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12:36 AM
hi how do i easily create a new object list in 1 line?
12:49 AM
className ObjectName = new className();
@CupofJava he said list, not just an object
you're right I didn't read it correctly
List<string> nameslist = new List<string> {"one", "two", "three"};
there should be something in that article that describes it
or that
@Adan List<string> nameslist = new List<string> {"one", "two", "three"};
5 hours later…
5:35 AM
Buenos dias
6:06 AM
posted on September 23, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

Many apps today at just static on the front end - HTML and JavaScript - with something powerful on the server side. They aren't "static apps" as they have very dynamic front end experiences, but they are static in that their HTML isn't dynamically generated. As such, you don't need to spend the money on an Azure Web App when an Azure Static Web App will do! These apps get free SSL certs, cust

goodos morningos
@Feeds SHHH!
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
@CaptainObvious okelidokli :D
do you guys know if you can fire an event using a command
here's my thought process: I'm trying to create a touchscreen keyboard and I want my caps lock button to send some custom event like "CapitalisationChangedEvent"
@JansthcirlU Què?
Sounds like a vad idea :D
6:14 AM
hmmm ok
what would be a better design choice for my caps lock then?
My feeling is you should keep each component for itself.
I am not sure though ^^
yeah but when I press the caps lock key I want it to change the capitalisation of my other keyboard keys (letters, symbols etc)
@JansthcirlU Maybe have property "bool Capslocked" and bind to that.
Have a viemodel to bind to.
Yup would have a property on the keyboard itself and bind it to the capslock key
Wait which framework?
just vanilla WPF Core
6:16 AM
Maybe aswell a converter to do .ToUpper() if IsCapslocked
oh yeah I could try that
6:47 AM
So once again when I changed something in the layout of our application, I forgot the team that is like kinda part of our team but they have their own application but its frontend is basically just our application with some files changed.
So now our layout is all modern and theirs got crappy because I forgot their html needs the new CSS-class too.
blame it on an intern
We have no interns currently :/
lol rip
Also I'm in the company for 2 years, in this team for over a year, and I'm the newest member of the team.
shameless plug: new version of my PropertyValidator! NuGet, GitHub
@Wietlol shameless ping. I've implemented the multi-prop validation model already!
7:00 AM
@Squirrelkiller lol
@mr5 Izz required 😂
I can't think of a good error message.
"You cannot seriously be this stupid"
I'm also thinking of putting swear words there, something like, "f*** do you know what a first name is?!?" I would do that if I didn't care about getting employed =P
@JansthcirlU oi. great suggestion. will do on my next release!
or make it passive aggressive: "In case you are illiterate, let me remind you this is where the email address goes"
7:08 AM
Hi folks, I have a problem related to data science here.
Q: Looking for some examples of two events that are constrained by mutually exclusiveness and independency

Not A Zoomed ImageBackground It will be easier if we distinguish "mutually exclusiveness" from "independency" by considering the sample space in mind. Two events that are compared for mutually exclusiveness must be from a single sample space. For example, Tossing a coin twice. $A=\{HH\}$ is an event in which t...

nah, that's too long. You know, I'm something UX person myself.
@NotAZoomedImage that's a maths question tho
@JansthcirlU Yes.
@mr5 Who is that guy?
Green Goblin
from Spider Man
Or you can call him the "I'm something of a <insert not-your-real-profession here> myself>" guy
7:11 AM
@mr5 Oh I see. I have not watched any movies. I am too obsolete.
that's not his real name though, in case you believe me ^^
ah Willem Dafoe
How is Cebu?
never been there.
it's okay I guess since there's no tourist activity this past months.
Can you speak Tagalog?
I'm from Philippines! of course not!
7:17 AM
Why? Tagalog is from Philippines.
@mr5 nice la bobo
yeah lol. I'm just kidding :D
@JansthcirlU a mix of spanish en tagalog. nice
I only know bad words in Tagalog from my dota 2 days
that's what gamers needs to know first!
my name there is Cykachu, a russian pikachu that swears a lot!
@NotAZoomedImage does this answer your question: math.stackexchange.com/questions/941150/…
7:29 AM
Not exactly. I have read it.
oh you removed your original question
@mr5 😂
Only jsut saw that
7:40 AM
I am having this weird issue, in a system with different OS language, I am trying to run .net application in c#. The alphabet "i" is read as "ı" and so it fails. can anyone please help me on this?
math educator site is too silent, I removed the question.
you gotta give them some time to react
@Squirrelintraining lol.
@Squirrelintraining are you still with the fil guy coworker you told me before?
8:02 AM
@mr5 fil?
ahoy o/
Ahoy Captain o7
@Squirrelintraining filipino guy
8:19 AM
@mr5 Sadly nop, he was fun.
a fellow programmer too?
8:36 AM
nah he did react
@mr5 tlwnw
Good news lads
.net 5 hasn't broken in prod yet
What happened at 9:01? There was virtually no load but the server hung around for a minute or so
8:52 AM
"About a minute or so"
What you mean like a second
Wait do you mean the gap in requests? There was just o requests
It was *slower for about a minute or so
let's not get pedantic about wildly unprecise graphs
@CaptainObvious I'm dissapoint I thought it was about my sunpat :<
With an X-Axis of 45 minutes I'd say it's kinda precise
the ticks are 15 minutes apart tho
8:54 AM
Working on it
total range doesn't dictate precision
@JansthcirlU The markings are - the data points seem to be by minute
Precision is 1m intervbals
fair enough
So I'd say "about a minute" is about as precise as it gets
8:56 AM
@CaptainObvious Yeahy!
FYI tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/300226292 Tesco sells it at ~8.15€ per KG which is less than half of the price at the the other shop 😂
Who is this Lisa Farrelly, and do you pronounce it like Will Ferell or on the first syllable?
And the big jars tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/279723604 go for 7.50€ per kg 🤤
The 600G tub is even cheaper, that's the one which I was looking at yesterday
@CaptainObvious That's a weird tub
8:58 AM
I see your brain can't wait for your hands to be done writing either
@Squirrelintraining I actually might try to order that from home
Blame Madara for that
Nah then I'll get haunted by Madara's Ghost
AHhh @madarasghost
IS COOooooOOoooMiiiIiiiIin
Maye even faster than @JackSparrow can respond.. 🤔
9:14 AM
Good luck with that
Anyone know of a good simple way to generate an empty PDF and populate it with Bitmap or PNG or TIFF images?
I bet ImageMagick has your back here
@FatalSleep Dunno if MigraDoc has that functionality but why not checc.
9:24 AM
Magick.NET from nuget
Had my Montourret just nopw.
Your what
I checked MigraDoc it's not really up to date....
dcyxsvfgvhzjnukmi,oö.plü-ä'*L_;KI bgvfcy
I'll check Magik.NET.
9:25 AM
Now my head hurts.
And the colleagues lookat me in weird ways
I am now 100% convinced that all the squirrel accounts are the same person
Did your cat smash your head into the keyboard
@Squirrelkiller 😏
can't convince me otherwise
@JansthcirlU Why should I convince you. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.
9:26 AM
I never said you had to, I just said you couldn't
@FatalSleep PDFSharp is probably a good shout too
As the USA prove: That does not mean it is a good opinion.
Why is there so many libraries to generate PDFs, but like 2 to print them
Pretty sure all the PDF-libs are either 10 years out of support or fucking expensive
just write a C# library that generates TeX and print it with PDFTex lol
9:27 AM
PDFSharp is supported and excellent
It just doesn't print
PDFSharp hasn't been updated in over a year.
Also was written primarily to work with WinForms.
Prior to 1.50 yes
You can actually use Windows.Data.PDF to render PDFs and generate images from them under UWP using the Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts nuget package.
But I need the unfortunate feature of populating images into a PDF for civil construction... Which you can't do.
I mean sure, pdfsharp has a slow release cycle
@Squirrelkiller ^
9:30 AM
But at the same time, it doesn't exactly need to be updated constantly. I recieve PDFs generated with...
does it have something to do with the fact that PDF images are vectors?
@CaptainObvious This is migradoc.
Yeah Civil Construction PDFs are vectors, but you don't need the final vector data to produce a "quantity takeoff," compressing the PDF into an image with whatever quantity overlays will suffice.
That version, Which was released somewhere between Feb 2012 and May 2013
9:32 AM
They need to update their Nuget package then....
Feb 14th, 2019.
It does the job, why risk breaking it
I get literally hundreds of these PDFs per day
Which PDFs?
Ones like the one generated using the ancient PDFSharp
yeah if it's Core 3.1 compatible then it doesn't need any updates right
or is UWP still on framework
9:34 AM
No idea, UWP is garbage so I couldn't give 2 shits
I know but I thought @FatalSleep used UWP
UWP is on Framework 4.6+ and Core 3.0.
ok yeah see no problem then
UWP isn't the greatest, but it's built in PDF rendering seems to work fabulously.
9:38 AM
Eventually I found PdfiumViewer, which although the repo is archived perfectly did the job to open and render PDFs to bitmap so I can actually print them (without having acrobat reader isntalled)
so I can load a PDF, and have it rendered to bitmap in ~60ms
Which is better than what most PDF libs which "print" do which is essentially run a headless version of acrobat reader, and print using that
Which I imagine would be slow. And also requires acrobat reader to be installed
Yeah I don't wanna deal with Acrobat.
@FatalSleep What is the source for your PDFs? Is it just one giant image? Or is it like a full rich document with vectors and shit
@FatalSleep WpF room is deaded
no I'm active in the WPF room
mostly to tell people I have no idea what I'm doing
9:43 AM
Nobody is active in the WPF room
@CaptainObvious I receive full rich vectored documents from contractors.
But can you render it all down to a bitmap or something? Because if so I have a really simple solution
If I could... I'd try and get away with exporting Bitmaps, but you can't combine bitmaps into an easily scrollable/printable file like a PDF. For whatever reason the Civil Construction industry loves their PDFs.
Alternatively, what format do they come in?
The plans always come in PDF form.
9:45 AM
Wait so you're just combining a bunch of PDFs into one essentially?
Not quite, here's the process: Open PDF, Generate Bitmap Render, Allow User to scale the image, draw (to measure quantities), then render the user's output onto a final bitmap image. Then you'd usually have several pages that have been drawn on that all need to be strung together into a single file.
So a bunch of bitmaps, each one representing a page? And that all needs combining into a multi page PDF?
Does sound like a job for ImageMagick
9:53 AM
I mean, this could also be solved using System.Drawing.PrintDocument and the Microsoft Print To PDF printer
Easiest solution ever
other Print to PDF soft-printers are available
Yeah, which only works if Microsoft Print to PDF is installed.
And apparently it has a ton of issues.
@FatalSleep I also ran into that problem...except I don't have Ghostscript because moneyz and still got it to work. Maybe just for specific stuff?
I have basically Magick.NET in a microservice running in a docker container
@Squirrelkiller how does that work...?
For the sole purpose of making PDFs of images
I've never had issues with print to pdf
9:56 AM
Ghoscript is under AGPL which apparently you can use commercially.
Made a dotnet core WebApi with one endpoint taking a File, converting it to pdf using Magick.NET, and returning that pdf. Then we host it in a HashiCorp environment.
@FatalSleep Except AGPL means you need to AGPL your code too, right?
Or open source it at least or something?
Oh does it....?
Ah I actually looked at the page now. You need GhostScript to convert a PDF into an image. Not the other way around.
Now if I include ghostscript and Magik.NET will ghostscript end up being installed with my program? Or how does that work?
I guess it will just find the files it needs via installation paths
10:02 AM
I officially hate PDFs. :')
Oh wait
PDFSharp actually has a really simple thing for this too
Basically, you draw your first image. Then you call AddPage(). Rinse and repeat.
Good because I double checked the Ghostscript license, not happneing.
Or migradoc, both appear to have the same functionality. Honestly not really sure what the differance is
Also ghostscript is a huge pain in the arse to keep "installed"
PDFSharp it is.
Though it gives me a warning, "This package may not be compatible with your project."
It's just an alternative port of PDFSharp...?
is a partial port of PDFSharp.Xamarin Oh jesus christ
Yeah PDFSharp it is.
I'll just use UWP for rendering and PDFSharp for saving to file.
If you need to render the existing PDF to a bitmap and don't want to use UWP, use pdfiumviewer
Yeah I will, but I'll try with UWP first, should be just fine.
10:15 AM
This is the entire code snippet you need. It's hilariously easy.
They have a sample app for it that works beautifully too.
Excuse the VB, this is in an older project, although this code was only added a few months back
Eh no problem, that is super easy lol.
_render is just a System.Drawing.Image too
I'll do a performance test on PDFViewer vs UWP and see which is faster.
10:17 AM
That will render PDFs fast as fuck, I'd be surprised if UWP can do it faster, especially if your app isn't UWP already. If it is, then my condolences
It's not uWp.
Just brought in a nuget package for Windows.Data.PDF support.
The problem I had with PDFViewer though is that it crashed on loading a decent sized Civil PDF.
Like you're looking at about 50ms to render a PDF (which in fairness is just an already rendered bitmap) to an image. Although if you've got fully vectored ones it might take longer
Which UWP didn't.
All my PDFs are vectored.
Huh, I've never had that. But at the same time I also only have PDFs coming in at up to half a MB
10:19 AM
Yeah some of the PDFs I use are up to like 300k KB.
Oh that should be no problem
I'l double check their sample then, because last time I tried it couldn't load a large planset like that.
I have a full vector test PDF which is 451kb which it renders no problem
That said, I've seen the sort of diagrams that civengs knock out, my test PDF isn't anywhere near that complex
Yeah that's nothin'.
I know lol
10:25 AM
I'll run some tests, it may be an issue with their sample more so than PdfiumViewer, who knows.
@FatalSleep Oh wait I didn't realise that said 300k KB
so 300MB
Yeah it's a 332 page vectored PDF.
Most of which are vectored CAD PDF pages.
anyone knows the name of the list of must haves for applications?
such as CI/CD, unit tests, etc
every year a new list was posted
git, repo
10:40 AM
ye, VCS would also be included in that list
but I want the name of the list :D
it sounded very professional
the name is...
devops task?
those tools would fall under ops of devops
10:51 AM
yo yo yo
very good
yo yo yo
11:28 AM
@JansthcirlU lally, what is dis?
pi on its side with a little loopy
it's yo yo yo
in a mysterious language
I gotta get a pi one day...just something nice and easy to run my bot lmao
lol there's a video out there on how to get Quake onto the raspberry pi...amazing
half-life 1 when?
WHy not now
11:41 AM
Why not ever?
Hans, mimi squirrel "peanut crazy"
Its hiragana
I said, Hans, mimi squirrel "peanut crazy"
p3k isn't here and your mims are betteer anways
Sometimes atleast
@Hans1984 getting close
no its not close, its right on point
no, hiragana is not a language
11:44 AM
are YOU trying to tell me stuff about japanese
dont make a foul out of yourself
its laughable
says the guy who calls Japanese hiragana
i dont call japanese hiragana
hiragana is a sign set of japanese
so is katakana
11:45 AM
hiragana is a style of Japanese text like kanji...you barbarian
but this guy dosent get it
it's okay I was just being pedantic because I said I typed it in a mysterious language
not a mysterious script
Jack, pathetic
also, there's no need to feel so attacked about your knowledge of Japanese
it's just a language
11:47 AM
I always feel attacked
so it Kotlin
by everything
im paranoid
I mean I'm just being a spaz on purpose
@JansthcirlU its all good
then I suggest you fall and stick in Japanese
sorry that was a shitty pun
11:48 AM
one friend kept sharing gifs of lucky star yesterday and I'm like "ok den I can bring up my own degeneracy"
what would be a more profound way to say "team mentality"?
teamwork spirit?
11:53 AM
that sounds cringey.
I'm thinking of a word a cool kid would say.
doing X with the bois
@mr5 bring p3k back
@Cleptus the real super power of teamwork!!

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