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Also IDK if division or comparison are faster than the other, but if comparison is faster you could just check if the number is a power of 2
@nyconing I don't think so as it's not something out of programmers context
@Cleancode It completely is. Not all engineers are programmers, not all programmers are engineers
@HéctorÁlvarez "Our profits are down 40%, but it would have been 60% if not for you, Hector!"
@HéctorÁlvarez hmm
And the concept of engineer is very broad.
12:02 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez I meant the software engineers :)
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan that might be accurate, I'm sure that flow that took 5 minutes to develop made the difference between loss and defeat.
@Cleancode Are you asking out of mathematical interest, or because of code you need to write?
you want code or you want math formula
I want to them both work together (code + math)
Did you just use >> as a logarithm operator?
12:05 PM
@nyconing ! 5 >> 1
like log2(32) is 8, isn't it?
ah hell I haven't math'ed for way too long
it's not
log2 32 = 5
@Cleancode ?
@nyconing Let him guess... this is going to be fun.
@nyconing The right shift isn't the solution to the problem. Try 5 >> 1
12:08 PM
So it the answer you think?
no, but I trust my compiler
@nyconing hell it's bitwise shift
@CaptainSquirrel Yeah I got it. And I'm going to write my own handler shit but for now it needs the original handler to hook up the new one
The question was about division not the whole number?
The best answer, I think, is to not try to be too clever and save division/comparison operations, which the compiler will do much, much better than us.
12:09 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez until bitswap is all over the codes, it will be not funny lol
At least as long as you're using C#. You can probably craft C/ASM code that manages to properly align those operations into single CPU pipeline operations, but I certainly don't know how or care to learn.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan sometime it's boring to code the usual way :)
if you writes code, keep in mind on code readability
it may fun to wrote all the math by bitswap
2 hours ago, by Squirrel in training
user image
but can you read back your code after a month?
12:11 PM
@Cleancode That's why I asked whether you want to know for general interest (fun, good to understand the underlying structures) or because you have a task you need to do for work, where the chances of this optimization mattering is very low.
@nyconing very easily :)
!~info vaporwave
@nyconing Command vaporwave, created by God
!~help vaporwave
@nyconing vaporwave: God still haven't find out what did this command do, ask again few years later.
I remember a test where I had optimize a calculation that yielded if the average ofa sum of operations was debit or credit.
I went as far as removing the division because it didn't influence the sign
And then I was called a noob by the employer, who never told me what they expected.
Even after I asked.
Good thing I never asked them anything else.
@Squirrelintraining ?
@mr5 I didn't know I had the ability to use leave yet since I've only been here 6 months
12:27 PM
Hello everyone.
Could anyone please tell me if there's an appropriate place to ask for code reviews?
I checked codereview.stackexchange.com, but it's more about single functions rather than checking the whole project. I have only a year of working experience and I thought that there should be a faster way to check if my code is terrible than spending several weeks reading books.
Do you have any senior developers at your place of work?
@Ramid No one is free to go through your source code.
If there's none going through your source code from your seniors, I would recommend to switch.
It's more of a research institute, and as this question is not work-related, I'm not sure if it's reasonable to bother seniors with checking my pre-work source code.
@Cleancode Yet we have the whole stackexchange platform, or do I misunderstand something?
@Ramid Going through a whole project sounds like a lot of work. Easily a few hours or even a day's work. I wouldn't expect to easily find someone to do that for me for free.
@Ramid We do have stackexchange platform to just review your variable conventions and function namings of a small piece of code that you post. It really is not to review your entire project and then conclude how it is working all together.
12:34 PM
You can take your project and break it down. First, describe its design and architecture and post that for review. Then, take various bits of it, isolate them, and ask about them specifically. Not only will this actually get some people to review it (unlike a whole project, top to bottom, at once), but you'll probably learn a lot just by decomposing it like that.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Ok, got it. Thanks for the tip, I'll start from that.
12:47 PM
Jack, cats
Is that even English?
Jack, black
Is it possible to see or set the localisation setting on an Azure App Service?
12:50 PM
Jack, Daniels
I don't understand mate
the hell...there's a news story out about a polar bear who got spraypainted
who does that
fucking weirdos
hope they get eaten by a shark one day or something
1:08 PM
this is an odd proposal, but is it ill-conceived? ultimatecourses.com/blog/…
soo good
best command in a while
nah, this is the best command
Jack, tell Hans1984 shutup
@Hans1984 Shut It!
1:11 PM
Jack, tell Hans1984 shutup
@Hans1984 SHHH!
puts cpt on skewer and uses him for bbq
1:21 PM
looks at ash
1:47 PM
Morning folks! Gonna start my shift of 12 hours! Send me good vibes plzzz =D
12 hour shift
back from lunch
12 hour shift... as a developer?
I hope it's a 12h shift so you can have 1 day of vacation
1:57 PM
Yep, but usually, I don't do that. Let see how it is gonna end
This is my first time in Stackoverflow chat rooms. Do you guys know where I can find the rules to follow here?
Rules. Rules. We have those, I'm pretty sure we have those.
Generally speaking, Chat is SO's bastard child, and the higher-ups only really care when rooms get out of hand. Generally speaking, the general policy of Be Nice and try to take cues from the room regulars should serve you well.
Of course, our room regulars can be a bit... squirrely.
haha ok thx
Pay no mind to JackSparrow, who's a semi-functioning bot.
posted on November 28, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

It's a double-meeting that! Get it? "Outlook?" Seriously, though, sometimes folks comment on my busy schedule and I joke that I'm "playing tetris with Outlook" where appointments are falling blocks and I'm twisting and turning them and trying to make it all fit. I also often take some time and actively defrag my calendar. Defraggging your system's disk usually happens automatically - in th

@CaptainSquirrel Well, you know, yes, I s'pose. *whistles*.
He's fine, watch
Jack, status
I am oper̶̨̛̯̰̬̞̰̰̝̲̪̞͈͖͂̈́̋̄̀͛̎͗̓̂̃̅͋͒͐̓̑́͆̀͊̂̑͐̐̊̈̑̒̌̏̉̑̿̚̕͘̚̚͝͝͝͝͝atin̵̢̩̟̲͖̆͊̆̿̀̕͝g̶̹̈́̆̓̏̇̂́͗ at 1̷̳̑00̴͚̝̲̦͙̰̂͑͜%̴̨͚̭̰̟̖̌̉̇̎̏̀͘̕ c̸̢̪̩̘̙̲̺̼͕̏̎̑̃̍ä̶̠̦͉̹͈͍͕̤̗͉́̽͋̉̃͘͝͝͠͠p̶̣̖̟̠̠̳̗̩̹͆͑́͊͊͑̈́͜ȁ̷̡̘͚̤̟͖̬̓͊͌̍̒̆̆͗̆͜͠c̷̢̧̨͍͕̮̦̔͐͊͝i̶̩͌̈̔͌̍̈́͌̉̕͝t̶̢̛̼̤͕̺͍͍̙̪̗͚̚y̶̠̘̲͉̞͔͉̝͕̝͗͐̿̇͠͠͝
@Pankwood As you can see, the only actual rule governing behavior there is Be Nice. You will find that regulars often aren't very nice to each other, which is sometimes OK because they know each other and some casualness is expected. Other times we have to remind them to cool down. :)
Generally speaking we sometimes talk about C# here. The expectation is that if you have questions, you can simply ask them without asking if you can ask them, and that squirrels are out to take over the world. That's pretty much it.
Cool...I think I'm a nice person, so no problem so far haha
Don't interfere with our plans for world domination and we will get along just fine :)
333 Days until J.Doe returns to us
2:16 PM
Pinky and the Brain feelings
that article reminds me of when I started my first job and my google calendar completely wiped itself clean the day before for no reason
oh yeah and the first day of work was Jan 1, 2014....so maybe the new year fucked it?
One day I did an application with Delphi integrating with Outlook..The first version did the same thing, wiped everything from calendar haha
Luck for me it just run in my computer
2:58 PM
TIL: the meaning of spooning 🥄
After learning I was like "Ooooooohhhh!"
Everything has a word in English
spooning is lotsa fun
Why do strangers asking for spooning?
I assume it would just lead to sex afterwards so why not just go direct about it
@mr5 do you have rando's asking you to spoon?
No. It's just from a video clip I watched
I was wondering if it's normal in Europe to ask for spooning instead of sex
Forking is used in git and was also wondering how did they came up with that word
that's not something most people I know ask for where I'm from
we just kinda spoon automatically
3:07 PM
So you thrust (?) your food and put it in another place. Okay that's easy.
Yeah I just find it interesting that they even have a word for it lol
You fork your food
to move it from your plate to your mouth
I just read Scott Hanselman's bio
Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.
this sounds like what I'm gonna be in like 10 years...right down to him having the same name as my pseudonym
We have a word for "to fork" which have a clearer meaning: tusok
It's only used when you want to spear something using a pointed object
Hansel is a brand for crackers with butter inside from where I'm from
butter inside? so not buttery like Keebler Club, but you can actually see the butter?
3:25 PM
Its butter damnit.
scott is the dude that made asp .net
i think thats pretty much that
@mr5 Don't trust any video clip you didn't fake yourself.
I know pretty much all his books are ASP.NET-related, but I don't see anything about him creating it
Question on Blazor, so Im playing with it and found https://github.com/aspnet/AspNetCore/issues/16104 what I am trying to decide is this a good solution to my problem or should I think of a different way.

I am trying to have a list of razor components in the app and allow for users to choose from a few of them to display on their own home page.
well I might be wrong but he was like the guy payoneering asp.net @AlRey
3:36 PM
@AlRey how do you interpret this message: "I was just trying to psycho you"?
Hey there's an update to this... euh... surreal conundrum.
Sober already Hector?
So the client responded to my release notes file. For background they requested me to fill in a release notes document with the changes and a small guide about how to deploy, even though that's out of the scope of a release notes doc.
They sent me the template in German, I requested the English version, and got the polite equivalent of Go fuck yourself.
So I fill it in as well as I can, with screenshots for each step and a comprehensive copy-paste of the commands I used to do so.
@mr5 I wanted to turn you into a psycho
I could have totally translated those to spanish for you by now
3:39 PM
First complaint: This should be placed in point bla h blah and you put it in blih, so please move and send it again.
@HéctorÁlvarez are these the disabled people that the company hired for diversity's sake?
@Squirrelkiller Not the point, the thing is as actual professionals we should be polite with each other. What if I send my release notes in Spanish to them?!
@AlRey Not that I know of, but they certainly behave like they have some illness that disables them from using over 5% of the brain.
Second complaint: Please add step-by-step details on how to set up the Samba share.
Bitch I'm reading Google guides, tell your fking IT dept to handle Linux, which is what they're paid for.
Third complaint: Please explain what each system property does in detail (underlined detail).
So... There are 2 properties and 3 flows. The properties are named basePath and basePathTarget. The flows create/delete/move folders respectively. GUESS WHAT THEY DO.
Aside from that, this was already explained in the document, exactly what each of them do, with a screenshot of the current status.
Wait, there's more
Whatever you choose to do: Ask your manager first with an estimation
3:47 PM
Fourth complaint: Please tell us how to install any prerrequisites for the whole project that you may think about.
Nah I told my colleague to answer
she's 2 ranks above me and doesn't have anywhere close to my patience
she'll come back with "points 1,2,3 are already in the docs; 4,5 you can do yourselves, 6,7 we don't know or care, cheers."
@HéctorÁlvarez That should have immediately had an equally polite "go fuck yourself I need this to do the work YOU want doing."
lol what a shit show
So, I guess to my question above. It doesnt really matter that I am using blazor since I need more of a how to lay out the app for allowing a user to relate themselves to a number of razor components. Basically add a razor component to their home page for the app
My simple mind would probably just stuff an iframe or something on his website and load blazor in there
Maybe store the paths for the components in a db and load them from that?
I found a way to dynamically load a component on a page, but it requires the typeof(classname) to be passed in.
And that wouldnt be too bad with IFrames. Then I can just store the link and size of each component for a user and load from that maybe
3:59 PM
@CaptainSquirrel Yeh but I always try to fix stuff instead of arguing idiotic things left and right. It's usually not a huge deal since I'm being paid for my services, but at this moment it just looks like they think I'm an idiot that does everything they ask
@HéctorÁlvarez I'm just wired to think that way tbh after 2 & a half years of dealing with half baked specs
I have to remind them that I am business application engineer level 2, if they need anything better then pay for the better dude, or the actual person that knows that stuff.
@CaptainSquirrel exactly
Although I did also occasionally throw people under the bus that CLEARLY had not tested things and signed them off regardless
Had a person in a department push for specific functionality
I had to chase her for a month to test it
And after her coming back and saying "I'm too busy to test", I just thought fuck it
said this is what it is supposed to do, I've tested it and i think its right but you need to make sure
She turned around and said yeah that sounds fine, push it live
4 months later she comes to me demanding to know why it doesn't work the way it should (And because it didn't it wasn't compliant) & spoke to my boss about it (and obviously lied)
My boss comes to me and asks why it doesn't work the way they wanted, I show him the email and he was like "...Oh"
Having proof in writing is always a wonderful thing to have
Oh yeah it is
The multiple memories of meetings I've kept and sent over the last 2 months have already served me well
had my back covered every single damn time
"Why X" --> "Read Y"
Jack, learn why <>https://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/48030630#48030630
4:08 PM
I've learned the command why
36 secs ago, by Héctor Álvarez
"Why X" --> "Read Y"
Is there a bitwise operator to revert enum (of two values), if(EnumVal==0)EnumVal=1; //and vice versa
Its just fun forwarding an email back from the person blaming you.
@mshwf Yes.
4:09 PM
that is xor
jsut gotta find out the symbol for that
I think ^
tried it already, didn't work
x xor 1 flips the bit
ViewType = SearchResultsViewType.List;
ViewType ^= ViewType;
public enum SearchResultsViewType
    List, Map
@Squirrelkiller He doesn't want XOR, he wants NOT
From my C# interactive window:
> 0 ^ 1
> 1 ^ 1
4:10 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez That didn't make much sense.cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496322396928868376/…
<!>Operator '!' cannot be applied to operand of type 'int'
NOT works on booleans though, not on bits
@Squirrelkiller That didn't make much sense.cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496322396928868376/…
Add > for eval
@Wietbot evalcsharp 0^1
4:11 PM
Please tell me Madara has extended the bot suspension
Looks like it
@HéctorÁlvarez wat
4:13 PM
Anyway time to go home, bye
Well your XOR works
I'm sure I believed it worked because crappy JS eval stuff understanding 0 and 1 as true and false
time to use switch
@Squirrelkiller Don't use Wietlol's self-replicating malware.
This is legit funny so I thought I'd share this here
4:48 PM
I did not think they were styling their video URLs like that
5:19 PM
how do I do this query with a list of objects where I want to see if list contains the item passed on a property value like id - stackoverflow.com/questions/14257360/…
@erotavlas There isn't a 1:1 equivalent to SQL's IN operator. You can do it with multiple IF checks (ugly) or with Contains.
Oh, that's what the answer already states.
I can't use contains because I don't have the other object to compare to...I just have id
I think what I'm doing is like a join
ok I did it...

myCollection.Where(x => myList.Where(y => y.myListItemid == x.myCollectionItemId).Count() > 0);
6:27 PM
Yaakov Ellis on December 05, 2019

We know that giving our community mechanisms for sharing and receiving feedback is important. In her recent blog post, Meg Risdal described some of the ways that our Public Q&A product team is working to improve the way our system helps users share and receive feedback. I’m pleased to announce that starting today we are rolling out our new post notice system on Stack Overflow and across the entire Stack Exchange network. 

As a reminder, post notices are the informational banners that sometimes appear on closed, duplicate, and other questions. …

@Feeds Shut It!
6:40 PM
The world owes me, so fuck you
1 hour later…
8:07 PM
any know how to disable a column in a gridview on a click, as opposed to setting it Visible=false?
I can't set it directly in the click event, but I made a RowDataBound and it let me set it there, but that's not what I want because that makes it disabled at all times
I have an Edit link button in the column and when they click one I was hoping to just have it grayed out and unclickable so they can't click Edit again while they're already editing, instead of making it disappear entirely
9:02 PM
readonly = true
tried that but readonly doesn't populate after Columns[0]
or at least intellisense doesn't know about it, I didn't actually type it anyway and try running it
yep DataControlField does not contain a definition for ReadOnly
why would read only Not Populate the column
Want to post a screen shot?
it just doesn't know what ReadOnly is at that point, if I type
myGridView.Columns[0].ReadOnly = true;
there's a red squiggly under ReadOnly
in the click event
9:24 PM
Trying it here
 DataGridViewTextBoxColumn col = new DataGridViewTextBoxColumn();
        col.ReadOnly = true;
        col.Name = "Col1";
That will let you add a column and set it to readonly
dataGridView2.Columns[0].ReadOnly = true;
That is using the DataGid to set readonly
what object is gvEnvelopeLines
9:52 PM
oh okay
sorry, got pulled away from my desk but that might work
Anyone here can tell me, is it possible to call 'npm install' in asp.net mvc (not core), after publish
So it would run it on server without me calling it
@juanvan that's my gridview
11:00 PM
If different developers have different database connectionstrings on their dev machines, what is the accepted way to keep the different connectionstrings from being passed to the wrong computers through git?
11:12 PM
Don't keep connection strings in source control
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