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12:48 AM
@Deo Sounds like something is stuck on the version of your DAL, maybe clean rebuild?
1:00 AM
@Feeds Shut It!
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3:34 AM
posted on August 06, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

I love the Raspberry Pi and I am a fan of the CrowPi from Elecrow. I have two of their first CrowPi device and I use them in demonstrations and talks all the time, especially when talking to students. They have a Kickstarter ending this week for the new CrowPi2. It's an update of the original CrowPi which was basically a Raspberry Pi in a tiny suitcase...instead the CrowPi2 looks like a lapto

@Feeds SHHH!
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4:47 AM
Ben Popper on August 11, 2020
From a manga punk Drupal site to herding the cats of the React community.
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6:05 AM
Buenos dias
6:19 AM
6:46 AM
So when I build Release, the web.config will be transformed using the web.Release.config - is the some kind of extensibility or inheritance feature here too? Can I go "When I build Release1, I want to take the web.config, transform it using web.Release.config, and then transform that using web.Release1.config"?
Trying to not copypaste my web.Test.config 5 times right now to just change a number in one link...
6:58 AM
@Squirrelkiller You can add sections or individual value transformations docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/web-forms/overview/deployment/…
But the best documentation I found is the slowcheetah one marketplace.visualstudio.com/…
I think (have not tested) they do the same transformations
I did use SlowCheetah in older VS versions (2010) but stopped it because MS made it almost unusable in more recent VS versions
You add all the common keys in the base web.config, then add only the transformations you need for that enviroment (usually ConnectionStrings, service endpoints, etc)
7:21 AM
Yeah we already use that, for Dev/Test/Release/Stage/Prod. But now I'd like to make Test1-5, where there is only one value different than in Test, but if I make it transform from the base web.config, I have to put like 50 lines in there that are the same as in Test.
Had a nice rubber ducky moment yesterday. I was giving up on an issue and went to post a question on SO. While I was preparing the examples and what I tried, and used an online validator, I noticed my examples all worked. Traced the problem down to a setting related to my problem in my own code base. Yay for writing and never posting a Q.
Haha nice, had that happen to me too. Learning to post a proper question on SO does indeed help to find the actual problems too.
I am waiting for a new GPU to arrive home, but meanwhile I noticed the low FPS issue I had if probably PSU related
I do hate my power distribution company, it is the second faulty PSU in 6 years
@Squirrelkiller Haha yep.
@Cleptus Um, you're just picking the budget ones?
I have a probably faulty tacens 800W silver
Sometimes I get power outages, some months ago I did buy an UPS because of that
But I suspect it was too late, the PSU was already damaged
@Squirrelkiller Write the [ mcve] -> Holy smokes! It no longer happens! -> Problem found when doing small example
7:33 AM
How do people still have unstable power in 2020
Not only unstable power, but ocassional power outages. About once per month
And I do not live in the country, I am in a city
How long do the outages last
Which country are you in?
Wait, Spain? It's that bad in Spain?
Sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes. I had one that lasted 7 hours on february
7:36 AM
No, it is not that bad. But I do not know how the hell that power company is that bad
I dont think I've had one that lasts more then a fraction of a second in about 10 years
And I am not getting any refound because of lack of service
And even the last tiny one was over a year ago
At my parents (1 KM far away) They do not have power outages
I guess they should fix the structure in my area but they dont
Nothing else comes to my mind
My house occasionally powers off with bad weather (thunderstorms), but that's about it.
7:41 AM
They distribute less power to the area, so some building may have light, but the building next side has light. Or half your building has light but not the other half
"Or half your building has light but not the other half"? How?
If only those morins fixed it
That's not how power works
@Hozuki Depends on how the power is distributed inside the building
7:42 AM
You have houses with more than one electrical entry??
First stair that get to the cable sucks the power it needs
?? im so confused wat
The building has a single power entry, it then gets splitted
that's not how any of this works
7:43 AM
if theres not enough power, the entire house is off. or its entirely on.
it's never half
unless theres a power surge and a protector flips out one group
but thats unlikely
they usually all go
so im very confused
perhaps spain uses different systems that us?
Oldish building (40 years), no building protectors switches afaik
I mean, it could be true in multi dwelling buildings that part of the building is dead and others are not
the swithces are in each apartment
oh appartments, yeah those things exist
@CaptainObvious That is the case
7:45 AM
Larger buildings are typically supplied with 3 phase, and each apartment would likely have one of the phases and a ground. There's an extremely slim chance that one of the phases could be dead
No clue, I am not experienced in electricity
8:00 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
Morning training
@Squirrelintraining You're late
8:14 AM
Morning squittyboi
@Squirrelkiller Only here 'hun
So you're joining my company?
@CaptainObvious Strange, it's not unusual here for an apartment to have a 3-phase feed, and it's the standard for each apartment to have its own circuits, so that each apartment can only overload its own power.
Depends on if I can get my 30 days and fitting salary :D
I honestly doubt it, but hey, I'm not a good negotiator :D
Is that even a word?
8:16 AM
Really? That's very odd as it'd be totally overkill
@CaptainObvious Don't your stoves use 3-phase?
If you like I can introduce you.
I have a 32A single phase hob
It has a big suck
8:17 AM
Our stove/oven devices take the whole package
@CaptainObvious Don't forget airconditioning, which is pretty much a necessity here ~5 months a year.
I suppose radiators are quite rare
Between a refrigerator, air-conditioning, electric oven and a relatively common electric water heater, the gradual move to 3-phase power in newer apartments makes sense.
Solar water heaters are fantastic, but there are still about 5 months a year you can't rely on them.
During your kind of summer, I wouldn't even want to shower warm.
So water heater just for washing dishes
during that kind of summer, "warm" is considered refreshing
8:24 AM
Yes gimme that fresh 10°C water please thank you
I still like a hot shower in the morning, even if it's already 28° out before 8:00.
define "hot" though
(Today is being unseasonably pleasant at a mere 29° out right now)
We are gonna get 32° here at today's peak, and people are melting
I know people that shower at 40°C, which they think is hot, until they meet this other guy that regularly showers at 50°C
8:26 AM
Especially, for some reason, my colombian girlfriend
@Squirrelkiller And you guys don't have air conditioning as a standard everywhere, I'm guessing.
I heard soaking the curtains helps though. Don't have curtains, so I soaked a towel and swing it through the air sometimes, or just have it lying on the table.
@Squirrelkiller Hey, just because she comes from a warm country doesn't mean she likes it. I used to have a manager, years ago, who came from Russia. And any time the temperature would dip under 10° or so she would start shivering and complaining about the cold. When we asked her how she could complain about 10° when coming from a place where it's so much colder, she said that in Russia every building was properly insulated, there's heating, and the clothing were properly made for the cold.
Here, when it's cold, it's cold.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Also russai != siberia
@Squirrelintraining Most of Russia is still much colder than the Israeli winters.
8:30 AM
Oh it's more than a preference, she can't actually handle it. In Barcelona she slept on the ground because the bed was too hot. Right now, we gotta think really hard how far to go with our bikes since she might lose consciousness.
Wow I really need a good german word for "deploy". Deploy looks so damn strange when used as a lended word in some declinations.
google translate is your friend
It is not
but I doubt that technical terms are helpful when translated
"verteilen" doesn't fit all contexts of "to deploy"
bereitstellen, einsetzen, verteilen, stationieren, aufstellen
I suppose bereitstellen or stationieren would be quite fitting depending on the context
8:36 AM
The things I do to avoid working.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Well Israel doesn't count IMO
I love how there is a hard limit of -10 degrees
Measurement device now frozen
Speaking of Isreal @AvnerShahar-Kashtan
Have you seen this video?
Illuminati israel!
8:38 AM
@Squirrelintraining I think it's safe to say I haven't.
It's worth a view :D
@Wietlol Bereitstellen works similar to veteilen, yes. I can't use stationieren in any other context than military though.
@Squirrelintraining Very nice :)
ahoy mateys
I mean postwar UK was a bit stingy with regard to wiring so that's probably why virtually all homes are single phase
8:48 AM
I am working on a project in finance domain and it has lot to do with text processing. Is there any AI libraries that can be trained with group of words or sentences that can be represented in multiple variants into a one canonical text ?
8:48 AM
wait what
what the hell is that lmao
I ahve no idea
Holiday hours current , hol cur, holiday curr, holiday earnings current
Standard girls in town with lip fillers
8:49 AM
AHH Squirrels no need to be aggressive over AI
@Sakthivel I did something like this once. It was a big switch case.
All of those above label texts are just holiday current earning.
@CaptainObvious wut
Switch that big for me would be a death sentence matrix
I'm reading documents and that could have different variations but NLP is a overkill since it's only finance domain and text revolves around payment earnings etc ., So there's really nothing is there about natural language
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Ya It's good isn't it :'D
8:55 AM
@Sakthivel That seems a bit broad. What exactly is the use case? You take text and want to translate (words? sentences?) into a canonical representation?
You're saying "NLP is overkill", but what you're asking for is NLP.
It might be a nicely packaged NLP you can simply use, but it's NLP.
What exactly are you trying to do? If for example you need to be able to find documents based on fuzzy search terms, you might simply store them in ElasticSearch/Solr and use that document db's fuzzy search features to find the documents.
9:21 AM
Can I somehow xslt-transform a web.config with a Web.MyStage.Config without actually building the whole thing?
Need to apply a web.config but don't want to just rebuild the project
@Sakthivel hey, is this the project you have asked before for US something license?
to answer your question, the most common solution for mobile is to have a template for every sentences you'd be needing to present. e.g., {en: "You have purchased: {0}, with bla bla {1}", tl: "Nakabili ka ng bagay na nagkakahalaga ng {0}, na may {1}" } and translating numbers to words, I believe there's already a library that does that.
9:39 AM
Was the theme always that slow? I seem to remember it being faster
no, its always been at that pace
I must have seen syndicated versions
Fun fact: Syndicated and reruns of TV shows are often slightly speed adjusted to fit in allocated ads
Especially for older shows which used to have shorter ad breaks
oh boy
the issue i had yesterday that resolved itself
9:44 AM
I thought the word syndicate is related to terrorism.
Sounds like you never resolved it
@mr5 I'd love terrorism to be syndicated
@mr5 Not quite terrorism, but you might be thinking of a crime syndicate which when used as a noun, you'd be right as it refers to a group of people
Guess who's back, back again
Issue's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back?
9:49 AM
@CaptainSquirrel xaxa
Did you know that my bike had a flat tire?
For about a week.
However, welcome to the englidh language, where the same word means different things
I kept pumping it up and eventually it didn't deflate anymore.
@Squirrelintraining you could say, it made you feel deflated
No friggen clue what the acvtual cause was.
9:50 AM
@CaptainObvious I often hear that word in news, well not exactly syndicate but sindikato, and it's always accompanied by crimes so...
@CaptainSquirrel 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
@Hans1984 Now in Colour!
Sorry i ment color
The proper way to write that
It's not that common of a word over here. Normally we just call them TERRORIST ORGANISATION. Don't really have any newsworthy crime syndicates whicha ren't terrorists here
@Squirrelintraining That's a paddlin'
@Squirrelintraining hehe
Ahem, Colour
9:52 AM
good morning
Sorry can't read you in this dark color theme I have installed here Lee.
Ew no, French colour!
Now that's french!
9:53 AM
upgrading to Android SDK 29. It used be a simple update but not anymore :(
The french stink of froshshenkel!
The french are just a load of snails
I'm british, I'm allowed to slag the french off
I recently learnt that you british speak of the Italians like we germans speak of the french.
Is that true Lee?
French Tanks got a rear mirror in order to see the front lines.
9:54 AM
im german im also allowed..
Nah that's what we say about the french too
oh wait
We have no qualms with the italians as far as I know
@CaptainObvious 🤣
@Squirrelintraining lolol
9:55 AM
I recelnty heard a british bloke say "Italian tanks have one gear for going fowards and five for reverse"
french tanks come with a white flag
Fun fact. The french flag is only like it is because when they were retreating from battle somebody dropped the edge of it in a pool of blood
french tanks are actually horses
Anymore french taunting?
I feel like starrring all french taunting
Me too
9:56 AM
no, i think those were the polish
the horses
Finally, the british can get their own back!
Is that even written correct?
Developing in Android be like:
AS: cannot do X, because your dependency have 3.2.2 version. I need 4.1 and up!
Me: updates to 4.1
AS: No, I need 6.1.1
Me: fffffffffuck you!
Just update to latest
Stop using AS
Just developer in C# using Xamarin.Andorid. Life is much easier
10:08 AM
now I need to download 140MB which will take about 10 minutes. And the gradle build system is oh so S - fucking - LOW!
nah, that's not a viable option when I only have 20 mins left before the virtual office closes and I need to put this in PlayStore.
virtual what closes?
nothing really closes. it's just our PMs would not be around.
I lied :(
10:25 AM
Downloading 140mb takes 10mins?
How slow is your ionternet?
Are the packets being hand delivered by the french or something? Actually no because then you'd have 95% packet loss aswell
packets would ddos the sender
The french are immune to computer viruses because they just keep packetstorming themselves
@CaptainObvious Must quote tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1149
haha good ol french
always good for a laugh
> Audit trails are automatically generated, and can often be found on logs and cable trays.
@Hans1984 comapny company rules say no
@Hans1984 They're all a bit shit
@CaptainObvious ye
@Squirrelintraining oops
thats just what came up at french jokes at the top
but then french are a bit shit aswell
This one is gud:
Q: Why wasn't Jesus born in France?
A: He couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin.
ok enough
10:42 AM
I think I might have an issue with AnalyticBase
Point at it and scream "it is there u motherfckr"
@Hans1984 I's never anough.
> Nicht mal Actimel kann Frankreichs Abwehrkräfte aktivieren
Why does the french fleet has glass bottoms?

So they can wave to their comrads.

thats mean
10:47 AM
Yes it is.
It's like on the edge of dark humor.
10:58 AM
French tanks have 3 forward gears and 10 backward
You all do realize that all these jokes are racist jokes, right? Long-established, true, but nonetheless jokes that make fun of a nationality are not much different than those making fun of an ethnic group or race.
> Long-established, true,
You heard it first from avni, they are true!
I just don't know enough german jokes that work this well
I feel for you. There are other nations with long-established jokes...
11:03 AM
What about lederehosen Killerino?
Lederhosen are great, easily washed and sturdier than jeans
And they are gay.
So all Bavarians are gay.
And because all germans are bavarians
All germans are gay.
Anyway, enough of my political incorrectnes in this lovely chatroom.
Ima off to push some carbon composites into my mouth..
Seeing you!
see yaaa
wow did squirrelkill really just calll an entire nation gay
11:19 AM
I did not. I called Lederhosen great.
If im not insulted none of you guys have the right to be insulted by that
end of story
noone == nobody
yes yes
I cant stand this heat
this year is even worse
its because of all this corona shit
cant take no more
its all merkels fault
i wasnt offended i was just surprised
11:28 AM
it came from his lil sick twisted filthy squirrel mind
you shouldnt be
mhhh cold ice tea...
ice tea is for serial murderers
yeah thats why im drinking it
im sick and twisted
you should have figured by now
Ew iced tea
this heat is realy getting to my brain
Tea should be hot
That's probably the ice
11:42 AM
@Harry .. noo
@Hans1984 Heh, she did pretty good.
thats what a lot of ppl say
that was a joke
Define 'that'
the corona situation was almost impossible to be handled well by any politician anyone
so yes she probably did rather well
Kim Yong Un handled it really well... iirc, they are still at 0 (living) covid cases
11:51 AM
Yeah, statistics can be used arbitrarily when you leave out the context!
although... is it "still" or "again"?

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