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2:00 PM
Ah, AM, the city where Guild of Beggars is the richest one.
@MartinhoFernandes fools are very important. they keep politics civil. We need another euphemism for politicians.
@Xaade Monkeys.
@Xaade "Liars"?
@CatPlusPlus That might be "racist" thus losing the goal.
Or maybe it's "politician" that's euphemism.
2:02 PM
That's it, I'm going to start calling idiots, politicians.
@Xaade Poor idiots.
So, what else is new.
operator new
2:03 PM
It's pretty old.
I hate it when politicians cut me off on the highway.
@CatPlusPlus it's still new cause that's what it's called new
@TonyTheTiger But it's not the new new, it's the old new.
Which nobody knew is not new.
@Xaade hmmm and how do you know that it's a politician?
@CatPlusPlus oh I see
@TonyTheTiger Because they cut him off on the highway.
2:04 PM
@TonyTheTiger Profiling.
2 mins ago, by Xaade
That's it, I'm going to start calling idiots, politicians.
that's new!
@TonyTheTiger I want one!
@EtiennedeMartel Image not found?
2:05 PM
@Xaade I can see it here
that's funny :)
Dammit, can't see pictures.... stupid filter.
2:09 PM
ugh, filters
Do chat replies show up somewhere if you aren't in the chatroom.
Like inbox maybe?
they normally show up
Oh well, anyone I'd want to do that for is already here.
Who pinned my explanation of the "Complete Fool" badge?
@MartinhoFernandes some derp
2:11 PM
I am sure it was not me
@TonyTheTiger ahem
btw, what is DICO DICO DICO
Latin for I say, I say, I say.
@Xaade why you coughing in my face?
Is that better.
2:12 PM
DICO is I say?
I didn't pin it
@Xaade I don't know latin.
or did you pin it?
I probably know if I don't know who did, but then maybe I didn't recollect who might have had a reason for not pinning it.
2:13 PM
@Xaade Have you been drinking?
Either way, it seems useful to know that for a while.
I'm not even going to try to make sense of that.
2:14 PM
@TonyTheTiger Blame Pinocchio, he came up with a way to not lie and not say anything even though it sounds like he might be lying. Stupid nose.
The more important question is, who unpinned it?
a sane person
I did none of the two actions.
@MartinhoFernandes If so, he's always just been drinking.
2:15 PM
sbi unpinned it.
@Xaade Me. Why?
@sbi pin nazi.
@Xaade I prefer the term "janitor".
@sbi I didn't know you were the C++ Lounge Janitor
2:17 PM
There was this one time somebody or group of bodies went DICO and pinned everything.
May 19 at 9:23, by sbi
@MartinhoFernandes I tried playing with these tools when I turned 10k, but quickly got bored with them. I guess I'm just not the janitor type.
woah, a man contradicts himself
@MartinhoFernandes Easier to janitor chat than SO
Not really contraditory
yes, somewhat though, at least a tiny bit
I didn't accuse anyone of anything. I just presented the evidence.
2:18 PM
oh ok
@TonyTheTiger Let me correct myself: When it comes to name-calling, I prefer the term "janitor".
@Xaade "DICO"?
@Tony asserted that @sbi was a janitor. Sbi actually stated that he liked janitor over pin nazi.
@sbi oh.... sorry I misunderstood
20 mins ago, by Martinho Fernandes
@Xaade Nah, just found it online and liked it. It's a badge of member of the Guild of Fools of Ankh-Morpork.
2:19 PM
@Xaade yea I get it now
@MartinhoFernandes You must have a very capable associative memory.
@Xaade And how does that explain what "DICO" stands for??
@sbi no I think he secretly indexes all that happens in this room. For Science! :P
@sbi It means par @Martin, "I Say".
@TonyTheTiger !!Science!!
9 mins ago, by Martinho Fernandes
Latin for I say, I say, I say.
@MartinhoFernandes for science, yes :P
2:21 PM
@Xaade I can't follow. But then I have to work anyway...
@TonyTheTiger !!Science!!
The !s are important.
One day we'll just get rid of classifying by trait, and just classify by DNA distance. I hate made up meanings.
@MartinhoFernandes Why?
@TonyTheTiger They mark when something is on fire on Dwarf Fortress.
@MartinhoFernandes oh crickey
2:21 PM
@TonyTheTiger Someone once said that 3 ! was crazy..... 4 must be looney, and Scientists can go overboard.
Woah, that girl keeps handing out those brilliant tweets:
and I thought I was a geek????
@TonyTheTiger Seems like your geekness level is a lot lower than you thought.
sbi is a twitter freak
2:23 PM
@sbi Unfortunately for stars, this reads better, even though in actual chat, the other looks better. Can we request a mod to chat?
A starred link that's interpreted by chat should be interpreted by the starred feed.
@Xaade There already is mods. IMNSHO this room is a better place when they are not around.
At least as plain text as clickable link.
@MartinhoFernandes yea, I have not reached the upper echelons of geekness.
@sbi HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..... I didn't realize the double entendre
Can we request a mod to chat (invite a mod into the room) | (request a modification to the chat website)
I meant the second.
2:26 PM
our link poster puppy has arrived
@Xaade Just think it through. How could a tweet ever fit into the right-hand pane? What about pictures?
@sbi The tweet's text clearly fits.
@DeadMG Note that drive-by linking is frowned upon here. In fact, regulars might even flag such messages as offensive.
@sbi spot on!
@MartinhoFernandes Ohhhk. That leaves pictures.
2:27 PM
@sbi Fit at least the first x letters, ignoring pics. As is, the links do nothing for the feed's readability.
@Xaade I agree that this would work with twitter. Text messages <=160 chars could always be inlined on the right-hand panel.
What do you call it when chat replaces a link with its contents.
I am not making this up.
Post a well-formulated feature request on meta and I will support it.
@sbi Can I link your post?
2:34 PM
@Xaade Uh. Having been the target of the conservatives before for mentioning sex, I'd rather you do not link to me posting tweets of some user named Debbie Moans. :-/
However, it should be easy to find other tweets in the list of starred postings.
@sbi As if the name was the only possible issue with Debbie.
@MartinhoFernandes You certainly mean "as if the name..."?
Yeah, that.
@Xaade: Here's a nice one, witty, funny, starred, and by a user of this room: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/10?m=928935#928935
Wait, what?
2:38 PM
@sbi I think I've heard this one as "good marketer will tell you to go to hell in a way that will make you excited for the trip", or something like that.
@EtiennedeMartel What what?
@sbi Can you cook one with the replaced text that doesn't feature Debbie Moans.
@sbi Who's that "Debbie Moans"?
> Wacky, Wild and always in trouble. Single mom and survivor of breast cancer. When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and PARTY!
2:40 PM
sorry about that pin
@EtiennedeMartel @Martinho: I don't think there's a real person behind that twitter account, but the thing keeps posting really funny tweets: twitter.com/#!/DebbieMoans
@Xaade No, it's a good way to make your point. Do it.
How do you do replace display text.
on a link
@MartinhoFernandes What are you talking about?
2:41 PM
With a hammer.
@Xaade [Like this?](http://www.google.com/)
@Xaade What are you talking about?
@sbi He pinned Ólafur's tweet to use as an example in his request.
@MartinhoFernandes Ah. Good idea. Why don't I see this?
2:42 PM
He unpinned it and said he was sorry.
For some reason.
Well, now I do. Please do not unpin again.
Actually I pinned it so I could copy the location.
@Xaade You can use a message's history link to see its underlying formatting.
Well, I've removed the reference like you asked.
@Xaade That's dumb. They all have a permalink. And the link I gave you was a link, too.
@sbi No, copy the twitter location address, not the permalink of the chat message
I didn't think to check history.
I prefer Picard's.
@Xaade That's linked from the tweet's date/time at where I linked to. :-x
@MartinhoFernandes No, you prefer yours.
Anyway, gotta go back to wrestling with VC10. :(
2:46 PM
Because Picard's can be leveled up.
@CatPlusPlus Exactly.
Ok, @Xaade already posted that meta thingy.
Q: Setup starred feed to replace oneboxing link's display text with onebox text content

XaadeRight now if you have oneboxable links, if starred, the feed panel will display this, usually, mangled and hard to read link without any indication of content. (So we lose the benefit of oneboxing content in the feed) http://twitter.com/#%21/olafurw/status/86077101685477379 In this chat post, t...

3:09 PM
@MartinhoFernandes Upvoted.
Does anyone with MSVC2010 fancy helping this guy out? The code compiles clean in GCC, but apparently there's some error in MSVC.
@DeadMG: Thanks!
@KerrekSB dude! what's up with suggesting malloc() to embedded systems? :P
3:27 PM
yeah.... that wasn't the point of the question, though! I know that wasn't brilliant, but I figured it'd be unrelated to the problem.
...and that it was clear that you just have to find some method of returning the result, whichever suits most.
I imagine that anyone who's developing for embedded already has their favourite idiom anyway.
dude, never, ever, ever recommend malloc(), that's just so wrong
@DeadMG It was a C question.
So, never, ever, ever use C, that's just so wrong :P
Hi all
3:29 PM
that can work for me too
although the blind do insist on following it
What's the canonical reason for closing basic C++ syntax questions?
not a real question
the extended text says "Shows no research effort" or something like that
I just installed visual studio 2010 and during the process I selected C# development settings. Now how to roll back so as get to general development settings that includes everything ( Visual C++, C# etc ., ) I tried this msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms247075.aspx , but not helpful
so if he says main() { q3405=258qwrk0wfka0 } won't compile, then
@DeadMG It doesn't. That's the downvote tooltip.
3:31 PM
@MartinhoFernandes Hi
But I think I'll go with that. I already posted the usual comment suggesting a book.
you're right
Is reinstalling, the only the tip ?
@Mahesh Those just set the keyboard shortcuts and toolbars to sensible defaults.
Q: How do I change my development environment from C++ to C# in Visual Studio 2008?

After installing Visual Studio 2008, I have chosen Visual C++ but instead I wanted to choose C# environment. How do I change it from C++ to C# environment?

3:33 PM
You need to use the installer to install the rest of the environment if you didn't install everything.
Does it help ?
@Mahesh Go to Options/Environment/Keyboard and change it.
@kbok - Not helpful
@sbi - I did it. But Visual C++ project type isn't turning up when I try to create a new project.
You need to install that.
You didn't install it before.
Those settings you mentioned are just keyboard shortcuts and such.
@Mahesh Did you install C++ at all?
If not, you need to start the installer and install C++, too.
3:40 PM
@sbi - During the initial install process, I forgot and gave just C# development settings. So, I guess it didn't install C++ at all.
I am not sure how about reinstalling. In our lab, we are given short cut on our desktop and we should start it initially with the required settings. I don't have any installation previleges.
Once we import that settings, we are done I guess.
You can do C++ with the C# Settings, as long as you install C++.
Those settings are completely orthogonal.
@Mahesh That was just for setting up your IDE shortcut preferences.
Look at Help/About. Does it list VC++ as an installed product?
If not, you won't be able to compile C++ code with that installation.
@sbi It just says C# and couple of others. Not C++. Probably should talk to Systems Admin.
@Mahesh Yup. No C++ installed then.
@kbok @MartinhoFernandes @sbi Thanks
3:49 PM
Good luck for talking to the admins. I remember those times as a students. Admins were gods, and they let you feel it.
The very same case with my lab admin. He will rather give me rude look as if I did something very very terribly wrong :)
Lazy o'clock!
Oh wait, that's whole day.
Nevermind, then.
hah, this game is fun : notarealquestion.appspot.com
It is? One of us need to recalibrate his fun meter.
Ok, let me reformulate : this game is interesting.

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