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4:45 AM
Ben Popper on July 10, 2020
To think like a machine, you have to speak its language.
2 hours later…
6:50 AM
7:01 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
Jaaaack, you know what day it is?
Iiiiiit's funfriday
Also huge shout out to @Squirrelkiller who either has or had or will have his birthday soon!
Holycrud, my rechager kabel just caught fire
short circuited?
Is one of those magnetic ones
Wasn't on the reciever properly
Started smelling funny and then I saw a yelowish glow coming from my phone :D
Luckely it was jsut he cabvle
7:15 AM
7:27 AM
Hello there
Are some of you here pre-mates or do you just know each other from this chatroom?
didn't know that could happen
i know everyone here from chat not irl
I actually know killerino from school and brought him here
@N.H. I think most of us know each other from this chatroom
I am going to miss him being around xD
7:45 AM
I'm not even using any VPN or spoofing my IP
I was trying to login from the website, and it happens that the Mac I'm using is one of the trusted devices.
Are you at the airport or is it another case of poor geolocation?
poor geolocation
I guess IP to LatLng was used.
no, Killer!
@mr5 apple succs
Where are you guys from?
From the Internet ;)
8:35 AM
THe internet is for born
uɹod ɹoɟ sı ʇǝuɹǝʇuı ǝɥʇ
ɻʁow Γncԍʁuԍˋ Ƨcμʍԍᴉz
h̅ͪ̋̒̓́҉͕͓̩ę̷͓̲̬͉̃ͫ̽̿̈́ͮ͗ͤͨ̕ ̸̤̺̼̪̳̜̜̮͆̔́̔͗͜i̺̗̠̣͚͖̊ͩ̉ͯ̎̒̎͜s̑́̔̿̚͏̙̫͕̬͚͙ ̛̦̥͓̹̹͕̟ͩ̎́c̺̖̩̮̬͋̊ͅo̢̢̲͙ͦ̓̾ͦͣͣ̅̃m̖̯̪ͨͫ̏ͬ̅̈̔̿̐i͍̼͇̳̠̹̅ͬ̐ͯ̚ṉ̫̺̻̮͍̹͙̑ͪ͟g̸̶̝̥̗ͯ͒ͧ͋
8:50 AM
I thought it's Monday we're allowed to fart :/
Hey guys, where's the best place to get info about the state of VS previews? - particularly C#9.
which suggests that Records have been merged into 16.7 preview 3
but I've downloaded preview 3, and while I can compile stuff with the record keyword I can't tell if it's doing anything
The blog at devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio hasn't even announced preview 3
> Almost all COVID-19 patients are no longer contagious by the 11th day of illness. Korea and Singapore are changing their guidelines for clearing people from quarantine and are going for time-based clearance rather than test-based clearance. For context, RT-PCR can remain positive for up to 8 weeks, but people are no longer contagious by the 2nd week.
> This will allow us to record recoveries much faster (you used to have to have 2 negative RT-PCRs for clearance) and free up hospital and isolation beds. People will also be able to see their loved ones sooner.
So, specifically I'm trying to find out what I can do with the record keyword in 16.7p3
and there's nothing about that in the release note, there's nothing about that in the release blog
Time-based testing makes more sense than the physical testing
9:00 AM
the only thing I can find is that note on github saying it's been merged
is anyone aware of any available info more up-to-date?
I think the most recent update you can get is from their repo, which I have no clue where to find.
@Hans1984 get ze flammenwerfer
We have a job to do
Hans Sie sind so reliable, zis is great!
I was already in another chat
9:05 AM
You where cheating on C# room? :o
Where where u?
in a private chat
well its not actually private
9:24 AM
I found the problem eventually...
Q: Testing C# 9.0 in VS2019 - CS0518 IsExternalInit is not defined or imported ... How do I define/import it?

JoshC# 9.0 is still under development. There are a couple references which lead me to believe it should be testable now (some of it, anyway). A microsoft blog by Mr. Awesome himself, introducing the features. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/welcome-to-c-9-0/ The language tracking page on gith...

Do some of you guys have knowledge about Jenkins Pipeline-Syntax?
9:44 AM
@N.H. What's your question regarding the syntax?
@mr5 Thanks. So have the MAC address + cert info in header?
@Squirrelkiller Thanks, wish that was an option
Hi folks, hello universe!
9:59 AM
I have a question as follows, consider the following script.

-- DROP TABLE order_types PURGE;

CREATE TABLE order_types (
order_type_id NUMBER NOT NULL,
order_type_code VARCHAR2(10) NOT NULL,
order_type_desc VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT order_types_pk PRIMARY KEY (id),
CONSTRAINT order_types_uk UNIQUE (code)
Are the prefixes order_type_ optional?
I asked this because I noticed the id in CONSTRAINT order_types_pk PRIMARY KEY (id) was not prefixed with order_type_. It looks optional to me.
I am a newbie in SQL. :-)
ping me if you respond this question. I am leaving for work. :-)
I wouldn't include the prefix
@Alex yes. or basically, create a whitelist of MAC addresses
The columns are on the order_types table, so it's redundant
mr5, hadn't thought about that. Do MAC addresses have a range or are they like GUIDs?
@TooFatManNoNeck dis is sql not c# :o
10:11 AM
gf making tea and i went downstairs she was outside having a vape so i shouted "that tea aint gonna make itself" and now im scared she going to kill me
@Alex the implementation of MAC is usually composed of 6 byte, represented in hexadecimal. Also, the common implementation have the first half to identify the manufacturer and the other half for the hardware id. But it doesn't matter in your case.
You can also just make this in RS256 and the MAC address being the identifier.
Thanks, mr5. First half is the hardware manufacturer, as in HP, Dell, etc?
Makes sense. Who sets the MAC, the manufacturer?
Never paid attention to MAC address, now kinda curious :)
Yes. It's an embedded feature in hardware but nowadays, it can still be spoofed. Depends on which device we are talking about.
10:17 AM
@Harry haha
@Harry lerl
She gonna squash u brah
> MAC addresses are primarily assigned by device manufacturers, and are therefore often referred to as the burned-in address, or as an Ethernet hardware address, hardware address, and physical address. Each address can be stored in hardware, such as the card's read-only memory, or by a firmware mechanism. Many network interfaces, however, support changing their MAC address. The address typically includes a manufacturer's organizationally unique identifier (OUI).
Thanks again. That's as unique an id as you can get
10:46 AM
@hollystyles I have a little Jenkins Pipeline Script that is creating a .zip out of my .dll and .pdb files. I tried with the powershell Tag but it doesn't recognize the compress command
stage('Create Veracode scan'){

{ powershell ''' if(Test-Path C:\\Veracode\\feature\\output.zip)\{Remove-Item -path C:\\Veracode\\feature\\output.zip}
$compress = @{Path = '${params.publish_path}
*.dll', '${params.publish_path}
*.pdb' CompressionLevel = 'Fastest' DestinationPath = 'C:\\Veracode\\feature

Compress-Archive @compress
The publish path is the path to the bin folder were the .dll and .pdb files are
@mr5 It seems everything can be spoofed
in linux with the ifconfig you can manually set the MAC address, IIRC
11:14 AM
@N.H. Oh wow I had no idea you could do that. I am literally using it to just run other Jenkins builds in a sequence. If it were me I would create a Jenkins job to do the compression and then just list it in the pipeline.
pipeline {
	agent {
		label {
			label "My pipeline"
			customWorkspace "c:\where_its_gonna_happen"
	stages {
		stage('Do.It') {
			steps {
				build 'My super compression build job'
@hollystyles Ok, I will try that. But maybe I can find a solution were I can directly do it in my pipeline. Thanks for your answer :D
@Squirrelintraining It is Linq generated SQL in C# :-)
11:33 AM
@N.H. Only other method I could suggest is to put your code in a .ps1 file and just call it from the pipeline step
The usual trouble with long commands inside these task based runners is string escaping
hi , I am getting this error while connecting to Oracle DB:
Message = "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified"

in my local i fixed this by adding TNS_ADMIN variable. But when deployed the code in server its not working. I am using Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 19.7.0, my application code is in .NET, 4.6.1
Check the server's tsnames.ora file:

Long time ago since my last oracle connection, but IIRC you can skip that file if the connectionstring has all the data.
the server has tns.ora file
and i have added the variable also
skip that file if the connectionstring has all the data. --> what should be there in my connection string?
could you please help me by filling any sample value in the format
thank you
Obviously all values are fake/invented. No clue on your Oracle server config
i get that
12:09 PM
guys guys!!! I hope you do well!!!! (too much coffee today sorry)
   int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
   WriteLine(y); // this will output -2147483648
   WriteLine(y); // this will output 2147483647
   WriteLine(y); // this will output 2147483646
this should not compile right? but it does and runs without exceptions
strange? ok thx
@TooFatManNoNeck Bruh
.net core under mac (hah not-straight I know)
It should run... " is used to suppress overflow-checking for integral-type arithmetic operations and conversions" unchecked reference
A related keyword is unchecked. This keyword switches off overflow checks within a block of code.

Type the following statement at the end of the previous statements. The compiler will not compile this statement because it knows it would overflow:

int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
*quote from a book
@Suisse why should it not compile?
12:14 PM
Right, unless you mark that as unchecked
now I got it :)
what compilation error did you expect?
checked //check for overflows
                    int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
does not compile!
unchecked //check for overflows
                    int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
does compile
Totally fine
You say it to not check for the overflow
so it compiles
unchecked //Don't check for overflow
12:16 PM
hmm but it does also not catch exceptions?
                unchecked //check for overflows
                    int y = int.MaxValue + 1;

            catch (OverflowException)
                WriteLine("The code overflowed but I caught the exception.");
@Suisse bisch du en schwizer?
mingia ja natürlich min liebe!
lul, ehrenmann :D
*sorry what are you talking chabis? please english
@bradbury9 , i got this error : SERVER' is an invalid connection string attribute

12:18 PM
I read that as "Hey bitch you're Swiss?"
yea he insulted me... where is the admin here? /kick!
Ok, I will now stop with my chabis and I will be professional again
@hollystyles there is no insult in that sentence
I just wrote it in swiss-german. It is a strange language
hehe yeah it was just a joke from my side..
Doing an unchecked operation does not raise exceptions, so the:

int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
WriteLine(y); // this will output -2147483648

is showing it did overflow (went from int.MaxValue to int.MinValue)
to summarize my insecurity:
"Note that this is a compile-time check. To disable compile-time checks, we can wrap the statement in an unchecked block, as shown in the following code:"
   int y = int.MaxValue + 1;
   WriteLine(y); // this will output -2147483648
   WriteLine(y); // this will output 2147483647
   WriteLine(y); // this will output 2147483646
*its all from the book
12:22 PM
@bradbury9 , hey it worked after changing it to Data Source. But the TNS error still remains.
the unchecked code is wrapped with a try and catch
If you do "unchecked" you can get overflows, and you wont get exceptions. So do it very carefully
the book says this is the outcome:
The code overflowed but I caught the exception.
but when I do exact the same, I don't have the exception catched.
There are no exceptions raised
yeah.. I think there is a mistake in the book
12:23 PM
is not caught, because is not raised
in your try-catch code the catch would never hit
Yeah because there is no Exception to catch
ok yes make sense
@N.H. r u from zürich?
oops I think I insulted him now :/
He didnt call you bitch :-P
Gosh I hasteJS
12:27 PM
but I called him Zürcher, and maybe he is from Basel..
big insult
@Squirrelintraining I LOVE js
and rebeca <3
Yeah, I can tell by the feel pain guy
First time in a long time I fail for that one
look into my avaters face: I love js.
12:34 PM
Yeah JS knows how to deal with overflows without all this checked/unchecked nonsense.
you cant "know" how to deal with overflows
you just deal with them
in c# by default everything is checked unless you flag the assemby as non-checked of you use the keyword unckecked right?
one might throw an exception, another just lets it overflow
both are valid cases
Chuck Norris knows how to deal with overflows
JS doesnt have pre-defined sized integers, so... JS doesnt count
12:43 PM
!~> Eval Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER + 1;
<!>Syntax error, ',' expected
@Wietbot evalcsharp Int32.MaxValue + 1
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Scripting.CompilationErrorException((1,1): error CS0220: The operation overflows at compile time in checked mode)
@Wietbot evalcsharp
unchecked {
    return Int32.MaxValue + 1;
12:45 PM
@wietbot evaljs Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER + 1
@Wietbot evalnode Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER
@Wietlol 9007199254740991
Dealt with see :)
what do you mean NaN ?
MSI should be equal to MSI + 1
(Max Safe Integer)
12:46 PM
I hate websites these days
What ALL of them?
So much bullshit with banners and other bollocks that there's virtually no content
Hero banner should die in a fire.
There is a handful of pixels of content there
Ah shit
@bradbury9 bows
There, I've surrounded the entirety of the page content that's visible in the red box
Bear in mind to that's on my surface which has the trademark 3:2 aspect ratio
So that's probably more visible than would be normally
Oh yeah and I had adblock on too which got rid of the banner advert at the top, so if I didn't have that there would have been no content at all
and you ofcourse use "I dont care about cookies" which gets rid of the cookies message
in combination with Privacy Badger, which protects your cookies
1:03 PM
Actually I reject everything when given the option
Even though ublock and firefox between them block all the tracking anyway
I'd like to think most of the tracking networks don't know that much about me. They probably do know that much though
1:41 PM
@Suisse No I'm luckily not from Zürich. Are you?
I hope it's no a insult that I said "luckily" :D
if there isn't a book out there in existence where the 11th chapter is titled "Bankruptcy," I'm going to explode
2:03 PM
Ryan Donovan on July 10, 2020
July 2020 Welcome to ISSUE #29 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. On this week’s episode, we peek behind the curtain at our engineering hiring process, wonder why bitcoin miners shut down their rigs, and look at what’s…
@Feeds SHHH!
Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (Title 11 of the United States Code) permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States. Such reorganization, known as "Chapter 11 bankruptcy", is available to every business, whether organized as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, and to individuals, although it is most prominently used by corporate entities. In contrast, Chapter 7 governs the process of a liquidation bankruptcy, though liquidation may also occur under Chapter 11; while Chapter 13 provides a reorganization process for the majority of privat...
2:20 PM
Anyone here use NPOI? I'm trying to put in multiline, partially bolded text with AutoSizeColumn, and I'm trying to figure out how to get it to wrap ONLY on the newlines in the string, instead of wherever it wants.
NM. Got it.
Hey All, At work, we use Confluence Cloud. I looked through the site, and found the following info about the version of the Confluence Cloud that we are using: License Information for Confluence Cloud
Confluence 1000.0.0-d84982f3b61f
Copyright © 2003 - 2017 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd.
The version we are using seems kind of limited.
It seems like I can only edit pages in Confluence Cloud using the standard editor
I wanted to edit the page as an html/css source, but I can't figure out how to do so. Does anyone know if the version of Confluence Cloud that I'm using gives users the ability to edit html/css source code for a particular wiki page?
3:00 PM
Have a nice weekend guys
seein gyou around!
3:22 PM
@N.H. zürich für ever!
!~translate zürich für ever!
Zurich for ever!
·from German
!~translate das ist fake.
that is fake.
·from German
3 hours later…
6:18 PM
Anyone ever try to set custom Excel background colors in NPOI?
I'm trying to set one of the palette colors to a specific medium gray and set one cell to that color, but nearly the whole sheet comes out completely black.
1 hour later…
7:22 PM
I don't understand why! is it to replace the already-existing value instead of raising an exception?!
8:01 PM
people are afraid of exceptions
8:58 PM
I don't think it's saying all that much
it's more or less "try not to introduce bugs"
to which I agree :)
i mean, overwriting a dictionary entry when you didn't necessarily mean to can cause different, more subtle bugs than a duplicate key exception
at first I thought
is this about concurrent writes?
looking for something subtle that I might've missed
If you're doing concurrent writes to a dict, you should be using a concurrentdictionary, right
which I don't think lets you modify it through a subscript like that
if you're using a concurrentdict, you should absolutely be doing TryAdd and AddOrUpdate
1 hour later…
10:08 PM

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