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4:52 AM
@Neil hey Neil. I'm very sorry for this. I hope they'd understand when they get critical on you
5:03 AM
so that bird head-like is a template for land now
2 hours later…
7:07 AM
7:18 AM
7:34 AM
@Feeds WTF is this crap
Good morning I guess, except to you @Feeds
8:04 AM
Hmmmm... should I move onto C# permanently, or just stick with VB.NET, after spending most of my life coding in it? Opinions?
C# will have far more job opportunities
And... nothing is ever permanent... You can jump ship and then jump back :)
I've been doing VB for a couple years and it really has no benefits over C#, only limitations.
C# is much more widespread, which makes it much easier to find help, and also I believe is prettier.
vb? really? in 2020?
VB.Net is a bit different from VB :)
@Grace no. You specify the foreign key on the "many" table. Many-to-many: you define a joiner table
8:09 AM
And if you're in australia, VB.NET is nothing like VB :)
for example it's compiling unlike VB...
@Rob Yes, but the idea is there. C# is so much more widespread that MS eventually abandoned the idea of making VB.NET and C# parallel frameworks that would seamlessly translate into one another, and left C# with all the attention while VB.NET would still get critical updates, but not all the functionality.
weird. Me and my colleagues are thinking on switching to another programming language. Then I read this
God use VPN
@HéctorÁlvarez Fair enough. I only briefly touched VB.NET when it first came out (after using VB6). Been C# since then without looking back
8:15 AM
8:32 AM
just noticed out of 3 people who should fill in the schedule summary, I'm the only one doing it...
Smells... smelly.
hello everybody
can anybody tell me how to create a sql connection using C# in web application
I am new into C#
entity framework walkthrough
Madara no more?
anybody can give me any clue or site link?
I don't want to create a web api
I created a web application and want to connect to my database and select some records from my database
8:50 AM
So you now have a web api
Or you mean you want expose your database connection to public?
you're still going to end up creating API
so I am trying to create sql connection this way
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["xxxxxx"].ConnectionString);
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("insert into Table_test_data values('1','vvvvvv')", con);
but is says error into con.Open(); line
OK so what's the error exactly?
the name con.open doesn't exists into the current context
Your code is inside the curly braces of a method definition in a class?
8:56 AM
also wrap it in using
my code is inside the curly braces of class
@BlackSquirrel nice insight
there is no method
you need this inside a method
main or anything
8:57 AM
> I created a web application
no in a controller's method or something
empty web application I created
not mvc web application
so. Set up your routing and controllers
independent of mvc or web api
oh ok
Ok @Maximious you need to do an ASP.Net web application tutorial... dotnet.microsoft.com/learn/aspnet/hello-world-tutorial/intro
9:07 AM
@Maximious BTW your SQL insert statement is invalid too, should be something like "insert into Table_test_data columnname1, columnname2 values('1','vvvvvv')" Obviously I can't know what your test table's column names are so replace them with the correct names.
(it should be parametrized, but I wouldn't bother you with it yet)
^^ Ha! Yeah that too, after you get it working and before you go to production :)
but more importantly I would change the whole architecture, to not use SqlConnection. Use Entity framework. It's more beginner friendly IMHO
code first approach. Steeper learning curve, but still easier to concentrate on the domain
when you say domain, what do you mean by that?
ok . I will check this error
9:22 AM
@mr5 if you are a baker, than concentrate on wheat, bread, etc.. So your first code is about "domain", and programming things that you started to learning programming for.
@BlackSquirrel thank you for the tutorial link :-)
@ntohl ok thanks. It's get confusing because "domain" have a variety of meaning in computing and it also varies per context.
you write newBread.BakedAt = DateTime.Now instead of update Breads set BakedAt = NOW() where Id = @Id.
Since this was drowned in another convo last time:
Jan 13 at 16:59, by Squirrelkiller
Is this about right? Who does the DI? One project has to know all the others.
Little problem with hexagonal architecture
9:33 AM
there are options for dll registrations. I'm more and more convinced that you need MEF or XML/Json kernel configuration for proper hexagonal
so whichever .dll you throw in, those are available for you
"XML/Json kernel configuration" I mean for your DI framework you may have the option to set up the bindings in a XML or Json configuration file. So you have to explicitly write the assembly out in string.
@Squirrelkiller in our case, the one project that rules them all
which is often the api project
9:55 AM
@nyconing I feel insulted
how, why
Those assholes have nowhere near as fluffy tails as we beautiful Squirrels
Nowhere. As. Fluffy.
In an alternate universe somewhere felines evolved the large creative brain instead of the primates...
There's a movie about it... but no one's seen it.
is it a movie specifically made for blind people?
10:19 AM
I think it used to be a stage show.
You'd probably wish you were blind afterwards.
too many squirrels in the chat :P
squirrels on the loose
10:20 AM
DDD, Onion Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture, Clean Architecture, ...
Ports and Adapters
Dwarfs, Dungeons and Dragons?
> js
This is what happens when you try to name something that's never quite in reach, you just keep renaming it...
bad words
10:22 AM
Naming things is hard
we despise JS
DDD, Domain Driven Design
ah, makes sense
10:46 AM
I've just re-installed oblivion
after watching all those hilarious vids on youtube
still a great game
I have an oblivion save on my 360
And IIRC I'm a god damn vampire
It took me way too long to realise that I was a vamp
And in order to become a not vampire, you need to get 5 great soul gems
Which are rare as fuck
And then some old lady makes you a cure
yeah i remember that vampire quest
after that i will re-install skyrim
but not morrowind, although its the best game of those three, I already played it 3 times
and that game is massive
Oblivion was the first game I played where I modified my character and I was like whoa this is so cool... not it's like meh
bad graphics
and tons of bugs x)
10:56 AM
@Hans1984 lerl i like
theres much more on this guys channel
Ups das meiten ich
@Squirrelintraining youtube kacke immer gut ;)
ziemlich gut
11:03 AM
... hang on what day is it?
aka 16
@Wietlol ;)
Guys, how do you say it when you're uncertain about what you have to do, and try random stuff to see if it works?
Programming by coincidence
11:08 AM
In Spanish we have this sentence: Dar palos de ciego. It doesn't make sense on its own, it's like "Give blind sticks".
But I'm sure this translates into something similar.
@HéctorÁlvarez Bogo Programming?
I've read a lot of translations, including "poke around in fog", "Lash out in the dark", and my favorite, "Grope in the dark".
Shot in the dark
@Wietlol Not necessarily programming.
It depends on the context @HéctorÁlvarez
11:10 AM
@BlackSquirrel Oh that's a good one.
Bogo Working?
If i know what my end result needs to be, then generally i'll make it up as i go
@CaptainSquirrel Elaborate please. offers acorn
@HéctorÁlvarez So say for example you have a dataset and someone asks you to display this data in chronological order in a graph
So you have data for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc
I'm looking for the expression, nothing programming-related. Black squirrel got it right.
11:12 AM
oh fml
You wanted a phrase, not a way of doing shit
I'll see myself out
You know what day it is right?
@Hans1984 ya
excuse me?
@Wietlol surpised taht wasnt becci
11:13 AM
Don't go editing your message now @BlackSquirrel
Its too late
Never say never
I have a question @Squirrelintraining why are you a squirrel in training?
That's a riddle wrapped in an enigma
11:21 AM
I guess I'll never know :P
because he is a squirrel and he has not completed his training
I am wondering what kind of training squirrels do
lots of different things
11:29 AM
Q: I am resigning as moderator on Stack Overflow

Madara's GhostEffective immediately, I am resigning from my position as moderator on Stack Overflow. I will no longer actively participate on the site or network sites. I will move whatever discussions I can with the people here to other media, and mostly refrain from entering chat. These words are very hard ...

it was to funny I had to leave the chat or I'd die from laughing haha
11:51 AM
@littlemisscomputerscientist Because i dont know
ninja squirrel x)
12:03 PM
yo yo yo
@ntohl pin plox
how 2 eat panini
@CupOfJava hAllol
you're 90% green
12:13 PM
I am
some say I am not
but that is just the image being only part of me
more specifically, the face
wow that's a lotta new starred comments
wow, that's more then 89%
it's more than 89%, yes
did you come to 90% by doing avg/max ?
12:15 PM
doctor told me
I dont know how he got those results tho
yo yo piraka
i'm blue if I was green I would die
I want charts. WPF give me charts
so blue is your natural color ?
ok... how do I make this in EF Core?
12:20 PM
turn it into a EF Core, duh.....
Put a 3 foreign keys on ClassB
but it can only have one parent
also... ohai hAllol rob
ClassA is the parent
Put three foreign keys on ClassB, then you use 'InverseProperty' (I think?) to link each property to each foreign key on ClassB
    public class ClassA
        public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees1 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();
        public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees2 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();
        public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees3 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();

    public class ClassB
        public virtual ClassA Parent { get; set; }
basically, that
Sorry, I meant to write ClassB is the parent
12:23 PM
ClassB instances cannot be inside multiple collections at the same time
In ClassB, put three foreign keys to Class A. In class A, annotate each ICollectionwith InverseProperty linking to ClassB
Even with the fluent syntax..?
and then make those properties protected and make one public one that reads out the first that is not null?
Something like...
public class ClassA
    public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees1 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();
    public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees2 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();
    public virtual ICollection<ClassB> Bees3 { get; set; } = new HashSet<ClassB>();

public class ClassB
    public virtual ClassA Parent { get; set; }

You might need to use fluent syntax rather than annotations to do it, however
ahhhhhhh, why are C# plugins thousands of dollars.
I can't remember any other language that costs so much to do things
@Hans1984 my natural shape is an 8, it's gr8
12:35 PM
Oh my God!
these health center people are r e t a r d s
they sent me an email to set up my account, but didn't tell me about a 4-digit PIN that I apparently need to set it up
idgaf if you're equal-opportunity employers; stop employing people who were dropped on their fucking heads as children!!
can we still say that..... you might get Monica'ed
why? cause I'm politically incorrect asf?
@AlRey another day same problem x)
guess I'll call them -- aaaand they're closed
@CupOfJava ಠ_ಠ
12:39 PM
once they're open, I'm gonna have to wait another 25 minutes before they pick up my phone and then probably have them tell me the same information
@AlRey on Monday go in their office and say I want to speak with the manager I have a complain
@AlRey open them up. Ask how their day was.
I'll tell you, though -- this isn't the worst experience I've had with disabled people on the phone
The worst experience was when I was trying to get a new phone and they sent it to somebody in Kentucky because the lady on the phone was legally deaf and managed to confuse the 9 in my zip code for 1 when I was telling her my address.
again...idgaf about "equal opportunity"; deaf people should NOT be managing phones!!
ai hesus x)
@AlRey did you get it back though?
yeah eventually...when I called them again and told them to stop hiring deaf people
it was so weird seeing the tracking map go through Indianapolis, and then suddenly take a south turn like "wtf??"
12:45 PM
blind people are so much nicer then deaf people. I dated a deaf girl once, she just didn't listen to me; I dated a blind girl once, she said she thought I looked hot.
the whole reason I went through this is cause my old phone decided to have a motherboard malfunction on the day Trump won the election
Lucky phone
literally I remember my music suddenly stopping, the screen not coming on, then trying to plug the phone into something, only to get a blank blue screen
Your phone knew what had happened
so I guess Russian hackers really were after my phone
12:47 PM
and chose the easy way out
it hanged itself
@AlRey Русские люди не всегда hackers :)
was listening to this song and it suddenly cut off
that's why I use NordVPN :^)
12:49 PM
add a sponsored warning to that comment
12:51 PM
any algorithms dedicated active forum
is it appropriate to ask here?
hi @littlemisscomputerscientist
algorithms for what language......
ye... @Rob I think my design is getting a bit weird now
not really sure how I should make it in EF
In my experience, I move all the relationship/index information to the context file
Been a while since I've done it, so I've forgotten the exact name... but I forgo any the attributes and only use the fluent syntax
@CupOfJava : just to know an approach
language no bar
it's easier to move all the relationships if you don't have any
12:55 PM
@Wietlol Here's an example of one of my projects: github.com/SOBotics/Rodgort/blob/master/Rodgort/Data/…
this is the basis of the complexity
everything else is peanuts
@DevanshuKashyap just ask someone might be able to help
I suppose three many to many relations and one many to one relation
but it wont make it any nicer
@DevanshuKashyap algorithm is just a broad term. if you have an outcome you're looking for we might be able to help you make an algorithm to get there.
1:44 PM
why the silence
shiba time!
the website for my story was supposed to launch tomorrow, but I've been too busy working on my story :crine:
yesterday my peer programmer realised that we had a problem in our code because we had a parameter overload that wasn't being passed so he made the parameter null so the code compiled and i nearly cried
1:52 PM
@Wietlol this is so old
the format
I invented it myself :D
email format is so outdated. someone should come along and refactor it all
@Harry ... reminds me of my struggle today. We are doing MVVM. My peer wants to show a Dialog, which is not ok/cancel. It should return a Model. How can he use the DXDialogWindow from Devex to do so. Even the view would be custom, not a standard Title + message + warning icon... Ok. So we got to the point, to create a new View + ViewModel. I'm telling him, that don't even try to initialize the View in the ViewModel. Use messaging. He refuses, and writes a double click event for that.
1:54 PM
why is it outdated?
because time says
after a dozen of this kind of hacks just to open up a sheet for a card I choose to refuse to help
time doesnt outdate anything
except time libraries
such as using a 32-bit int for seconds since epoch
or dates that only support until 2100
but it doesnt, by itself, outdate anything other than time related concepts
outdates happen because of a change on the direct mapping source
time is only a direct mapping source when the concept of the library is time itself
@ntohl shouldn't be the VM knows nothing about the view?
2 mins ago, by ntohl
after a dozen of this kind of hacks just to open up a sheet for a card I choose to refuse to help
1:59 PM
what does that mean?
it means NO
ooh. it means the other guys doesn't know how to MVVM right?
wait wut
It was like ping-pong. Every idea/ keystroke/ thought was a new kind of hack to sacrifice MVVM
@mr5 yes
and I had to correct him
@Wietlol email format sucks
I know
2:01 PM
than again a new idea arose. Which was again abuse of MVVM
do you guys use Prism by any chance?
but we don't use the whole infrastructure like [POCOViewModel]
DelegateCommand is coming from Devex.MVVM namespace
A: Entity Framework 4.3 code first multiple many to many using the same tables

SlaumaWell, EF doesn't have some kind of word and grammar recognition algorithm which would be required to identify that you (probably) want that User.Residencies and Town.Residents form a pair of navigation properties and User.Mayorships and Town.Mayors form a second pair. Therefore it assumes that yo...

this is so nice...
except that in my EFCore, .WithMany does not frigging exist :(
Q: Is this indictment of DevExpress WPF controls valid and what is a good alternative vendor?

DeveloperDanMy company is starting a major greenfield development project using DevExpress WPF controls. I just read this critical review of their WPF controls: […] DevExpress developers completely misunderstood WPF when they developed their WPF controls. I really cannot impress upon you sufficiently wel...

@Rob in your project, do you use any many to many mapping?
with implicit intermediate table
or do I need to explicitly make a table and do two one to many mappings?
2:13 PM
Prolly, use Prism as MVVM architecture and if you're looking for WPF controls, then go to DevEx
in your model creating function, I cant see a many to many mapping using a HasMany
A: Is this indictment of DevExpress WPF controls valid and what is a good alternative vendor?

DeveloperDanAbject frustration is EXACTLY what I experienced thanks to DevExpress. I lost hours of my life attempting to simply bind a combo box. The drop-down list at best would only display my ItemsSource class name multiple times. I even posted a StackOverflow question to figure out what I could possibly ...

@mr5 there are only old fashioned "write everything explicitly" programmers here. Like even writing the backingfield for a get; set; property... I'm happy that there is no self written DelegateCommand
I can assure you tho, that Devex is borken many ways in their WPF suite.
for example you can add a second parameter to DelegateCommand to check when the button is enabled. But you don't have to notice it. It evaluates the prop like for every little change. If you put in a breakpoint inside it, it will trigger for even alt + tab
that's great to not care about the notification, but it doesn't notify for some hidden side cases. Which was a major PITA
ef makes me cry :(
@Wietlol Why?
@Wietlol why don't you try to fix the problem you have? Like nugeting the right version, which have .WithMany?
2:23 PM
which would that be?
@Hypersapien I cant seem to make a many to many relation without explicitly specifying an intermediate table
> In Entity Framework Core, this has not been implemented yet. We must create a joining entity class for a joining table.
well... rip
even my seriously bleeding edge technologies arent that bad
not bleeding enough
@ntohl don't they know about Fody PropertyChanged?
Are you working with oldies?
aka the legacy creators
@mr5 I'm. Actually that is one of the packages I could push through to use it widely
I'm giving Edge another try
2:33 PM
they are the legacy creators
I'd quit right away
I need money
With my limited knowledge I'm the alien who always talks about things that noone understands
so at least I got the respect
feature request opened in 2015
we are 5 frigging years later... they still havent added it
last message on it was that the latest release of EF Core was not bringing in any new features whatsoever
who thought this was a good library to use?
I need to find someone to whack
scroll is silky smooth
2:46 PM
@mr5 Because its chromium dun dun dunnn
@mr5 how would you describe the experience so far? I didn't had a chance to try it
I wonder why Chrome wont implement this silky smooth scrolling. It's just an illusion afterall
Like, the scroll would decelerate in cubic in-out easing manner
@CaptainSquirrel yeah. basically, they just put their brand on it.
IIRC they changed turned a bunch of stuff off as well
yo yo yo
oh I love this read aloud feature
also, we've done PoC for ordering system with the use of TTS and STT before. We've tried both Google's Dialogbox and MS's tech (can't remember the name). I'd say MS TTS is more natural
@Wietlol MS Edge read aloud says your name is pronounced as "wayet lol"
2:57 PM
MS Edge sucucks
The chromium version sucks less than edge used to
but because its edge and not chrome
it sucks
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