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8:00 PM
@CaptainGiraffe KSP is pretty good fun.
That was easy.
2128 != 2048
@CaptainGiraffe How did you get such a high number?
I keep failing
@TonyTheLion He edited page source.
I'm a master at failing :P
@Griwes oh cheat
8:02 PM
@TonyTheLion Notice that 2128 is not a power of two. :D
I should have known
@CaptainGiraffe cheat :P
Notice that none of the numbers nearby are even close. =) Sorry Tiger. No hard feelings right? I'd like to sleep tonight with my head among the leaves.
anyone here familiar with Google Chart API?
8:04 PM
wrong chat haha
This is about Canadian Politics
pfft goog charts, mff. What's wrong with gnuplot?
@CaptainGiraffe no... the fact 2128 != N^2
FYI a radix sort is more than two times as fast sorting a vector<int> filled with both std::rand(), as well as std::rand() % 100 in the range 200k elements to 4M elements than std::sort.
8:13 PM
rand is too biased to be meaningful, and radix sort has a better complexity anyway so stop the presses I guess?
@ScottW, I'm kidding, I love you. I just had this "phony" term in my mind for a week and couldn't find a situation where to use it
@DeadMG IMO std::sort should make templated versions for sort on all reasonable integer types.
@CaptainGiraffe lol rand
@Jefffrey lol not mersenne twister?
@CaptainGiraffe You can't radix sort for an arbitrary comparator, for one thing.
8:17 PM
isn't std::rand deprecated?
@CaptainGiraffe stop swearing
and secondly, I'm no expert but doesn't radix sort require more space than e.g. heapsort?
@DeadMG nope actually yes
@DeadMG Exactly radix does not compare. No comparator can be implemented.
@CaptainGiraffe So what you're really saying is, it can only be implemented in a tiny tiny subset of situations.
not sure if justifies implementation and maintenance time.
8:18 PM
never mind, it's std::random_shuffle
Integers is not a tiny subset
and secondly
O(nk) is only really less than O(n log n) if n is relatively large.
vector<bool> is a tiny subset.
if you're sorting std::size_t, then k is log(n) anyway, for a maximum size array.
@CaptainGiraffe And it's an abomination that is only left in because it can't be removed without breaking code.
We did the testing, the radix outsmarted all but the smallest sorting sets.
nk, N was 4, 256 buckets.
ASorry K was 4
8:21 PM
by "we did the testing" you mean "Some random bench nobody else has seen and we used rand too".
also K was unreasonably low.
@CaptainGiraffe std::sort in libc++ is optimised for real-world data, not for fully random data.
K is the number of digits. The digit chosen was 8bit. 0-255.
@CaptainGiraffe So unreasonably small, then.
@DeadMG there is only 4 digits in a 32-bit int.
Well I hope I didnt break my partitions
8:23 PM
oh wait, never mind, I misread what you said.
hello all folk
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! litb
You don't want my welcome litb? well come at me boy!
@JohannesSchaub-litb You are the precise guy.
@CaptainGiraffe what do you mean
thanks for your welcome!
8:32 PM
@JohannesSchaub-litb You are the guy that taught me the value of preciseness in SO answers.
@CaptainGiraffe ohh i had no idea
> To build the vogl chroots (uses schroot)
> select org from txtable group by org
Dat group by clause.
looks up chroots
and I got the c++03 spec as a link, way back then =)
8:33 PM
ohh dunno
@rightfold What about it?
long trip
well, actually, not really, I used to pull that shipping from uni to home
@Xeo if I was rich enough, I'd by all the tickets for that trip
8:37 PM
@DeadMG it's okay-ish
over 400km after all
@DeadMG ooh maybe that's why you are ill, selling you kidneys for train tickets
some day i will be traveling to berlin the first time of my life
and those 5+h include the trip from Berlin central to the outskirts, which is also 30mins
The tourist trap buses in Berlin are very good.
... trap?
(don't you dare fix that typo)
8:39 PM
@thecoshman nope
@Xeo I'm a cynic sorry not a typo
Oh damn I need one rep
woops, I just downvoted instead of upvoted you.
@Xeo +1 rep!
I do that all the time. @Dead.
8:43 PM
issteamdown.com @Rapptz @melak47
I'm online now
Me too, but not on Steam.
I got 2 -25% OFF Pixel Piracy... jee thanks Steam
I'm downloading CS:GO update from Steam right now.
it's 25% not $25
8:47 PM
err yeah
the point was i got 2 rebates for the same game
so, 77eur for the berlin trip, including reservations (which are 9eur, ugh)
they used to be 5eur :(
that's not too bad
I just logged in to Visual Studio 2013
I logged in on an IDE
inb4 "X likes this" on snippets of my code
@Borgleader everyone did
8:53 PM
for the same game? why not just put it on sale
I didn't
@Xeo hey man, I have to pay 1077 euro.
oh no, I did.
I got double rebate for Pixel Pirate.s
@Rapptz I hope for you that you're staying longer than 2 days :p
I'm not going :P
too expensive
8:54 PM
I also got a discount for Double Fine loyalty?
I don't think I've ever bought a Double Fine game.
and it's only valid for the next two days anyway.
@Borgleader GabeN was probably bored
too busy playing DotA2 to make sales
@thecosh I have some awesome news for ye.
Oh god, I remade the chroot and its taking even more space T_T
8:58 PM
hey guys, i was wondering if any of you faced the problem of having different results when running a code in release vs. debug mode?
We'll have a room free in June, so you can you actually use it.
@thecosh can you tell me the exact dates you're staying?
there must be like 5 different names attached to my microsoft account by now...
@melak47 seems legit
@AlexM. More like "X thinks this is terrible".
9:02 PM
that's more like it yes
@AlexM. ?
or just "Nobody likes this" written all over the code
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh awesome! dates coming up :P
woo I logged in
lets see how long it lasts ._.
@melak47 the steve jobs bit
was it not the point of the screen?
9:05 PM
well yeah, you can use any name :p
how is me choosing the name steve jobs for the stupid VS/MS account not legit? :v
@R.MartinhoFernandes 5-10 June
alright, ticket booked
@Tin you realise it is different code you are executing?
@Xeo did you book the ticket for the lounge meeting?
why did you book it this early?
@JohannesSchaub-litb yes
9:07 PM
@JohannesSchaub-litb I booked mine in early January, early booking tends for better prices
@JohannesSchaub-litb Sparpreise.
i thought i would buy a wochenendticket
i remember they aren't too expensive either
@Tin Thats easy
@thecoshman, it's the same code. i'm using MSVC'10 and the order some functions are being called inside a loop make the results to be changed. is there a way to force that the functions are called sequentially?
@JohannesSchaub-litb ugh, that'd take increadibly long, no? I don't think that covers IC or ICE, does it?
9:08 PM
@CaptainGiraffe ? any suggestions how to find out what is wrong with the code?
@Xeo ohh right. hmm
@Xeo so if you buy one with ICE, you need to book early on?
how much price difference will it be?
compared to if you buy a week before the event
the trip would, without Sparpreis, kost over 200
@Tin Yes, use a language that does that like c++
@Xeo wow that's very expensive
which is why I booked early
has some disadvantages, of course
9:10 PM
how much does it cost when booking early?
@Tin Post a question at So not here
@CaptainGiraffe, my program is in c++, i'm using MSVC'10. when i run the code in debug mode, everything's smooth and the results are fine. i noticed that the problem appears, when the sequence how some functions are being called, get changed
can you cancel the order until a week or two before the event (say, because of illness or something)
68 (39 there, 29 back)
@CaptainGiraffe, i thought about that, but i'm not sure if it's of general interest for the community to help me finding a bug?
9:10 PM
@JohannesSchaub-litb yes, costs 15eur though
can't cancel on the day of travel
ah i see, fair enough
that sounds good. i will look to get a cheap hotel and stack for the weekend
and you're bound to the exact train you booked with the Sparpreis, unlike normal price where you book the 'route', not the train
@Xeo ohh i see
that's usually not a problem though
> CMake Error: CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to "Ninja".
hmmm :(
9:13 PM
well if i miss that sparpreis train when traveling back i will get a wochenendticket and travel all day long back xD
and if you miss a connection, because your train was late, the binding is undone and you can use whichever to get to your destination
ah that's nice
@Tin you are writing bad code that is relying on debug information. Please stop trying to get help here, this is not a trivial thing that can be fixed in chat. Do the decent thing and post a question on Stack Overflow.
@Xeo how much time is there to get for a sparpreis ticket?
until they are sold out?
yeah, until sold out
that's why I booked as soon as I could
9:14 PM
@thecoshman, thank you!
I would've booked even earlier, but the sparpreise don't allow until 3 months prior
ergh... them sucks when you end up with some crappy tribute version of a song
didn't know the exact time of the meeting has been known for that long
are you guys all from germany?
or will i have to speak spain or something :D
Speaking Spain is difficult.
Maybe not if you speak Germany, though.
9:16 PM
@JohannesSchaub-litb has been known since January
@JohannesSchaub-litb English, international meetup
well, even if it was only Robot, sbi and me we would likely talk in English
aren't you all german?
9:18 PM
although - @R.MartinhoFernandes, confident in your German yet? :P
i thought @R.MartinhoFernandes lives in berlin and sbi too
ye, but German isn't the Robot's mother tongue
it takes 4:30h from frankfurt to berlin
@Xeo I started using it more often with my German flatmate.
@Xeo ohh i see now
9:20 PM
a little under 4h from Essen to Berlin
and then some time to get to Essen, and from Berlin Central to the outskirts
@rightfold it's all a bit Gibraltarish to me
And last time I met with sbi (a couple of weeks ago) everyone talked in German. Well, until I wanted to say something C++ related and it just wouldn't work.
hm i could use an IC but then it would take 5h
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'll try and sneak in conversations in German with you
well, still not too bad
9:21 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes hah
hey! that's some class A material there!
@JohannesSchaub-litb my total trip time is roughly 5.5h
1 min ago, by thecoshman
@rightfold it's all a bit Gibraltarish to me
with getting to and from stations
9:22 PM
@Xeo ohh i see, so perhaps it's actually not too bad
i won't have to reseat
ooh, is that train?
it's only taking me just under three hours to fly
ah i could fly. i've never flown. i guess that's more expensive though?
it's faster :P
and a train to any other country (bar North Ireland) would result in very wet feet :P
9:24 PM
ah right
I'd imagine it to be much more expensive than 70eur
@Xeo It not only grows in price, but also in size!
taxes alone is €70
@rightfold fammit!
yeah seems about 110 euros if you order now
9:25 PM
hey! I'm paying like 150% tax and charges on these fucking flights!
@JohannesSchaub-litb where you from then?
frankfurt to berlin
but, both directions. to and back
@Xeo is 70 euros only one direction?
16 mins ago, by Xeo
68 (39 there, 29 back)
@thecoshman Ok, yep, totally available.
ah too bad i thought flying is cheap. flying to spain is like 25 euros, isn't it?
Q: When should old "list of X" questions be kept as wikis?

George StockerOne of the newer features we have in our toolbelt is the ability to lock questions in a sort of wiki state, where no new answers can be added, but existing answers can be improved. You'll see its usage most recently here: Best C/C++ Network Library? This question has a few things that keep...

9:27 PM
o_0 it's hard to take someone serious when they talk with such a west country accent.
^^ If anyone wants to input on that. The book question is at the top of the list they're considering a wiki lock.
@R.MartinhoFernandes sweet
@R.MartinhoFernandes is it actually vacant, or just not being slept in by the owner?
@Mysticial not a bad idea, I think. the question has basically all the content anyways
@thecoshman Vacant. Someone is leaving in May, and then we only get someone else in July.
@Xeo They would basically move the body of the question into a single answer. Lock the question. And delete the rest of the answers.
9:30 PM
@Mysticial Seems great.
I'm in favor.
Not only will we still be able to edit the list, but it prevents the question from getting closed and deleted.
Q: Divide a number by 3 without using *, /, +, -, % operators

AashishHow would you divide a number by 3 without using *, /, +, -, %, operators? The number may be signed or unsigned.

this reminds me of an assignment given by a local AV company to trainees
Woah GMail's spam filter went crazy
9:32 PM
@Mysticial Lounge Approved™
I don't remember the exact details but you essentially had to do something like multiplying by a number or something using only lea in asm
@AlexM. Using the /= operator, duh.
it was a neat trick when it was explained to me, years ago
@Xeo Post an answer. Link to it here and pin it for a day.
was going to
9:33 PM
I hope it doesn't get overreaching treatment like the body of the question implies
@AlexM. how is that upvoted? it's not a question for SO at all. boo
no idea
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh, you pre-ordered the book. Which version? the normal one?
We need a stamp image that says 'Lounge Approved'
I should yet again take it to code golf
and farm rep
9:36 PM
@Xeo What about the Cat++ Seal of Approval?
@Mysticial can you please take a screenshot of that question with your rep showing?
@AlexM. Why? It's not deleted.
@Mysticial He wants a screenshot with your rep in it
it attracts upvotes
because your rep was the star of the last code golf question I ported
9:37 PM
@Xeo "Certified not too shit!"
which one is worse... php or xslt?
@AlexM. Fair enough. Gimme a sec.
I'm obviously joking though :D
... or not?
when my teacher said today that xslt was widely used I almost started laughing
not sure how well that question would fit in there
9:38 PM
Dammit. I don't wanna reveal what I voted on.
let me check if it wouldn't be a duplicate
Q: Divide a number by 3 without using *, /, +, -, % operators

GaffiQuoting this question on SO (Spoiler alert!): This question has been asked in an Oracle interview. How would you divide a number by 3 without using *, /, +, -, %, operators? The number may be signed or unsigned. The task is solvable, but see if you can write the shortest code. ...

damnit, someone thought of it earlier
no worries, there will be other opportunities
until then, keep that rep growing
we'll both be rich, soon.
9:40 PM
Maybe they'll be something we can make from the Guids question.
Or the Boobs operator question.
is there a boobs operator?
I only know of the do { } while (i-->0); //downto operator
it's called "Putting your hand on a woman's boobs".
it's the consequent combination of boost and bjarne stroustrup xD
or maybe, "Become a plastic surgeon and operate on boobs".
A: Divide a number by 3 without using *, /, +, -, % operators

Mechanical snailC, 167503724710 Here's my solution to the problem. I admit it is unlikely to win a strict code golf competition, but it doesn't use any tricks to indirectly call built-in division functionality, it is written in portable C (as the original Stack Overflow question asked for), it works perfectly f...

9:41 PM
or maybe, "Become a breast cancer specialist".
Goddammit. I upvoted the boobs operator question. So that one is out.
And I can't undo vote when it's deleted.
Oh look it's the operator joke again, it's not at all repeated for the thousand time in the past month
Oh look Cat is online, and he's totally his grumpy self
dammit, that seems way too expensive for me for just a one day travel to berlin
i thought it's way cheaper xD
go for 2 days then?
9:45 PM
i guess i will choose another event for that. perhaps with the CCC meeting xD
The C++ Book Question is being discussed for a 'Wiki Lock'. If you disapprove, please comment here.
Aaaand there we go
soon my templates answer on the c++ book question has 666 upvotes xD
@Jefffrey Hey! I heard that!
@AlexM. Maybe you can make something out of this. But the image is huge. So you'll have to either crop it or link to it:
I suppose the wiki lock isn't that bad
9:48 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit o_0 is that generating the code that has a look up table for all the divisions?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You didn't fill the form
Oh damnit, it downscaled.
> J'ai croqué ta pomme d'Adam.
Sounds painful.
Well I can't figure out why vogl wont find ninja... fuck it
9:50 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh, finally up on amazon.de
@thecoshman yes!
@CatPlusPlus what form?
( Thu-21:50:30 ) ( tomalak ) { const uint64_t x = 123456789123456789ULL; uint32_t ar[4] = {}; ar[0] = x >> 32; ar[1] = x & 0xFFFF; uint64_t y; y = ar[0]; y = (y << 32) + (ar[1] & 0xFFFF); cout << x, ar, y; }
( Thu-21:50:31 ) ( geordi ) 123456789123456789, {28744523, 24341, 0, 0}, 123456786224144149
what :(
@Xeo It saw it there the same day Randall announced it.
Oh, dammit, I forgot about that plugin
My bad
Huh, search wouldn't show it
9:53 PM
@Xeo I wrote "what if", then selected "What If in Englische Bücher", and scrolled down past a few other books with the same name.
1 message moved to bin
@R.MartinhoFernandes Welp, whatever
@Mysticial let's see
@thecoshman Oh, and maybe I'll get the German version too, for good measure.
9:55 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes and a second of both versions for storage?
> The chance that the C++ (or is it C) community will have a hissy fit if it's summarily deleted
I feel targetted.
because of 'or is it C'?
wait, targetted, not attacked
We have our own wiki, I couldn't care less if that question survives or not
@Xeo No, because let's face it, the main reason he's asking this instead of just going ahead is because of the C++ book list question.
@CatPlusPlus Stack Overflow ranks higher on Google.
9:58 PM
We have to direct people manually anyway
@EtiennedeMartel It's exactly what happened the last 999999 times that question's been assaulted.
@CatPlusPlus Yeah, but directing people to external sites is frowned upon, isn't it?
They can't have it both ways
can someone please make a riddle

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