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10:08 AM
How's everybody doing?
11:02 AM
@Dev-iL We're alright, thanks. What about you?
11:15 AM
Nothing unusual, starting my 3rd week of working from home... still sane ;)
11:50 AM
heh, could be worse
8 hours later…
7:34 PM
posted on March 29, 2020 by Cleve Moler

I have completely rewritten the COVID-19 simulator that I described in last week's blog post and I now have a second version.... read more >>

7:49 PM
Q: Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

DesI’m Des. I’ve been here at Stack Overflow for a little while now (4 years and some change) and just recently started working much more closely with the Public Q&A product team as Director of Product, Public Platform. Working within Teresa’s organization, I'm responsible for setting the overall st...

All in all not too bad a suggestion I'd say, but the automated reopening feature is the hidden snake IMO. Just another of those posts from the company just trying to pile dogshit onto curators to tell them to sod off and pamper as much as possible new users into staying and posting.
@Dev-iL I've been here 9 days now (still worked the Monday two weeks back) and already starting to feel a slight touch of insanity
@Adriaan you need more chocolate
@Adriaan ugh

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