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1:49 AM
I'm stuck on finding a way to either make Visual Studio understand what "File" is in this context, or finding an alternative of this class for blazor
for now I'm gonna continue developing my project on asp-net version :(
I just wanted to see what's so new and cool about Blazor, but the only distinction so far is that it has far less guides and code samples online to help fix problems
it seems like people just use a relative url to a file on the server, and it should work , but I want to return files on the local network instead, which doesn't
well, unless I provide direct file:/// links which only work on the host :I
2:25 AM
@mshwf yes. If the uncaught Exception is thrown in a non-UI thread, your app will just keep running unless the UI thread is affected from that issue.
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5:05 AM
That is marketing guy's works
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6:36 AM
I like the "Success! You have been unsubscribed!!"
6:51 AM
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7:22 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
7:46 AM
Nuttin much
gotta do merge request
Never b4 inhistory of mi life i reiewed one
The first one, I've seen it several times
As well as the second.
Also both of those considered good
8:45 AM
> In order to unsubscribe, please fill in this form which will totally not subscribe you to anything else.
9:03 AM
Hello everyone
good morning or good afternoon
@mr5 How can I predict code to not be run on UI thread? I made a test on a side project: called a property on a null object, in a command in the view model (shouldn't this non-UI work?) and an exception is thrown
can anyone help me with this
Q: Default principal object cannot be set twice

MaximiousI am getting this error Default principal object cannot be set twice in my project . I am new to .net . Please help CODE Principal = PrincipalFactory.CreatePrincipal(ServiceManager.UserService.ModifyUserName(WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name), Constants.ApplicationName); AppDoma...

9:32 AM
@mshwf you can check the thread id (System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId). If it's 1, it's on UI thread, on worker thread otherwise.
In order to invoke in main thread (I know you already know this), you can do Xamarin.Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(action)
Thanks :)
9:51 AM
good morning
Good morning :)
I have just found screep.com (after checking what have Madara Uchicha done in the past). It sounds like fun. Have any of you made a script for it?
Morning kiddies
@PawelFlajszer haha
9:57 AM
ahoy mateys o/
@ntohl dont even know what is
sorry. screeps.com
> You control your colony by writing JavaScript.
So many things wrong with this
Actually mainly it's Javascript
yep. But I will try to make it work with F# wasm
it supports rust, C, C++ wasm with tutorial how to do it
and many of the players do Type script
10:10 AM
10:30 AM
wtf is screep
screep is creep but with 's'
@CaptainSquirrel screeps. MMO game for writing AI scripts for programmers
oh no its monday !
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
I wish monday would stay away
Can i just win the lottery already
So i can be 100% sloth and never have to leave my house
@CaptainSquirrel why not to use the lottery money to build an passive income business and then travel the world and have fun instead of staying home? :P
Because the world is scary
nah, that's what i'd probably do
First thing would be generate some sort of income
@CaptainSquirrel (like)
11:05 AM
Maybe create a charity of some kind that recieves a chunk of said income
Then go travelling
TBH, i'd probably buy some houses and office buildings
Get my dream car(s)
There we go
I've finally got myself in a vaugely comfortable position
If I had virtually unlimited money, I would still do the same I do now, but never ever check prices.
Wait are we talking about unlimited money?
Like "I need a new GPU... but I think a 1070 can do" turns into "New Titan GPU? Gimme 2 pls"
11:10 AM
If I had unlimited money, I would buy JavaScript
and then ditch it
TBH, so long as i don't need to work again @littlemisscomputerscientist
That'd do
@CaptainObvious virtually unlimited money, not literally having infinite money.
Oh close enough
@HéctorÁlvarez what is the point then?
I'd buy some more screens
11:11 AM
@CaptainSquirrel yes, hence the passive income business
My classes dont fit on my screen any more
I need smaller screens
@CaptainObvious that's your current setup?
Unfortunately so.
@Wietlol being able to buy a lot of stuff, but not literally affording everything out there.
the classes leave too much empty space at the bottom
@HéctorÁlvarez so, just have a lot of money
11:12 AM
I wouldn't buy a ferrari of course
@littlemisscomputerscientist I usually have a much better setup. I'm sure Wiet could dig up a photo, he usually can
I would buy one of the older jaguars
@CaptainObvious hold my water
But nothing like "I'd buy 1 house in every country and people to clean up everywhere and become the almighty lord".
you mean the one with the weird clock?
11:14 AM
Hey you got the actually up to date one
No that's the old one
this one is nice
^ front end
^ back end
Damn how the hell do you even do that
or this ancient one
@Wietlol I think I like the one below more...
@Wietlol I am wondering the same but looks cool hahaha
@CaptainObvious I have a scratch note of all your inferior setups
11:16 AM
Well the first one he posted is the one I have in my office at the momeny
I'm just not in my office at the momen
this one is the best tho
its like the new setup, but the clock isnt rotated horribly
Oh that's an older version of the current one. Functionally the same, just before the clock fell over
that is the version where I fixed your clock tho
so, it must be after the clock fell over
Oh right
I knew something seemed wrong
The clock fell over before I switched to that layout
I knew it did
@CaptainObvious why is your setup so bad
11:19 AM
why did you have 2 images of the weird clock?
No idea
I think it was because I couldn't be bothered looking up an older version so just took a new photo
@CaptainSquirrel behold, my setup
@CaptainSquirrel It's not, you're just wrong
oh lawd
you gunna build a gooee in visual basic to backtrace his IP? @Wietlol
Wiet I'm surprised you don't have a photo of the old 2x2 setup
11:20 AM
@CaptainSquirrel sure will
@CaptainObvious hold up
wait... I actually dont
I have this tho
Holy shit
Wait what the fuck
Hold on let me find it
Oh christ
Wha tthe fuck was this
@CaptainObvious oh yeah good old tiems
@Wietlol mother of god, this 1337 hacker
11:30 AM
because its a badass
@Wietlol that's the one I was on about
That was my first quad display setup
That's actually from the same office I'm in now
I've never seen that before
That's from way back in 2017
11:44 AM
That looks like a nightmare
i need 4 eyes for that setup
one for each screen
I need glasses with edges through the center
I just use one massive screen with a manager tool to divide it in regions
I wrote it myself
(the tool, not the screen)
it works 99% of the time
there is this odd moment where I try to drag a window and it doesnt recognize I am dragging it...
11:50 AM
@Wietlol omg haha
@Wietlol pix
or gtfo
@mr5 26 years old:D
its like 0.01% of the time
for which I am like "no, no, no, I aint even gonna try to debug this shit"
I want pix of your monitor reee
also... a screenshot would show that I am dragging the window, but just not displaying the overlay
11:51 AM
We had BBQ last night and it was amaze
just how you would expect it to normally work
if my tool detects you are dragging a window, it displays some overlays, which would tell you where you can drop the window to make it fill a certain region of the screen
@CaptainSquirrel pix or didn't happen
@wiet Don't be like @Harry
Show us what you got
11:53 AM
@Wietlol wutt?
I don't get it
they had BBQ last night and it was a maze
how hard was that?
now, if he said "We had BBQ last night and it was amazed"
I thought it's a typo
that would have been interesting
11:55 AM
The BBQ got amazed it got eaten?
he didnt say they ate the BBQ tho
also, I wouldnt eat it
I would go for the meat instead
@Wietlol food o'clock?
in fact... it almost is
Jack, afk lunch
I don't understand mate
11:56 AM
I've found on negative with this setup
@mr5 I didn't think of that
The vertical screen is really shiny and acting like a mirror
I might have to switch to light mode.
I got a brisket burger and brisket mac and cheese
Never before has my mouth tasted such flavours
Forgive me father for I have sinned etc
11:57 AM
I can't see myself anymore tho
I am not eating anything today but going for a walk instead ^^ see ya laters aligators :P afk
Also wtf getting a beef brisket for lunch?
Also fuck you now I'm hungry
11:58 AM
A hungry serial killer
@CaptainObvious i also said last night
For mah tea
@CaptainSquirrel kieran my boi
how you doing?
Well I was busy last night
12:17 PM
Tahu the burger burglar burglarizes a burger
I love the Daggerfall shop theme lmao
@Squirrelintraining I want more foooooooooood
that's how i'm doing
anyone here beaten the first two TES? I still haven't gotten the first piece of the staff in TES Arena
But I've played through morrowind 3 times, oblivion 2 times and skyrim 1 time
12:30 PM
the only one of those I haven't beaten is Oblivion x-x
I was thinking about buying TES online
not necessarily cause it's hard; that one just hardly motivates me
@CaptainSquirrel getting fat
ESO motivates me even less than Oblivion does
even if that is practically the only thing my dad plays these days
im almost through Disco Elysium
12:34 PM
@AlRey go play dotka
you mean Dota?
@Squirrelintraining I'm already fat
I remember my mom thought I went to school to make mobile games
and I'm like "no um...I think I'd sooner kill myself"
@CaptainSquirrel turth
Capti you don't live in london right?
no, i don't
Me and @CaptainObvious live on opposite sides of the mersey
God i'm craving that brisket burger 🤤
12:40 PM
Mkay :D
Welp I'll probebly be in london in march
gdi okay speaking of Daggerfall
What brings you to london?
I remember Friday my coworkers were talking about vg they played back in the day and I remembered one of my coworkers telling me that he played Daggerfall, so I'm like "You played Elder Scrolls II a bunch, didn't ya?" and he's like "No, I played uh...Daggerfall"
what a fool
@CaptainSquirrel Science museum + kiddies + waifu = fun times
12:44 PM
sounds like a nice vacation time; hopefully the country hasn't imploded by then ;)
Jake Goulding on January 20, 2020

Rust has been Stack Overflow’s most loved language for four years in a row, indicating that many of those who have had the opportunity to use Rust have fallen in love with it. However, the roughly 97% of survey respondents who haven’t used Rust may wonder, “What’s the deal with Rust?”

The short answer is that Rust solves pain points present in many other languages, providing a solid step forward with a limited number of downsides.

I’ll show a sample of what Rust offers to users of other programming languages and what the current ecosystem looks like. It’s not all roses in Rust-land, so I talk about the downsides, too.  …

it's not
JAVA \o/
Rust is the developed C++?
12:48 PM
ugh x_x
We got a rust guy trying to convert us all here
the author here is the founder of Rust's first consultancy
Jack, I am no longer afk
I don't understand mate
do you ever?
12:54 PM
Rust is the 8th most well paid jobs out there
And I heard, Rust has the fastest HTTP server implementation
Who would have thought this is a sun rise
what is blocking the vision?
ur mum
the devil !
I dont think so, she doesnt like travelling by ship
12:59 PM
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