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12:13 AM
@Dev-iL cool
I only met hg2 with a manual override in R2012b, and it seemed to me that it rasterizes (3d?) plots, whereas hg1 produced nice vector graphics
it pissed me off and I left it at that:P
Q: Make matlab code more efficient

Alfons IngomarJust started to code in matlab because I am studying the book An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation by Higham. One of the example codeblocks he gives (this is the source) is: V = zeros(M,1); Vanti = zeros(M,1); ...

> This already made the code significantly quicker, because there aren't any randn variables generated inside the loop. I don't know however, how I am able to remove the other part of the loop. Is it even possible?
dude optimized the random number generation out of a monte carlo code:D
@rayryeng @Adriaan for your enjoyment ^^
12:30 AM
Oooops, sorry, false alarm
dude also switched from randn(N,1) to randn(M,N) in a coherent way
my bad
Probably shouldn't be programming after 1 AM
11 hours later…
11:09 AM
Hi @AndrasDeak! Good week to you :)
What's your OS+MATLAB version?
11:25 AM
@Adriaan - hello to you too & same question to you :P
Hi @Dev-iL; Windows 7 pro, 64-bits, MATLAB R2015a
@Adriaan ok, thanks
11:46 AM
@Dev-iL thanks, right back at you
@Dev-iL ubuntu 14.04, R2012b
roger that.
Something old, something new...:P
@AndrasDeak Yes. R1012b is new compared to your old age :D
*waving his cane at the youngsters*
@Dev-iL Workaround for which lines??!?!
yeah,that hg2 bothered me a bit. I likeit a lot
but damn, why id they changed it while I was writting my paper :(
11:50 AM
@AnderBiguri tell me which system you have, before getting your hopes up
at work win7x64
... I tested my workaround on 3 computers, it only worked on 1
yeah, your chances aren't great :)
And yet, if the fact it worked on a certain computer isn't coincidental, maybe some conclusions can be drawn (e.g. update your DirectX version etc.) on why it worked and implemented on other systems as well. When I get the chance I'll upload both PDFs and will let people on other systems open them and see what happens
Can you give a synopsis of the problem? If it's not too complicated. I don't want to use your time:)
11:57 AM
Q: MATLAB: edges of patches visible after export as vector graphics

FliegenderZirkusPatches in Matlab are glued together from individual triangles. Their edges are normally not visible, but when I export the figure in a vector graphics format they can clearly be seen (not the whole picture is shown, just a zoomed-in portion) Code to generate this MWE was: xx = [0:1:100, 100:...

So, does it appear with eps output?
It probably does, I can't remember the last time I tried that
You never reflected on that:)
12:10 PM
This OP is driving me crazy:
Q: I need to create this sine wave in MATLAB. How does one go about it?

Sharan DuggiralaI was given the original sine wave(Image 1) and a noisy version of it too(Image 2). Image 1 Image 2 Now to find the original signal, I am looking at the frequency in the first half of the graph which has the greatest value. This would be 21. When I try to create a sine wave with 21 as a f...

12:51 PM
@AndrasDeak I already wondered about that question. Creating a 21Hz sine wave is easy as cake and doing + rand(1)/10 or something to add the noise is not that hard
1:03 PM
@Adriaan that's the point: he didn't have 21 Hz
He had 21/N Hz. Didn't bother to RTFM of fft, and when we tried to help, didn't bother to try to understand
Then he wondered why he got downvotes:P
I only downvoted him after he started not trying to understand our answers.
@AndrasDeak even so. Create a sine with 21/N Hz and then add random noise
1:27 PM
I'm telling you that was not the issue
dude had a noisy signal
but then couldn't recover the filtered signal from fft
I was trying to tell him that he should not use 21 as frequency
eventually I managed to do so:D
1:50 PM
@Adriaan weren't you going to unstar all the spam...?
@Dev-iL I unpinned it. I can't undo stupid choices others made with regards to placing stars
star some new shit and it'll go down in the list
@Adriaan I can...
@Adriaan Ok I got tired of all this unstarring :(
@Dev-iL If you think chat's worth a star, I'm not arguing with your opinion. I do however think those pinned messages should not be top of the list for the coming 4(?) weeks
A: Just wondering about this question how it can be considered as too broad

johnnyRoseAs pointed out in the comments, "there are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format." An appropriate way to pose this question would be to share some code you've tried, but isn't quite working. Asking simply for an answer is detrimental on multiple lev...

I like the steak analogy :D
@Adriaan I only removed what's obviously spam... If you feel more strict I won't argue :D
2:10 PM
@Adriaan 2 weeks I think
@Dev-iL to reflect on that after some thought, I star as much crap as anyone probably.
However, pinning is a different matter imho, since it will be top of the list for the full 2 weeks (thanks @AndrasDeak). I'd like to keep at least that interesting to look at for two weeks, instead of a non-MATLAB conversation which was very funny, but not worth it to reread.
as opposed to the two currently pinned items, which are both MATLAB related and relevant to frequent members.
I just asked a sugestion. I said I'm not very familiar with matlab language. Thanks a lot for your help. — Franciele Daltoé 8 mins ago
oops :D
2 hours later…
4:23 PM
@thewaywewalk You seem to have retagged a question wrongly
the listbox one?
is for questions about MATLBA's UI designer tool
it's a gui question, guide is the only gui related tag we have -> meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/303000/… and listbox does not lead to anything within a matlab question
actually not true
we also have ,
hg2 has nothing to do with guis and figure is to general
4:26 PM
you wouldn't necessarily tag a question with matlab-signalprocessing-toolbox if somebody asks about how to filter a signal using matlab
@thewaywewalk I disagree. GUI is simply a figure which you assigned some callbacks to
I agree, removing listbox was wrong, however matlab-guide is still the tag to keep to adress the people who can actually answer the question. And we should just have the tag matlab-gui
It's settled then :) feel free to retag with "matlab-gui" :)
Even though I'm still under the impression that this falls under the category of ...
Alright, let me find some description for this tag's wiki...
even matlab-uicontrol would be an appropriate tag
which does not exist neither - we don't really need a lot og different gui tags, we should just establish matlab-gui and merge it with matlab-guide and matlab-uitable
does include "This tag relates to the development of MATLAB applications with a GUI, and particularly..."
@thewaywewalk Do you feel the tag is too broad? or is it not intuitive enough?
4:33 PM
@Dev-iL I believe matlab-figure is too counter-intuitive
yes. there are matlab figures for everything and a listbox is rarely used usage for a figure. The question involves a particular gui element and it is no question about matlab-figure in general. But its alright as a "parent tag"
it could be renamed
@AndrasDeak I can see the sense in this
Though also says "This tag relates to the creation and manipulation of graphical plots and visualizations in MATLAB figures. For questions on the creation of graphical user interface (GUI) applications in MATLAB, consider using matlab-guide."
@AndrasDeak you men matlab-guide should be renamed to matlab-gui? -> I agree, but look at the linked meta post, somebody even wanted to merge matlab-guide with matlab :D
4:35 PM
@thewaywewalk no-no, I meant rename matlab-figure to matlab-gui
@thewaywewalk That's plain wrong :D
since all guis are in figures
Question is, do you want to have non-gui figure questions?
@AndrasDeak I actually agree with =>
The current state of the tag wikis seem to indicate gui->use
@Dev-iL yeah that would make the most sense
@AndrasDeak This only means that the wiki of is wrong :)
4:36 PM
@Dev-iL sure. And of matlab-guide:P
I agree ;)
fire up a retag request andi'll support:P
@AndrasDeak Also wrong. See link above, MATLAB clearly says that there's a possibility to make GUIs w/o GUIDE
@Dev-iL I never denied that. I just mean that it shouldn't merit to have a tag for non-guide guis
both programmatical and interactive guis could be put into matlab-gui
which is equivalent to a -> rename
4:39 PM
@AndrasDeak Or we do not need to differentiate gui into guide and non-guide
@Dev-iL I'm saying the same thing:)
@AndrasDeak Been going through the tags interfaces and I cannot find how this can be done
I don't know if I can still follow: I would suggest the following scenarios 1) all questions about figures in general should contain the figure tag, no matter if they are about plotting or guis 2) if there are gui elements involved the user actually uses interactively, one should add matlab-gui additionally to the matlab-figure tag. But tags like matlab-guide or matlab-uitable I'd consider obsolete if matlab-gui exists.
@thewaywewalk I agree 100%
and additionally, if the question specifically states that the MATLAB version is recent enough or that the "hg2 hack" is enabled, it would also be tagged with (at least until such time that this differentiation becomes irrelevant as everybody moves on).
5:07 PM
You seem to have already discussed the gui/guide thing :)
Q: Dispute tag synonym: [matlab-guide] -> [matlab]

thewaywewalkSince March matlab-guide is a synonym for matlab, which does not make a lot of sense. However there are currently 752 questions tagged with matlab-guide and there was never a discussion here on Meta about merging it with the parent tag. matlab-guide is an interactive GUI to create GUIs in Matla...

@thewaywewalk I also agree
@Dev-iL what do you mean by that?
I meant open a retag-request at meta
with support from a gold badger like @thewaywewalk it shouldn't be that impossible:)
and we can let @rayryeng chime in with his
@AndrasDeak Yeah I thought there was some button where I could suggest a rename, and later saw that this is done via meta
@Dev-iL a synonym can be suggested that way
but we're trying to obliterate matlab-guide as it is, right?
anyway it's best to have a about it on meta
@AndrasDeak or we can fool the system by creating the new tag, suggesting a synonym and then quickly accepting it so that it's merged ;D
@Dev-iL need a non-trivial number of votes for that
5:16 PM
@AndrasDeak True. This tag is too specific w/o proper justification
5 ish?
@Dev-iL yup
@Dev-iL and I think only those can vote who are active in the tag
How do synonyms get approved?

When a tag synonym reaches a vote score of 4, it is accepted and becomes active. If a tag synonym reaches a vote score of -2 it is deleted.
5:17 PM
easier than closing :)
But I believe it's much easier to preserve the new status quo if it has a history on meta
Surely :)
Do you feel like writing a meta post for that...?
No, I think @thewaywewalk should, with his gold badge
whenever he comes back:D
5:43 PM
You mean I should write a meta post about the merging? well first we'd need edited tag wikis. But I'm actually not using guis (apart from uitables once every two years) at all and I'm not able to write a proper wiki.
My meta post was, because somebody somehow achieved matlab-guide to be a synonym of matlab which is nonsense.
you can edit tags, can't you?
We can
Or at least suggest edits...
Dammit, 20 consecutive days down the drain
@excaza what happened?:(
I forgot to log in yesterday
going for the fanatic badge
@thewaywewalk I don't use them either...but I thought first we should discuss on meta, and if it's received favourably, then edit the wikis
@excaza Oh...I'm sorry:(
But enthusiast is 30 days, right?:P Do you have that?
6:00 PM
I see:(
interesting, 80% of this guy's posts are essentially links to his toolbox stackoverflow.com/users/5447548/leonard-wayne
there are many discussions on meta about this behaviour
often people are called out for potentially spamming through their answers
one discussion resulted in saying that it can be a good-will thing, where users cherry-pick questions to which they can answer with their product
yeah, I just saw it because I was curious
that reminds me, I have to finish my math
:) What kind of math?
6:08 PM
going from normalized back to data space for logarithmic plots
I was trying on Wednesday but my brain just wasn't clicking haha
I'm not sure I get it, but it's enough if you do;)
Ahhaha yeah this post was the one:
Q: Is promoting one's own product always spam?

HappyCoderConsider this answer. The user seems to promote his/her own toolkit as a response to the question. Even the profile description of the user says that moderators have flagged/deleted posts in the past. How should one deal with such posts? Flag? If yes, then what? If not, what then? EDIT: Even ...

check out Pekka's comments below:D
it's this guy:
I don't know what it tells about a person that they are gold badgers in parsing;)
@AndrasDeak The units for annotation are normalized to the figure window, so if you want to pass XY coordinates you have to normalize the values based on the position of the axis. I made a function to do that but it needed modification to work for log scales. I also made a helper function to go the other way but was getting confused by reversing the log scale math
I need 160 more score for silver badge in MATLAB, gold is going to take forever :(
Oooh, I think I get it now, thanks!:)
Let me know if I can help out with the math;)
2 hours later…
8:02 PM
@LuisMendo Good news! I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance!
1 hour later…
9:05 PM
@AndrasDeak don't answer that guy :( He'll just steal your answer, and post one himself
Which one?
A: Intersection of line and curve Matlab

Andras DeakAn answer based on my solution to a similar question: %dummy input x1=[0 1 2 3]; y1=[1 4 2 0]; x2=[-1 3 4 5]; y2=[-1 2 5 3]; x0 = (max(min(x1),min(x2))+min(max(x1),max(x2)))/2; fun1 = @(x) interp1(x1,y1,x,'linear'); fun2 = @(x) interp1(x2,y2,x,'linear'); difffun = @(x) fun1(x)-fun2(x); crossi...

Oh. It's OK, I stole the code myself. And I'll break his leg if he does so:P
A: Calculating average curve

Adriaan%// Trump up some curves tmp = [1:1e3].';%'// A(:,1) = tmp; A(:,2) = 2.*tmp; A(:,3) = 0.5*tmp+1; A(:,4) = 2.2.*(tmp+0.2); A(:,5) = 1.3.*tmp; %// calculate means B = mean(A,2); C = mean(A(:,[1 5]),2); figure; hold on plot(A,'b') plot(B,'r') %// mean of all blue curves plot(C,'g') %// mean of the...

But thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out
@Adriaan was that the first time, or a recurring thing?
9:10 PM
@AndrasDeak first time I even encountered him.
have you tried telling him he's not behaving properly?
Shitty thing to do though, I exactly answered his question, then he steals my answer and adds interpolation, because his question did not contain enough info
@Adriaan Sure. But you can always try to tell him he's misbehaving, instead of just sulking:P
@AndrasDeak I'd rather not, both because I tend not to be the nicest person when typing those things and because then it looks like I just want the accept for myself. I'd rather have someone else tell him to sod off
He did comment (whilst I was away) that his arrays are not equal in size though
@Adriaan I disagree: you should want the accept for yourself if you answered it
"Much to learn you still have, my young padawan." to paraphrase the Master
(Too bad I refuse to accept those three "movies")
9:20 PM
@AndrasDeak how's that called? SO licensing? SO citing?
I'm trying to find the relevant help/meta page
"In your question you simply ask for a way to calculate the average of two curves. I provided you with an answer to that, which apparently works, since you use my code, albeit without citation, to answer your own question. From the question itself it's not clear you need to interpolate, you should edit that in. As well it's customary under the SO license to credit your sources."
something like that I'm typing up
it's less of a licensing issue, and more of a courtesy one
@AndrasDeak it's plagiarism, even though I post everything here under an open license
that;s the page
That's my point: it's plagiarism from a moral point of view, but not as a legal category. I think. But I didn't bother to read the legal stuff
@Adriaan Ah, OK, that one I didn't find
there are some links below
9:26 PM
Comment's in place. Now we wait.
"what to do if you find plagiarism"
although this is a fairly moderate case
he did improve it a bit, and it does answer his secret question:P
and you can't prove he didn't come up with interpolation on his own
A: What to do when plagiarism is discovered

Pëkka Important: Don't be a lynch mob, even if you're (understandably) angry. Do not pile downvotes on recently uncovered plagiators' answers. Let the moderators handle it - they will destroy any occurrences of egregious plagiarism, and may suspend the user for a while. 1. Double-check Check ag...

@AndrasDeak Nope. I just called him out for the usage of mean which he copied from me exactly
Ah, mean then
I commented, then he wanted more explanation, so I added an answer. Went out for a couple of hours, came back and discovered he'd copied my full answer to his explicitly written question
all he added in was the interpolation bit
he definitely doesn't seem like a bright one
9:31 PM
@AndrasDeak you read his other questions/answers? I did not
Q: How to separate rows of cells in a matrix using logical indexing?

user2924450l2 = [{'walk', 'water', 'warm', 'cheer', 'word', 'happy', 'whim', 'womb', 'wear', 'well'}; {'hello', 'here', 'hat', 'that', 'happy', 'hide', 'awesome', 'there', 'howl', 'harry'}; {'look', 'listen', 'lyer', 'hateful', 'lost', 'hatred', 'plot', 'player', 'plow', 'lay'}; {'goat', 'meat', 'hope', 'ho...

not too bright either
@Adriaan just his replies to your and my answers
But thats too much work. All I need to do is separate those CERTAIN positive and negative targets. I can accomplish it through logical indexing, i just dont know how and i need help with that. — user2924450 10 mins ago
haha LOL:D
@AndrasDeak That is what he needs though if he wants a general case and not a list of only some 10 positive/negative words :P
Yeah, but this is shooting fish in a barrel.
I like fish.
Salted herring is sold in barrels around here, delicious!
but those ain't not needing no shooting no
we're gonna be flagged to hell with that comment thread
9:45 PM
@user2924450, another heads up: Adriaan doesn't speak any python. — Andras Deak 43 secs ago
You dickwart :D
I still do not understand his question I think. For the general case you need the entire Oxford dictionary, for a specific case you need a list of words anyhow...
he needs the specific case
but your use of the word "dictionary" threw him completely off:)
which is a really cool and useful thing in python
they are associative arrays, if that tells you anything
@AndrasDeak So he types up some list of Negative words (feminism, America, vegetarians etc), and a list of positive words (meat, Tories, England etc) and uses ismember
an array the index of which is a string
@AndrasDeak not the slightest
@Adriaan indeed
9:48 PM
@AndrasDeak did we just solve his problem?
Well there is an actual dictionary in python and its much like a cell array so i just wanted some confirmations. Thanks guys — user2924450 59 secs ago
Ironically, a python-like dictionary wouldn't help them much in this case:)
@Adriaan no, I think he just realized that you didn't mean what he thought you might have meant
but that might have solved it for him
that comprehension allows him to understand your suggestion
containers.Map returns a Python-like dictionary for string keys.
I love vague comments turning into a working solution
@TroyHaskin Stop confusing me :P
9:50 PM
@Adriaan NEVER!
@AndrasDeak good job of telling him about referencing his sources :D
I think you're just making too strong an association between the name of the variable your chose and the name a container data-type, which other languages call (less confusingly in my opinion) an associative array or (more confusingly) a hash.
*you chose
@TroyHaskin To cite @AndrasDeak:
8 mins ago, by Adriaan
@user2924450, another heads up: Adriaan doesn't speak any python. — Andras Deak 43 secs ago
@Adriaan I don't think he means harm
anyway, when I'm done with him, he'll be harmless:P
@AndrasDeak Nope, so we, being polite gentlemen, try to educate him.
9:54 PM
@Adriaan Yeah. And I was throwing in some PHP and Ruby to be a dick.
@AndrasDeak you getting your cane out?
@Adriaan it's been dangling out for a while
@AndrasDeak That's almost worth the :P
@AndrasDeak He did get me a flag though, for his first comment
9:59 PM
which already has been deleted :P
Q: Globe Simulator MATLAB - MATLAB

Jonathan MuchumaI am working with the Globe Display on MATLAB, Here it is: (http://www.mathworks.com/help/map/working-with-the-globe-display.html#brblv3k). 2 Questions: How do I make the globe keep spinning (it is only spinning for one revolution then stops.) Second, how do I add a ground-track for a satellite a...

I might have been a bit too harsh
Fine, I'll try and figure this one. Not sure how this is the same as the previous question but, I'll delete this question either ways. — Sharan Duggirala 7 mins ago
@AndrasDeak I agree that it is more my style
And I'd rather have replied "English, m*f*, DO YOU SPEAK IT???" instead of this one:
@sayidjetzenden I don't understand that comment. My point is: use those vectors which correspond to the lines you want to compute, and only those. Anything else might and will be meaningless. Do you understand? — Andras Deak 34 secs ago
10:14 PM
@AndrasDeak he should be editing according to my comment :( He's blatantly ignoring that one
@Adriaan maybe he hasn't read it yet:P
@AndrasDeak Cowpoop :(
you can still pursue the plagiarism story if he ignores you and you're sufficiently pissed
@Adriaan Nooo, Mr. "You'd need to copy the entire Oxford dictionary". I've never seen you be harsh.
@TroyHaskin :D
@AndrasDeak knowing myself I have forgotten about this tomorrow or so. Next time I encounter him I'll digitally slaughter him though
10:17 PM
10:28 PM
My fft OP deleted his question
But it's probably for the best, it was again some problem with losing some of his spectrum
@AndrasDeak meanie
honestly, you can't do any signal processing with zero knowledge of signal processing AND matlab
But alas, I might have hurt his feelings indeed
@AndrasDeak don't despair, there's more people whose feelings you can hurt! stackoverflow.com/questions/33988911/…
I don't care much for volatile new users
This guy was offensively high-rep compared to his post quality.
@AndrasDeak as am I, and for some reason you're talking to me :D
10:33 PM
I am deeply sorry for doing my own homework though. I did not intend to steal your nightly pleasures away from you @AndrasDeak. Do you want a nice PDE as compensation?
No thanks, I'm quite fine nowadays:P
more than enough work on my hands
that's a burden off my chest. Do let me know though when you crave one!
This guy programmed everything that took him more than 90 seconds. From coffee to excuses, he planned it all! Check it on Github.
I especially like the Coffee script :D
10:49 PM
@Adriaan badgers badgers badgers badgers
@Adriaan LOL I almost wish that was true:D
@AndrasDeak Check the link. Article both explains and points to the respective GitHub repository
@Adriaan "Based on a true story "
But, but, the GitHub:(
*pat pat*
10:53 PM
@AndrasDeak I'll be crying on your shoulder before long
@Adriaan I'm telling you this one's not hopeless:
Heh, i can't get it working and I'm kind of desperate. I'll give it a try tomorrow with a clear mind. Anyway thanks for the long conversation we had trying to solve it. Cheers. — sayid jetzenden 2 mins ago
of course he's failed multiple times in implementing a solution which I explicitly gave in his hands
but still, not hopeless:D
He still has not acted nor responded to my comment though
@Adriaan :(
Maybe tomorrow, with a clear mind:D
well, I might
@Adriaan here's a topical comic for you:
11:12 PM
@AndrasDeak first image is good, then we can finally get to the oil deposits in the Arctic; second is cowpoop, since Antarctica is solid ground; third one: my vision of God does not pertain refrigerators.
I do like the comic though :P
Are you on an RSS feed or something? That image was less than a minute old when you linked it :p
Version 29xi15 of MATL posted to Esolangs
@Adriaan :-D
@LuisMendo Have you been testing some of the recent code golf challenges?
@Adriaan indeed
@beaker No, but you're right, I should have, to test MATL
Anything interesting?
there was one on reversing the square that should be easy
11:21 PM
My plan is not to post MATL answers yet, but to post them here for now as a sandbox
yes, just to verify the solutions/compiler
@beaker you mean square root. You're welcome.
This one, right?
Q: Reverse and square

orlpIn this challenge you will compute numbers from a curious sequence. Your input is a single decimal nonnegative integer. Reverse the bits in this integer and then square the number to get the required output. When reversing the bits you must not use any leading zeroes in the input. For example: ...

Q: Reverse and square

orlpIn this challenge you will compute numbers from a curious sequence. Your input is a single decimal nonnegative integer. Reverse the bits in this integer and then square the number to get the required output. When reversing the bits you must not use any leading zeroes in the input. For example: ...

Yes, that one should be easy. I'll give it a try
11:23 PM
I think jBPXB2^
as the naive approach
I was thinking iBPXB2^D
Hey, it's the same as yours :-)
ack! it's an int
not a string
yes, i, not j
Yep. i
And a final D or E to display?
I'm not sure what the difference is in this case
in any case, 8 bytes would be in the running
i think there are a couple of 7-byte answers
@beaker D and E? Oh, just left alignment. E converts to string before displaying
Yes, I saw them
11:28 PM
This one should be straightforward as well...
Q: Sort the unique numbers in a multiplication table

Calvin's HobbiesPretty simple challenge today: Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer N and prints or returns a sorted list of the unique numbers that appear in the multiplication table whose row and column multiplicands both range from 1 to N inclusive. The list may be sorted in ascendin...

similar to this answer:
A: Sort the unique numbers in a multiplication table

alephalphaOctave, 22 bytes @(n)unique((a=1:n)'*a)

8 bytes
Oh, S can be skipped because u already sorts
So: i;t!*uE
yes... so how does this build the initial array? with ;?
i is the number
okay, i see... the one-input version of ;
i; is 1:number
Yes, exactly
That's turning out to be very handy
11:38 PM
seems like it would be
I'm lost in this discussion. I'll go take a clearer look at the insides of my eyelids I suppose
@beaker I have to go now. Tomorroy I get up early. We'll keep discussing this stuff here. And thanks for using it!
@Adriaan Hahaha. Good night!
@LuisMendo Thanks for putting it together! and 7 bytes would put you in the lead for that last one, i think
@Adriaan LOL... you need to print out the handy MATL cheat sheet ;)
and put it under your pillow
@beaker I have clean, white, cotton sheets underneath my pillow
11:51 PM
@beaker I had several looks at that, still don't understand a word:D
The handy verbose automatic comments also don't enlighten me much
@AndrasDeak ah well, hopefully we'll have a few examples to play around with that will illuminate matters somewhat
I'm not sure. We'll see:) But these stack-based gibberish languages never seemed close to me.
do you use an RPN calculator?
I like my languages nice and verbose. Like chef;D
@beaker what's that?
@beaker oh, of course not
oh well
11:55 PM
but postfix is the one thing I do understand
i love my HP RPN calculator :)
it's the stacky things I don't get, though I've never really tried
okay, so this is just a postfix language
I know:)
instead of postfix numerical operations, it's postfix matlab functions
11:56 PM
Gotta go to bed now, so I'd like to ask for a rain check:)
good night :)
thanks, good night
(and sorry, I'm honestly interested)
no worries! :D

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