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11:01 AM
@bradbury9 Thank yo
yo yo
Tha is a cute shiba
yeah but hold on...
now what
as kawai as it gets
The one on the right is in an odd position
11:10 AM
I'm back babies
thats you
welcome back
wb training
11:20 AM
omg that baby
oh so guess who almost went into a coma last night? :D
Jack Stones?
11:20 AM
how come
Miles Miller?
Ruby van Uterricht?
Squirrel in Training's Mother
I don't know freey
but srsly I took too much insulin apparently and woke up feeling like I was gonna die
then I ate too much and now I'm trying to get it to climb back down
Sounds like a you problem.
Get well soon you yes?
11:22 AM
insulin is a hell of a drug
but sounds bad
this but unironically
basically if my glucose meter says "LO," that's really bad
usually it gives me a number
DAmn u to fast, I wanted to post a pic of an ugly butt :<
imagine if it would say "lol" instead
but how come you overdosed
that's what I wanted to say
"lol I'm gonna die"
how can that happen
11:24 AM
Yeash, thats a gouda idea haaans
because I seriously overestimated how much I had eaten earlier
And thatsewhy estiomation succes
I see
my bsl was 70 most of yesterday -- which is great as long as I'm not exercising
@mr5 Since you asked, here's the shameless self-plug of my YouTube channel. I'm doing weeb-videos, mainly focusing on anime reviews right now. I have much to learn! Here is the channel youtube.com/channel/UCdy3ALfj8_J7hE8AF_Hs3pg and here is the video I just finished editing:
(Fucking weebs)
11:26 AM
have you heard of our lord and savior FLCL?
how no views
@Freerey I didn't like FLCL at all. It's not my cup of tea.
i dont get it arte seems very mediocore
and you are telling about it as it seems very mediocore
11:27 AM
Roel, why not add a - between Should You Watch and Arte Season 01
wait wait wait Hozuki is Roel?
.. yes didn't u know?
well nvm then
no I didin't know. what, are you saying all anime profile pics look the same? that's fucking racist! #cancelsquirrels
TBH, That voice tone level is very relaxing :D
^ it is; reminds me a bit of samyoline
11:29 AM
@misha130 That's my presenting style, I think? I'm not a very LOOK HERE EVERYONE SO ENERGETIC ME LOOK AT ME kind of a person.
@Squirrelintraining Haha, thanks!
yea but i was like curious if to watch it or not
has anyone ever seen "The Elder Scrolls: The Dumbing Down?"
and i came out as i dunno lol
No problem :D
also last season had absolutely nothing to watch except 8th son which i see you did a review on too
11:31 AM
suddenly I realized I haven't seen yaoi Yuri on ice
and haven't beaten Oblivion yet...maybe I should do that this weekend
@misha130 As a TL;DR, I hated 8th son, but loved Arte. I really like the personality of Arte and that made the series for me.
My first video was about 8th son yeah... and it's basically a rant about how much I hated it. It's also a very bad video :D I think the second video is a bit better!
@Squirrelintraining I wanted to use a clickbaity title and I think without the - works better lol :D
I wonder why you got problems uploading the videos, looks like a textbook use case of Youtube TOS - fair use
do a review on tower of god @Hozuki
11:34 AM
I think I should have filed a dispute, but I didn't want to wait that long TBH. I just used some clips but Universal Japan went ahead and claimed the video. I'll do better editing and actually do disputes if I get better at it :-)
you'll get billions of views
I think clickbaity would be switchng it a bit
Arte - is it really worth wathcing it?
Arte - tops and flops
Atleast in my Opinion
@Squirrelintraining Hmmmm, I'll consider this! Thanks!
Maybe with more aortwork \o/ ~~ ARtEEE ~~ =ooda898\ don't watch
But most likely not that example :D
@Hozuki No problem my friend!
@misha130 I'm not doing this for views, really. Just want to improve presenting about thinks I like and don't like. It's very awkward to talk to a camera, lol. Haven't seen Tower of God yet so it won't happen anytime soon :P
11:35 AM
I mean I am no professional youtube guy or anything just bashing out my unprofessional thoughts here.
@Squirrelintraining Yeah I did see that thumbnails are just WILD about capturing attention
yea its good practice for public speaking
I have huge anxiety doing that
Arte - is it really better than Say gukugateme (or what ever you said was similart :'D)
Same here, and Im a nervous wreck once a camera goes record
@Squirrelintraining Oh good point, I never mentioned the link in the description. Fixing that now. It's myanimelist.net/anime/957/Saiunkoku_Monogatari/userrecs
Well you could also set it up a bit like this guy: youtube.com/watch?v=46jzSn9SLlg
11:38 AM
@Squirrelintraining He starts of as a comedy genius :P
Yeah, he made some good videos :D
But then again, you said you're not that energetic and this might not be your style
I'll have to experiment more. Still, something to think about, so thanks for the ideas!
Oh if you like weeb podcasts, this is fucking glorious youtube.com/channel/UCcmxOGYGF51T1XsqQLewGtQ
@Hozuki No proby, I am full of shitty ideas :D
11:42 AM
Practice helps a lot talking in public. Some years ago I got called as a witness in a penal trial and I was nervous AF.
Some months ago I had to testify again, and I did much better
the original anime reviewer: youtube.com/watch?v=lKqgo224TKg
rest in pieces
I swear if it's digibro
Forbidden @Hans1984
except now digibro is a woman now I think
11:45 AM
Oh PatrickStar's back
here we go
@Hozuki :o is that you on the video?
@mr5 Yep!
But you have different face in your SO avatar
Incidentally, my best friend in college also does the same thing: YT reviews of Animes
Here I have Hozuki! The anime girl. :D
Really? Link his channel :D
11:48 AM
I would make an Anime review of YouTube
I see big money
It's in tagalog so you wouldn't understand =P
but you can take an inspiration how he present his reviews.
@Wietlol how much?
@Hozuki the audio! It's very importantestestest
His audio is pretty decent yeah. I don't understand a word he says though. He's a very energetic presenter tho!
did anyone hear foamy the squirrel got all his videos demonetized for like 2 days?
yeah. people want an energetic vibe. I have observed this in FB Page called WhatIf. People start deploring the new hired when they hear how dull her voice is.
Any WhatIf fans here? no?
Is he an energetic person in life or is that him doing it for the vids?
11:57 AM
He's an extrovert so yeah. That's normal.
@mr5 not much, just big
Ahaa. I think that's pretty cool. :)
Too energetic presenters do stress me and I get tired.
@bradbury9 It depends on my mood, but yeah, I've had that too. Sometimes I want some energetic presenter and other times I just want some calm.
12:17 PM
@Hozuki what brand is the monitor behind you?
dam that's huge
I'm gonna need to move to a different house before I get a tv like that lol
how much is that? I can't find the price
yeah same
I wish I have a house.
I bought it for 1900 euro, last year, I think.
Or maybe 2 years ago
Living in a rural area.. houses are affordable here :-)
12:32 PM
Do you guys think resting for 2 months is too much?
you mean like a 2 month vacation?
yeah uh...unless you're retiring from a position of extremely high esteem, it's a bit much :P
2k damn
you spent more on your telly than I've got in the bank :'D
@Squirrelintraining You... should probably sort your finances.
12:39 PM
you're a developer; what are you doing with that little money?
idk maybe he's just spending money all the time
Got Waifu who no workee and Kids who eatie allot
Hozuki is a YouTuber, of course he has a lot of money!
To be completly frank, I was just kidding
oh well that'll do it
I got 2.5k in the bank :P
12:39 PM
right I kinda forgot having a family is expensive
send them to me or you're lying
I might be lying or not, you'll never nor monsieur 5
DId you see the vid i taged earlyier?
Or to me more percice the music
the south park?
no-shame plug of my first ever YT: youtube.com/watch?v=ojAEgK8ztrI
It was a month ago but my character is 20x more stronger than it was on the video.
12:56 PM
240 videos at 10 minutes long, with each getting 100 views.
This is the most practical way to get qualified in YT paid membership program.
1:21 PM
is it bad that I don't think I would be mature enough to have a family til i'm like 40?
I think you would hit more good aspects in life.
financially, emotionally, ...
I'd think so, too, but I recently have been hearing people say stuff like "people who marry after their 20s are more likely to divorce quickly"
what do you make 240 videos about?
id rather go on twitch
1:44 PM
@Freerey No, you do you. If you haven't found yourself in a position in life where you'd want to have a family, don't. Choosing not to have a family is fine too.
I'm 26 and I don't really feel like marrying... I only hang out with friends once in a while, the rest I am in my house, doing everything from there... my work my study and my free time. so I don't even see any new person that i might be interested lol
I'm 27 and I've got two kids and a waifu.
And I've litterally almos thave no time for myself cuz waifu and kids are high maintenance things :/
I don't even have a 2D Waifu xD but I got a lot of free times for myself. so all good.
I've just finished a 3hr vue tutorial and the `Star Wars Main Title` jumped up in my playlist :D
So fitting
Also don't maek me jelly @Pedram
2:10 PM
@Hozuki yeah that's what I tell myself, too, but sometimes I get lonely/envoius
I mean ffs way too many people in my hs married right after graduation
2:26 PM
do you know how many people actually peak at highschool?
lets just say its many more than you expect
I knew a lot of people like that
so dont worry about others
a lot of them are the same people who shame me for being an "abuser" and needing Zoloft when I was a teen :P
2:39 PM
Just like you can be envious of your coupled peers their shaming reveals there jealousy of your freedom. We tell ourselves all kinds of bullshit in our minds, but the objective truth whether you want to believe it or not is that the SOLE reason we put down others is to make ourselves feel better however fleeting that dopamine hit is. I'm sorry be the barer of shit news but .... I am afraid you all (just like me) are just a rat pumping a lever, it's just we have more .... ceremony :)
aw well thx....but trust me, I do know some of them are just dumb, like how one of them said I must give my then-gf all kinds of shit, and then a year later proceeded to get a second bf while they were married
I mean, historically, 16-18 is a great time in a human's life to pick a mate and start building something less self-focused than childhood
historically there were also a lot of men who beat their wives
non-sequitur, and also probably false. Depending on how you define 'a lot'.
I know that in my 30s now, I don't have nearly as much energy. Taking care of kids is the most important thing a person can ever do, and it takes a lot of energy, focus, and love to do it well.
wait, who is this guy?
2:47 PM
I'm John. Pleasure, Freerey. How's it going today?
fine I guess lol
Sometimes that's all we can aspire to. Glad it's going acceptably. It's Friday, that's a bonus, right?
for some reason it doesn't feel like a Friday..llike this week was extremely short
Friday plans anyone??
Rescue my inlaws from a plumbing disaster they have been causing all afternoon
Get drunk
this week has been weird, that's true here also. No big plans for me, working. What kind of plumbing disaster? At least you get to be the knight in shining armor. That can be fun.
I find plumbing with a six pack is beneficial. And I don't have the motivation for all the core workouts, so I'm generally on your side. Although I quit drinking for a while, so you'll have to have one for me.
2:52 PM
My step-daughter has ... had a defective tap in the bathroom. They went to fix it, now she just has a defective bathroom full-stop. At least bathrooms are kind of designed to be ... wet.
doing anything with a six-pack is beneficial; muscles make everything better!
My six-pack is permanently hidden behind a large heavy cloaking device.
six-back LOL
The getting drunk bit is well under way
oh my. That's fun. Are you over there now? Get the supply shut off? You can always tell them you need parts and find a patio somewhere. Patios have parts. Prove me wrong.
what are you up to today, Freerey? Work day or quiet day?
kinda busy
You're a fair to middlin' kind of guy. A good deal.
3:01 PM
wym by that?
and sorry I'm kinda back and forth atm
Oh, just, your positives and negatives seem (from the brief time I've been talking to you) to stick right around center. Even-keeled, good attribute usually. And that's fine, I'm not trying to talk your ear off. I'm working but work is light today 'till early afternoon.
Ryan Donovan on July 17, 2020
July 2020 Welcome to ISSUE #30 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. For your consideration, lessons learned from flunking code screenings, gas in a chips bag, and data getting to the bottom of the women’s tops on Goodwill.com.…
    ""nextLink"": null,
    ""columns"": [{
            ""name"": ""PreTaxCost"",
            ""type"": ""Number""
        }, {
            ""name"": ""ResourceType"",
            ""type"": ""String""
        }, {
            ""name"": ""ResourceGroup"",
            ""type"": ""String""
        }, {
            ""name"": ""Currency"",
            ""type"": ""String""
        [8.475165E-06, ""microsoft.servicebus/namespaces"", ""outils-productivite"", ""EUR""],
How can you deserialize JSON like that?
List<List<object>> doesn't look right to me
for the rows
is there even a way to map the columns and rows?
I mean it works but it just doesn't sit right when you want to write a model to deserialize to
Guys have a nice weekend
3:17 PM
@Squirrelintraining u2 <3
you also Squirrel
but he's dead tho
@omJohn8372 aw thx lol
pls I know of the "wake me up" song but
he's dead
3:32 PM
I'm the only guy here who doesn't know who he is, aren't I? Damnit.
he's an EDM artist who became popular in the early 10s
and ended up cutting himself with a bottle a couple years ago
Extreme Death Metal ?
electronic dance music
Oh how tame
Y'all from West and you don't know who Avicii is? Shame.
3:36 PM
cutting himself with a bottle?
Avicii is people name?
I think he died of other causes and not suicide.
i thought it was somewhere joke from ascii converter
Yes. He's a popular EDM guy.
Specially in Tomorrow Land events
The exact cause of Avicii ’s death has been revealed, according to TMZ, which reports that the 28-year-old DJ took his own life by cutting himself with a broken wine bottle.
3:37 PM
thanks for the LOL Hollystyles.
that was well played.
suicide using a broken wine bottle.... is it even possible?
@Freerey breakdown of joke: he's dead > you have a fever > we are in pandemic so acquiring illness like that would likely be coronavirus > and you're probably in hell partying with Avicii.
and thanks for the explanations everyone. That makes sense. Not his altercation with the wine bottle. But the rest of it.
Sounds deeply suspicious
nyconing -- that was the question. And he sought out an answer, no turning back.
3:40 PM
I smell a Lambrini cover-up
does he also make EDM music?
oh, cover-up. Not cover. Disappoint.
He makes EDM music.
He is resurrected?
he has a memorial website
Were people forgetting his website?
I am enjoying messing with BackgroundWorkers for the first time ever. Except trying to pass a TcpClient to one for their async tasks isn't working, and I've got to learn new foundational things to be able to use the TcpClient ASync functions.
3:44 PM
@hollystyles was making*
i feel sad...
another misfortune
i feel sad for someone died previously are hubert
it was a horrible accident
at Spa @ formula1 2019
he is only 22
not really my kind of music but I can see what it's catchy. I dig it.
@nyconing he broke the bottle and then slit his wrists with the glass shards
that's how you cause harm with a bottle
Prolly no more concert for the next coming years
Or I am underestimating stupidity of people.
@mr5 you are right
3:53 PM
Sounds like a terrible waste of good wine.
@omJohn8372 I can hear your accent from continent away.
@Freerey then it was a slow die
slow painful die
@mr5 did it come across well? I bet it did. Niyeeece.
I wish I know some slang like:
"Introduce yourself pleb"
Idk how to construct one. I'm hearing it in movies but I forgot the lines.
@mr5 I have the same problem. Slang can be tricky.
3:56 PM
Coming from slangful person?
Am I slangful? I hadn't considered, actually.
you just must not know web jargon very well
by the time I even started paying attention to that, "libtard" was the common thing everyone was saying
then a year after that it was normie
oh wait no I forgot about the old "you filthy casual!!"
4:39 PM
@Freerey libtard is a library in C. just saying.
This conversation makes me happy. Also I consider myself a filthy casual. So to me it's not really slang. Just a description. ... I'm not willing to discuss my bathing habits at the moment.
Been fun hanging out, ya'll. I look forward to joining you again later on.
4:59 PM
@mr5 Introduce yourself pleb
"Parry this you filthy pleb"
5:14 PM
@omJohn8372 the dude on the left is me when I go to LAN parties
except lately I've been thinking of making an ITX build, so this kind of malarkey should become a thing of the past soon
5:38 PM
haha wow that's.....not funny
anyone would happen to know what I can do here to reduce my pain chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/49956431#49956431
take a pill
done already, don't want to overdose
5:57 PM
class Pill
	public string NextLink { get; set; }
	public List<string> Columns { get; set; }
	public List<List<object>> Rows { get; set; }
here's the pill ^
@mr5 that is what I said I was doing heh
but it just doesn't sit well because List<List<object>> and I was wondering if there is any way to nicely map columns and rows
change the output of the API perhaps?
because it's ridiculous to have mixed types in an array.
Believe me, if I had any control over that API I would have changed it already haha
Its the first time ever I see an API nasty like that it sends the mapping in one list and the fields in a another
are you looking for a more type-safe way?
I just can cope with this:
6:06 PM
I'm afraid I don't have the knowledge too.
public static List<Groups> GetAllGroups(List<Root> roots)
    var groups = new List<Groups>();
    foreach (var root in roots)
        foreach (var row in root.properties.rows)
            var resourceType = (string) row[1];
            var groupName = (string)row[2];
            var value = (double) row[0];
            var g = groups.FirstOrDefault(x => x.GroupName.Equals(groupName, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase));
            if (g == null)
                groups.Add(new Groups
the rest of people seems to be partying now cuz it's Friday night.
...and you're still coding.
:( I use to have a life before covid
var resourceType = (string) row[1];
var groupName = (string)row[2];
var value = (double) row[0];
do you wanna get rid of this filthy syntax?
that would be nice but still the code itself looks dumb and huge hehe
I could probably use some linq to reduce some of it
6:11 PM
A: Does C# 7 have array/enumerable destructuring?

EvkIt turns out not only tuples can be deconstructed but any type which has Deconstruct static (or extension) method with matching signature. Doing deconstruction correctly for IEnumerable is not trivial (see library suggested by David Arno in comments), so let's see how it works with simple IList i...

use destructuring
oh interesting let me try that
var (value, resourceType, groupName) = row;
actually, I'm not sure if you can make it compileable since they have different types.
If that doesn't work, you can use a custom extension. Let's call it .Pop<T>()
yeah I dont think I can in fact that doesn't work
> var g = groups.FirstOrDefault(x => x.GroupName.Equals(groupName, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase));
you can also use Dictionary here
Task.Run still run in the main Thread and block the UI while it's doing work ?

What I mean is, if it's "doing work" does it block the UI ? I know that when it's not "doing work" it return the control to the UI.
6:18 PM
Dictionary<string, Group>
if it's running on other thread other than UI thread, it definitely does not block the UI thread.
@Pedram no Task.Run initializes it to the threadpool
if you have any code that modifies the UI in that code it will throw
if u don't invoke
Ah cool Thanks :D I was wondering if there is any need for me to use Background worker for a task that gonna run most of the time or if Task.Run works too.
So i guess I go with Task
@mr5 yeah a dictionary seems more reasonable
6:49 PM
If I return a partialview from teh controller, and I need to target a specific div when ti comes back. Do I just need to parse the response since its a string?
7:17 PM
@Freerey that's funny! I have my giant i7-8700k desktop with a 1080 Ti (I'm behind the times) that I could use going to friends' places for gaming. But I still play on my ITX i7-3770 with a GTX 980. And honestly, I virtually never notice any difference. I could be on my i5-2500k with a 750 Ti and probably be fine for most stuff.
I think the only game that really wants something fairly heavy-hitting that I play is Ark: Survival Evolved. Everything else is like... integrated graphics? That's fine.
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