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4:13 AM
Good morning
4:27 AM
1 hour later…
5:28 AM
Hye is there anyone here to help me with some c# FTP method suggestion
5:56 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
6:27 AM
Gooooood moorniiiing CeeeeeeeShaaarp! Have you built anything new lately, either virtual or physical?
Yeah, "Leisten im schlafzimmer verlegt haben ich"
7:02 AM
sup all
@Squirrelintraining you have relocated in bedroom?
@mr5 Squirrelintraining is afk.
@Squirrelintraining That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
7:18 AM
@mr5 Nah, I layed down skirting
@mr5 In this case, "verlegen" isnt relocate but "lay down"/"install"
Morning Monkey o/
@Squirrelkiller so you mean to say you're more fluent than Google?
@Squirrelintraining you lay down while wearing a skirt? 😂
7:35 AM
@mr5 basically yes
@mr5 deepl is more fluent than google
I want to launch a low cost machine learning solution company. It would offer shallow learning capabilities.
so companies with low budget could buy a stupid algorithm
which sometimes forget what was the question
@Squirrelintraining skirting is a noun. I thought it means you're using a skirt
7:52 AM
skirt can also be a verb, meaning to move around the edge of something
Or also
In architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding) is usually wooden or vinyl board covering the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It covers the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall; protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture; and can serve as a decorative molding.At its simplest, baseboard consists of a simple plank nailed, screwed or glued to the wall; however, particularly in older houses, it can be made up of a number of mouldings for decoration...
Called skirting board in the UK
TIL: "f.eks." means "eg."
8:08 AM
Fun etymological fact: Old English "skyrta" meant "shirt", and there wasn't a term for the then-unknown garment currently known as "skirt". In Middle English, the OE "skyrta" became "shirt", but then, due to Nordic influences in northern Britain, the old norse "skirta" was borrowed in as "skirt".
So you had both "shirt" (which evolved from "skyrta") and "skirt" (which was parallel to "skyrta", but was borrowed differently, and so remained "skirt")
why would we have scurvy?
Being land lubbers, we get our dietary requirements for vitamin C
@CaptainObvious bla bla bla, Island Monkey Talk
8:18 AM
when is "talk like a pirate" day anyway?
September, I think.
@Neil Also I read that in the voice of the fat pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean
> September 19
8:19 AM
Cap, you never dissapoint me
@Squirrelintraining There's a deeply rooted part of each and every one of us that literally prevents us from reading that without making it sound like a pirate
@Neil Aye
> Q. Why is the rum gone?
> A. Well the answer is simple. It is b---
I like his video description
@Neil ye don' question the cap'n
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I don't understand why the skirt turned into bench
Since, as you say, it originally comes from a word that identifies something wearable in human body
8:36 AM
@mr5 My guess is that it went from "skirt is an article of clothing you wrap around your hips", to "skirts - the things that are around the edge of a thing" (think "outskirts"), to "skirting" being "to go around the edges of something" to "skirtboard - a board nailed around the edges of a structure"
Etymology is fun, because when you look it from a distance of 1,000 years, the jumps it can make make no sense, but they still happened.
One of my favorites is "sophisticated", which made a few huge jumps over the millennia.
Who deployed the English Language Module to @AvnerShahar-Kashtan
It originated as "related to the Sophists, a school of thought in ancient Greece". But one of the big Greek philosophers (Plato? Socrates? Nevermind) hated them and wrote against them, and since his works were so influential in Medieval Europe, the term "Sophisticated" came to mean "Impure, corrupted".
Because look what you've done to him
He's sitting there
typing shit loads about words
Poor bastard
Fast forward to the early 20th century, and "Unsophisticated" came to mean "pure, unadulterated" as a reaction to the "sophisticated" meaning of "impure". But then, the meaning of "unsophisticated" as "pure" came to mean "naive, unworldly", and the term "sophisticated" was again derived, to contrast with "unsophisticated", to mean the opposite of "naive and unwordly".
So that's a fascinating set of twists and turns the term has taken.
Haha Kieran
Don't make fun about avnis passion
8:40 AM
@CaptainSquirrel It passes the time while I feel like kicking IoT Hub in the nuts.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan fair enough
Not sure why you'd willingly choose to talk about words though
talking and understanding is hard enough
now you've blown my mind with MEANING
Words are lovely.
Whomever was in charge of creating the navigation forward & backward buttons in visual studio
Can rot in hell
They would be useful if they actually fucking worked in a way that makes sense
Instead of only navigating back in the specific file im in half the time
I actually use them quite a bit. Takes some getting used to, and it has its hiccups, but still.
8:44 AM
I do too
that's my point
they are broke af
@CaptainSquirrel Hear Ye Hear Ye
Hallo hans
I be doing a tire frens
8:51 AM
i have decompile a .net framwork dll file , while in the decompiled file i see a hardcoded string like: "HelloWorld" but i cannot find it in the hex representation of the file
can someone help me with this issue?
Why do you care about the hex representation if you've decompiled the source anywya?
i cannot recompilethe source code
i want to change the hardcoded string in the dll file
I smell that smelly smell
big time
There are very few cases when you really have to decompile something
@Harry ew
8:55 AM
whys that resulting in a standard select
i know i tried toi format ti but that happened
And I too like the VS forward/backward functionality. Just gotta get used to only goto things being jump points for those.
@yekanchi any particular reason?
I'm trying to do this so it calls select 2 but im getting only regular select boxes
8:59 AM
@Wietlol i want to change a particular string which is hard coded inside .net framework library from english to other language
is that wrong yeah
Roach defensive-mode activated
9:00 AM
shoudl be .
You can only use .select2 on a select
!!Will it ever cool down again ?
@yekanchi what for?
@Hans1984 Yes, absolutely
9:01 AM
38° c today :(
no acs no fans
just melting in the office
we have a fan in the office
and the window is open
lucky you
@Wietlol it's in english, i want to change it to other language
9:02 AM
its kinda cool outside
I understand that, but why?
do you want to show it to the user?
do you want to use it in your logs?
i just want to locate hardcoded striung inside the library and change it simply to something else
but the second i walked into our building it felt like the heating had been left on
yes of course
show it to the user
then simply show another string
9:03 AM
so why is this still a regular seldect box
but it's hardcoded inside "System.Activities.Core.Presentation.dll" when i decompile i see it
but i could'nt locate it in the hex file
@CaptainSquirrel well not over here..
Germany turned into africa
does that string not pass through your own code?
and im not talking about the immigrants
it was coolish
9:04 AM
no no ,. not at all
it's deeply hardcoded
its still humid though
if you cant choose what gets displayed, the library is poop
cant really fix that by changing the string
you would probably break more than you fix
other than it being impossible most probably
just look at the decompiled code, i want it to simply change to something else
i think you cant really do that
Fixed a thing
9:08 AM
now the footer is broken
why what's the problem
possibly checksums
most probably broken assertions
if I were you, I would look for a sane way to change it (someway that the library exposes), if such a thing doesnt exist, it is a bug and should be filed on the issue tracking thing of the library
9:13 AM
thanks i did'nt though about checksums, but i wonder if i could some string with the same length and same checksum
still probably broken assertions
if the library assumes that some constant string is "Start" and some constant string turns out to be "Begin", the library may now be broken
I am not sure if checksums are done on dll files... but whatever
I wouldnt be surprised if they are
9:29 AM
Damn is still smells of that XY in here
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
hello can anyone help me to convert this Query
 App.dbContext.QueryAsync<SuggestionsModel>("select  Distinct  Name from [SuggestionsModel] ORDER BY ID DESC limit 5");
im using now dbsets in Entityframework
    .OrderByDescending(it => it.Id)
    .Select(it => it.Name)
im not sure if limit 5 actually works
iirc, it was select top 5 ...
since SQL is always the other way around
select top 5 will limit your results, yes
50 minutes later, still waiting for this app to finish publishing so i can check my footer...
@Wietlol thanks working
var allItems =App.dbContext.suggestionsModels.OrderByDescending(it => it.ID).Select(it => it.Name).Distinct().Take(5).ToList();
if (allItems != null && allItems.Count > 0)
SuggestionsList = new ObservableRangeCollection<SuggestionsModel>(allItems);
Now im im getting error on this line
SuggestionsList = new ObservableRangeCollection<SuggestionsModel>(allItems);
system.collection.generic.list<string> to system.collection.generics.IEnurable<Mobil.mobile.suggestionmodel>
10:17 AM
SuggestionsList is a List<>?
no it is model
which include the properties
So are you are trying to put your new ObservableRangeCollection<SuggestionsModel>(allItems);into a model
Well, isn't that your issue...?
its my issue i want to pass all return its to model
return items to model
10:21 AM
> allItems != null
allItems will never be null in your case
where i write AllItems !=null?
> if (allItems != null && allItems.Count > 0)
anyway, for your error, you have a list of strings
if (allItems != null && allItems.Count > 0)
SuggestionsList = new ObservableRangeCollection<SuggestionsModel>(allItems);
your observable doesnt want a list of strings
because it doesnt observer strings
yes its returning strings butt observable require model
10:23 AM
is the SuggestionsModel that your observable is observing the same as the model being used by EF?
this is the model
public class SuggestionsModel
public int ID { set; get; }

public string Name { set; get; }
not understand your Question
do you use a separate model class for the two operations?
(I assume not)
in that case, you dont want to do the Select(it => it.Name)
but then the distinct fails
you would have to distinct by the property
here im getting the value from dbset of suggestion model and want to pass this returning value to model
.DistinctBy(it => it.Name)
but I am not sure if that exists
can you please Rewrite Quirey again
    .OrderByDescending(it => it.Id)
    .Select(it => it.Name)
Rewrite the correct Querry
10:29 AM
.Distinct(Comparer<SuggestionsModel>.Create((l, r) => l.Name == r.Name))
how ugly
im not understanding
please guide me with explanation
do you understand the error?
yes i understand the error
@zubairz This query is working properly. Getting only the distinct names only as we have selected "name" before Distinct()
so, what happens is that we only select the name of each record
we need the entire record
10:31 AM
@SkariaThomas which Query you write
so, in simple terms, .Select(it => it)
but a select on an identity function is redundant
yes model contain id and name
so, we can simply remove the .Select(...)
and its only returning name
once you have removed that select, your compiler error is gone
10:32 AM
please write again Query which i should try
im confused
error is gone when i try this
var allItems =App.dbContext.suggestionsModels.OrderByDescending(it => it.ID).Distinct().Take(5).ToList();
since now, you select everything from the record
you have the full model instance instead of only one property of it
why you spoon feeding him
because noone else does it, isnt that obvious?
10:35 AM
@zubairz however, this might not be what you want
how do you want the distinct to work?
@Shad not spon feeding .now im understand which is im going to make wrong
no distinct not working
you want to distinct by only the string, right?
now you distinct by the entire record
yes select all row on the base of distinct name
then you need to provide a comparer to the distinct
distinct itself will compare the records
you want to compare only by the name
who i provide comparer to distinct
yes only by the name
10:38 AM
so, you use .Distinct(Comparer<SuggestionsModel>.Create((l, r) => l.Name == r.Name))
Comparer.Create(...) will create a comparer based on your rules
your rule is l.Name == r.Name
can not convert from bool to int
ho yea, silly .net
you need to make a comparer class
there is not a short salution?
10:43 AM
not that I know of
public class FooByNameComparer : IEqualityComparer<Foo>
    public Boolean Equals(Foo x, Foo y)
        return x.Name == y.Name;

    public Int32 GetHashCode(Foo obj)
        return obj.Name.GetHashCode();
@zubairz why don't you ask on so?
it would look something like this
then you can use .Distinct(new FooByNameComparer())
another approach would be to use group by, but that is even more ugly
can you please tell me the Group by .if it single line query then it is fine for me
@Shad im asking him...Im thankfull to everyone who helps others
public class DataLoadComparer : DataLoad, IEquatable<DataLoad>, IEqualityComparer<DataLoad>
public override int GetHashCode()
return Id == 0 ? 0 : Id;

public bool Equals(DataLoad other)
return this.Name == other.Name;

public bool Equals(DataLoad x, DataLoad y)
return x.Name == y.Name;

public int GetHashCode(DataLoad obj)
return Id == 0 ? 0 : Id;

SuggestionsModels.OrderByDescending(it => it.Id).Select(it => it).Distinct(new DataLoadComparer()).Take(3);
@zubairz first you need a group by, then selection on each result, then forcing the return... no, it is not easier than distinct
> Id == 0 ? 0 : Id;
> .Select(it => it)
more ew
> : DataLoad, IEquatable<DataLoad>, IEqualityComparer<DataLoad>
epic ew
you, my friend, have made my day
10:50 AM
@Wietlol Someone asked for that requirement
i think this will be work fine
var allItems =App.dbContext.suggestionsModels.OrderByDescending(it => it.ID).Select(it=>it).Distinct().Take(5).ToList();
now, go take a shower :D
@Wietlol hahahha ok my friend i think you are expert in .net C#
im working in ofc
im biggner therefore i facing much problems
10:51 AM
@zubairz hardly
im more of a jack of all trades
but these method chains work similar in most languages
my friend thanks good
yup i know
    .sortBy { it.Id }
    .distinctBy { it.Name }
its a form of writing that many languages do nowadays
ofcourse, in C#, we use different words
map -> select
filter -> where
sort -> order
partition -> group
yes, lets use keywords used in sql, because sql was practically human readable
hmm good nice
@Neil ofcourse, sql is the root of all software engineering
how could I forget?
silly majestic green lion
10:57 AM
It's not as if "flatMap" or "partition" make more sense. They're just the common conventions used in FP, while Select/GRoupBy are the conventions used in RDBMS. MS aimed for the RDMS demographic.
flatmap makes a lot of sense imho
selectmany also makes sense... for collections
not for any other monad tho
partition im not sure
i dont know many words
i often have no clue what they mean
by map and filter you mean in JS right?
Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin mostly
I dont use many other languages that have them
flatMap makes a lot of sense once you already know what it does.
11:00 AM
do the dropdown choices in select2 have to be in option tags?
SelectMany isn't any better, though.
SelectMany is fine for IEnumerable
flatMap makes sense when you understand map and understand what a monad is
you dont need those two for SelectMany
@Harry yes
Your select needs to work the way a it normally would
IEnumerable<X>.SelectMany(X -> IEnumerably<Y>) -> IEnumerable<Y>
pretty obvious
IMaybe<X>.SelectMany(X -> IMaybe<Y>) -> IMaybe<Y>
uhm.... what?
select many but not really many since you select maybe one?
!!Hell or just hell like temperatures ?
11:04 AM
@Hans1984 Hell
I see
Hi, does creating new SqlConnection opens a connection?
@mshwf No. Calling Open on it opens it (theoretically).
In practice, the SqlConnection might implement connection pooling with other instances of SqlConnection, but that shouldn't matter to your code.
then why when I open it, it throws an exception because it's already opened?!
i think everyone in mood to help so help me more in queries
await App.dbContext.DeleteAllAsync(_deletionOfItemsSyncd); this is in sqlite in xamarin forms
and now who i implement it on Enityframework.sqlite in xamarin forms
11:17 AM
@zubairz Entity framework in Xamarin? is it even exists?!
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite im usin in Xamarin forms
what does the connection string look like?
we inherite with DbContext and create table with dbsets
and pass and access the data with models o\
Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;User Id=myUsername;
11:23 AM
@SkariaThomas I'm just not familiar with connection string in xamarin
See, i saw that as *******
@mshwf This is Sql Connection String, as you were asking about SqlConnection already open.
I was asking about it in Xamarin. it looks like that if i used fields instead of local variable, it will open connection>
using(conn = new SqlConnection(conString)) //opens connection
using(var conn = new SqlConnection(conString))//doesn't open connection
dat azz
I was referring to squirrels last sentence
but nevermind
please open the given link you will get how to make the connection in Xamarin forms
11:51 AM
DoSomething(); // is this style of commenting still allowed?
//                                                               //
// No! This is the only style of comments that is still allowed! //
//                                                               //
12:07 PM
I wnated to put more spaces >:(
12:37 PM
Ha! that's a puny comment. I am not happy until my xml comment fills at least 50% of the screen. Otherwise, what's the point?
Server migration 101: Turn the fucking old machine off!!!!
A migration last weekend, I have just seen servers comunicating with the old server
Wanna kill them all
That's probably why the sytem's still working
Indeed, once the machine was turned off, applications started to crash
If only they had a look at the visio with the architecture I did some years ago...
They would notice what should be checked when changing servers
People are so dumb and lazy
Everything started with a stupid ticket "This sync is not updating this data" and evolved into "turn this machine off and change this firewall to allow comms!"
Its amazing how things are checked/tested

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