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4:01 PM
@feitla Welcome to rabbit hole.
That's why they hid the link.
Thanks @webarto. I think my productivity is shot for today
@Fabien I cried :D
@feitla Pfffft. Finding this chat room was one of the best things that happened to me.
Wonder if I should buy the course for "Learn C The Hard Way" :-/ perhaps that's lazy but owning the pdf might be good too.
4:17 PM
"buy it"
I suck at PHP pretty hard, so don't need to introduce another language I suck in.
No quotes -_-
Wait, isn't it free? c.learncodethehardway.org/book ?
Book online, but there's a course with some extra material, namely video.
I'm reading through the online book too.
Yeah, do that first, you can then say "thank you" with buying it.
Can I ask, why?
Contributing to something PHP is one of my goals. I've wanted to learn a tougher language for a while too.
ATM I feel limited to 'web development'. Viably I think that's going to get boring fast.
4:24 PM
@webarto I really like this book, except he uses goto for his error message handling. :)
That's what goto is for these days :P
@Fabien I don't know, that doesn't mean it's better, also, they can't quite compare :)
Indeed. But I dilly-dally too much. Too much thinking about what to do and not enough doing is my problem.
I'd much prefer more explicit error handling. It's more verbose, but the control flow is well defined. goto goes out of hand very quickly.
So, I took some inspiration from that book and wrote this
It allows you to write logging messages, and you can enable/disable them with a simple flag. :)
Also, colors in the terminal!
hii all
i need help
i want to change background image of div on click but image is large so its taking time is any way that i can load ll images on page load so that it will not take to much time
A slightly philosophical question to us OOP lovers
Is inheritance good OOP practice?
Is there a point in using sub and super classes when you have interfaces?
@Fabien It's about leaving a comment.
4:39 PM
@SecondRikudo What made you think otherwise?
@webarto Mostly the fact that I'm not using inheritance nearly for anything, and I use interfaces for mostly everything.
I think you just haven't had real need. How else would you reuse e.g. a method across classes, trait?
Let's take hosting thingy for example... you have \Service, \Service\Shared, \Service\VPS, \Service\Dedicated ... it's the same except one method (with the same name), obviously you would extend the \Service... If you ask should it be abstract, I would say no, prefer interfaces.
I might have totally misunderstood your question :)
Sooooooooo my question got closed and re-opened while I was sleeping for a little bit :P
Ping some of these OOP freaks.
@webarto Yes, that's pretty much the only use-case I can think of.
And it's a pretty narrow one.
@HamZa You posted your regex reference?
4:46 PM
@SecondRikudo Daaamn dude you missed something big :P
Q: Reference - Regex Doc

HamZaWhat is this? This is a collection of common Q&A. This is also a Community Wiki, so everyone is invited to participate in maintaining it. Why is this? regex is suffering from give me ze code type of questions and poor answers with no explanation. This reference is meant to provide links to qua...

Someone messed with the title ...
@SecondRikudo Wouldn't say it's that narrow, whenever you have e.g. "type" column in database table, it hints that there should be inheritance sort of.
@HamZa "The List" should be the answer
It needs to be in the form of a Q&A.
Is he even legal for SO? :P
4:50 PM
I "rollback"ed it.
lol thanks
Couldn't someone protect it or something?
I will post a meta-thread
Yup, do it.
@webarto Sadly, yes.
5:01 PM
Anyone knows someone from phpconference.nl ? @Gordon @Ocramius @igorw maybe? They were asked 'bout sponsor stuff and haven't replied for few days now, not cool :)
@webarto I know this guy second from left
Name? I think it's random :) I meant, organizers.
@webarto I was referring to the speaker (Who is @Gordon)
@SecondRikudo Thought you were :)
Meh, just asking because of early bird.
what are the rules here ?
5:15 PM
@webarto Hey, why is @ircmaxell on the speakers list of that conference in their speakers page?
Didn't know you were going to the Netherlands again.
waits for it
I wasn't
@BenjaminGruenbaum I am?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Where?
Meh, it's not even April 1st :P I wonder who else took the bait to check it :D
I wanted to make sure that a mistake didn't happen
that has happened at other conferences in the past
Now that I've fleshed out the Return Type RFC, what are the thoughts on it?
5:25 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'm speaking at one on Saturday because of that. I never submitted, but was accepted...
Still some more to add, some of it is pending patch impl (which I need to work with Joe on, he has a PoC patch for us to iterate on).
@LeviMorrison will read it in-depth after this meeting.
@rlemon hey man
check the ewn site I emailed you an
5:29 PM
@ircmaxell someone signed you up?
@BenjaminGruenbaum a "bug" in their system pulled a proposal I made last year up to this year. not sure if it was a bug, or if it was them doing it on purpose ;-)
@LeviMorrison interesting, if I may ask an unrelated question about typing in PHP?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Sure.
@LeviMorrison how can you deal with collections without generics? Or are your PHP collections not type safe?
They simply aren't type aware.
5:32 PM
Oh ok.
Oh and btw, generators should return iterables.
They do.
Then why not typehint them?
Oh, because it would always be iterable anyway, and you don't have generics. I get it.
There is no point in : Iterable, it's always Iterable, doing : yielded_type is not really correct and no Iterable<yielded_type>
I hope that in 10 years, I'll be coding in a language that's typesafe but doesn't make me have to worry about types.
@BenjaminGruenbaum you tried go?
5:40 PM
@ircmaxell Is that a "speaking of languages without generics" remark :P?
To be fair though - no, not beyond their tutorial and I don't consider that really trying. I'm not sure what Go solves for me that other languages don't better.
@BenjaminGruenbaum no, more "typesafe" without you having to worry about types (most of the time)
Go does really good type inference?
Also, ircmaxell, be sure to refresh the RFC before you read it as I will be polishing bits here and there over the next hour.
this looks like crufty generators to me blog.golang.org
the part about pipelines
@LeviMorrison reading now
5:45 PM
What, Go doesn't have exceptions?
@BenjaminGruenbaum nope
the one gripe I have with the language
Why would 3 such smart people invent a language with no exceptions?
Well they have multiple return values so you can always return an error code, right? Right?
@LeviMorrison: This proposal specifically does not allow multiple return type-hints; if such a feature is needed by a user then using PHP's existing dynamic nature is the best way to handle this need. -> I would also add a note that it's outside the scope of this RFC, and any way of handling this would need to be a separate proposal
ohh hey, I'm still in the PHP room. I saw Benji and thought "ahh good ol js room.. but why is Levi and ircmaxell here?"
5:48 PM
@Jay you sure you emailed me?
@rlemon you're not gonna tell everyone about that one time you pooped on a slide, are you?
@LeviMorrison: the "Generators" section: will typing a generator raise an error? If so, which one?
@BenjaminGruenbaum nope, you got me covered there
5:49 PM
@ircmaxell Yes; unknown (partly waiting for feedback from NikiC and Joe on that)
@LeviMorrison Ok. No problem. Just worth being explicit there (perhaps add a TODO note?)
I like interfaces over classes in Go though.
@BenjaminGruenbaum It works, it's weird, but it works. It forces you to think about the error, not just ignore or handle it
Exceptions force you to think about the error. The fact they propagate is exactly what lets you say "This method is not in charge of what the whole program does in case of failure, it should delegate this responsibility to its caller" which is a really nice concept.
@BenjaminGruenbaum no, because you can ignore that an exception can be thrown and force the parent to deal with it
5:53 PM
What should the program do if "openDataFile" fails to open a file? Why would openDataFile know? Why should it care?
@BenjaminGruenbaum that's the point of not using exceptions. It forces you to think about that case, and do something about it one way or another (explicitly dispatch to parent, or handle internally)
Again, I said I prefer exceptions, but I get why
@ircmaxell Reworked that section. Better?
I don't get why at all. You really don't want to think about the whole program when building a single function or a small component, that's the whole point of modularity.
@LeviMorrison ++
@BenjaminGruenbaum Well, you may want to actually handle the error in the module
not all errors are meant to bubble to the top
With exceptions, you can, you just don't have to.
5:57 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum with this model that's the same, you can, you don't have to. But it makes you explicitly make that choice (handling it or passing it up)
I pass it up by returning nil, err?
@BenjaminGruenbaum basically
If so, that's almost as horrible as doing callback(err,null) and then checking if(err)...; in NodeJS.
@BenjaminGruenbaum huh?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I already checked that :P Double.
5:58 PM
In NodeJS, "nodebacks" (the default callback style) do:
    if(err) // handle
    // do something with data
Which can look like:
@LeviMorrison with respect to nullable returns: I'd suggest either picking a suggested syntax (take a position, but leave it open to discussion), or specifying it as out-of-scope for the proposal... It's "ok" the way it is now, but feels a little "Washy" for my tastes. I prefer RFCs to take a stance, and then present alternatives. I don't like RFCs that explicitly ask open-ended questions (even if the stance is a bad one, take it to frame the discussion)
@BenjaminGruenbaum and what's horrible about that? That you can easily ignore the error parameter and move on?
"Ignore the error" is terrible, you see that in people's node code all the time :(
        return someHandling();
               return someHandling(err);
                    return handleOtherError(err);
Quite horrible code imo. Looks bad, hard to reason about
continuation passing in the first place is bad, and hard to reason. The if (err) doesn't make it any better or worse
When using generators in PHP for async handling we can just throw the exception inside of the generator from the outside :-)
6:03 PM
Node is cool because you can rhyme it with words like... sad, hipsters, bandwagon, haters...
@ircmaxell imagine that code with promises. Especially given someHandling is usually the same for all three... it looks so much nicer.
@BenjaminGruenbaum but exceptions aren't the answer there either
Promises are throw safe.
you're just moving the error handler to another callback (then (success, error)), it's still there
no, you really don't.
It propagates
6:05 PM
in your case, no
     throw new Error("Hello");
    // handle error here, either from asyncOne or from my `.then` that threw
@BenjaminGruenbaum which is the same as a global catch. Which is very much not the callback code you posted above, which contained context-sensitive error code
It's just like the synchronous analogy.
It performs two operations and the catch is for both. You can .catch for each one of course
In the code above, asyncOne and asyncTwo have the same error handler
@BenjaminGruenbaum but that's the exact point here. If you catch each one, you're still writing the same amount of code as before, but you're even worse structured because you're separating contextually-bound information by a deeper layer of indirection
It's a different pipe, that's the whole point, it's not mixed in the business logic.
6:10 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum which increases the conginitive distance between the business code and the error code. Which by very definition are highly cohesive methods. So separating them to a different pipe, you're actually making the code demonstrably harder to reason about.
I'm not done, but I have to go :P
Something something by decoupling error handling code from business logic something explicit about program behavior something
@ircmaxell I agree. At the moment I'm inclined to present it as out of scope. It's entirely future compatible as is.
@LeviMorrison yeah, I think that's fair. And I'm on a mission to kill nullable types everywhere in the first place, so ++ from me :-D
I don't want nullable either, it's just that the enormity of code out there using it begs an answer to how we're going to deal with it.
@rlemon sorry the email from a while go
@rlemon I will credit you on the credits page
6:18 PM
@LeviMorrison very simple. Don't.
Let a future RFC handle that if people choose
Sure, but I still have to say it ^^
yeah :-X
@LeviMorrison but it looks good, and I wish you luck with it!
6:23 PM
where is the guy from yahoo who is supposed to be upgrading openssl
and why is it not upgraded yet
@Lusitanian For what site?
@webarto yahoo itself. it's still on a vulnerable version
Q: Regex reference and it's fate

HamZaBackground: I was whining about the fact that regex suffers from bad quality questions and answers. I did something about it. I rampaged through the review queue: but I wasn't satisfied: I noticed highrep users (3k+) answering such obvious questions. Now there are two types of questions I no...

@Lusitanian Ah, procedure :P
that sucks
yep. this is a clusterf*ck on the whole, though, it seems
Cool website, and #fail for Yahoo.
@Jay did you email me about lemommeme?
As of 1:45AM EDT on April 8, 2014, all Nexcess managed systems vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160 were patched. http://nexc.es/1eouPDn #OpenSSL
But it's still showing vulnerability for the main website.
6:28 PM
@webarto interesting
the problem is it's possible lots of secret keys were leaked
which means that there's probably going to be a whole lot of revoked certificates over the next few days
@webarto cache?
@Lusitanian what's the detail of the vulnerability?
@Lusitanian @ircmaxell ^
@webarto that statement regarding no POC checkers is false
i patched all my personal servers
6:34 PM
I don't even have TLS/SSL so I'm not vulnerable :P
> Update: still, I'm getting consistently reports of unaffected versions going red.
if I upgraded OS to the patched version, do I still need to recompile PHP?
Probably not.
@crypticツ PHP's irrelevant if we're talking about the same thing
@webarto still need a hand?
upgrade OpenSSL and reboot your server or at least restart all processes which use openssl
6:38 PM
@igorw Hey buddy, yes :) Nexcess.net would like to sponsor the thing, but no reply, name is Chris Wells.
@HamZa Answered
@SecondRikudo I've read it, +1
@SecondRikudo Word
@webarto check your mail
6:43 PM
@Lusitanian Very interesting...
@igorw Thank you :)
@webarto she's in charge of organising travel, may be able to help you though
Will contact her, just to ping that she replies to boss' mail. Getting to print shop.
@ircmaxell yeah. it's been exploited in practice on yahoo as well, lots of username/password leaks. the fallout from this may be bad
@Lusitanian may?
6:53 PM
@devnull: Welcome to the php tag! Where some users answer the exact same closable questions over and over and over and over again! — Second Rikudo 9 secs ago
It seems that Robert took action and did what you suggested @SecondRikudo
@ircmaxell *will
I pushed the font changes to wiki.php.net.
I expect public messages of joy and outrage will follow.
@LeviMorrison Yay! P.S. It's all broken! Boooo!
P.P.S. It's not all broken. :)
Scripts on the wiki have been broken for as long as I can remember.
Is that what you are referring to? :)
7:04 PM
@LeviMorrison No, I was just trying to balance the happies with a downy.
@tereško evening
How's life?
lost and confused
7:20 PM
Zend Framework (1+ years), Query, SOAP, Flexible schedule.
... emm ... that's kinda scary
That's old ad, I rewrote it to JSON thingy.
It's just ZF1 and Doctrine1 which isn't that bad.
Reason being it's used by max 30 people at a time.
So you don't need to care much about ORM performance and stuff.
The Helpdesk is in question, it receives the stuff from "cPanel" which is written in Ruby and by email.
It's probably $3000-3500 position.
@salathe I wrote something like... "fuck your (something)"
Never got a reply.
Last year I swore I will never again look for a job.
Unfortunately, I'm not unique at all. I have a clone. :(
@salathe HAHA, right!
Cow Peterburn
7:28 PM
@webarto I do have a clone!
I know, he's on SO too!
he's not so good at PHP though
@SecondRikudo Under General ?
7:40 PM
Yeah, seems to be the best match
@SecondRikudo I just did
awwww man, I'm so happy. I must say it was a success !
@HamZa Approved.
8:08 PM
Not sure if I should be happy that a && b returns a if a is truthy and not 1 or a boolean in Javascript...
@bwoebi I think people want that in PHP too :) Can you give example? It returns b if b is false and a is truthy.
damn, it returns b…
2 && 8 should return 8
> 2 && 8
this presentation is going to be interesting
we have in PHP 2&&8?8:0 …
8:18 PM
@bwoebi no, it should return bool(true)
&& is a boolean operator, hence it should return a boolean result
@$a || $a = 'default';
Remember this? Is there a nice way for this to be implemented if PHP?
Does it even make sense.
yes, isset($a) ? $a : "default"
@JoeWatkins After some discussion with various people I think I don't want to propose any nullable option for return types. That can be a follow-up RFC. What are your thoughts?
@ircmaxell :)
@webarto If $a exists you can do $a ?: 'default'; I do this with optional callable parameters, for instance.
8:23 PM
@LeviMorrison I wish ?: was isset safe. Dam freaking devs
@ircmaxell Even if only on array indices that would be nice.
Word @LeviMorrison. Someone is blocking that @ircmaxell on internals?
@webarto it's been brought up several times, and shot down several tiems
Dayum. Yeah, was empty always isset safe?
@ircmaxell Actually, I'd argue that non-set values should return false when converted to a boolean, and be isset safe.
8:26 PM
My colleague wrote isset( $module['submodules'] ) && ! empty( $module['submodules'] ) and he said he was sure at one point it wasn't safe.
@ircmaxell I meant in Javascript
Whether in ternary, if, while or return.
@webarto yes
@bwoebi it shouldn't work there either. It doesn't make sense...
@ircmaxell Thanks. I've seen changelog and there was no mention of it, so it is.
@webarto works all the way back to 4.3: 3v4l.org/YTuZd
8:28 PM
@ircmaxell well, it does… and it is used there (variable || else … just like in PHP $variable?:$else).
@ircmaxell Forgot to eval it, thanks. I've noticed that VLD Opcodes are not working on 3v4l.org, suggest your ZPP as a replacement? :)
@LeviMorrison I abandoned ObjectBase; just using the interface + trait now.
@ircmaxell in Javascript it just has the advantage that it's isset safe. as there are no such problems :-D
@DanLugg Better ^^
8:30 PM
actually I find myself writing more often @$array[$i]?:$else in PHP, just because PHP sucks :>
@ircmaxell Likewise. I've mentioned before I'd like a $x ?= $y which'd be $x = (isset($x) && $x) ? $x : $y, or, if ?: were already isset safe, it'd be equivalent to $x = $x ?: $y
@bwoebi it's very much NOT safe. try accessing foo.bar... You'll get a ReferenceError, because foo is not defined...
@bwoebi Eww
@rdlowrey I had another go at that socket thing, can you check it out ?
ok, a question: was there anything important removed in PHP 5.3 -> 5.4
8:34 PM
@tereško don't think so
ereg ?
I know register_globals, magic_quotes, etc was removed
@LeviMorrison I am not sure, I don't see the point in putting everyone through yet another change if it can be done at once, and it can be done at once ... unless there is compelling reason to leave something so obvious out, I wouldn't ... peple are going to ask for it anyway ...
but I don't count them as important
8:36 PM
@ircmaxell Is there anything that's been removed that you would count as important? (I hope not, otherwise: why was it removed?)
@JoeWatkins I'd rather not have it at all. Personally I'd rather see a null object pattern or an exception and guarantee the type. People will ask but it can be done later. It is future compatible and if it never happens then I don't care so much.
well ... I guess I will have to do some research
@JoeWatkins ?
I just want this to be included and don't want syntax wars over notation.
2 mins ago, by ircmaxell
@tereško don't think so
8:37 PM
@DaveRandom the bug in pthreads that daniel found
Wiki.php.net: A or B?
@JoeWatkins detailz? I'm generally interested in this stuff, would like to know about any gotchas that there may be
@LeviMorrison What kind of screen is that? :o
@LeviMorrison shouln't there be a breadcrumb at the top ... and the set of 4 icons near the side-panel look kinda cramped
@SecondRikudo 3200x1800 with 2 windows where each window takes about half the space, screenshot only capturing window ^^
8:40 PM
@DaveRandom this one github.com/krakjoe/pthreads/issues/292 to do with references to resources, resource support should feel a bit more robust ...
ofc it's still down to the resource type, anything that was supported should be supported better, more reliably and more predictably ..
@LeviMorrison How the hell can you manage in such a ridiculous resolution in a 15'' screen?
lens corrected vision ^^
Also, those shots were actually on the external monitor, which is 2560x1440.
@LeviMorrison write me those tests, define how it should behave and I'll make it so ;)
@JoeWatkins If it were up to you, you'd just go with Hack's syntax and include it here?
@LeviMorrison I don't like the paper lines. Make it look cluttered and looks too similar to header lines so they lose their separation emphasis.
8:44 PM
@LeviMorrison Significantly, I suppose. I hadn't encountered any place where the base type would've been particularly obtrusive, but it wasn't serving any purpose that the trait + interface won't satisfy.
@crypticツ I figured. It was more of showing off that everything aligns to the 1.5rem vertical rhythm ^^
@LeviMorrison I would actually yeah, because less to argue about when the inevitable question is asked why not make it compatible with hack ...
@ircmaxell okay, then not… I don't care much about JS anyway
there's no good reason that it should not be compatible ...
Ask @bwoebi about that ^^
8:45 PM
That is good vertical rhythm adherence.
I think I can finally quick mucking around with the wiki layout and finish my RFC now.
The previous layouts were just so bad it drove me nuts.
@JoeWatkins The reason is: I don't like the Hack syntax ;-)
And null is a billion dollar mistake, right?
@JoeWatkins well, IMHO there should be a good reason for it to not be compatible
I find it so awkward to put a type behind the declaration...
@ircmaxell Why should we care?
8:48 PM
@bwoebi do you really need me to say it, or are you only playing devils advocate?
used to it ... docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/generics/wildcards.html it doesn't necessarily feel natural and it even says there it's not good practice to use it ... none the less, I think less resistance would be met if it were compatible with the only other really relevant implementation (hhvm, incase unclear) ...
I think @bwoebi wants the return type where C puts it. And I am confident that such an RFC would fail.
So I never went down that road.
@JoeWatkins I'm less worried about resistance to the core, and more worried about doing the right thing by the community. The community is latching on to hack (at least somewhat), and will ask why is it different (and you better have a dam good reason: preference won't cut it)
New protection privilege: you can now unprotect any protected question made by anyone. stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/protect-questions
(i.e. if I protect a question, anyone with 15k can unprotect it)
@DanLugg I made the baseline image and aligned everything to it ^^
8:51 PM
@LeviMorrison For sure, I've done that too; but often times I've noticed that something will eventually throw it off.
Yours doesn't though.
I had to work around borders, sup and code elements inside of inline elements such as p or li.
@ircmaxell the first. I'm not seeing Hack as something the world needs to care of. If they don't want a common PHP specification (= they're not explicitly asking us on internals etc.), why should we care?
Those are the ones I can remember.
@ircmaxell agree, it should be same ... I have no idea what the community are doing ... will take your word for it :D
@bwoebi because we are here to build bridges and show good faith. Not to tear them down and say "We have the market share, deal with it"
8:54 PM
@ircmaxell I'm really seeing Hack as a big hype … nobody will care of it in a few months… well… except room 11 it seems…
I've installed it twice now, the first time I didn't get further than hello world and digging around in the compatibility layer with zend ext's to see what I could understand ... tbh, got bored ... installed it again to do some testing, remain unimpressed
been reading it already
@bwoebi it's not the point of hack. It's the point that there's an implementation doing it that way. If there's a reason to do it different, great. But if not, there's no reason not to do it that way
8:55 PM
@ircmaxell And what are they doing? … "We're Facebook, we do what we want and impose our standards by just implementing them in Hack. I'm sure you'll follow!"
@bwoebi No, they are shipping working code that works pretty dam well
@tereško I doubt that anything will break, I migrated from 5.2 to 5.4 without almost any errors. (it was aforementioned Helpdesk, big app)
I'm not suggesting PHP adopt all (or any) of it's features. But where there's overlap, interoporability will only help all projects
opinion waivers ...
In case anyone missed it, last night I did some tests comparing the performance of PHP (HHVM) vs Hack.
8:57 PM
@tereško Unless you use safe mode or magic quotes (I pray to god that you don't), you should be pretty much fine.
I agree with bob, it is a bit like that ... but silver lining, I don't care, if hack is what it takes for internals to pay attention and consider doing things that only provoked argument before, so be it ...
Hack is actually slower than PHP (HHVM); at the moment it does no more optimizations on Hack than PHP but adds more type checking so it ends up being a bit slower.
then i should see if i can push to 5.5
@ircmaxell actually Hack is still really fresh… they still can do major BC breaks by adopting their syntax to that of PHP...
I'm done. Have fun, and do what you'd like
8:58 PM
And... I'm sure Hack will follow if we impose our standards then.
@LeviMorrison I'm sure it won't always be like that, but yeah, unimpressive ... technically brilliant, but unimpressive in the real world ...
@bwoebi and that is why as an open source project you fail
On the other hand, it some regards it is easier to write. It's definitely easier to comprehend and read.
you don't have to loook at it like its their standard bob, it isn't anyway, I showed you already it's borrowed from high powers ...

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