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12:00 AM
Round Numbers are always false. -- Samuel Johnson (source)
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6:08 AM
Good moaning
Goat mourning
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7:12 AM
goat mourning my brothers
yesterday 27 C° today 10 C°
7:39 AM
@Feeds XKCD #2920 Explained: When they update the database, Cueball's position changes to compensate.
8:05 AM
@ntohl Same here, it's crazy
I was like hit with a club
yesterday slept here and there but I was even more tired after them
I think it's either Pyros' or Gargoyle's fault!
😃 still that new Oak avatar is so much Pyros
Totally! That's how I made the comparison :D
I even found the game online: classicreload.com/one-must-fall-2097.html
Framerate is bit too high though and the sound is glitchy so I turned it off
framerate was always an issue
8:13 AM
Scorpion from MK?
that was my previous avatar too. With a pizza next to (finish) him and the bubble above with ⬅️⬅️ low punch.
Hell yea
My favorite character!
8:34 AM
mine too 😃 I used to play a shitton of MK4 with my old friend
classic sub zero vs scorpion
Recently I redownloaded and reinstalled MK9, what a great game!
I think it's the spriritual successor of my favorite old MK:Trilogy
MK9+ are all great
movie quality stories
Haven't played anything beyond MK9 yet
I think I have MKX
I have watched the compilation of movies between fights
8:50 AM
It's more like KAFFEEZEIT
haha Oak has his new avatar
MK is great I've played 9 and 10
Lately I did the 250 tower challenge and completed it finally
no i didnt
just looked it up on steam
i played 10 and 11
8:52 AM
Having to fight Goro + Kintaro + Shao Khan with one character and no health refill is difficult.
but not the new one
I plan to move chronologically
sounds very difficult
Got MKX already so until I finish that the MK11 will get cheaper
Then I will play MK11 and until I finish that the latest MK1 will get cheaper
They could do "One Must Fall vs MK" game
Scorpion vs. Electra mmm
@Darj difficult you say...
that's inhuman
9:18 AM
my favorit game is google earth vr on steam
it has teh best graphics and it is SOOOO immersive
its a lot of fun to revisit places you ve once traveled to :)
I play geoguessr sometimes, it's an actual game lol
Also, I've heard that the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator looks really, really nice
The new new one or FS2020?
I think it was about FS2020
I remember people saying that they've modeled real world stuff really pretty good
Yeah some of the stock stuff is really good
Obviously there's mods for even better but there's a lot of cities where they've imported a ton of photogram and it actually looks pretty good from a plane
There you go
9:32 AM
Still pissed off though that if you bought the spenny versions of 2020 then fuck you for 2024
No cheap upgrade option?
Not that I've heardf
Apparently they've had to significant rebuild the engine because it wasn't capable of the stuff they wanted to add in the new version without running like ass
In fairness, that's probably one of the biggest issues with 2020, it runs like ass on all but the best hardware
Well, it's Microsoft, so they'll figure it out
Something that was neat with 2020 though is addons that were supported in the previous 2 versions of MSFS were mostly supported
Those two previous versions being FSX and the one before it
Released in 2006 and 2004 respectively
Official addons or like mods from the community?
9:40 AM
As long as it was supported by the base game
Haven't played fs for ages
10:02 AM
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has anyone played
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
this game has such a well crafted story and characters
and im not even into Marvel AT ALL
bro you sound like an ad
but its true
its really well made
now @Darj
10:59 AM
[Captain Obvious] I don't think you want to drink beans directly
maybe chew them
@Darj my friend casted the EMEA region GeoGuessr tournament
(Hungarian channel)
11:52 AM
Sounds like that GeoGuessr tournament would be a real test of geographic knowledge. Have you ever used the Geo coordinates API in C#? It's quite useful for mapping stuff out, especially if you're into building applications that need geo-locational intelligence. Hungarian must be tough for coding keywords, though—good thing we mostly stick with English for that.
also there's geo coordinates apis?
12:47 PM
at the place where I was working with spatial structures we were coding in Hungarian. Because there were some domain stuff that could hardly translated to English. Kandelláber and it's relatives...
but the V2 that I was working on was English
1:14 PM
lol. Ninjas in Pyjamas
it must have taken them all day to put the pajamas on lol
is it implying they are having an even worse day because they have to wear pyjamas
baby goat love pyjamas its a fact
oh okay
1:24 PM
don't bring birthday shibe vibes into this
my bad
lol you can buy them on etsy etsy.com/market/baby_goat_pajamas
keeps them warm i'm sure
all right those PJs have holes at the back...
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3:28 PM
Botler, shiba
3:28 PM
2 hours later…
5:03 PM
Hey, sorry to barge in here, but got a question to @Michael - what happened to @OakBot? I noticed it left all rooms on se.com chat domain.
@Hans1984 ha! Fancy seeing you here. :D
posted on April 16, 2024 by Waldek Mastykarz

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@ShadowWizardLoveZelda never mind, false alarm, bot is back.
oak never leaves
6:12 PM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda Sometimes Oak stops responding to messages due to websocket issues. The problem is usually resolved when he resets his websocket connection every 8 hours.
this is first time for me in stack overflow rooms
is this chat?
where is pepole
i love this web
i just talk with me
@Michael online?
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
@RevoidTeam No, this is Patrick

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