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5:06 AM
Buenos dias
1 hour later…
6:17 AM
Morning dudes
Good mornin'
How long do starred messages last in chat? that "IE is the future" does hurt my eyes
Depends on how many new messages get starred
||google "starred stared"
The bot has echo
6:29 AM
It's nice how the little message input box will go "You have less than 10s left to edit" when you edit a ~2min old message
6:44 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
7:08 AM
it is nice how editing a message takes the message as you sent it, not as how it is registered in the server or on your view
obviously, this is something that is very rare and most of you have never seen it happen
I have no Idea what you mean there, Wiet
ofcourse :D
Pretty sure the only way a server can process a message is by processing the message it receives
perhaps a little demonstration
I summon thee, oh powerful one
What could be the coause for cpu 1-3 being at 100% load and cpu0 at 0% load?
Bad firmware?
7:13 AM
I like how when you send a message it renders the message with a slightly different markdown implementation and then when it's actually receieved by the server and processed and sent back its comes back with a different implementation
Meaning that the initial way your message looks may not be correct
@CaptainObvious it what?
anyway, @Squirrelkiller look at this: 😄
the original message had ":smile:" which Wietbot recognizes as... ^ that
So? message.Replace(":smile:", "\uwhatever")?
7:15 AM
however, when I edit the message, my box will still say ":smile:"
Pics or it didnt happen
I got you covered :D
Oh nice
@Squirrelkiller uhm... ye... but not intuitive like that
Hey Guys
7:16 AM
considering there are thousands of these codes, I cant just chain string replaces
You could
current implementation is iterating over the "words" of the message
How are you seperating "words"
I intend to change it to a per character processing and using a pre-computed Trie for the patterns
@CaptainObvious message.split(" ")
7:17 AM
hey, it wasnt my idea :D
Regex.Match("(:smile:|:ok_hand:|:+1:)") and only if it matches iterate everything
Who can you possibly blame for you dodgy bot
@Squirrelkiller regex wont be doing a great job at that, though
Let me guess, you've created something better then Regex?
the way it processes and backtracks, takes too much time for the pattern I would be using
7:20 AM
Regex Core
Introducing: WIETEX
@CaptainObvious regex is not a solution for this case
it would be if the pattern was always the same
like... :[a-z0-9\-]+:
but it is not
You forgot + in your pattern
@CaptainObvious :lol:
@Squirrelkiller how about ":D" ?
pattern börk
so, yea, it is not actually a common pattern
so I will refactor it to a Trie
at the moment, I wasn't too much bothered with it
7:25 AM
Not sure I like programs that also convert my :D
But you wouldnt put ::D:
That's just retarded
No I would put :smile: or :grin: or something
indeed, so the codes would be ":+1:", ":joy:" and ":D"
Maybe even just :D:
Eyes are implicit from the surrounding. Does mean you end up with 4 eyes though.
@Wietlol I
7:27 AM
the D
with spinach
So much friggn cancer right there.
so... you hate slack?
MS Teams is really agressive here, as soon as it sees something like :D it will replace it, and not even wait for the space. So unicode :smileys: are impossible, as it always replaces :s the moment you type it
7:28 AM
I want to keep my old school emoticons that i used to spam the knuddels chat with and not a weird picture.
@Squirrelkiller YES THIS
This is so true!
And even Outlook does that
Thats one thing I hate with Teams
btw windows also can do (/ω\)(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Teams == kinda good Organization tool
Teams === horrible chat tool
I have it registered so you can enable/disable these Wietbot features individually, but hadn't thought of making you choose which emotes to replace and which not
perhaps an interesting idea
7:44 AM
It's mostly adequate for chat
Just a couple of oddities
It's horrid for chat
Nah it's fine
tonight, I might add it to my permanently awake functions so it will always be fast
perhaps... I could then also do some of the refactoring and testing with cross account invokes
and maybe some optimizations... probably some optimizations, but those might introduce a few other issues
7:58 AM
@Squirrelintraining Nah it's fine
Screw y'all!
What makes it horrid?
I almost said "What's wrong with teams" but it definitely has multiple issues
But nothing that I would say makes it horrid
Type in :smile:
Try combining ` with ctrl + v to format code.
Or actually any markdown syntax and combination with ctrl + v
Ever tried searching for the different emotticons?

Teams literally dies when trying to display them.
I don't have emotions so I never had the need for search for an emoticon.
8:17 AM
I think Discord might be the best chat tool
the way how it operates with monospace text, emotes, one-boxes... or whatever they are called there, etc is unmatched by any other tool
8:29 AM
@Squirrelintraining i do not play the dota 2
You're slower than claimed @CaptainSquirrel
it would appear so
@Wietlol its good yeah
apart from the fact that discord staff are paedos
@Wietlol what is the closest thing to TaskCompletionSource<T> in Kotlin?
@Wietlol I'm just writing to you to ping you aswell.
that's 3 pings in a row lmao
@Hozuki anything to say to wiet?
8:39 AM
@mr5 No? I have nothing for @Wietlol
@mr5 wadda heck is TaskCompletionSource<T>?
it's a task to complete the source
It's a task you can resolve/reject from any point in the future. Super useful tool.
Why would you use the application's own emoticon emoji search thing
When you can just use the windows built in one
^ This message brought to you by [win]+[.]
8:55 AM
there is this feature all along
why is it hidden
@mr5 so, how exactly do you intend to use it?
@CaptainObvious because it sucks :D
@Wietlol so I had this problem where I need to get the View's size but in order to get a legit value from it, I need to listen from a callback before invoking those getters.
so I was thinking I could use TCS for this.
@Wietbot abbreviation TCS
9:00 AM
Traffic Control System, rated: ★★★★★, tagged: Academic & Science
Topical Corticosteroids, rated: ★★★★★, tagged: Medical, British Medicine
Temperature Control System, rated: ★★★★★, tagged: Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
Tonic-Clonic Seizure, rated: ★★★★★, tagged: Medical, British Medicine
TATA Consultancy Services, rated: ★★★★☆, tagged: Business, Companies & Firms
114 more results available at https://www.abbreviations.com/TCS
powered by https://www.abbreviations.com/
@mr5 why are you using a Temperature Control System to get a View's size?
it's actually tonic clonic seizure. I'm designing an app to clone someone's seizure
ah, ok
then why are you using a Tonic-Clonic Seizure to get a View's size?
I just feel like it.
seriously though, there's no equivalent TaskCompletionSouce<T> yet for Kotlin right?
keep in mind, I have yet to find a use case for async
so in Kotlin, I do not use async
9:05 AM
how do you handle async in Kotlin?
or IO operations?
so in Kotlin, I do not use async
how 2 handle async in kotlin: use c#
@CaptainObvious ngl i read that as schwarzenegger
I read it as smegma generator
9:08 AM
I read it as Schemagenator
I mean it may as well be
It's sspitting out schemas which are about as useful as smegma
my pc just crashl0rd
@Wietlol what if you create/develop in Android and you need network request?
@CaptainObvious TIL
9:10 AM
I dont create/develop in android
okay. how do you handle IO using Kotlin with GUI?
@Squirrelintraining riperino
@mr5 try using windows + number 1 - 0 to open different processes
@mr5 I use a normal ui framework
the ui framework's job is to manage the ui
if I want to lock a thread, then the ui framework should still display normally
other than that, I havent made a desktop gui in quite a while... except for... one particular thing
which so far has not had any problems even though it is heavily IO based
@Wietlol how would "normally" look like?
how do you prevent it from freezing?
9:22 AM
you dont, the ui framework does
unless the UI framework is threadsafe (which is very inefficient)
usually, what a ui framework would do, is spawn a background thread, which takes care of the UI
and never gives you access to that thread
callbacks and invokes are not done by that thread
when you have like an onclick on a button, your code does not run by the ui thread
when you change the ui, you are not on the ui thread, you just send commands to that thread
that is how ui frameworks were designed before async
I suppose with async there is the advantage of having fewer idle threads
that's almost the same from both Android UI framework and Obj-C except messages are dequeued from the same thread.
anyhow, with that design, all getters and setters must be put in a message queue right?
it needs callback
and callbacks are ugly
ugly is bad design
same as JS without async/await
mr5 u still need battllepass?
@mr5 not necessarily
9:32 AM
@Squirrelintraining if it's free, I need it :D
I haven't tried to purchase BP ever since.
the general idea is to make a model to represent your view, you can read from that model wherever you want
writing to that model would be detected and the ui would update as a response
react also seems to use a similar approach to this
but this will be multiple threads and it needs data integrity mechanism.
but so far, I am not really impressed by the js-react any more... it is kotlin-react for me now
@mr5 obviously
but far less than what you expect
and given a good design, you get that data integrity by default
the ui should be able to be a separate application, only displaying the information it gets from the actual application and delivering information to that application
@mr5 nah not free
unless you win dotowatafaq challegne
having this separation takes time to learn, but it is extremely useful in making robust user interfaces
also, it allows you to have the application itself without ui by default
9:42 AM
I think some of what you say here are implemented in iOS Core Animation but I still don't fully understand how it works. Although they have it implemented there, they still developed the whole framework that freezes when you do long IO on UI thread.
well... I dont write stuff for iOS...
if I write gui applications, they are either for windows or for a browser
in the latter... I am stuck with html/js, so I use react
for desktop applications, I mostly use Swing... mostly because I need the low level support from it
is that the Java Swing FX thing?
that shit's very old.
oh I'm mixing things up. JavaFX and Java Swing. I'm referring to the latter.
9:59 AM
so it appears that i'm having super duper problems with my machine today
its amazing
@Squirrelintraining what's the challenge?
me forgot
sth with stupoid video
I'm surprised dotawatafak is still active till to this day :)
@mr5 it is ancient... but still quite interesting
JavaFX is quite good for common applications
but you would usually make it a website anyway
for lower level applications, Swing usually has a better api
@mr5 well 1kk views+ per vid isn't bad
elwono still trying to #savedota withmimis
10:09 AM
for example, overlay applications
I always have an application running, covering the entire screen
he's dead :(
captinsqrlqrl killed him
it is invisible though, but I can use it to render whatever I want
10:09 AM
How what why?
@CaptainSquirrel THOUGH BE DAMMED!
stuff like that is not normal application behavior, so JavaFX doesnt really have interesting things for it
@Squirrelintraining this shit was working fine last friday
now its not
idk why
yet, Swing does expose the necessary apis
I love being sat so close to a wall. Makes butting a wall really easy
11:10 AM
Jack, jkaaack
....Come Again?
This question is why I would never consider outsourcing code to india
curry ?
oh wait
"I want to log bank transactions in the computer of a user I do not trust", how can I do it?
logging to a file, how primitive
heck, even Wietbot has stopped doing that
speaking of stopping logs, I should probably stop logging every single message that is being received by the web sockets
the information is interesting, but the volume is terrifying
11:24 AM
Recipe for disaster: Logging to a local file in a user controled enviroment when you do not trust the user and want to later analysis the logs
to me, the question looked more like convenience
@Wietlol Meke them expire, or keep a rooling log
an application is writing to a log file, if the user opens it, and changes something, this could result in conflicts with the application
rolling logs would be interesting, but I only need these logs to understand SO
Wietbot is suffering from random shutdowns
but there are no exceptions
no errors
not even a connection close
it just stops
perhaps the environment doesnt understand that the application is still running even when all threads are sleeping/idle
@Cleptus how about in Phillippines?
eh, we don't even have the work force to begin with =P
I'm so damn close to finishing my story bible x-x
DK Philip saw what we were talking about and dodged tf out
11:32 AM
next time I would create a transactional system, I would use the event sourcing pattern.
@Wietlol I think this is the closest thing to TaskCompletionSource<T> in Kotlin: github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines/issues/70
are you using it?
@Freerey so you're using PHP?
@mr5 Don't know, so far I have not seen Philippines coders doing crappy things
yes! +1 pt to us
it's because we don't know shit
Future sounds like the Java version of Task, yes
CompletableFuture might be similar to TaskCompletionSource
but kotlin has a slightly different thing
called Deferred
and no, I am not using it :p
@mr5 no?
11:49 AM
i think theres actually a 4th shiba
humping the one in the middle
@Squirrelintraining lolol
just before i went to bed i had a big ass spider sitting on my wall
then i caught it with a box and put it outside
just what you need before going to bed
as if this fkng heat wasnt worse enough..
this one
12:06 PM
Is it bad design if you don't return a thing but instead store it on a property?
even took a picture
there it is looking stupid, trapped
I mean I kinda know its bad but thats the way its currently in the codebase
it has a field for each possible response
which is just two atm but who knows if this is ever expanded
@Hans1984 winkelspinne
they are fast as fuck
hard to catch
unlike those slow fuckers hanging from the walls
they just shake their booty to distract you
Dady longlegs?
12:19 PM
but it never works
Never knew the german word
its because of their behavior
I like the english word more
Vater langbein
did you know that zitterspinnen actually hunt winkelspinnen ?
although they are a lot smaller
but thanks to their superior web catching technique they catch them
I was very surprised by that
@Hans1984 No I didn't
That's sicc
@Hans1984 Which superior webs? :'D
12:25 PM
I even saw one caught and all bundled up in a zitterspinnen web
lol apparently there were two updates to bootstrap in the past week..first updates since May
just about downloaded the wrong version of it
@Hozuki it's funny you say this, cause I've had other people tell me it's bad to import scripts locally and that you should do it from a CDN
and now VS crashes every time I click one of the buttons on my program. well isn't that just lovely!
@Freerey It depends on the perspective. From a pure performance, in an "always-online" scenario where the CDN never has issues, then yes, linking a CDN is the best. If you want your application to work even if the CDN has issues, or your country network has issues, etc, don't use a CDN. Also don't use a CDN is you value privacy or security.
For my work, we'll never use CDNs because of the security and privacy implications.
`Unhandled exception at line 6, column 2976 in https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.5.0/js/bootstrap.min.js
0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: Exception thrown and not caught occurred`
Governments don't even allow you to.
now the utils.js is freaking out on me
guess I need to import that into the program, too
12:32 PM
spiders are actually very interesting animals
they shouldnt be feared
@Freerey but your website is made from wordpress
@mr5 I'm not working on my wordpress website
@Hozuki Banking? Medical?
@Cleptus Emergency response.
Citizen sensitive data, +1 on the "no CDN"
12:36 PM
And if you're European, almost every piece of data is sensitive... ^^'
why? coz of those damn Russians? :P
damn russians
cost us the war
just kidding
Even your phone number is labelled as "sensitive data".
And quite rightly too
Quite right. I think you can store names, but no associated data (street, email, phone, etc).
You'll need permission
12:39 PM
@Hozuki as it should be
idkw hy people here are so open with their phone numbers
I'm not. ^^'
But yea
Look at linkedin
phone numbers everywhere
For almost 10 years, I've had people calling my number asking for someone named Danielle and every time I'm like "for the 100th time this decade, NO!"
Your PII (Phone number, date of birth, address etc) are ports by which capitalism can extract your essence for the greater good of an elite few. Boy I am at peek epiphany today :)
@Freerey you are danielle. dont live in denial !
accept your fate
sure, I guess I'm genderfluid anyway
12:45 PM
I like how denial can be made from the letters in Danielle ;)
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