have to make all next functions return true or false to indicate if anyone handled it
and then the !!wut can be the response
@InfiniteRecursion It's rate limited though. So sometimes it'll hang for a minute or two...
but that needs some refactoring
Yeah if wut is being send it is not responding again within a minute
10:40 AM
@rene Btw, we've finally got the formula for the curve...
4.82146 log(x)-1.88249 seems to be the best one atm.
@Sam Your formula looks very good. Mine goes down zero again...
Anybody dares to fork the git repo and implement that
@ProgramFOX I just used Wolfram's fit function.
10:42 AM
@Sam...ok...seems like all of you are working on it...carry on... (leaving now...bye..)
And how does that work? I provide x, is that number of messages?
Ah, nice.
@InfiniteRecursion Alright, see you around.
@rene Just figuring out... (lol)
@rene Yes, x = messages
4.82146 log(100)-1.88249 = 20.32115384493414300733077015820494930476081356672816750605129
Ok, and the result is seconds
10:48 AM
and my datapoints should stay under that...
Lunch time, cya!
I would assume so. I'll take another look at your code...
@ProgramFOX Cya
@rene Yes (hopefully).
11:16 AM
So I need to loop over the array, from the newst to the oldest, calculating the rate and that should be less then the outcome from the function.
Heh. On the radio, they ironically played the song "Sunny Afternoon".
^ the region where I live currently
police advices people who don't need to be somewhere to just stay at home
Yes, I can understand that.
@rene I created a pull request for the 'WUT?' reply if someone tries to execute a command that does not exist.
It replies 'WUT?' or 'What are you talking about?'. I made two messages for this to avoid the duplicate message handling system.
11:31 AM
@rene Yes, I believe so.
@Stijn same here....
Although, I'm not sure how far back you should go (how old the oldest message should be).
@Sam In my head it works....
Not sure what happens if I implement that...
Only one way to find out...
@ProgramFOX Ok....
Now let me find the git manual...
11:34 AM
@rene Pull request can be found here: github.com/rschrieken/se-clientside-chatbot/pull/1
I think there is just a button there to merge, but I'm not sure.
This pull request can be automatically merged by project collaborators....
Zalgo's back on the CB again...
I'm not there yet... I had also some local changes...
I'm doing a crash course git in the mean time...
11:43 AM
@rene Do you use the GUI?
Or are you doing it all via command-line?
@rene if you're running on Windows or Mac: sourcetreeapp.com
pretty much the only decent GUI out there, at least for Windows
and this is an interesting article on forking, i keep it in my bookmarks: gun.io/blog/how-to-github-fork-branch-and-pull-request
currently commandline
@Sam unless it's greatly improved since a year ago, it's lacking
@Sam I know that one...
11:47 AM
can you use it for non-github repo's yet?
@Stijn I'll give that a try
@Stijn Never tried, only need it for git stuff.
@ProgramFOX I'm not sure if what you have done will work for the Shutdown case...
@rene Why not?
11:49 AM
@Stijn I really only use git to backup my projects, so it's fine for me.
i have a problem
@ProgramFOX It will return false if it is in throttle mode and thus respond with Wut...
@PRAKASHUBHADIYA What's the prob?
@rene Oh
That's true...
i want to built ffmpeg library for android in windows pletform
11:51 AM
@PRAKASHUBHADIYA Then I think you are not in the correct room.
Maybe the android room might be better...
@ProgramFOX I'll try a fix, hold on
ok thanks
I would suggest the Android room, but you can only talk in it if you are approved:


Sometimes we even talk about Android. Please read the rules (r...
thanks @ProgramFOX
11:52 AM
jslint also complains now about those return statements...
What does it say?
You can also remove the else statements and just add return false; at the end, or store the return value in a variable and return it at the end.
@ProgramFOX can you drop in here and test the commands?
Yep, I'm there now.
12:08 PM
Weird, I get the "you're not logged in message" so I click the login link, I get logged in, but then a few seconds later I get logged out again (for MSE chat).
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