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@OnlyTheParanoidSurvive instance.SetBinding(BindableObject.StaticPropertyName, new Binding("PropertyName"))
3 hours later…
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5:19 AM
@Feeds This link not working. xkcd.com/2288
5:36 AM
Buenos dias
5:52 AM
Animal crossing has became an important epidemic control tools in the Asia
Sold out of stock and short in supply
Switch online friends: 43, playing Animal crossing: 39
6:07 AM
lol nice
6:23 AM
@Shad true. I was missing that part
7:16 AM
so any idea how the .... reversing group join gave me different count? xD
my favourite people in the chats :3
7:35 AM
"we opt not to update some of the packages for the meantime since most of it are AndroidX migration related which will incur more time to do at the moment."
what do you think of my grammar?
7:49 AM
It gets the point across, isn't that the whole point of words?
...most of them are...
But the goal is to be understood
If it is not legal/formal, then it is fine
understood to be a pleb
or that.
> we opt not to update some of the packages
7:56 AM
don't you think I'm repeating the:
for the meantime...
at the moment...
I understand this as "we dont choose to update some of the packages"
actually, they were the same and I just edited it
shouldnt it be "we opt to not update"?
@Wietlol yeah haha
yes its repetative
7:57 AM
do you have suggestion?
@Wietlol yeah I think
i dont understand what youre trying to (or not) say.
youre not updating the packages because it takes time? oobvious statement is obvious.
> which will incur more time to do at the moment
I dont even understand what this means
I mean, there will be an additional time after the update since we need to check if it didn't break anything. As for that AndroidX migration thing, the project will not be compileable anymore if one of our dependencies have not complied with it yet.
okay that's it. I'll just ask our PM haha
no need to ask the prime minister for grammar checks tho
project manager duhh
8:03 AM
who is this message for?
for the client
they care about packages?
he's a developer too
@mr5 it has 3 parts: some packages not updated, most (not all..what others) are Android somethimg related, 3) would require more time. i think 2 is..needs to be said better. same with 3.
not the grammer..but the actual content/logic.
8:44 AM
@ABuckau yeah the logic gets lost because of my grammar
TIL: our immune system releases a thing called plasma once it successfully defends itself from a harmful pathogens. This plasma is portable and can be donated person to person
@mr5 Please kindly visit my question here: stackoverflow.com/q/61002127/5482465
Q: How to invoke Binding.Path programmatically in Xamarin.Forms?

Only The Paranoid SurviveI have a DateTimeViewModel with DateTime property of type DateTime. I can do actually in XAML as follows. And it works. <StackLayout.BindingContext> <Binding Path="DateTime"> <Binding.Source> <toolkit:DateTimeViewModel/> </Binding.Source> </Binding> <...

@OnlyTheParanoidSurvive jesus, just use PropertyChanged.Fody. Stop implementing this INotifyPropertyChanged everytime
@mr5 Why? His solution is clean enough.
just embrace the immutable
@mr5 Implemeting INPC is another story, I am now focusing on binding path in code programmatically. :-)
9:21 AM
> Binding path in code programmatically
The whole idea of bindings is so you avoid touching the UI directly from code
Bang everything in the datacontext, and then in the xaml you work with the datacontext
I wouldn't go in that path for the sake of learning also. The syntax to do it programmatically is horrendous
@Hozuki yeah but his code and effort will be twice as much if he didn't use the package I mention
Eh, there's really not that much difference in writing an auto prop with attribute vs a field with prop and using shared setproperty.
I actually prefer not having assembly weavers in this case, since the effort overhead is really very very very small.
would your rather type:
private DateTime dateTime;
public DateTime DateTime
    get => dateTime;
    set => SetProperty(ref dateTime, value);
public DateTime DateTime { get; set; }
I would rather type variable dateTime: DateTime
I would rather think it and have it just happen.
9:35 AM
btw, the latter would take me just:
even Rider actually agrees with me
I guess you people are into boilerplate codes
Fire some synapses, get on with my day.
Typing's soo retro.
9:37 AM
> var bar: String = Bar();
this actually made us remove the inspection of using explicit types instead of var
because now we can still see the actual variable type
@BlackSquirrel r u asking for fite?
@mr5 I dunno, what's a fite?
@BlackSquirrel Fite me
learned it from squirrels btw
there u go
black squiller vs captain squrlel
9:47 AM
RUST as in colour or the programming language?
I fail to qualify on Col... well both actually :)
Hey where did you get that picture of me?
That's my face on most code review sessions
I totally expect Hans barging in here with basically that image but with a squirrel any second now.
edge of seat
9:50 AM
Waiting intensifies
oh shit
He joins
Called it
huh what ?
9:52 AM
ARE YOU BLIND @Hans1984?!?!?!
3 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
I totally expect Hans barging in here with basically that image but with a squirrel any second now.
why are you wearing a horse mask
but i guess the horse squirrel will have to do
hans no
@Hans1984 COME BACK
9:53 AM
I'm back
I am laughing so hard, this is the most exercise I have had over the last two weeks.
not going to lie
it is getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings
yeah thats true
i even have to force myself to work out
nothing seems to make a lot of sense
The trick is to not use heroin after 18:00
9:57 AM
An essential medical supply
anyone read
hitchhikers guide to galaxy
I had to laugh a lot already and im only 30 pages in
Good choice for isolation.
its actually the ultimate guide
its 5 books
gonna have a lot to laugh I guess
I haven't read it
but i've watched the film and listened to the audio book
10:09 AM
oh nice
close tabs to the right 👉
*closes 30+ tabs*
I'm done
happy weekend guys!
History - Recently closed
Hello everyone, does anyone knows how can I configure visual studio so it can understand namespaces written in different languages like japanese, chinese?
I am in a project where a bunch of namespaces are written in japanese and VS will convert it to some non sense and won't read it.
I wish there is a way to do it, without changing my whole system`s language
10:24 AM
no, its depend on your knowledge, it cant be translated
@nyconing What do you mean? should I change the charset or something?
anyone knows a library to create QR images without using some OS specific thing or using an external service?
Google Translate > Visual Studio
No you can do nothing, unless you want to refactoring. Like Project.BuenoDias, it will be remain Project.BuenoDias whatever you do
@Wietlol nuget have plenty of library doing this
Yeah I understand that the name space will be the same
what is happening is, it is changing the name space for random characters when I compile the program
for instance
10:29 AM
@nyconing ye... such as?
therefore it throws an error cause [['2s does not exist
oh you decompiled the library?
for example, it may not rely on libgdiplus
then the library are obfuscated
@nyconing yes I had to build/recompile the program, in order to run it. And when I do it it seems to be messing up the namespaces that are written in japanese. I was trying to find a way to add other unicodes to visual studio globally. but no luck so far
10:32 AM
the only dependency: System.Drawing.Common
and guess what System.Drawing relies on
hey .net framework
its .net framework library, not 3rd party
it relies on libgdiplus
what you want to do? it doesnt matter since it was a part of .net framework
I want to create the QR code
but the container I run the program in wont accept System.Drawing
10:36 AM
then you cant draw
you expect your container returns byte[] of jpg image?
or base64
png instead of jpg is what we use now
but I guess that doesnt matter
no dependency, but I have not used before
10:49 AM
hmm... that one makes an svg string
I'm only eating once daily
fuck this
I guess we could use an svg instead of png
shouldnt make any difference
you two working on same project?
I have a class A with X properties
I have a class B with same X but +1 properties
I was thinking instead of instead of copy pasting the properties again in class B
I inherit it from A and add the +1 property
is it a nice thinking?
@Wietlol use the one from ZXing DotNet
10:55 AM
@Shad probably not
but it depends
uh why?
I thought the one of the main reason for inheritance is I reduce code redundancy?
about that...
am I stupid?
the main reason for not using inheritance is also reduce code redundancy
10:57 AM
not necessarily stupid, just misinformed
what do A and B represent?
Depends: is B an A? Or does B have an A? Or are they the same by accident?
one is my CreateRequestDto
another is my UpdateRequestDto
or do both A and B have a C, which has these properties?
so my updaterequestdto contains the primary key property as well
Well, could build a base class RequestDto
10:58 AM
is UpdateRequestDto : CreateRequestDto wrong??
It seems both A and B are a C
Yes, because an update doesnt create
but it is supposed to be having same properties!
that you can update
please tell I used my full brain here
most of the time, DTO have Id property too
so what you gonna do about that?
10:59 AM
I try to be creative and this happens
Put same properties in Class RequestDto
UpdateRequestDto : RequestDto
CreateRequestDto : Requestto
@Squirrelkiller why? I know literally update is not create
Or you make them a Dto holding data, like RequestDto<ModelNameHere>
but those 2 request dtos have no other usage
if it's just one property in common, don't use inheritance
11:00 AM
Yeah so if you want the properties in a single class, you make an abstract base class
@mr5 should enough, for programmer
so I copy paste again 15 properties in my update request dto?
11:00 AM
You cut paste into your abstract base class
^that is a good idea
@nyconing yeah but I'm a male. I need to look like one :D
Or you cut paste them into a model class
but I want to reduce writing amount of code
@Shad no, you try to identify a problem
11:01 AM
Depending on how your overall infrastructure looks like
my senior might not be impressed
but there is in fact not a problem
the issue is that you are dealing with duplicate code
but that duplicate code is not a result from duplicate effort
hence, that duplication is justified or even the right thing to do
11:02 AM
notes that down
it however does look a lot like duplication of effort
it seems like we have an unspoken rule regarding DTOs
don't make any inheritance
since, when you add a new property on your "Entity" thing in the database, you also need to add those properties in your Create and in your Update
hence, duplication of effort
but this is not pure duplication
because a Create and Update have different behavior tied to the data
an update could for example say "properties are allowed to be null, this way, we ignore them in the db update"
while a create could say "properties are not allowed to be null, because we do not want null properties in the database"
they may be the same properties, but different contracts
@Wietlol This would be better as a PATCH though
and in this case, you have the inheritance problem of Square <-> Rectangle
@Squirrelkiller that is a http method tho
do you guys see any cable connected at her feet?
Actually a square is definitely a rectangle
more an implementation detail
11:06 AM
@mr5 I see a giant noscript logo
a square is definitely a rectangle, so we can make class Square : Rectangle
@Squirrelkiller oh boi
don't open the topic
How about Square<->diamond
but... a square's properties (width, height) are not behaving identical to a rectangle's properties
@Squirrelkiller lol stop using VPN
11:07 AM
so, their inheritance chain breaks
@mr5 noscript is locally installed in my firefox
Square : Rectangle by concept
Rectangle : Square by details
I'm not sure what you're saying, Wietlol
A square is definitely a rectangle
Not every rectangle is a square though
Why not
What does a rectangle have that a square doesnt
11:08 AM
different lengths
Maths tells us that a square is defintely a rectangle, no matter what software developers say
changing a rectangle's width should not affect the height
while for a square, it should
since it is the same property
By definition, a square is a rectangle where all sides are the same length
hence "Square : Rectangle by concept"
copy paste it is then
11:09 AM
Not the same property. Just with a square the properties are always equal.
chea, hence
if you both were pokemon I would catch you two
what would be your type @Wietlol, @Squirrelkiller?
You can't: I'm angry beccause someone is wrong on the internet.
11:11 AM
you need 2 master balls to even attempt to catch me tho
@Shad Probably electric since I get shocks all the time
@Squirrelkiller you mean the whole internet is wrong?
Seriously while at the office I'm always afraid to brick my Workstation
@Wietlol Nah, jsut like 80%
Q: Why would Square inheriting from Rectangle be problematic if we override the SetWidth and SetHeight methods?

user793468If a Square is a type of Rectangle, than why can't a Square inherit from a Rectangle? Or why is it a bad design? I have heard people say: If you made Square derive from Rectangle, then a Square should be usable anywhere you expect a rectangle What is the problem here? And why would Squar...

11:14 AM
@Wietlol Yeah well if you need to use typeof(x)== you're doing osmething wrong
hence why you should not make Square : Rectangle
because that is why the typeof(x) == is required
You'd either make a new method that takes a square, or make a method inside the rectangle to increase the size that the square overrides, you find another way.
But you don't start fucking around with if(typeof)'s
You see, Alfred is dumb here
woh, two legends debating
12:17 PM
legends my a.s
do you still love us shad ?
12:48 PM
the silence is deafening
Does anyone have some good flow to map data from Model to DTO and vice versa without AutoMapper?
Or some experience
I'm thinking how would using constructors in Models and DTOs affect performance and readability
Other way would be to use extensions for mappings
Shad doesnt love us nomore
we are lost
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