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7:42 AM
Good moaning
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10:55 AM
@VLAZ yes, that sounds more correct. thank you 😊
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12:32 PM
app.UseSpa(spa =>
spa.Options.SourcePath = "ClientApp";

if (env.IsDevelopment())
spa.Options.StartupTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(120);
spa.UseReactDevelopmentServer(npmScript: "start");
can i just leave this commented out in my startup.cs ?
does it REALLY need to be there
...especially the freakin StartupTimeout. why TF is that there?
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3:03 PM
Ryan Donovan on December 08, 2022
Everybody wants to learn more. But then sprints happen and you don’t make time for it.
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4:10 PM
posted on December 08, 2022 by Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

In this post we discuss updates to the Project Migrations tool for incrementally migrating ASP.NET apps to ASP.NET Core. The post Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core with Project Migrations Part 5 appeared first on .NET Blog.

Dumb question but I only get blog post about pattern matching searching for answer.
Is there a way to call a method in a switch in .net 7
char Code(char c)=> c switch {
Char.IsPunctuation => c,
Char.IsPunctuation(c) => c,
Both line goes boom
Am I missing something obvious?
I miss when for cases
4:31 PM
switch only works on compile time constants
if not, the syntax would be something like:
true switch {
    Char.IsPunctuation(c) => bla,
    Char.IsLetter(c) => foo,
    Char.IsDigit(c) => bar,
I mean, you can do true switch { 1 == 2 => "foo", 3 == 3 => "bar" }. It's just horrible.
Wait, can the cases not be evaluated at runtime?
If so, that's much better. Because the "inverse" switch where you switch over a boolean and have different expressions matching it is terrible.
especially if the language has better wording and accounts for a default true value
such that the following would be valid:
when {
    Char.isPunctuation(c) -> bla
    Char.isLetter(c) -> foo
    Char.isdigit(c) -> bar
5:00 PM
char Code(char c)=> c switch {
    {} when Char.IsPunctuation(c) => c,
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6:10 PM
posted on December 08, 2022 by Natalia Kondratyeva

Introducing new networking features in .NET 7 including HTTP space, new QUIC APIs, security, WebSockets, and more! The post .NET 7 Networking Improvements appeared first on .NET Blog.


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