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Getting distinct items from a database, think that should be ever be a view, instead of accessing the table via sql? or only when used in a function?
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Buenos dias
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how come this room is still quiet at this time
so I learned something from Math and I wanna share with you.
a' (pronounced as "a prime" (the "a" could be any letter though)) means it is derived from the same variable but it just got changed by scaling, translation, rotation, ...
and I'm sure this is a common knowledge for people in here but still...
Yup and each time you derive something from that you add a prime: a>a'>a''>a'''
@mr5 As 'knowledge' is uncountable, it doesn't get a before it. "This is a common knowledge".
but there's a plural form of knowledge
It is not countable and therefore has neither singular nor plural
Like water or milk
You can't have "a water" or "three waters" (unless you're a very old seaman maybe)
There is "a bottle of water" or "three packs of milk", because bottles and packs are countable. But water and milk are not.
yeah you're right. doesn't matter if "knowledges" exist. it's still uncountable.
"Knowledges" only exists because you wrote it AFAIK
It's not a real word
6:00 AM
there will come a time, that we may be able to tell how many quarks there are on a given object.
I mean theoretically we can do that
google says the plural forms of knowledge is knowledges. there also exist a book that have "knowledges" in its title.
But then you have exactly that: A number of quarks. Quarks are countable.
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@mr5 Link?
Because both of those are either incorrect or out of context.
@Squirrelkiller Quora and Google
ew quora
the info was from Oxford
Ok I give you the quora one. Similar deal with "people".
Still, most of the time (like 99,9999%) knowledge is uncountable, as is people or water. (Although people is more like 99,99% of the time uncountable I guess).
the word just exist. I do agree that it is uncountable though.
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Good morning.
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Many uncountable nouns can have a countable usage as well.
"fish" is usually uncountable ("many fish") but can be countable in the right context ("there are many fishes that can be found in the north sea" means something different than "many fish that can be found in the north sea")
Likewise "people". "Many people" are a large group. "Many peoples" are several different (ethnic?) groups of people.
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8:24 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan How is fish uncountable? When I see a fish but don't know if it's a tuna or a salmon, I just say "there's a fish!"
@Squirrelkiller And yet it's one of the common examples. "There are 5 fish on the counter" - not "5 fishes".
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan How is fish uncountable? When I see a fish but don't know if it's a tuna or a salmon, I just say "there's a fish!"
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan How is fish uncountable? When I see a fish but don't know if it's a tuna or a salmon, I just say "there's a fish!"
...yeah, I get it.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan How is fish uncountable? When I see a fish but don't know if it's a tuna or a salmon, I just say "there's a fish!"
Right now your messages are definitely countable.
8:53 AM
O/ - Morning all. First day back in the orifice for me today.
9:09 AM
back in the opening? a tube? a nostril?
@mr5 It's just how I always refer to the 'Office', to indicate its general inferiority in all aspects in my opinion.
9:26 AM
I'm back. Turn out my internet had some strange problems lol. Before I went, I only saw that one message.
Man, I would love to be back at the office.
working from home atm?
For the past six months, yes.
is it such a big problem in israel?
Didn't you guys just lockdown v2?
9:30 AM
It is right now - verging on catastrophic - but regardless, that's Google policy everywhere.
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> Fixed an unmanaged memory leak that led to the growth of the committed memory of dotnet.exe
I suppose that explains why I had 45GB committed memory on a 16GB RAM machinee
Told you
told you?
I think the first time you mentioned this I said quit Rider and look again at Task Manager.
Has this large chunk of virtual memory gone since upgrade?
ye, but I didn't know where to look at
at that time, I was looking at the RAM, not the VM
the RAM doesnt change that much
9:45 AM
I upgraded just now, I suppose I will see at the end of the day if it is still low
10:41 AM
Question: What tools do you use to work with a database? (management tools, code libraries, etc) and what do you like most about those tools?
10:53 AM
Depends on the DB. For MSSQL, SQL Management Studio was simply the best tool out there. Azure Data Studio was on its way to replace it but the last time I tried it (about a year ago) it was far, far from good enough.
For DBs who don't have good native tooling, such as Oracle or MySQL, I usually used Visual Studio's Server Explorer because I didn't need to do a lot there, usually, just a handful of quick queries. When I did, many years ago, I remember using DBeaver, which was fine, as cross-platform tools go, but because it was generic, it wasn't very good for any specific DB. It worked. That's it.
SQL Management Studio have debug abilities, which was deprecated in SSMS18 dba.stackexchange.com/a/241881
so I would go with a prior 18 one
and for libraries?
Oracle guys used Toad
a colleague of mine was quite fond of Azure Data Studio, I havent tried it myself, but it might be interesting
considering I mostly use mysql databases
what you mean by library?
10:59 AM
EF, Dapper, etc
I thought like an Oracle package
I had hoped it would be like VSCode - an open-source reimagining of SSMS that let go of the baggage of the past and started anew. Unfortunately, it was nothing like VSCode - it was slow and buggy and missing many features.
It uses the same general UI layout, but someone managed to do it terribly slowly.
for Oracle we used Devart, but I don't recommend it.
I haven't accessed an RDBMS for about 18 months. :)
no need for direct database access?
11:03 AM
My current project is a piece of technical network infrastructure. It doesn't really store much. It receives configurations from a different service and updates current state and usage metrics.
i see
The previous one was very storage focused but not DB focused - it was an ETL pipeline that pulled in petabytes of data and streamed them through algorithmic/ML processing.
I have used EF Framework/Core in which I like the migrations and linq most
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan In german we have a literal translation for "a people" - ein Volk
for management tools, I used to use MSSSMS, but I changed to DataGrip when I got my full product license, since then, havent really tried looking for anything else
11:05 AM
Neither the current or previous one were on .NET, so no LINQ... how sad.
-> peoples = Völker
@Wietlol Well, you're a Jetbrains fanboy, so it works :)
it wërks quite good imho
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan you now mostly work in C++?
@Wietlol Yup. A bit of python for auxilliary tasks.
I have used some libraries in languages other than .net (mostly JVM) which have something similar to linq
I tried to learn C++ for a bit to get Kodian (Wietlang) to compile to it instead of llvm, because it is much easier to ask for help on C++ code than it is to ask for help on llvm ir
but I have a much more pressing issue at hand...
I need to put all my libraries into source control (yes, not all are) and properly into maven (jvm's package manager)
which costs... quite some time
11:16 AM
Me starting at google: "Oh, let's learn how to do package management in C++".
Me after a month: "You... you're doing what? Why? HOW?!"
well... I used to just have my packages installed in my local cache
so, for nuget, in /{user}/.nuget/
it worked... but no telling when I will lose my current machine and have to do stuff all over again
building versions I cannot recover
then, I found a plugin to deploy to github, but it didnt include sources and docs
not that I have docs, because the source is the documentation... but without sources, you are still nowhere then
now I have mostly stuff figured out, but I have to redeploy everything to make sure that there are no half baked libraries in it any more
I tried looking into a proper reporitory and AWS has a quite good code repository service
setting it up was really easy
but as far as I understand, I have to log in to get a temporary token that I can use to authenticate my requests
and I dont want to log in every day
locked myself out of my own damn car. morning's going great. anyway how's you guys?
how did you manage to do that?
by being a r-tard
11:41 AM
Can I have some input into the following? I have two projects A and B.
What is the best way for project A to use a path in project B's config file?
a) Copy and paste the path in project B's config file into project A's config file. b) Add project B's dll to project A's folder, and use reflection (something like Assembly.GetAssembly(...)) to get the location of project B then read it's config file. c) Use reflection to locate a type from project B's assembly, and instantiate that type, then access the path in the config file via a property on that type.
For b) since I'm adding the dll to project A's folder, the location will not be project B's directory anymore, right?
do you only need a config from project B?
I only know how to get the location of the currently executing assembly, I've never tried getting the location of another assembly, so I don't know if it is even possible?
I smell that smelly smell
@Wietlol project B contains a Json with different settings. I only need one JSON property which contains the path project A needs.
11:46 AM
sounds like you need a centralized configuration
Q: What is the XY problem?

GnomeWhat is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index

@ntohl Thanks that's useful, but the projects are already under different solution folders, so it's too late to implement that answer.
That one
@BlackPanther Microservice.
11:49 AM
@Squirrelkiller Microservice? Can you elaborate, I'm not really familiar with it.
@Squirrelkiller and how it relates to this problem.
If you need two separate solutions to access the same thing, you can build a small webservice to provide that thing
If you somehow access projectB from projectA directly, these projects are forever coupled. If you try to change something in projectB, you'll always have the risk of destroying projectA
@Squirrelkiller yeah I rather not have to change the path in project A every time I set it in project B, so I rather have the path in one location. That's why I haven't implemented a) even though it is the easiest.
What is that path, what does projectA actually need that projectB knows where to find?
@Squirrelkiller The path is a directory path to a directory which contains a bunch of files. Project B uses this path to retrieve files from that directory. Now project A also needs to know what files are in that directory which is specified in project B's config file.
12:01 PM
Will both projects always be on the same server?
@Wietlol Is that even possible when the two projects are different, i.e. one is a console app and the other is a worker service?
What is the most probable thing to change: The server the projects run on? The location of the files? The fact that one or both projects need those files?
@BlackPanther Yes, with a database or microservice or something else holding the config
@Squirrelkiller It is not running on a server, at least not yet.
@BlackPanther what we have is a few centralized configuration services
one of them is a database
another is a secrets manager, by AWS
configcat is a viable config service
12:05 PM
@Squirrelkiller I think the location of the files?
if A and B goes to different servers, the solution still works
and with polling if there is change in the config, the path will change without restarting the app
@ntohl configcat looks cool, but I have to check who maintains it. Sometimes open source projects get abandoned, and then one day your project breaks because it depends on an abandoned package.
Yeah build some service that is responsible for knowing where to find the files. Like that thingy ntohl suggests, although for your very simple use case I'd just throw out a microservice for that.
Just make a new WebApi-Project in dotnet core, give it an endpoint to download the file, and put it and the files on their own server.
@BlackPanther one of them is my former colleague
@Squirrelkiller Yes I agree, ntohl's suggestion looks like it has a steep learning curve, so I think for my simple case I should go for this microservice thingy.
@Squirrelkiller Ok, I'm getting the hang of this. I know how to build a REST API even though I'm quite rusty after not building one since April. But I understand the logic.
@Squirrelkiller this endpoint to download the file, is it a URL to the file? Does that not mean the file has to be uploaded somehow?
12:12 PM
In your client projects, you can jsut use RestEase or similar things to do the http work for you. Basically you make an interface where a method has an attribute with the information about the specific route and http verb, then you go RestClient.For<YourInterface>() and you can just call the endpoints like methods.
client.GetValue("path", ""); seems easy to me...
@BlackPanther Yes the service will get the file from the drive and send it to the client over http
@Squirrelkiller To put the WebApi and the files on their own server, do I need to create a server?
You can of course just use the same server
@Squirrelkiller Can I just use HttpClient? I'm not familiar with RestEase.
12:14 PM
The gain with the own server for that is just that that server wouldn't have to change if something changes about projects A/B
Yeah sure HttpClient would be the straight forward solution
@ntohl Oh that's good to know, thanks.
@Squirrelkiller Maybe my rustiness is getting in the way, but this server do I need to make it, or is already exist?
I...guess you would have to ask your IT?
@Squirrelkiller I just remembered a little bit what a server is, thanks. Yeah I'll ask them.
Man how do you guys (and girls) not forget what you learned about a technology after not using it for months.
Easy: I do. Just that I actually work with all these things so...I kinda have to remember it lol.
Lol. Sometimes just spending my free time doing non-programming related things, and I start to get rusty. Can't even think what happens after a long holiday spent indulging too much in the niceties of life.
12:22 PM
that's me when I don't write for two weeks
so imagine all the relearning I had to do after college
@Freerey Christ, it must suck. At least I don't have as much knowledge/experience as most of you guyz. Imagine having the knowledge of avner or Skeet, and losing a chunk of it because you got complacent and didn't practice, yikes.
@Freerey Would you say you knew more theory in college? Because of all the exams, assignments, theses?
I only finished college within the last two years, but if you're talking about critical theory, it's still mostly with me
that reminds me
I don't feel like I forget these things, even when on vacation for 3 weeks without touching any code
Being second-best sucks. But sometimes it's all we can do.
anyone else have a problem with eating more than usual during vacation?
Interesting. I watch a bit of sports, and the prime age of an athlete seems to be around 27 to 34/35.
I'm surprised no attention has been paid to the prime age of intellectuals. It seems to me that most winners of the Field's medal in mathematics are below 30 years old.
@Squirrelkiller seriously?
12:29 PM
Yup. And I just got 30, guess I gotta get rep while I can.
Oops zoom time. Here we go.
@Squirrelkiller haha
@Squirrelkiller Hip hip hooray!
@Freerey It's normal. I wouldn't call it a problem. We all just want to sample food from a different culture.
I use it :D
it is a big improvement though :D
screw dat guy
what should I use? a capital I?
12:35 PM
i is reserved for imaginary unit, maybe!
@Freerey d*ck
names.forEach { print(it) }
it is so beautyful :D
@Wietlol It's perfectly fine to it in foreach loops. In a for loop it would be strange though.
but I cant recall me writing a for loop
in my code, it is always a foreach over the indices
Not use i?
// Code
if(breakcondition) break;
12:38 PM
@Wietbot evalkotlin
val array = arrayOf("a", "b", "c")
array.indices.forEach { println(it) }
Result: null
@Wietbot evalkotlin
(0 until 5).forEach { print(it) }
or just over numbers
me.wietlol.aws.lambda.LambdaException(java.lang.NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException[
at me.wietlol.wietbot.commands.evalkotlin.core.services.KotlinScriptEvaluator.evaluate(KotlinScriptEvaluator.kt:45),
at me.wietlol.wietbot.commands.evalkotlin.core.api.EvalKotlinPrivateHandler.evalKotlinPrivate(EvalKotlinPrivateHandler.kt:27),
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method),
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62),
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43),
that is weird, that is normal Kotlin code, I think my bot actually broke
No surprise there
12:50 PM
hey, this is the first time Wietbot broke in a long time
a LOOONG time
except of the crashes from it's server
like OOM
or internet loss
SO what you're saying is it's not actualy that long
well...there was a recent issue where he died due to the OOM error
where windows required 1GB of my 1GB server
but the internet loss error hasnt appeared in a long time
1:06 PM
any of you guys ever save a datatable to a field in a database?
Trying to find something that doesn't require me to loop over the records to reinsert them into a table.
Also Don't use a datatables but a real object?
Trying to save the whole datatable into a Single field
Don't think EF would be happy about that, need to serialize the table?
Trying to figure out how to version data, or make a backup copy of tables, with out have an SQL server DB of just back tables
everything is stored procedures :-\
if you just want history of a table, perhaps you can use other options
but yea, you could serialize it and store that
but I would be very cautious about serializing data
I dont even trust json any more :D
or xml?
but I might be paranoid :D
nor xml
1:15 PM
it's good to be, but I don't mind sanitizing the data for storage
has to be sanitized for sql storage anyway, what's the dif really
na not using EF
dapper and stored procedures
in the end it's sql statements
I can't map to a database where the tables change, but their structure is always the same
I can sql around that, and use poco models
Or I make a bunch of tables, but right now I'm just trying to mimic the old system
well a few, that would link the data..
1:51 PM
2:07 PM
hello there
I have tried making an about box in my WinForms project but whenever I click a link on it (Proccess.Start()) it throws a "The system cannot find the file specified"
the code:
Proccess.Start("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler https://www.google.com/");
I've also tried
"start url"
and "url" itself
all in proccess.start
please help
btw ive included the https and stuff but chat removed and turned into link
@OmerHijazi Try this:
Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo
    FileName = "http://google.com/",
    UseShellExecute = true
ill try
while its building, fyi it works in cmd
"While it's building"? What are you, living in the 90s?
2:22 PM
lol my pc sux
it used to build quickly few weeks ago
but now my chrome is eating 30% of my ram
so many tabs
it works bai
Just... to let you know, but RAM usage doesn't influence performance until you've gone over the 100% RAM consumption.
Whelp, I helped a vampire.
then wut makes it slow
im vampire?
right now 83% ram usage and 30% cpu
That's generally what we refer to someone as, who just comes in for a question, and never contributes something back.
total of only chrome and visual studio is 1gb
well i do contribute
but idk so much bout programming
just basics
2:59 PM
You try it on another user profile on the PC?
That might show you the problem
Is the following statement correct about disassembling?
"The assembly code is disassembled into machine code before the processor can run it."
It sounds wrong.
No. Assembly is a programming language that compiles 1:1 to machine code. Any native binary on your machine is compiled machine code (excluding JIT'ed languages). Decompiling a compiled machine code binary is often represented in assembly language, as the language denotes a 1:1 representation of the machine code.
But you can also represent decompiled machine code in languages other than assembly language.
3:17 PM
I think you don't need to prefixed machine code with "compiled".
**Assembly is a programming language that compiles 1:1 to machine code. Any native binary on your machine is machine code (excluding JIT'ed languages). Decompiling a machine code binary is often represented in assembly language, as the language denotes a 1:1 representation of the machine code.**
compiled assembly code is machine code. compiled machine code is what?
No, no, machine code is machine code. It contains instructions your CPU can execute.
That's machine code. It's not "compiled". It's just machine code.
Writing machine code is... pretty much impossible. That's why we have languages that compile to machine code.
For example, assembly language.
Compiled assembly code is machine code.
Just to clear it up through my own weird wordings.
We don't need to compile machine code.
That's what I said.
3:51 PM
posted on September 14, 2020 by ericlippert

Last time we implemented what looked like Gosper’s algorithm and got a disappointing result; though the quadtree data structure is elegant and the recursive algorithm is simple, and even though we memoize every operation, the time performance is on par … Continue reading →

4:48 PM
Hi all
Is it possible to use C# 8 in a Framework 4.x app or is 8 for Core apps?
Nvm. C# 8.0 is supported only on .NET Core 3.x and newer versions. Many of the newest features require library and runtime features introduced in .NET Core 3.x...
yep you're stuck going forward
so I guess it's just a thing for apple laptop batteries to drain while the system is asleep?
no.. all laptops do if they're in sleep
sleep is not off
Hibernate is what you're seeking
okay I get that
4:54 PM
Yep hibernate
but I'd like to keep it asleep for a day and be able to return
stupid words
Sleep has got me a few times. Come back in a week and the system had crashed!
I don't think this thing is new enough to have a hibernate feature
Mine went to sleep in my bag once
Not a good find
4:55 PM
No. And it'll suck juice until it dies
at least I wish the system's notifier wouldn't lie to me about having like 70% battery left when I reopened, then shut down a few minutes later
I just hope the file I was writing didn't corrupt
The problem is laptops' battery life. Why can't they come up w/ something better than lithium? Something that can give you a solid charge for a full 24hrs of use :)
@juanvan Realizing that. Earlier versions made jumping to a new version easy
They day that happens, we won't be burning fossil fuels again
They did make something, that is going to do that. Was like 2 years ago I was reading on it.
yay I got my car opened
now I'm gonna make sure I never do that stupid shit again
@juanvan the graphite battery?
ya think that was it
5:03 PM
Running C# 8 on Framework
Kinda looks fishy
IAsyncEnumerable missing
that's not a good sign
You can't port the project
Yeah, noticing those. Oh well
Trouble is: this is a massive MVC app, started 4 years ago. Going live (we hope) this Jan
How painful is it to port to Core/.NET 5?
Articles mention starting w/ empty Core proj then add everything manually
BTW, on the C# 8, R# was prompting me to use using declarations
I ported a few apps, it's super simple
Did an app from 4.x to core 3.1
really all it is, is unloading the project, updating the csproj file to point to core what ever. Fix any dependencies, that's the harder part in some cases, a package isn't core/standard ready.
We got stuck on the updating of the csproj file
5:15 PM
Nice! Thanks, juanvan
he updates a mvc app, a wpf app, and 3 class libs
speedup is needed tho
Speedup in what sense?
On the video?
5:58 PM
Okay, thanks
6:21 PM
Looks like byte[] is the way to go.
7:18 PM
I'm back
now what
I have 801 rep now
it was stuck at 800 for ages
how do you get +1
upvote on answers or questions ?
8:13 PM
Do you guys know any website that teaches to improve verbal communication skills?
No but I would be interested
I badly needed it. I wish someone here know any.
8:40 PM
look for native English speakers..play parrot.
I'm looking for an interactive way to learn though.
2 hours later…
10:51 PM
@mr5 idk about interactive websites that do that but there are some games you could play positivepsychology.com/communication-games-and-activities/…
11:20 PM
"that is a lot of html for a project without even a website front end..."
"ofcourse, it recognized that one test file is 40% of my entire project"
@CupOfJava thank you. I'll try to look into it :)
I am reading a lot lately about crypto. Thinking of creating a dApps since mining in ETH is relatively easier for the meantime.

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