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7:00 AM
So what do I have to sacrifice to make the default IntelliJ JavaFX template work?
Why would they offer a template that is not runnable
I wanna do this stuff in C# :/
7:24 AM
@Squirrelkiller what you would have to do is, drop that project because it's written in Java
Fair enough
Dec 7 '20 at 15:50, by Harry
fuck java
7:41 AM
So I'm thinking about adding a simple function to my powershell profile for a "private" shell that, when closed, erases its history.
First idea would be something like privateShell { powershell; //delete history here }
But I'm afraid that would delete the whole history, not just the "inner" history
<add key="AllowExternalEmail" value="true"/>
how can I get boolean value here?
I do this
but it gets as string
not bool
bool.Parse() it
what if it fails
tryParse is better?
If the one who writes the config is you, and you trust yourself, I'd say use the direct one
7:48 AM
better to be defensive
thanks squirrelkiller and mr5
if you trusted yourself and you write it with the TryParse but it still fails, then it got corrupted somehow. What would you do? How would you know how it got corrupted?
TryParse just is a convenient way of reacting to a failed parse my logging or getting a default value, instead of either throwing or wrapping it in a try/catch
It implies that you know exactly this line might fail
try/catch implies you know that it might fail but it shouldn't but you still want the application to work in that improbable case
parsing without try-pattern or try/catch is just the raw way of "either this works or the application is fucked anyway"
I am slowly heading in that "is fucked anyway" path, since it's highly likely there is something wrong aside from the code and resources available.
e.g. getting a connection string could be a try/catch to convey "this shouldn't ever fail, the application needs the database to function, but without database I still want to show some errors or rescue some other way"
Not being able to read a dll in your install directory could be done without try/catch, since the other dll is supposed to be installed with your application and it doesn't work without it, so you can just throw in that case and in case that does happen ever, your support could just answer "yeah it's fucked reinstall it"
7:58 AM
My boss asked me if my current salary is reasonable given that I am managing 3 projects with 3 different platforms and languages. I told them that it should be 50% more with my current salary, knowing also that my current salary is way below to the average starting salary on a developed country. I am working for an Australian company but employed on a Philippine company (staffing company). Do you think what I told my boss is reasonable or the management would laugh at me?
why would they laugh
it's good
Sounds reasonable
Maybe also try to get a direct position at the australian company
[Captain Obvious] @mr5 you're actually based in the phillipines aren't you though?
Yeah, I'm based in the Philippines
8:06 AM
[Captain Obvious] You're gonna be paid based on the rates of where you live, not where the company is based (except mayube a couple of rare exceptions)
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] multi loves cheap workforce
@Squirrelkiller I'm not sure if my current employer would approve that.
[Captain Obvious] They wouldn't be able to stop iot
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] doesn't matter. I would add "thanks for asking, I was already looking for job on the market"
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] iot? Internet of Things?
[Captain Obvious] More likely though the australian company wouldn't want to because there'd be contract terms with your employer about "finders fees"
[Captain Obvious] it, typing is hard
[Captain Obvious] We tried to employ someone from the company who did out cleaning because they wanted to work for us a while back#
@CaptainObvious there is actually a company I am eyeing that is paying rates based from where their company is at (US), and employing people from around the world.
it's just hard to pass their screening test. You know that 1-50 questions where you need to answer each within less than a minute. I forgot what it is again.
oh it's CCAT
8:29 AM
Woah, 50 questions in 15 minutes
8:50 AM
anyone has use ADO.NET?
9:00 AM
Long ago
Like, 3 or 4 years
what am I doing wrong
dt table has 0 count
if I do without parametrization it works fine
that is ToAddress LIKE '@x.com'
sorry a mistake there
it's @ToAddressName not @x
still doesn't work
[Captain Obvious] What you're doing wrong
[Captain Obvious] Is not using an ORM like Entity
9:17 AM
[Captain Obvious] But for real
[Captain Obvious] You're adding the parameter ToAddressName (which doesn't exist in the query)
[Captain Obvious] And then you're executing ther query (without specifying a value for parmeter @x
yeah I figured :P
[Captain Obvious] Dutch people get in here (and by here I mean the general chat in the discord)
10:00 AM
why dutch people?
@mr5 no i havnt tried it yet
10:25 AM
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] I bet because of localization
[Captain Obvious] No actually
[Captain Obvious] I need to know what salary is reasonable in the greater amsterdam area
10:43 AM
[Captain Obvious] VC PARTY
2 hours later…
1:08 PM
Getting away from the island?
1:53 PM
[Captain Obvious] I've been invited for an interview at least
Teresa Dietrich on June 16, 2021
We have had an exciting couple of months here at Stack Overflow. That excitement doesn’t change our plans for the future, detailed in this post.
2:13 PM
hey, how long you been a c# developer?
@Botler So where would you rather work, and would you move?
@AndreiSolero A few years
@Squirrelkiller how long specifically?
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] since 2012.03
2:15 PM
Hey @Botler
Where'd you learn c# btw?
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] hi. Btw @-ing botler won't work. It's a chat relay
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] hmm. In university at first
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] I recommend exercism.io
I need some advice, I've been programming for at least a year in c#
I'm kinda stuck in oop
Is that okay?
I had learned programming in Java over 10 years ago because I got an android phone and wanted to do stuff with it. I started by formal dev apprenticeship in 2016 in a company using C#, needed 2 weeks to learn C# to a usable degree.
finished apprenticeship in 2018, been C# dev since then
So "how long" depends on a few specifics, like was I a C# dev during apprenticeship? Or after a year of apprenticeship? Or only after I finished?
@AndreiSolero what kind of oop?
2:32 PM
[Captain Obvious] What's wrong with OOP?
[Captain Obvious] And I'm open to moving about a bit, I've been in the same place all my life
[Captain Obvious] So I've got a couple of months to find myself a new job before I finish up here
Hi, does anyone have any idea why I am getting this error when using SP Api Feeds Amazon?

"errors": [
"code": "InvalidInput",
"message": "Invalid Input",
"details": ""

It seems to be an API bug, but I guess there must be some possible solution.
[Captain Obvious] Looks like your input is invalid
[Captain Obvious] More likely than an API bug
2:48 PM
Also ctrl+k to format your message
@Botler Could try Switzerland - they keep asking me to move there, and you get to keep not being a part of the EU!
@Botler Yet I will continue to do so, as a direct reply still points to exactly which message I'm replying to. Not my fault the relay can't properly relay replies.
[Captain Obvious] But I want to be part oof the EU
Ah I can see that dutch slowly taking over
[Captain Obvious] But one company has invited me for an interview for a job for 65k eurocoins
Hm not bad
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] eurocoin as EUC? Because it's 185 eur
2:55 PM
I was making 48k before going part time, but I only had a bit over 2 years of experience.
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] not 185000 but 185
Friend at the company is making like 55k I think but he's dissatisfied because for his 7 years experience he's supposed to make more
[Captain Obvious] wait what
[Captain Obvious] ah fuck I was trying to take the piss out of the Euro as a meme currency
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] meme? It's more stable than GBP
1 hour later…
How do we know this isn't just someone who built something to pretend it's the new Windows11?
Is this a good ViewModel?
public class IndexViewModel
    public IReadOnlyList<Asset> Assets { get; set; }
5:07 PM
Maybe an ObservableList would be more helpful
Yo anyone using EFCore with oracle? How do I get composite types (oracle custom types?) into my EF model?
Q: Is a ViewModel really necessary if there's going to be only one property in it?

kesarlingI have a View called 'Assets/Index' in my MVC (.NET 5) app, where I show a list of the Assets in the assets table. The page is modelled on IList<Asset>, i.e., @model IList<Asset>. I was suggested by my peers to make a ViewModel for that View, but is a ViewModel really necessary in this case? I me...

Oh shit nice catch
@Squirrelkiller I know, right?
5:40 PM
Fine, it's that time again
Q: Map EFCore to oracle custom composite type

SquirrelkillerSo I have a table containing a column of type...let's call it STAMP: CREATE TYPE STAMP( timestamp DATE, num INTEGER ) So naturally, my EF model has a property of type Stamp: public class Stamp { public DateTime Timestamp { get; set; } public int Num { get; set; } } Yet I get the ...

oh wait i didnt realize you are making a type
but yea shouldn't you specify the type in the model builder?
I have .HasColumnType("STAMP") in there
I just see there is no support for user defined types
thats what google tells me
Folks, is there a way to configure a Visual Studio solution (or a project) such that it opens in Release configuration by default always?
I've looked into properties, but I don't see a setting which determines which configuration will be active by default.
In my Visual Studio setup, the default configuration is volatile. I set solution1 for Release, close solution1, open solution2, set solution2 for Debug, close sultion2, open solution1 again. Solution1 opens with Debug configuration active.
5:59 PM
@misha130 It just told me that about the postgresql provider - where'd you find that on the oracle provider?
I dont want to link it because it was an answer about EF6
Folks, for academic purposes (to understand how a framework works), is there anybody here know any resources that teach us how to create a simple framework (just for simulation)?
asp.net core framework let us to create our own executable that will be invoked by the framework and orchestrated with other services. It is interesting , right?
1 hour later…
7:11 PM
creating a framework?
idk bout that
I'm also wondering if what I'm trying to do with streaming videos is even possible without Azure

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