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8:11 AM
room topic changed to Test: General discussions room (invited only). Over 2k rep - gets writing access. Over 10K rep can ask for Ownership (no tags)
8:25 AM
Hi @CathG
@DavidArenburg, Hi ! Thanks for the invitation :-)
I'm doing an experiment of creating some friends room for just unrelated to discussion among SO friends
what do you think?
I feel like our OT rooms are boring and no one talks there abotu anyhthing
Seems a good idea. You really think it can be totally unrelated to R though ;-)
there is no guidence here really
anyone can say what they want
i just wanted so relax room
I agree with you on the other rooms
8:27 AM
that isnt bounded
its like everyone afraid to speak in the other rooms
though im not sure if this will work as
I don't want to create too much noise about this so no one will get pissed or something
i think ill make most of the guys owners so everyone will free to talk
seems nice to give it a try! (I'm not allowed to speak in the restricted room yet anyway ;) )
im also choosing my words carefully
ive got expelled from there once
then was almost expelled again
im not good in that stuff
always pissing someone there
I mostly use the other rooms to see what question "needs my vote" to be close...
if this room will work
ill bring the CLose Room bot here maybe
I didn't know you could be expelled, that's kind of rude...
8:31 AM
the rules there are very strict
maybe I should have learnt them before requesting access...
this makes our tag rooms very boring (I thnk)
everyones is quite all the time
Actually, I only requested access to "answer" your question about rowsums/colsums !
so what the answer then
I guess something like this was column sum by grouping rows hence the name (sorry, it was before my holidays and I washed my brain since ;-) ).
So how will you called your room (I guess "test" is only a temporary name ?) ?
8:42 AM
@CathG Yes, it's a test for now
I can make you owner and you will name it otherwise
im out of ideas
Also, another question, the "almost expelled" problem, was that because of what you said about Hadley's answer to your (very good) question ?
my main concern now is how to get it started without making too much mess
;-) for the co-owner (make me 10k rep first ;-) )
they hate hadley in that room
everything you'll say against him will give you stars
8:44 AM
I accidently mentioned "Excell"
you can get shot for stuff like this there
though now when i realise it the question wasnt so good
Roland basically answered it five minutes later in his comment
I see, next time maybe mentionned "the-thing-that-cannot-be-named"...
im just suck in C so I couldn't fish the answer my self by looking at the source code
It alls about the eval(R_fcall, rho) part
that the thing causing this mess
last time I did some C, (it was more C++ actually and)I was seating in a very uncomfortable seat at the university and that was not that recently :-(
whats "very unfortunate seat" lol
uncomfortable I meant :-S
but that was what I wrote actually ;-)
8:48 AM
i just wread wrongly
i never learnt any language officiantly
Except maybe SAS, MAtlab and SPSS
which I never used after
:-D I used to use SAS but that was before I discovered R! I learnt very quickly some Pascal, C and C++ at the university but kind of "just few hours so it can still be written on the skills learnt during the year but doesn't cost to much to the university"...
i have a co-orker like that
puts everything he ever saw on the internet as a skill in his Linkedin profile
I'm not accusing you in being like that :)
its just reminded me him :)
yes, there are lots of people doing that but I find it suspicious when the skills are too many (like knowing 10 softwares : for me, it means that you're not good with any)
but I don't put it as skills, I was just saying for the "program of the year", like what the university put on its site
I in general avoid putting on my resume that I can do stuff if I don't totally handle it (then people can have the good surprise that ther is more things that I can do ;-) ). It makes me not good at selling myself though...
I have the same problem
Yes I'm from France
9:01 AM
i dont know how to sell myself
my co-worker is great at this
he can get any job
well at least we're not liars :-)
In our world, if you arent a little bit a lier, you will end up working at McDonalds...
well I got lucky to meet a very nice person who hired me after my internship :-) but I agree with you and it's a shame...
What's your profession?
I'm (supposed to be) a biomathematician, exactly, I'm analysing data from microarrays, SNParrays, etc.
9:12 AM
What's yours ? (this is because I'm french that I cannot stop putting a space before some punctuation marks like ? : ; ! ... ;-))
ok, M Sc in statistics (says your profile) so that is master scientist in stat ?
im a statistician
though not feeling like one
i feel i love programming much more
I would to do my education again, I would go for Computer science
I'm doing a lot of stats, although I did not learn a lot of them because I'm mostly a mathematician... and I find playing with R much more fun actually!
I love R
I don't think you need to go back to school for that, you probably can be an informatician right now if you're willing to change your job
9:19 AM
im not sirioucly considering to my studies again :)
* to study again
I'm just saying
if I was 10 years younger
In France, there is a lot of job opportunities for informatician and if I someday need to search for another job, I probably will go for that (after a tiny formation though ;-) )
I would reconsider my decision
Whats that?
I know it was just to talk but I was only saying that you would probably don't need to go back to school to be an informatician (which is the name of the job you do after computer science, at least I think it is !! ;-) what would you call it ?)
you don't look that old though, probably a bit younger than I am. If I may ask, how old are you
yes, right, programmer is probably a better word, thanks !!
9:22 AM
It's in my profile, no?
yes, a bit younger than me (38---oups, that hurts ;-) )
I didn't see it in your profile but I need to get used to the new presentation
that's fine
this new format is indeed annoying
I never know where to click in order to do what I need
I still don't see it :-(
9:25 AM
Yes, it's probably was removed
it was there once
its better that way I guess
age is always depressing number
programmers don't have age (like angels don't have a gender)
No matter how old are you
that very incorrect in Israel
I wouldn't be depressed if I were 25 ;-)
we have huge age discrimination here
to ask you mean (how old)
9:27 AM
people after 40 losses their jobs all the time
really ? for work or in general ?
in France it's more after 50...
(well don't necessary loose their job but if so, it's very very difficult to find a new one)
for programmers specifically
that's what I meant
9:39 AM
room topic changed to Test: General discussions room (invited only). Over 1k rep - gets writing access. Over 10K rep can ask for Ownership (no tags)
room topic changed to Test: General discussions room. Over 1k rep - gets writing access. Over 10K rep can ask for Ownership (no tags)
10:02 AM
@DavidArenburg, as for the name, you can call your room SO-Lounge or something like that (quite informal room...)? I saw there is already a lounge C++ but it's probably not a problem? Anyway, it's just an idea
@CathG Maybe
But it's just to general
and sound like its for all SO and etc
I don't know,I'll leave it as is for now
will see if this works first
it doesn't matter really as no one is here :)
...yet! ;-)
Are you planning to bring someone?
I wish I could bring guys like rawr or akrun
would love to chat with them
@zx8754 hi
10:40 AM
I guess he didn't like the idea lol
oh here you are
I like the idea, not sure about the purpose
its not well defined
im just testing the idea of a room without specific rules or orientation
Is this about R only? How about R and R public rooms?
I see
10:46 AM
its not about R
its just general discussion
but mostly between R users i gues
i dont know
its just a test
to see how it goes
as i feel like SO is very boring during the EU day time
Where are you based?
so you more or less in my time zone i guess
3 hours
10:49 AM
Closer than US
i work for a company in LA
i have 10 hours diff
maybe 11
remote? lucky you
im not exactly remote
we have an office here
a smll one
10:50 AM
but we supporting the big office
Management doesn't mind SO obsession?
i cant beleive u just said it
i really do have an obsession though
didnt know its so obvious
Been following your progress ;)
did you?
i really need to chill on SO
*Everytime came across your name you have like +1000 rep added
10:52 AM
i only answered one question today
but yesterday i ws way over my head
reached rep cup very fast
"chill on SO"?
and kept answering
for no reason whatsover
working on it
I don't mean it in a negative way
10:54 AM
answered only once today...
it is bad
im less efficient on my work
my wife hates it
she always tells me i have a new obsession every time
i do
it is part of work - education. Wife is another topic
wife is THE thing
akrun is another fast riser
i dont want to mess with her
akrun is crazy
he did 30K rep only in 2015
10:57 AM
he is much more addicted than i
he has more answers than any other user
or maybe he is second
I think it is his job
after BondedDust
i don't think so
My guess he is a teenager.
I'm thinking to invite him here
this is basically what this room for
Reading my mind
know each other
maybe make some connections (like in LinkedIn). Something like that.
Sometimes it seems akrun is a team, not one person :)
11:16 AM
i think he will reach 100K by end of year
@zx8754 You native Russian?
Me too
Uzbek from Uzbekistan, former Russia
11:33 AM
Im from St. Pitersburg
(Sorry to intervene), I also think akrun is a teenager and I also sometimes feel it's 5 persons at the same time...
we can invite him and ask
though he may be offended by all the stuff we wrote here :)
isn't he already invited ? I thought I saw him in the "listing" of people invited in the room ?
well we're just saying how efficient he is ;-)
@CathG he has a write acess
he isnt invited
11:39 AM
oh ok. that's right, I saw his name in th "access" page ;-)
I think we are currently the most active room on SO
maybe we should rename it to something related to EU
cause SO is just dead during these times of the day
ok, i've invited BrodieG
lets see what he thinks about this idea
@DavidArenburg, don't mean to be indiscrete but you're from St Pitersburg, living in Jerusalem, working for a LA company : how universal are you ?! ;-)
@CathG oh
didnt think about that in that sense
though i think many of like that
take zx
he also from Uzbekistan living in London
11:44 AM
well, I'm from Nantes, living in Nantes and working in Nantes... maybe I should "move" more...............................................
@CathG You've got a perfect life then
Or I'm some kind of "homebird"... Not sure it's perfect ;-) although I'm not complaining actually
@zx8754 here is a question right up my alley which I'm desperately trying no to answer
Q: r cumulative sum function, conditions

RampageKydhello i have a data frame in R , fairly large 600 rows/observations one column is patient id NOT in numeric form,e.g ju89, ju87, so its a factor column one column is 1/0 where 1 means remission 0 means not remission one column is time from diagnosis now,from time from diagnosis patients go f...

@CathG And you shouldn't :). Most of migrated not from choice but because of a need.
Such as Job/Better life etc.
France is a great place though
I would love to visit one day
Argh, I just fell through a wormhole into a weird place.
@BrodieG lol
i thoguht you would say it
its just a test I'm doing
so SO won't be so boring during the EU day time
11:54 AM
Unfortunately I'm East Coast US, so I won't be too much help.
Just unrelated to R discussions
Just up early today.
anyway, you are welcome to try it out if you want to discuss something unrelated to R
@DavidArenburg that question is too much of a text with no code effort
for my liking
That said, you must on SO all the time, since I see you pretty regularly during GMT-5 (or 4 nowadays) hours.
11:55 AM
@zx8754 yes, this is why I feel like I'll need to spend too mcuh time nly on reading it.
@BrodieG I'm usually come home after work and do some SO before sleep
its my way to relax
SO is a fun place, no?
@BrodieG, btw, what do you do in life
@DavidArenburg it's where all those insufferable kids who always had to be the ones to answer the teacher's questions go when they grow up.
Speaking for myself anyway ;)
@BrodieG I'm actually was never good in class
@DavidArenburg Wish I was a programmer, work in finance
I always preferred playing soccer and etc.
I thought you guys spend time on sport site to relax before sleep (or is it just mine ?)
11:58 AM
One day I fell in love with R
@CathG I'm going to gym almost every night after work
@DavidArenburg Well you have done well for yourself here.
This is why activity hours on SO are late at night
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