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1:57 AM
I just learned that Huawei Phones have pre-installed software called iAware. It basically monitors all what you did in every app you use. Fucking spy!
> pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.iaware
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.android.hwpay

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.android.hwpaycom.huawei.KoBackup

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.apps.tag

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.pengine

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.hwdetectrepair

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.keyguard

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.stylus.floatmenu

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.google.android.feedback

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.providers.calendar
2:14 AM
yeah. I find that list too in xda forums.
I was writing my files in the app private directory and find a strange file called "aware_learning_data". I can't recall when I write that file so I searched it in Google.
i did prefer leave them alone, unless somewhen in the future i did a bad thing and dont want to let anyone else know
same. I only uninstall that iaware atm.
and it seems it still there.
then the uninstallation may failed
try disable
2:55 AM
nope. it's still there
I probably need to uninstall them all
3:27 AM
has anyone used the 'darold' extension on postgre???
heya @nyconing
heya @mr5
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6:53 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
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7:41 AM
I spent the day in the ASP.Net museum yesterday. Proper nostalgic it was, Scriptmanagers, UpdatePanels and Repeaters with <%#Eval("field")%>
8:11 AM
is it a physical museum or a satirical museum?
a marmaluke musem
> Marmaluc' is Italian for a Marmaluke who is anyone who thinks he or she is hot shit.
what does hot shit means?
is it literal hot shit
(also can mean really great)
8:45 AM
Also can mean stolen goods
9:06 AM
or good drugs
hot=good, shit=drug
But, for person to think they are hot looking is pretty common nowadays
Giraffe having the need to split its forefeet just to eat/drink seems surreal from an evolutionary standpoint. Watching them do that looks hurtful as well.
and this is how they fight with each other. It looks like their evolution only focuses on their neck.
Giraffes are only found in Africa, I think?
and on the internet
9:18 AM
I always get that wrong =P
also, the has/have/had (no need to explain as I will forget it again anyway)
Yeah, it takes practice
my game is halfway ready! I wonder if people will like it.
Possessives are very important in English. Try YouTube for help.
No offence intended.
Just trying to suggest a possible solution
that's good but really no time to do it.
gtg. need to buy something.
thanks for chatting
9:38 AM
9:52 AM
Somebody, tell me why I am having the feeling that doing something down the lines of the following (post coming in 3-10mins) is a bad idea.
class SomeController
    public Dictionary<string, object>[] SomeMethod(string[] propertiesToGet)
        return repo.GetEntitesWithSomeProps(propertiesToGet);
Baisically, letting the user (front end) decide which properties he whishes to fetch from the backend instead of defning a riged object where all properties have to be defined in.
10:10 AM
As long as the properties they can request don't include anything dangerous and your GetEntitiesWithSomeProps method is written well it should be fine
@Squirrelintraining yeah, that sounds like a bad idea
I don't think it's particularly dangerous, just that it will be hella difficult to change that back to any rigid system later
it's rare when you have a situation when neither you nor the frontend will know which keys and values will be used
and I would argue that only in that case would something like this be necessary
like say, client wants to set custom properties or something
10:32 AM
@Neil True this, but it would speed up future development, beacuse once you've set it up generically, then you'd only need to implement the front-end - more precicely, you won't need to implement each controller anymore.
well ok, is there any reason why the frontend can't already tell you what fields are needed or is there any reason to think it would change?
A nother benefit is, that you'd have a more preforment system, because it doesn't load all data every time, only the one needed.
otherwise, it's just lazy programming on the part of the frontend
Welp no big difference for front-end if you use JavaScript and dynamic objects anyway.. 🤷‍♀️
BUt yeah, it's being lazy
@Neil It though more about sth. down the lines PersonModel PersonModelSlim, PersonModelWithAllOtherThingsThatAreInteresting, PersonModelBUtOnlyThe2nd etc. :D
I think that's something backend should handle though
10:36 AM
in the database, you have just PersonModel with all the possible fields
It feels like the front-end is talking to the datbase directly.
Cuz backend would only handle "property access"
Like .AdminProperty which only admins should see.
if anything, you make a key/value table for any additional information
or an extension table if anything
I get that it's faster, I totally do
I just think frontend is being lazy to ask you to do it that way
Whyis front-end being lazy?
I mean the backend doesn'T have to implenment x different models for x different scenarios
why doesn't frontend just connect directly to a database and do validation client-side?
10:42 AM
Cuz that's ba-a-a-a-a-a-ad as we well know
there's a reason there's a backend, and primarily for validation and ensuring limits are respected
this "just save whatever I pass you" isn't validation and ensuring limits are respected
@Neil Limits can still be controlled backend-wise in the Database-Access-Layer determining which props can be queries and which not.
well are you doing this?
I had the idea and felt like it was a bad idea.
visible confusion
10:44 AM
So I am trying to discuss this idea why it's bad to convince me it's bad.
45 mins ago, by Squirrel in training
Baisically, letting the user (front end) decide which properties he whishes to fetch from the backend instead of defning a riged object where all properties have to be defined in.
I am not doing this ^
and my feeling is, that this is a bad idea
I would agree with that sentiment
Yeah the gut says - BIG NONO - the brain can't find the BIG NONO
ok, how about this.. hacker uses this to save GB of storage exploiting the fact that you store any key/value
and then, you decide that oh no, this is bad afterall.. now you're kinda fucked
it isn't easy to switch back
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan @Hozuki I summon, thee who have guided me threw my darkest times!
Please tell me why my gut says this is a bad idea? https://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50694391#50694391
@Neil Well you wouldn't save any key-value, you'd still know what is allwed to be stored (let it be via an entity class or anything else)
@Squirrelintraining ok, well that's called validation, that's fine
10:48 AM
And I thought of that more for querying.
you're just accepting the data in a key/value format, that's all
it isn't as traditional, but validation is what establishes the API
you can safely say what's persisted to the db because you've enforced certain rules preventing unwanted things to be persisted
That would be a nother aspect, but yes.
For saving that sounds correct. I was looking more at thre `R`ead functionalities, than the otehr `CRUD`operations
Hi all
though frankly, sounds like you're trying to use a sql database as a nosql database
I know it's not polite to ask the age, but how old is the C# room?
10:50 AM
it's not polite to ask a chatroom her age
Darn :)
A more serious question... if a web app has both internal and external users (some on the AD and some not), what's the best practice for their login? In other words, some will enter credentials on a form and auth against the AD and some will enter creds and auth against a db.
Trying to find examples of how to do this
It probably won't be the same login page but not sure
@Alex No idea sorry
No worries
Kinda off topic for this pg anyways
Will create new SO post
11:16 AM
grabs popcorn
@Alex I'd have a db user for performing CRUD operations strictly for operations requested by the client
I wouldn't have a db user for each client, just one representing all clients
keep db auth separate from credentials
if anything, you can make a table which maps client to db auth (and you don't let this be accessible via db auth for client)
11:38 AM
Thanks, Neil. Makes sense
11:58 AM
/me appears in a puff of acrid smoke
I just run the web app as a specific AD user, and use integrated security
I have been summoned?
@Squirrelintraining The question is, should your controller method return an entity as simply a collection of key-value pairs?
My instinct is to say that this will be hard to extend or modify in the future. What if you later require a mandatory id property? Your contract simply states you have a key-value store, and enforcing mandatory entries there is implicit.
What I would do is create a very thin Entity type (do you have various types of entities? Doesn't matter). Store the very minimum set of mandatory fields (id? nothing? nothing is fine as well) and have a properties collection which is your key-value set.
As far as the wire format is concerned, an object containing a dictionary is serialized to json as { "properties": {"key":"value"}} as opposed to a raw dictionary which is simply {"key":"value"}. But it will allow you to extend it more easily in the future.
Haha, one can count on you :D
12:15 PM
@mr5 Sounds accurate
do you have 5g though?
yeah you do
and now it prompts the question, is starlink ready for 5g? or is 5g ready for starlink? are those two relevant? idk.
I wonder what algorithm they put into those satellites in order for them not bumping on each other.
simple solution but less efficient is making a fix circle path (one of its axis is fixed) with differing radius assigned on each one.
I could just say "orbit" smh
12:32 PM
Umm hey guys. I just wanna know why this does not redirect to the required page: <button class="btn btn-info" asp-page="./Register" style="width: 30%;">Sign Up</button>
why not the <a> tag?
umm, I am trying it this way too. It is supposed to work
see? this is what's wrong with ASP. It's trying to override the html standards.
it's bad bad design.
Yeah fuck ASP.
@Squirrelintraining ^
@d4rk4ng31 stick to html standard and fuck that ASP.
just do your backend there.
12:38 PM
@d4rk4ng31 set the click event for an asp.net button to Response.Redirect to ./Register
Will try
1:03 PM
wait did you actually choose asp out of your own free will?
I hope it's asp.net and not asp
I personally don't know why someone would name a programming language after an Egyptian snake, but then I remember Python
Hey everyone, how's things?
any familiar with saving images using blob/LOB and oracle's BFILE?
damn asp is a cool snake
@misha130 The only type of snake that got to have a go on Cleopatra's rack
1:13 PM
wiki says its a meme and she just used hemlock
Probably, as we know wiki is always 100% accurate
5 and a half years, today I'm resigning, woooo
o damn...but why?
@DAustin nice! welcome to the club!
Well, I've been trying to get them to sort their backend out, its from 2006, support ends next summer
nothing's being done, management keeps ignoring it, well unfortunately this week the database server died, its so old its on sql server 2005 on win server 2003
sounds like a government job
1:22 PM
ive recovered it, but I'm sick of this shit, stress levels are through the roof im actually getting ill so me and the mrs decided my wellbeing was more important than cleaning up this mess theyve gotten themselves in
Id wish i had a gov job, Id know not to use excel for processing covid test results lol
google Public Health England Excel if you'r enot from the uk for something hilarious
@DAustin which country?
ah yeah I've informed butler about it.
found it on 9gag weeks ago.
yeh it was all over the news, when i got told i went "oh let me guess, the datasheet ended at 65536 rows?" - i mean who hasnt scrolled to the end of an excel document at least once
I swear, almost all people here can't use the new C# or are using old frameworks. Why is most European people always want to work with old tech?
1:25 PM
Yeh im stuck with .net 4.6 and EF 6
latest versions that support the OS's and that 2005 SQL db
Anyway, won't be my problem anymore in 12 weeks
just gotta find a good time to grab the boss man to give him my letter of resignation
part of the reason im here is to make it sound like I'm working lol
are you still aiming to work in ASP?
Yeh i got my C# exam tomorrow
Well, MVC preferably over classic ASP
I rather stupidly misread microsoft's docs and thought i needed all 3 exams for the Web Apps MCSA
so I don't actually need the c# exam to qualify, as i already have HTML/CSS3 passed
@DAustin yeeesshhh man
but it's for my own confidence, if I've got the exam pass for 70-483 then at least I'll believe I know what I'm doing lol
I mean when I got my first IT job in 2016, they also had a lot of untouched content from 2006, but it was like...html stuff
1:32 PM
just need 70-486 in truth
well, their intranet which is built on asp...
violates the single responsibility at every turn
so I'll open index.asp
and people who think excel files can process data are delusional
@DAustin don't you like to consider to change your stack?
and in it will be inline calls to the databse, using string concatenation, to stored procs
because debugging is for sissies...
I do, I've rewritten it in MVC, but can't get them to turn off the old system, that was 6 months wasted...
I mean, instead of websites or C#, a total platform and language shift?
our new web server's sql db is too many generations ahead of sql server 2005, transactional replication won't work anymore, so i built my own data replicator to bridge the gap
For about 2.5 years, we've been trying to get them to change
director wants to run it down to the wire for no reason other than being a dickhead
now the hardware is failing, and im like, fuck it, im out
my notice period is 12 weeks though, so im gonna have a shit tonne more work dumped on me now, but i have to call it a day, physical/mental wellbeing is now getting really bad
Director doesn't understand the cloud services like AWS etc (Tbh i don't really understand them either)
@mr5 Our IT department is just one guy: Me. So that would mean spending money...
1:42 PM
do you want to be in C# 4ever?
@DAustin ohhhhh man....I mean I think all the time about what would happen if I left whoever I'm working for and I gotta ask -- would you feel guilty if you really left these guys with nothing once you're gone?
@DAustin you should put a TODO list for the next guy. One would be, bring everything on cloud if the company can't provide the necessary hardware.
Oh don't worry i don't plan on letting the next guy/girl having to learn everything from scratch, hopefully we'll find someone within that 12 week window and i can teach them on the job
@mr5 It's the best language ;) I love it
do people actually do MCSA?
also your ultimatum: Don't forget to take out the trash every Friday evening; don't mess with my X-library. Finally, I hope you won't miss me when I'm gone :(
1:51 PM
@misha130 Right here
@DAustin not really.
honestly im not getting into an argument over programming languages right now
x-library? for x11?
c# pays well for a guy who has no qualifications
yeah. das y I didn't mention any language lol.
1:53 PM
but i need some sort of qualification going forward, might as well get a Microsoft cert for a microsoft technology
do you have personal projects?
Did you guys know this channel has 10 year anniversary today?
or libraries?
@LasseV.Karlsen Fanfare
1:54 PM
I did, but that was pre high-stress programming job, my babies are things like my DAL Abstraction layer etc
personal projects are good don't get me wrong, but they never give you the vital real world experience of dealing with non-normalised databases
where some idiot stores the primary key in Decimal format, and the Product Price as a VARCHAR(5)
personal projects arent about dumbasses
they are about creativity i suppose
no, but they don't force you to deal with issues outside of your control due to a dumbass decision. Do you A) Work around the problem, casting that price to decimal everytime you want to use it and back to a string when you store it? or Option B) Change the database chema and potential break systems and lose data

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