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9:00 PM
No goats, no cool.
Quick, to the userscriptmobile!
One of the most useful and depressing things in my phone's alarm clock is that when you set it, it shows you how much time until it triggers.
@Zirak I know, I hate that feature so much.
you must wake up in 1 hour.
Well, not the feature but I hate myself every time.
9:02 PM
And then you start calculating in your head if you can shave off an extra hour. Which you immediately regret when you wake up.
I have 4 alarms. They serve as a "don't get too far back to sleep" monitor, but I never get up before the last one.
@copy O_O
There you go, trouble incoming. You're welcome.
@copy Run
9:03 PM
Why? It's just a browser ...
I bet @copy is a total firefox in the sack.
... but the fun thing is, while you hate yourself when the alarm clock feature tells you how many hours you have left, you'll hate yourself even more in the morning.
@RobSchmuecker Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@BadgerGirl Probability that Shmiddty dies shortly after I meet him
9:05 PM
Oh Chrome, please tell me you just didn't do what I think you did.
If you did that, I'll cheat on you with IE.
send all your personaly details and browsing history to the US government? Yep
Nah, I know it does that. She's talkative, can't stop her.
She only talks about you because she's proud of you
It's about this synchronization stuff. I have the bad feeling that it just deleted all my stuff on the Google servers.
Seriously, 9 upvotes for that piece of shit answer:
A: Cannot call method 'find' of undefined

phenomnomnominalIt doesn't matter what your selector is, you can't access a property of an object that you are declaring, while you are declaring it. Why would ul be declared? You're making a property ul on your opts object. Ugly: What you might want is: var opts = { ul: $(this).find('.carousel') } o...

9:07 PM
Instead of getting it from there.
fuck you jquery
We all have a jquery answer we're shameful for
I don't!
I bet I don't.
Yeah, you're even worse, you're proud.
9:08 PM
...you worked on Android
@phenomnomnominal Why are you sticking it on the prototype in the "you asked for it" bit?
I don't even think I have a jQuery answer.
@Zirak :(
I was forced to!
@BenjaminGruenbaum because he's a fucking muppet
A: Check checkbox checked property using jQuery

Octavian DamieanI decided to post an answer on how to do that exact same thing without jQuery. Just because I'm a rebel. var ageCheckbox = document.getElementById('isAgeSelected'); var ageInput = document.getElementById('txtAge'); // Just because of IE <333 ageCheckbox.onchange = function() { // Check if t...

Yea but check it out!
9:09 PM
A: Is there a free website to store code (php, javascript, css) online?

Octavian DamieanPastebin.com is also quite a nice site for sharing and saving code.

Like only the first sentence.
@BenjaminGruenbaum I don't know what you mean, I can't see nothing there.
jquery tag, counts.
@phenomnomnominal Still... no point in putting it on the prototype.
(of options)
No point at all
9:10 PM
Fuck ... I have a jQuery answer. cries
not even a little bit
I have that one:
A: How does this function determine of an object is empty?

Benjamin GruenbaumWhy it works: This uses a for... in loop to iterate through the object's properties. If the object has any property, it would enter the loop and return false If the object has no properties, it would not enter the loop, and return true. Why it doesn't: Note that there exists a case where it ...

@SomeGuy happy birthday :)
Oh happy birthday! Are you legally allowed to look at tits now? @SomeGuy
(this is also tagged jQuery, but still)
9:13 PM
@SomeGuy Live long and sulphur
A: Does icons inside font good for site?

Octavian DamieanYes it is quite a good idea hence there is a tutorial on Nettuts+ about that. Nettuts+ | Using Fontface for icons

@Zirak haha nice
@Zirak I hate you!
Look, I was young and didn't know better.
Don't judge me.
Please consider adding an actual answer here, as it currently stands the answer provides no reasoning for it. Link only answers are generally frowned upon. — Benjamin Gruenbaum 4 secs ago
@BenjaminGruenbaum Just flagged it for moderator attention.
> Should be deleted as it is an awful, awful answer. Bad Octavian! Bad Octavian! shakes head
@SomeGuy you're 15 now, eh?
9:17 PM
@MechanisM if you're still around, please unaccept this answer and accept another one instead if it answers your question. This one is horrible in hindsight. — Octavian Damiean 21 secs ago
@Shmiddty Isn't @SomeGuy 13 or something?
Because of his name, I don't even know who @SomeGuy is, he might even be okok.
A: PHP Editor in Linux

Octavian DamieanI'd try Aptana with the PDT plug-in. It's the closest you will get to Dreamweaver.

> It's the closest you will get to Dreamweaver.
@Zirak That's the other Indian girl.
9:20 PM
> to Dreamweaver.
@Zirak Wait, that's what he's been asking for!
y u all hate me ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
A: What exactly is Java?

Octavian DamieanIt is a programming language which was influenced by other programming languages which also influenced other programming languages (like Scala, Groovy, etc.).

I should really stop now
Oh the shame.
You'll enjoy your BF3 match tomorrow!
This is funny because of the accepted answer: stackoverflow.com/a/4333260/617762
Actually, that's not even a bad idea.
Keep digging.
9:26 PM
Cleaning things up I see
Find every little shameful answer.
Better you guys do it than someone else. :D
You might forgive me at some point, others not so much. heh
@Zirak Java is a programming language that runs on a virtual machine called the "Java Virtual Machine"...
> Java is not the Java language, most people know that, since you can program Java with lots of other langauges like Scala or Groovy
@Zirak Wait, that answer wasn't even wrong at all.
See the question, and I'm not OP
9:31 PM
Umm yes it is lol
Well, ok, the "Java language" is a programming language.
Nah, actually.
OP is wrong btw, Java is the programming language. Scala and Groovy just happen to compile to the same bytecode.
Never mind.
I would say that "Java" refers to the programming language and the virtual machine (as defined by Oracle's specification: docs.oracle.com/javase/specs)
It's not: Scala => Java => Bytecode
9:32 PM
@Zirak Right
To be honest, I don't even want to care anymore when if comes to Java stuff.
I'm happy I escaped from that nightmare.
Scala -\
        |--> Bytecode
Java  -/
It's very...enterprisey.
hrm, I'll probably have to start that Java project I've been delaying...
It's a trap!
9:34 PM
Java and Scala both compile to the same byte code.
You know, I'm not trying to sound like your mom or anything but didn't you plan to be asleep by now? @Zirak
Yes, I did...I hate you
They made an effort with the Java 7 specs to more cleanly separate the language from the VM. In previous versions, they were considered a single unit.
@Michael A single unit of shit.
9:36 PM
@OctavianDamiean lol
@Michael I disagree, Java and the JVM are two different things. They just happen to share a prefix (well, not "just happen", since that's intentional, but hopefully the point's clear)
When one says "java" they don't mean the whole stack, it's just the language.
To be fair, the name Java was used to describe the JVM as well, even if that was wrong.
A lot of people still do.
Even Oracle does.
It is definitely confusing.
@Zirak Yeah, I think I agree
When you get an update for Java they don't say that you actually get an update for the JVM because Random Joe would go all "Java Virtual whatnow?"
9:41 PM
It depends on the context. If a developer is talking about "Java" he's probably referring to the language. If a layman is talking about "Java", he's probably referring to "that annoying icon in the task bar". xD
Sweet, I just got called a cheap prostitute for being right about programming :)
Not sure how that was the appropriate name to call.
@m59 Depends, are you a cheap prostitute?
Ohh. That would be a good use case. But, I'm not.
Then I guess it was quite inappropriate.
@m59 you're a pretty classy prostitute
9:45 PM
Cool. +1 me.
Trust him, he knows all 'bout it.
I tell you, the angularjs google group is even more hostile than here :)
Wait what? Where are we hostile?
@OctavianDamiean FUCK YOU
9:46 PM
@m59 He's just expressing his love for me.
@m59 Fuck off, we're nice damn it.
You're just a dick
You gotta read between the lines man.
I was mainly referring to the vampire attacks.
Well, vampires deserve it.
They're hostile too.
In the angularjs room, everyone deserves it.
9:48 PM
In their own way.
You....want to help....me?
^ angularjs group
You know why that happens?
It's a sign.
A sign that you shouldn't be asking Angular.js questions on their own mailing list but here on SO instead.
9:49 PM
Yeah we're gonna need a log
I don't know if there is one :(
Then copy/paste it somewhere
oh lollll
Copy paste or die.
Heh no one told me to die, just called me a prostitute :)
9:50 PM
@dievardump ??
I was summarizing.
I think @phenomno biduke truck was muted.
Yeah @copy ? Wanna see some sexy photograph of myself in Berlin ?
I think it's a trap!
No, thanks
9:52 PM
I found here a wall with load of grafitis so yesterday night I decided to paint it in white.
@Zirak you still around?
@Zirak Go to sleep son.
I don't know why people freaked out it's much better without all these colors
biduke truck? kinky?
9:53 PM
@Zirak It's almost 12 p.m. here in Austria, I bet it's quite late for you. "subtle hint"
@BadgerGirl But...but...
@OctavianDamiean Yeah yeah I know
@dievardump o_O
@dievardump Haha :D
Yeah ? Vandalism is bad.
Hey @IvoWetzel o/ I'll soon be a compratiot of yours.
Street artist be lovin' you.
9:56 PM
@dievardump What if the wall was designated for spraying? :D
That wall was like... 500 meters long. Crazy. I used all my money to clean it.
You put "Crazy" in the wrong place.
@dievardump good way to start when new in town. Go piss off all street artist around. :D
Way to make friends.
@dievardump Where are you moving to?
Berlin. Loved the city
9:57 PM
Just make sure you don't pay the walls in the "Mauer Park"....
Probably Kreuzberg area
So you're gonna be a German now?
@dievardump For heavens sake!
Even I know that's not a good idea.
@dievardump don't listen to @OctavianDamiean he knows nothing!
Yeah, that wall.
9:58 PM
@phenomnomnominal Hey, I know something! I know about the bees and the flowers.
I was there in 2011 for the JSConf, the paint layer is about 4cm
now I get to set up two separate domains. woo.
@Zirak you around?
@OctavianDamiean I HATE YOU
It must be around 1 a.m. for you.
A 93 year old man needs a lot of sleep.
10:03 PM
@OctavianDamiean and the birds and the trees?
@phenomnomnominal Sounds interesting, tell me more about that.
well, when a little birdie loves a tree very much, and wants to start a family
Intriguing, keep going.
The hell are you still doing here? :D
10:05 PM
...note to self: never inform anyone of any sort of status.
I'm watching Chemistry vids...
Man electrons are fucking awesome.
Breaking Bad?
@OctavianDamiean that's all i know :(
10:07 PM
@phenomnomnominal that's disappointing.
@Zirak Oh, not too interesting. I'm programming ...
What are you programming?
@dievardump That's his code word for making love to Firefox.
making love will always hurt my eyes I think
10:09 PM
@OctavianDamiean So what's his safe word then?
brogramming probably
@dievardump and why would you know that? o.0
@monners you should ask @BadgerGirl about that I guess.
Cause I am a Brogrammer.
@OctavianDamiean Our safeword is HostileFork
10:11 PM
HostileFork is great.
What a mouthfull...
No, keep going is a great safeword.
I like UD example safeword. Remind me of a SouthPark episode with Keane West
Hey @CapricaSix, can you give me the list of commands please, my dear Robot ?
@dievardump No, you're a weirdo. I hate you.
10:17 PM
Oh waouw. BIM.
Didn't think it was that rude.
Okay, BIM doesn't stand for balls in your mouth right?
I got that from urban dictionary by the way.
BIM is the sound I heard in my head when CapricaSix mean phrase just reached my eyes and hurted my sensitivity. Just as if copy had just said HostileFork while I was playing with him
I ... I ... I don't know what to answer to that.
It's OK, I got used to it.
I think one week without programming is too much for me.
I need to see my sublime text
just a little bit :(. Tomorrow I'll take a picture of it to be sure I'll always be always to look at it when I feel bad.
@Loktar jsbin.com/ubapig/11/edit (I believe this concept will work, I just need to figure out the correct order for clipping)
also, uber pig.
10:27 PM
@Shmiddty You're lying there is no pig.
Got my hopes up ...
@Shmiddty that is super fucking cool.
not as cool as jsbin.com/oFoZaJe/1 though
we need oneboxing for jsbin
@phenomnomnominal that would be bad.
t'was funny.
10:35 PM
wouldn't be thaaaaat bad
You know what time it is? Stargate Atlantis time!
@OctavianDamiean I still have never watched it
everyone says it's not very good
I don't care what people say. :)
But i fucking loved every other stargate thing ever
I wish SG:U wasn't cancelled
10:40 PM
I hope they'll uncancel it after however long it said they were going to sleep in those pod things for
Then you should watch Atlantis too.
I actually think that it's better than some parts of the original series (SG1 that is).
Can't believe General Hammond (actor) died
@phenomnomnominal got a confession to make. Yesterday, when I was on TeamSpeak with Zirak, he hummed the melody of Daybreak and I didn't know where I heard it. :(
Hope we're still cool though.
@OctavianDamiean that's okay, so long as you recognised it
I didn't at first. :(
10:48 PM
konami code = daybreak.
And I instantly felt like I betrayed you.
Next time you will know
This is my favorite movie music.
Especially the piano version.
It's not quite a pure piano version though.
good old Bear McCreary
@OctavianDamiean do you watch Continuum?
Nope, they don't air that down here.
11:01 PM
Haha they don't air it here either
Have you never heard of the internet?
starts back You thief!
I need to talk out promises.
I'd pay for it if I had the option to
Dangit, but I have no words. I get lost on the iffy-ness.
Hola y'all
I can use them, just not in this case.
Doesn't help that the stress is putting me to sleep :(
Brackets is available for Linux!
@phenomnomnominal I'm lost because of the if/else's I currently have.
A JavaScript IDE by the company that brought us flash – awesome
Actually, I don't know why I'm lost :(
11:18 PM
Why the fuck does a change event get triggered if you click a hidden checkbox???
@copy Don't judge it before you try it.
@cyclopse87 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
It has some cool features.
@phenomnomnominal is the hidden element disabled? It's just out of sight, not out of the page and IIRC it's still active
@phenomnomnominal Do you have a label assigned for that hidden checkbox?
11:21 PM
No label
Can I manually change the state of a disabled checkbox still?
Afaik, yes.
I'll try it
Yea you can.
lol I'm trying to comment on a question but the comment link is broked. >=|
Oh i see what's happening. Fucking jQuery
11:26 PM
Anybody else having site issues? My 'favorite tags' are no longer being highlighted as well
@Shmiddty that's amazing!
!!youtube daybreak micheal higgins
hmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmm hm. hmmm hmmm hmm hmm. hmmm hmmm hm hmmm hmmm <finger point> HMM HMM HMM HMMMMMHMMMMM
11:32 PM
Grrr... this is annoying. I'll be back when the site stops glitching out.
@RUJordan frankly my dear, I don't give a dean.
!!YouTube merry changmas
@phenomnomnominal hahaha
Dean dean dean dean. Dean dean dean dean.....
11:36 PM
Chang... Chang... Chang... Chang.
merry merry merry changmas...
My name is Alex, my name is Alex, my name is Alex, my name is Alex
fart noise
Lol after my poop (I.e when I'm off mobile) I'm so putting that on
11:39 PM
is snapchat on android?
I wanna snapchat my bathroom breaks to my friends who piss me off
pretty sure it is
I need to make a canvas demo for DayBreak
maybe ribbons of colour flowing to the beat

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