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3:46 AM
I just paid for wf1000xm3 @Hans1984
Said that is good than airpod pro isnt hype
sound quality, isolation(without anc) and anc(+isolation) are outperform my friend airpods pro
little sympathize that charging case isnt charging wirelessly capable
2 hours later…
5:40 AM
Ben Popper on January 21, 2020

This week we chat with our CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar, about the milestones our community achieved in 2019 and what we have planned for 2020.

Three months ago, we interviewed Prashanth during his first week on the job. Now, with a full quarter of work under his belt, our new CEO reflects on what we accomplished over the last decade and lays out his vision for where Stack Overflow, as a company and community, will be heading over the next year and beyond.

Paul explains why engineers prefer to give blunt feedback, even in a public setting, and why that approach makes sense for someone working on mission critical software systems. …

6:02 AM
posted on January 17, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

I often talk about how .NET Core is open source and runs "everywhere." MonoGame, Unity, Apple Watches, Raspberry Pi, and Microcontrollers (as well as a dozen Linuxes, Windows, etc) is a lot of places. Michal Strehovský wants C# to run EVERYWHERE and I love him for it. He recently got some C# code running in two "impossible" places that are now added to our definition of everywhere. While t

6:23 AM
@nyconing :o
How much?
holyshit ₱11,000+
for an earbuds, seriously?
6:39 AM
Because it is made by Sony :D
I still haven't get one of those yet, not sure how good it can be used to block server's noise...
what? its so cheap now, no cheaper anc true wireless earbuds outperform
their greatest competitor is airpods pro from apple
even more expensive
I going to my company server room and check later with my anc on
let you know later
6:56 AM
ANC stands for A Noise Cancellation?
Anti Noise Cancellation?
Amplified Noise Cancellation?
Noise Cancellation Token?
noise cancellation are previously known as body material isolation
so make sure it was not confused, they add 'active'
make sure you don't walk into hooligan streets
7:22 AM
Good morning.
Active noise cancellation makes me ill. Can't use those headphones, unfortunately :-(
7:34 AM
that is. turns it off when youre moving or stay focus on eyes visual, or you will get dizzy, depend on person
this aint my first anc already, anc improves my project output, I cant without them, my colleagues are making so much noise
I just have very good passive noise cancellation headphones :-)
that is good..
chat.stackoverflow decrease my project output
No way. Chat is a place to exchange ideas and gain new insights! Obviously!
7:50 AM
Mention me later... @nyconing
Chat is a place to exchange memes!
my ear structure doesn't fit with this type of ear plugs
@nyconing ha true!
but sometimes, you get an answer here when you're stuck on some problem
ArrayPool<T>.Shared.Rent and ArrayPool<T>.Shared.Return is quite useful to reduce GC overhead!
what's that?
a singleton of arrays?
Array pool
Rent and Return
return means?
8:00 AM
Without GC
Return rented array
So you can allocate an array without new
good to know.
Also, Span<T> buffer = stackalloc T[length]; is useful in some high performance scenarios...
didn't know that before
hmm. we can use it in our project
to prevent gc, just dont creates excessive unnecessary new instances
8:04 AM
Yeah...that's why they provided this kind of API
Another is ReadOnlySpan<byte> byteArray = MemoryMarshal.Cast<int, byte>(intSpan);
Cast array to another array type without copy
Span, Memory, ArraySegment
@mr5 That plug goes into your phone, not your ear.
my whole life is a lie!
is it earbuds, earphones, earpods, headset?
That depends on whom you ask.
earbuds == earpods
The first three are all the same.
Basically, you differentiate between in-ears, on-ears, and over-ears.
Then you have different listening purposes variation the construction of each.
* in-ear is either consumer-focused ('exciting music') or an in-ear monitor (for monitoring recording an instrument or vocal)
* on-ear is always open (meaning it lets environment sound in). I haven't seen a professional application for these, only consumer-focused.
* over-ear is either consumer ('exciting music') or professional. In professional you have open-back or closed-back. Open-back lets environment sound in and is great for mixing. Closed-back has high degree of noise isolation and is great for recording.
8:21 AM
on-ear means it's hanging outside?
its a headphone that isnt quite large enough to cover your entire ears
headset == headphone?
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
no, one have a mic
8:34 AM
the headset?
headphone has a mic, headset doesn't.
or bla bla bla it's all the same.
Google seems unaware of it
I might have swapped the two definitions.
Yep, I did. Headphone is speakers-only, headset (being a set) is headphone+mic
8:50 AM
Anyone else use word wrap in Visual Studio? It's pretty broken compared to other editors such as Notepad++, Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. Please consider voting for the feature request "Fix known issues in word wrap" developercommunity.visualstudio.com/idea/891314/…
Good morning y'all
I've always disabled word wrap in every editor I came across, ever.
I never use word wrap in code. Only time I find it useful is when I'm editing a Word document
9:06 AM
code wrap?
Wait what
You use wrapping on your code? Are you okay?
yeah sounds terrible.... maybe he want beautifier?
I think if you use word crap wrap in code you need to see a psychiatrist.
FYI word wrapping is enabled by default in Xcode
9:10 AM
also, Xcode is developed by a bunch of interns so that explains why it is enabled
xcode is horrible
9:21 AM
void Foo() {
    var str = "If I have a loooooooooooo
oooooooong string"?
wrap like this?
and you'll see the line numbers scattered
XCode is a steaming pile of shit that never works like it's supposed to. But hey! That's no problem. There's no competition on Mac anyway because THEY'RE NOT ALLOWED TO HAHAHAHA
233 }
234     void Foo() {
        var str = "If I have a loooooooooooo
    oooooooong string"?
235 var x = y + z;
236 // a comment
? that line number make no sense
per statement per line number?
word wrap.
9:32 AM
22    void Foo() {
23        var str = "If I have a loooooooooooo
    oooooooong string"?
24    }
even this make sense... for me
9:45 AM
good morning
@nyconing ew
multiline strings should respect indentation
oh, wait... it isnt multiline
wraps are ugly tho
ahoy mateys o/
@CaptainObvious can you bring me that sandwich today
10:00 AM
glancing at minified javascript wraps are ok
the Missus gave me the wrong wallet this morning so i have absolutely no money lmao
you are working for respect, and challange anyway - every HR on the world...
any HR Rep that truly believes that is a moron
We are all working for that paycheck
vs code keeps opening the wrong folder when i open it for the morning
and it's doing my head in
@nyconing what ?
I dont understand a word
I never heard of those earphones either
why you telling me ?
I only own those
no bass
10:14 AM
and those
I have a JBL of that version. Didn't last a year
too bad
my sony is about 8 years old
and in daily use
I bought it for 58USD
should have bought a sony
I go for sony or nokia
those are the brands I buy
Oct 17 '19 at 11:18, by Hans1984
the name is"WF1000XM3" you dumb fcks !
10:16 AM
I have a Razer headset and Sennheiser ear plugs
oh I must have been in a good mood that day
my headsets need to go entirely around my ears...
but they are a pain to wear for long durations, so I also need ear plugs for that
@nyconing but you are talking about earplugs ?
nooo ny
@nyconing that is actually hansuru's real name
this one
not earpluggs
whos buying wireless earpluggs?
thats dumb af
hurting your ears
im no special agent I dont need to wear earplugs
10:21 AM
@CaptainObvious so is it pound, sterling or quid?
@nyconing I think you bought the wrong ones
anyway you dont like them ?
maybe my standards are lower than yours when it comes to headphones
but im quite satisfied with my sony headphones
did you bring those big headset?
wireless headset is dumb
so @nyconing how is the anc of your new wpf1000 * m3?
@Wietlol That's my one complaint about my razer krakens
would you wear that while walking?
@mr5 what is "walking"?
razer trash
10:26 AM
@Wietlol first world problem
they never get out of their car lol
for gaming headset I prefer logitech
ofcoruse headset
oh scooter?
I was also posting a picture that day
10:26 AM
or roller skates?
@CaptainSquirrel I feel it like after 5 hours of non-stop usage tho
so you could see I was talking about the headset...
so I am fine with it
or a e-scooter?
Sometimes it can take less time, but it depends
10:27 AM
at work, I use earplugs
only use the headset for gaming
ew, fakeplugs
it's in the past it doesnt matter anymore
nah I dont like headset... except for gaming
10:28 AM
I have one old sony headset for ps4
@nyconing How well it cancel server noise?
That's a question pretty much nobody asks.
@DKDhilip not completely, around 80-90%
10:32 AM
@CaptainSquirrel No can do
why are websites like this?
I need to frigging zoom to get it to be normal
@CaptainObvious i am do a cry
sony headsets all look the same somehow
@mr5 All 3, depending on context and speaker
My new drugs require me to eat food on time
no matter if 1 year old or 20 years old
10:33 AM
Which si difficult because I don't do it very often
@CaptainObvious hey I need that
@nyconing Aww...
I have blue one, with the rubber is broken.. not in good condition but still ok
its because japan is stuck in time
@nyconing so is this your conclusion to your new ANC earbud?
10:34 AM
@CaptainObvious you don't eat very often?
@mr5 mine aint razer
no razer forever unless somebody give me as a gift
does the anc makes you feel like a deaf? if not, it's <insert brand name here> trash
razer = buy some property, selling expensive with 'Razer' name and logo
noise canceling not sound canceling
but someone said wh1000 + wf1000 = deaf
Im not tested, not sure
I had a Razer keyboard, Logitech mouse, Trust mousemat, Roccat headset, Msi laptop, LG screen
richkid spotted
10:37 AM
now, with my Roccat headset being rip, I went over to Razer
otherwise, I had all different brands
except for that MSI laptop
MSI bloatwares
I dont know what else to pick
MSI actually gives me laptops that keep working
lol, msi driver
10:43 AM
@CaptainSquirrel Not at the right times
My lunch often occurs anytime between 11:00 and 18:00
@Wietlol you should have go for ASUS Predator
Do what i do
Usually between 13:00 and 15:00 though
Go at 1:30
10:43 AM
@mr5 you mean acer?
by going for lunch at that time, you break the day up nicely
@Wietlol hehe
google says "nope, that is not a thing"
I have MSi motherboard recently.. Installing their driver and cause system hang
I want the MSI Creator
if I want to go for a high class laptop
10:45 AM
the person?
nope, the laptop
weird name but ok
too high price for me tho
at least it is not like an MSI Titan tho
how much is it?
@Hans1984 Because you're from Germany right?
10:47 AM
1800 to 3400
this came out as soon as I bought the red version
@littlemisscomputerscientist no
@littlemisscomputerscientist No he's a spalter.
10:47 AM
because I despise samsung
US Dollar?
€1800 to €3400
euro, pound, sterling, quid
10:48 AM
that's japan
@Wietlol holyfuuuuuuck
depending on the built ofcourse
quid squirrel
I just converted that to our currency
10:49 AM
does it have gold wires inside?
@Hans1984 I despacito samsung
the 3400 has an I9 Coffee Lake R, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, RTX2070, 4k screen, etc
!~translate despacito
·from Spanish
1 o norgere
@Wietlol laptop with coffee maker? sounds reasonable.
hey, I need to write Java on it, I need some coffee machine
actually, it is the Coffee Lake Refresh (the upgraded version)
when you search for MSI Creator lol
10:51 AM
ye XD
franklin or frank lin
those ppl are NOT for sale
at least it is not the MSI Titan (€4600)
all the squirrels here are weird
10:53 AM
its a shruirrel
I like HyperX Cloud 2
@Wietlol all the capacitors are made with gold?
4k screen on laptop already expensive, also I9
yo yo yo
10:55 AM
@Hans1984 that squirrel is on crack
@mr5 nooo squirrels are the best
I9 5GHz oct core processor, 2TB storage, 64GB ram, RTX 2080, 4.5Kg
you have to pay for something
by withstand those memory bandwidth, the bus must be expensive too
i mean mother chipset
with all that specs just to use Facebook
and chat.stackoverflow lol
still, can anyone explain to a non C#-developer what a facebook is?
10:58 AM
it's a book for your face
I am dealing with an issue and need some inspiration
facebook is react native
@mr5 I think you still pay most for the weight tho
who wouldnt want a laptop of 4.5Kg?
@MwBakker you can do it, I believe in you!
inspiration-level = 9001
11:00 AM
Well I am trying to identify custom elements on a framework
@MwBakker gives inspiration
Identification can be done by looking at the visual tree, but the elements that are used like a TextBox are used multiple times, also within the view
food o'clock see yall laters
@Wietlol why can't you accept fb is a great tool xD
so say I have a target view with an ID and an element with an id, both can still be the same while they are not the same thing
They put X and Y into this situation to determine the element
11:01 AM
if I know its features, I might accept it as a great tool
But ofc relying on X and Y is not a good thing
but now...
Jack, afk early lunch
yes... just leave it as that
Jack, do some dumb shit
if (user == 'mr5') return;
11:09 AM
Jack, why are you stupid
Jack is my neglected child
When was his last push?
like father,like son
11:16 AM
so my pc was
very slow since 2 weeks
found out it was the oracle database I've installed
it slowed down my whole pc
I removed it yesterday and now its back to normal
11:35 AM
Hi All,
I am getting the 502 Bad Gateway error
from fiddler for one of the request
Any suggestions ?
@DKDhilip looks kinda chep
@tHiNk_OuT_oF_bOx Fix the gate.
@Squirrelintraining ?
11:53 AM
@Hans1984 wow
@tHiNk_OuT_oF_bOx clear the cache
@littlemisscomputerscientist Cache ? Which Cache ?

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