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@Alex custom headers? maybe something along with combinations MAC address + certificates
5:16 AM
OMG so glad I found this chat. I'm a CS major who just completed 2 semesters in Java. Looking to learn C# and .NET, and become fluid with the language and framework. Want to become fluid enough to build my own production-quality programs or get a job using C#. Anyone know of some solid courses out there that take a learning-path approach to teaching the material instead of just offering a bunch of random videos?
I've learned what I need is something that teaches in a systematic, linear way, like it's done in school.
5:28 AM
Buenos dias
@kvnr The problem with programming languages and frameworks is: There is too much to learn for a school-like completely linear learning path. There are things in C# and .NET developers don't know after years of working with it.
I consider myself the most knowledgable about C# and .NET in our team. Yet I'm the youngest and newest developer.
The key is the development in software development. To be a good software developer, you don't need to perfectly know your language or framework. You need to understand the concepts.
e.g. look for a course or good article explaining the SOLID principles. Not actually necessary, as some people in my team proof, but definitely something you should keep in the back of your head
OTOH completely necesssary: Understanding object-orientation.
Inheritance, polymorphism, lifecycles, constructing/deconstructing
@Alex Put it on a server that isn't routable to from the internet. Safest you'll get.
or if you want to have a solid understanding of programming concepts in general, learn the low level first and go higher up as you progress.
that way, you will understand quickly every other programming languages out there.
for me, it took me just 1 day to learn the basics of C# right after coming from C++ > VB.NET > C#
VB.NET being the foundation of my understanding in C#
After two semesters in Java, I think C# is gonna be easy to learn
It's like Java+
5:43 AM
it's much much easier to learn high level languages if you come from language that uses pointers.
Indeed. But also I don't really like explaining to people coming from workign ith pointers how references are so much easier than pointers.
Yeah, a lot of the stuff in C# I'll be able to pick up easily. Already know a lot of the concepts of OOP. What I really want is to learn that in C# that don't translate from what I learned with Java. What I want is something that touches back on the basics, goes back over OOP concepts, but then dives deep into the more advanced things....but in a way that is linear
so I don't feel like I'm missing or skipping over things, or trying to tie everything together in my head (my mind doesn't tend to work that way)
I think on your level, the best way to get fluent in C# is just building a small application. That will give you a way of actually learning kind of linearly, as you get to build it from the ground up.
Maybe start with something simple like a WPF application that reads contents from a json file and displays it nicely or something.
6:08 AM
Yeah, I was thinking about doing that anyway. seems LinkedIn Learning has some good videos that cover some of the more advanced topics. It's not a linear learning approach, but whatever I guess. Thanks for talking.
Do start with a simple application before starting anything advanced though. There will be quite a few things you gotta internatilze first.
Gotta know the basics.
What basics are you talking about?
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
@Squirrelkiller truth
@kvnr How to create, intertwine, instantiate classes. How the structure of a C# application looks like. What framework versions there are. How to use XAML. How to structure code within a file. How to use interfaces.
@kvnr go ahead and built a little console game in Java
Maybe somtighing you played on a nokia as kid
Maybe snake
Maybe connect 4

Just real simple console stuff

Now that you've built that thing in Java go start building it in C#
You know HOW to do it, now you just need to know WHAT u need in C#.
This should make is easier to get in touch with a new language
IMO Wpf and and UI shouldn't be used to learn the language.
Rather ASCII and console is the way to go
6:31 AM
Got it. Fair enough. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll take one of the projects I did in Java for my Uni class and redo it in C#.
Sounds like a good idea
@kvnr Yeah aslong as it isn't to big thatst he way to go IMO
> Java system.out.println in C#
Sth like that will be your goto search :D
What the fucc are the first 10 mins of this talk :')
I mean super interesting but nothing to do with the topic
hi! :)
I will watch it too :))
are inner joins better than single level left joins?
Ohhhh Shad...
There are very, VERY weird things with Joins and performance in SQL Server.
It all depends on the verision you server is running and allot of different factors.
So I'm sory to say, it depends.
oh okay
6:41 AM
Also InnerJoin ~ filtering
Left join ~ get everything and what ever exists on the right
Inner join probably has better performance, but you get less results of course
yes, that is why I asked. ;)
I want to select less things in the first place :)
I love you guys
we luv u to #nohomo
#nohomo we luv u shad
tbh, I have never ever encountered a scenario that I needed a complex SQL queries.
You only get things that exist in both tables, while left join gets you a row for every row on the left
6:49 AM
@mr5 Then you've never worked with SQL
the most complex I get was sub queries with joins inside it, and it's just for a single endpoint.
I read before ORMs like Ef, devs had to write really long stored procedures, functions etc to get the data. :O
@Shad What do you mean with "single level left join"?
I think the very essence of being a backend dev means you should have strong hold on database
@bradbury9 I mean multiple left joins (not going any level deep inside them)
You can included nont-join related restrictions to a left join to avoid filtering the main table
is a neat trick
select a.*, b.Id from a left join b on a.id = b.id and b.active=1 where a.name = 'Maria'
That query would get all "a" named Maria and the "b" related column would have the Id only for those records that fit the relationship and have "b.active=1"
7:00 AM
@bradbury9 But I read, with left join I would be getting all the rows
and only after getting all the rows the filtering will be applied
am I right, @Squirrelkiller?
Yeah, not your case I know, but a useful thing to know
ah okay, thanks though :3
@mr5 CTEs my friend
CTEs are the shit!
My client rejects CTE's, no clue why :-(
I've heard that before
Q: SQL: Creating temporary variables

mr5I'm new to SQL so please consider this noob question. Also, its so embarrassing to admit that I cannot search for the right keyword in Google and I'm running out of time so I decided to ask it here. Code: select *, price * quantity as [Total price], case when [Total price]>100 and [Total ...

this one. I've got an answer using CTE
no idea what it was before
and still now
7:06 AM
@Shad Still is the most efficient weay
what is?
stored procedures,ctes?
Directly querying the database instead of using an ORM
dang, need to learn those as well
I mean get comfortable
CTE: Common table expression. Think of it as creating an alias to a subquery
They have good thinks, they can be recursive
there were CTE, temporary tables and one more thing I forgot
7:08 AM
Using EF is one of the quickest ways to get set up.
Its sufficient enough for almost every application.
yeah I have read about them, never tried though. :)
Buuuut if you have database performance concerncs, you shouldnt use EF imo.
just hit the play button! :D
@bradbury9 They can "view" certain party only.
CTE super stronk.
yes, Table variable
fish, feeling like getting grip on T-sql again
7:24 AM
@Squirrelkiller youtu.be/o_TH-Y78tt4?t=1941 watch 2 mins form that timestamp, it's great :')
"accidental language" lol
I like this dude
Also hexagonal solves exactly the topic he's talking about^^
Yes, he's a giid talker isn't he
I think you'Ve watched further than I have
I will watch it when off work :')
7:42 AM
@Squirrelkiller yeah i just paused the vid b4 that came up :')
anyone have any experience with building producer/consumer pipelines?
8:02 AM
who is this bob martin
sounds familiar
it's cousin of Bob Ross
and friends of Martin Luther
8:15 AM
so he is a software reform artist
@cubesnyc I have experience with producer/consumer
8:34 AM
anyone knows a nice docker for msbuild?
TIL: Apple uses Tomcat for their auth server
@misha130 Only for dotnet core
well .net framework
Nah, would have to fuck around with windows containers for that
Screw Windows
Screw Microsoft
Screw PCs
Books, that's the future I tell ya!
8:46 AM
Screw bolts!
Has anyone ever tried to implement apple sign-in in Xamarin.iOS with web flow instead of the provided SDK?
I build on msbuild with windows its kind of ok
gotta have ci/cd on old projects
Apple SDKs and APIs are like China
They always don't conform to standards.
They just dont want to, they think they should be the standard
9:03 AM
Now my code is horrible because of them.
A: How to set NODE_ENV to production/development in OS X

Farid Nouri NeshatBefore running your app, you can do this in console, export NODE_ENV=production Or if you are in windows you could try this: SET NODE_ENV=production or you can run your app like this: NODE_ENV=production node app.js You can also set it in your js file: process.env.NODE_ENV = 'production...

The devil is with us
up/down vote
now everyone can make it different, if you want....
9:20 AM
This was a good day up to nows
is it good to create index on foreign key?
@Squirrelintraining I hope it is all day long :)
@misha130 Just install a ci-runner on a windows machine
@Shad I have no idea.
We have one windows server just as a ci runner
Because our team's application is on netFx too
Ima bit dissapoint,
That the Hot Reload funciton of npm run serve - or what ever is built in - doesn't reload when you change a `vue` directive or any javascript..
It only reloads when u actually changge the HTML yoself
9:31 AM
my kotlin react projects also have hot reloading, but at some point, it stopped working
it appears the reloading only works when the app actually says it wants to load files from the resources, such as .css files
which I found useless at that point
so now I am still actively loading 0 .css files just to get the hot reloading :D
I didn't quite get what u mean good lion sir
Buuuuuut it makes me happy to see u happy
Angular and AngularJS do hot reload whenever you save any file, including .json/.js/.ts
requireAll(require.context("src", true, RegExp("/\\.css$/")))
without that line, I dont have reloading
I suppose the requireAll has some special stuff in it
AFAIK angular can hotreload
or atleast a vs extension did that
Hello guys
i need help regarding configure multiple sites in iis 8 on windows server 2012
9:45 AM
context menu -> add website
it makes me happy to see squirrel and lion happy
i followed all the steps written in this article
@Maximious What exactly doesn't work for you?
but now i am browsing my web site but it shows this page can't be displayed
@Squirrelkiller after browsing I am getting this page can't be displayed
any clue to solve this
9:52 AM
@nyconing this ip address what does it will do?
@Maximious instead some web app, do place a simple plain html file. It will help you troubleshoot if it is IIS configuration or ASP.NET doing its things
@bradbury9 ok
10:04 AM
@Maximious Send screenshot of the site and its bindings
@nyconing I was generally suprised taht the IIS opend up just now :D
this bob martin speech about his good architecture is 100% correct
but from project/product manager perspective they really dont give a fuck
Oh they do give a fuck when a seemingly small bug suddenly takes a week to fix
just shove the UI and DB first so people can work on it or something. business rules? we will figure it out
yea sure
@misha130 THen star if for everyybody to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
But let me change it to becci black first
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
Sorry if this is a stupid question
but why running same query gives me different execution times each time?
Resource time waits?
First erxecution also has to generate the execution plan for the query
both are different each time I run a query on PgAdmin4
@Shad Why does runnning the same distance take different amounts of times?
11:58 AM
by the computer?
by a person sure
but by the computer
it will do the same thinking each time
This german read might help with understanding.
I thought computer thinking is rigid.
I am a bit lazy to explain
oh okay
thanks :)
Also imagine, a PC still is doing physicall work.
Like where is the Table stored on the disk.
Where is the reader head at start of Querey.
Is there anything blocking the disk atm.
Is it already in RAM?
So the ticks an operation takes should almost never be the same.
12:03 PM
I get you.
You should get an average, if times get far from it and there are no resource waits, something is wrong
Also we need @Avner back for this crud, he's really got at explining
ALso @Hozuki who's sama senpai
but you are sensei ;)
@bradbury9 okay!
In SQL Server Management Studio you have "sql server monitor", you can check the wait times
12:04 PM
The monitor is usefull, you see process waiting to be executed, costly recent queries, etc
@Shad Nah roel is the sensei
12:34 PM
Is it "Software Developer" or "Software Engineer"?
engineer sounds cooler, so use that
Software Magician
Programmer :)
1. Software Engineer
2. Software Developer
3. Programmer
4. Dude
12:43 PM
code monkey
dont make it sad
code donkey
5. Dudette
12:51 PM
is interval a tuple here? --> public static int SumIntervals((int, int)[] intervals)
it is not written like SumIntervals(Tuple<int, int> ....
its a C# 7.0 feature
splains why I've never seen it
1:25 PM
Can someone pleas help me with a problem?
I have a Test-System and a Live-System. On the Live-System, if I want to edit a object with a DateTime variable I get following error (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1331779/conversion-of-a-datetime2-data-type-to-a-datetime-data-type-results-out-of-range) but if I do the same on my Test-System everything works well
I have no clue what it could be, because my Test-Database and my Live-Database are the same
They are just running on different Servers, but I think this error is more a Database-Error than anything else
1:48 PM
No idea sry
why captain squirrel is less active?
is he your brother?
No problem, I also know just my description is a little bit short. I also have no idea where this problem is coming from, so its difficult for me to describe it.
Still, thanks that you at least looked at it :D
@Shad because reality even for computers is chaotic
Today was a quiet day at the c# room
1:59 PM
Like my internet connection today
I bid you all adieu
take care <3
or lack thereof
Have a nice one, au revoir
I'm off for vacation now, gotta visit my parents and also celebrate my birthday tomorow, see you in like 2 weeks and a bit πŸ–
2:05 PM
sounds awesome..bye!!
2:32 PM
@Squirrelkiller HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
@Squirrelkiller HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
3:02 PM
@Squirrelkiller happy birthday! don't kill too many squirrels!
@Squirrelkiller happy birthday for tomorrow :)
I'm trying to create an Excel file dynamically to download to the user. I can't figure out how to take the Workbook object and save it directly to a filestream rather than physically saving it to the server hard drive.
3:21 PM
you might have to stream the file
using application/oceat or something
I can't remember what it is
3:38 PM
it looks to me he's saying the same thing
.....i can see that now
3:59 PM
hbd xx
Hi guys
I am trying to create regex expression to sort the string alphabetically
 string str = "visualstudio";
Should contain only lower case letter and no of characters should be between 2 and 10
What should be the regex?
4:19 PM
Why do you need to do this with regex?
@CaptainSquirrel, I know how to get the file to the user once I have it. I'm talking about getting the file out of the Excel Workbook object.
Based on my usage of interop previously
I don't believe there is a way to do that
Well fuck
unless you save it, bring it back into memory, delete the physical file and then stream it?
maybe that could work
I can't really remember how all this stuff works
why do you need to do it without saving it?
i mean, i fully understand why you'd want to avoid that mess i just suggested
4:23 PM
That's pretty much the reason.
A: Create excel file and download it without saving it into the server, is it possible?

dariogriffoUsing a mix of your work and the example I made using NPOI you can do something like this public FileStreamResult MyAction(parameters) { //Here you create a workBook with your actual code var workBook = CreateWorkbook(parameters); var fileName = "routeToFileWhereYourAppCanWrite.xls" ...

What about something like that?
actually, that's exactly what i've just suggested πŸ˜‚
Yeah, one of the pages google gave me mentioned NPOI. I was looking into that just now.
4:43 PM
I'm enjoying this Big Ed on 90 day fiance TLC :D
90 day fiance is hilarious
have you watched PewDiePie's review?
I'm laughing my ass off for about an hour now xD
watch it! you're missing a lot of fun.
start from here:
4:56 PM
I would like to create a pipeline whose goal it will be to fulfill an order across a collection of stores. Each individual store should first get a quote (price and availability) for an item. Store orders are then dispatched up to the amount requested ordered by price. If an order fails, it should request the next best quote in the queue.
any thoughts on the best way to do this?
tried using tpl dataflow but seems a bit hacky for this particular structure
Why does he put mayonnaise in his hair?
it's a common knowledge duh
it'll make you younger
cuz you smell like an egg
- according to him
seriously though, I have no idea how it actually works
posted on July 09, 2020 by ericlippert

Code for this episode is here. So far in this series every algorithm we’ve attempted has been either O(cells) or O(changes) in time, and O(cells) in space. Going with a straightforward “big square with dead cells surrounding it” approach tends … Continue reading →

5:15 PM
@nyconing rofl what is that from? it looks kinda like MHA
!~wiki η« ι­šη‡’
@nyconing The Wikipedia contains no knowledge of such a thing
!~translate η« ι­šη‡’
·from Chinese Simplified
!~wiki Takoyaki
Takoyaki (γŸγ“η„Όγ or θ›Έη„Ό) or "octopus balls" is a ball-shaped Japanese snack or appetizer made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus (tako), tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger (beni shoga), and green onion (negi). The balls are brushed with takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce) and mayonnaise, and then sprinkled with green laver (aonori) and shavings of dried bonito (katsuobushi). Yaki comes from yaku (焼く), which is one of the cooking methods in Japanese cuisine, meaning 'to fry or grill', and can be found...
5:35 PM
looks like a divided hotdog without a bun
I have a list<string> mandatoryKeys {"Test", "Key"} and

and another string "Test some key". I'd like to find how if any of the mandatory keys exists in the string above and the number of mandatory keys present if i could do that.
var testThis = "Test some key";
var mandatoryKeys = new List<string> { "Test", "Key" };
mandatoryKeys.Where(k => testThis.Contains(k));
You can stick a .Count() on the Where if you just want the number, or keep doing stuff with the list of keys that match.
oh thanks, i was trying the other way around :\
5:51 PM
The testThis string is also part of a list and i am trying to order the list based on the mandatory key matches
topDifferentTokenMatches.OrderByDescending(c => searchKey.Mandatory.Where(k => c.Item1.Contains(k)).Count);
but i am not sure if i can order based on that though
> var testThese = new[] { "Test some key", "Test some Key" };
> testThese.Select(x => (x, mandatoryKeys.Count(y => x.Contains(y))))
Enumerable.WhereSelectArrayIterator<string, ValueTuple<string, int>> { (Test some key, 1), (Test some Key, 2) }
> testThese.Select(x => (x, mandatoryKeys.Count(y => x.Contains(y)))).OrderByDescending(z => z.Item2)
OrderedEnumerable<ValueTuple<string, int>, int> { (Test some Key, 2), (Test some key, 1) }
Note the use of the Count overload- you can skip a call to Where if you do that
6:07 PM
Let me try this ! thanks Grace
@Grace My initial testThese is already a List<Tuple<string,int>
Well, sounds like you'll either wind up with a (string, int, int) or defining a class with named fields.
topDifferentMatches.Select(x => (x,searchKey.Mandatory.Count(y => x.Item1.Contains(y)))).OrderByDescending(z => z.x.Item2);
in the orderby clause, I have access to Item2 in z as in z.Item2.
what would be the difference between OrderByDescending(z => z.Item2) vs OrderbyDescending(z => z.x.Item2)
1 hour later…
7:31 PM
It's the same thing, it's just a question of whether you find it easier to work with nested pairs or one triple.
7:46 PM
3 hours later…
10:23 PM
Q: Can you use TPL Dataflow to propogate a message only when a condition is true?

cubesnycvar ints = Enumerable.Range( 0, 10 ).ToList(); var source = new BufferBlock<int>(); var action = new ActionBlock<int>( async (i) => { Console.WriteLine( "Processing i" ); await Task.Delay(i*1000);}, new ExecutionDataflowBlockOptions() { MaxDegreeOfParallelism = -1 } ); Is it possible to use TPL ...


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