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6:07 PM
You know who would be an excellent mod?
@nick no tell us
Starts with an S
@nick alright buddy
@nick I don't think you-know-who is running this year. *g,d&r*
Santa Claus?
@IlmariKaronen D:
@gunr2171 Saint Nick
no but nice try
I mean, the ability to see you when you are sleeping would play a big role in your moderator duties
Actually you're totally right
I'll run for mod next year
6:10 PM
I don't know how a sock(et) full of coal would effect my user experience, but I'm willing to take it.
I expect at least 10000 votes
@rlemon It's what you get for contributing low quality content to the site
I contribute nothing but the best
Q: JQuery $.post in a function. Wait for callback to define the return.

rlemonHow would I, using $.post() in a function, force the return on the post callback? Example: function myFunction(){ $.post(postURL,mydata,function(data){ return data; }); } I have tried playing around with it using .done() and .queue() however neither has worked for me. I understa...

@nick with that many votes you would sleigh the competition!
and back to work
If I was mod, you would be getting coal this year
@gunr2171 HA
That's going to be my campaign slogan
6:14 PM
Still speaking of valid questions getting downvoted and closed, I'd be kind of curious about what folks here (especially the candidates) think of this question (10k+ only; related meta thread). Did it really deserve to be downvoted to -18, closed and deleted?
And, more generally, do we really want to make a habit of closing questions for being "too easy"?
@IlmariKaronen Looks like that question got posted in a chatroom
Also, the meta post got it some attention
But really, that wasn't closed for being too easy, more for there not being a problem statement.
@IlmariKaronen I think this was more of a "no effort" and "lack of a clear statement" close.
Is his code working? If so, what does he need? If not, what is the error? If that's just pseudocode, and he wants us to write the whole program, it's too broad.
@Undo The meta post, I'm sure, added a lot to the down vote count.
@IlmariKaronen If you would like, you can ask in the SOCVR chatroom, if you run across more closure-related questions in the future.
6:18 PM
@IlmariKaronen To answer your question: yes, it should have been closed. The down vote pile-on was a little unreasonable, though.
Beyond about -3, additional downvotes don't do much good
@Undo Every now and then, lots of down votes are merited. When a high-rep user posts a real stinker, vote away. But -18 for a brand new user is a bit much.
I'd agree with that
We don't really get that many high-rep users posting terrible questions, though
The unfortunate thing about the deletion is that the top answer was actually really good.
I noticed that
I definitely wouldn't have unilaterally deleted it because of the answer (We don't want to lose good content), but I don't think I would overturn the community deletion without meta consensus either
6:21 PM
@EdCottrell Totally unreasonable if you ask me
that's the kind of behavior that drives people away from this site
@nick "A little" was sarcastic.
@nick No question.
@EdCottrell I guess it comes down to whether we really should require all "basic" questions (you know, like this one...) to "show some effort" first.
How many of those downvotes showed up before the meta question? According to meta, there were 5. The others all came after the meta post
> Oct 7 '08
@Andy Yeah, probably that would be closed today. Not sure if that's good or bad.
@IlmariKaronen Yeah, that's not a good one. And 7k+ up votes for it is ridiculous. Shows how much has changed since 2008.
6:26 PM
@EdCottrell IMO, on the "making the Internet a better place" metric, that is a good question. If I didn't know how to replace an incorrect commit message in git, and googled for it, that question would show up and clearly tell me how to do it. Sounds like SO doing what it's supposed to do.
@IlmariKaronen Well, that's why it's still around: it does actually add some value. Not that there's any shortage of good answers to that question now.
What kind of annoys me, about the deleted question I brought up before, is that if I instead google for "java repeat array", none of the first page results actually tell me how to repeat an array in Java.
I do get this as the second hit, but that's about something else, and seemingly much less useful.
@IlmariKaronen Yeah, that could have been turned into a good question. The problem was the complete lack of clarity, lack of effort, and lack of meaningful explanation (e.g., will it always be six elements to repeat, or sometimes some other number).
@IlmariKaronen It was pretty bad, but it might have turned around if not for the pile-on.
@EdCottrell Hmm, yeah, I think you may have nailed it. Good (or at least OK) subject but awful presentation -> pile-on close. :/
@IlmariKaronen Yep. Gotta love teh interwebs.
6:38 PM
@IlmariKaronen The accepted answer is worth 100k rep but it was made a community wiki at some point :/
@nick Looks like too many users edited it, back when that still triggered CW status.
IIRC, nowadays it should be possible to get it un-CW'ed, if somebody were to mod-flag it.
On the other hand, the author already has 54k rep, it's not like they really need any more. :P
@EdCottrell I might try someday to get that array repeat question undeleted and reopened again, just for the sake of the answers. Just need to figure out how to properly edit it into shape.
@IlmariKaronen Go for it; just keep in mind it will get auto-deleted before too long.
@IlmariKaronen Yeah, but imagine waking up to this:
user image
6:56 PM
OK, yeah, that would totally be worth it. :D
<narrows eyes>
<looks for Jon Skeet>
7:06 PM
@EdCottrell I would never click the notification
@EdCottrell Well, I went and gave it a try. Now let's see if I can recruit some undelete voters.
OP just got some pity rep from me
@IlmariKaronen I just cast the last reopen vote on that
That was... surprisingly quick. :)
@EdCottrell remind me of this
paste fail, awkward
damn that's from August, I couldn't find the one he posted a few days ago
7:24 PM
@nick Nor I. It might as well say, "You win Stack Overflow."
@nick Okay, that's impressive.
oh my god bjb is above Sterling again what has this world come to
But Where's The Rep
I took that screenshot; just read the amazing question
@Nick Elliot's comment wins.
7:30 PM
Q: Repeating the elements of an array

chandu061How can I repeat the elements of an array in Java? For example, given the array {a,b,c,d,e,f} and a number n, I want to produce an n-element array that looks like {a,b,c,d,e,f,a,b,c,d,e,f,a,b,c,...}. If I knew the length of the input and output arrays in advance, I could just write something li...

OP now has 50 pity rep :)
@EdCottrell wat
Just went out; incoming wave of absentee voters in 3... 2...
When does voting close? I want to make sure that the top 3 stays the top 3
@Nick The primaries close in two days
7:32 PM
@Nick Just over 48 hours
cool beans
They will, Madara is up 2% and I don't think there is enough time for that to change
@TravisJ thank god
After that, there'll be a final election where you choose your top 3 candidates. That lasts just a few days.
I made a quick script that shows percent and sorts by votes if you want to see it
7:32 PM
Madara could still get a win, then...
@Nick Any particular reason you don't want him to win?
I meant down (sorry)
Lots of reasons, and he's well aware how much I don't like him, lol
I've worked with him in the last few years and he's really quite awesome. Just my opinion ;)
I wanted Undo and Andy to win
7:34 PM
He's a bit trigger happy when it comes to kicking and dictating his power in chat rooms
He needs to cool his jets
@Undo agreed.
@TravisJ Thanks ;)
Here is a user script to sort candidates by votes and show their percents on the election page: pastebin.com/WYrXgbpa
I was curious how much of the vote I got, apparently it was 2% :( I think being hardline on closing questions wasn't very popular with the average user.
@TravisJ Thanks :)
@Andy - I like your comment crusade :)
7:40 PM
@TravisJ es6 or bust
bjb or bust
@SterlingArcher - was quik, page already has jQuery on it :D
Andy's work on comments is top notch. I'd love to have that kind of thinking on the SO team.
@Undo He has done some awesome work. I would like to see him make it out of the primary.
@TravisJ In a few days I'll hit 60K helpful comment flags. Elect me to stop the flags!
7:41 PM
@TravisJ argument invalid, page already has ES6 too :D
@SterlingArcher - You think you could use less code to do that in es6?
That's an interesting one. Lemme see!
@Andy Elect Andy to make him clean up his own mess!
@Andy <whistles>
I think there needs to be less incentive for answering questions that will be closed. I like this comment, and as you've pointed out, it's not so easy to implement, perhaps with a time limit.. if a question is closed with x hours of being posted, as opposed to two years later. I love that kitten pic. :) — MrsEd 36 mins ago
<3 avatar voting
7:45 PM
in JavaScript , Nov 9 at 20:41, by Nick
Erect me as moderator 2015 and I will work hard for you
@bjb568 - Did you see the proposal I put up on MSE about that?
@bjb568 - The premise was that 1 reputation users have no incentive to remove or improve their downvoted or soon to be closed questions. So starting them at 5 reputation would provide that incentive.
@bluefeet - You around?
@TravisJ yes
I'm going in
@TravisJ I'm not smart enough :(
let qsa = document.querySelectorAll; // $$ chrome
let qs = document.querySelector; // $ chrome
qsa("tbody:first").appendChild(qsa("tbody:first > tr").sort(a,b =>
	return Number(qs(".vote-count-post") - Number(qs(".vote-count-post")))))
I'm stuck lol
u dumb jordan
7:52 PM
also, () => return x; the 'return' is redundant
Oh that's right
is :first a proper css selector?
I don't think so
:first-of-type maybe is what you want
:first-child should be proper
eh, I'd stick with first-of-type
actually :first is right
7:54 PM
depends on your html structure
@TravisJ … or use negative rep
link me
@TravisJ could you explain your sort function? I don't get it
@SterlingArcher seems like FF doesn't support :first
@Nick I lied, it's a jquery alias
7:55 PM
@bjb568 - I thought about the negative reputation, but that seemed like it would introduce more bugs and problems for the team than simply starting people at 5.
@SterlingArcher - Sorting is done between numbers by subtracting them. It is just JS convention
@SterlingArcher - It is just grabbing the vote text, parsing it to int, and then doing the sort to it. And then it appends the resulting set of elements to where they came from.
@SterlingArcher - Internally append will use .each() so .appendChild wont quite work there as it is only for one element.
@bluefeet <3
Is it calculating total votes or total positive votes?
@TravisJ meh, if 1 based indexing is bad, think about 5…
But it may be the least bad.
@TravisJ Negative could also make new users feel worse. At least with a lower limit of 1, they can't reach the dreaded 0 (or lower)
8:01 PM
@SterlingArcher - Ah, good call. It only grabs the net sum of votes.
I think I gotcha. Lemme see what I can come up with
@Andy - Yeah, there were several pitfalls with 1. However, starting at 5 feels like you have something to lose.
8:35 PM
var sum = 0;
[].forEach.call(document.querySelectorAll("span.vote-count-post"), (key) => sum+=Number(key.textContent));
[].forEach.call(document.querySelectorAll("span.vote-count-post"), (key) => {
	var x = document.createElement("div");
	x.textContent = ((Number(key.textContent)/sum)*100).toFixed(3)+"%";
I think I got it
It only calculates total positive votes, but ES6
Damn, edit time is over. More ES6
var sum = 0;
Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("span.vote-count-post")).forEach(key => sum+=Number(key.textContent));
Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("span.vote-count-post")).forEach(key => {
	var x = document.createElement("div");
	x.textContent = ((Number(key.textContent)/sum)*100).toFixed(3)+"%";
@SterlingArcher - So that is the sum and %, where is the sort? :P
Let's not talk about that lol
Not really sure how to do that. You sorted by most to least votes, right?
You win I give up lol
I just did that to learn more es6 xD But i gotta get back to work
lol sorry
@SterlingArcher - Hopefully that didn't waste too much time :P
8:50 PM
Pfft. Learning is never a waste of time! I learned that Array.from() is awesome
Damn wrong chat
9:20 PM
I just noticed something amusing. Almost every candidate has the same amount of downvotes.
@TravisJ Really?
This goes for people with only a few hundred to Ed with 10,000
Actually, it seems to stop at the 1000 mark and increase.
But still, most of the top has the same amount.
@Undo - I was curious how far off the total votes section was. So I expanded all of the downvotes.
The percent doesn't seem like it would be swayed much by the inclusion of downvotes.
9:37 PM
9:53 PM
I think it is also interesting to see votes itself so the lower ranked candidates had at the beginning soo much down votes that it took a while until they reached a positive score
Too bad that some of the scrapers didn't worked from the beginning. I really would like the up and down votes of the first 30 minutes
Min 141, max 749 is a not insignificant range
If you look the scores until him he is right just I have a local maxima if I interpret the values correctly on my mobile
@minitech - That range is also incorrectly weighted. The top 14 candidates, who compose roughly 99% of the votes, have a much narrower range.
o/ Ed
Of interest is the fact that someone with 2205 total votes had -198 while someone with 10871 total votes had -201. I just found it amusing is all, perhaps it speaks to the bloc of people who downvote in general? Not that it really matters, the downvotes haven't affected any of the rankings.
10:03 PM
@TravisJ That o/ just clicked. Somehow I never understood that before. Sigh...
@EdCottrell - It is just supposed to be a wave
@TravisJ Yeah, I see it, now.
Dunno why I didn't get that one, since \o/ made perfect sense to me.
Must be getting old...
haha nah
10:12 PM
I don’t know statistics but I tried to come up with something anyway
Downvote counts differ by 5.5%-ish at minimum so I guess that’s pretty close.
10:30 PM
And... I'm out of delete votes. Need a ♦...
10:46 PM
Good night guys
'Night @rekire
@rekire later
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