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4:29 AM
posted on November 13, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

It's no secret I dig WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and now that WSL2 is available in Windows Insiders Slow it's a great time to really explore the options that are available. What I'm finding is so interesting about WSL and how it relates to the Windows system around it is how you can cleanly move data between worlds. This isn't an experience you can easily have with full virtual machines,

@Feeds Quiet you!
3 hours later…
7:11 AM
Good morning
It's snowing outside
but not enough to stop me from coming to work
dammit I wanted to work from home today
not gonna lie, I wanna do remote every single day
I still don't understand what the problem is... unless there's someone abusing the policy that set the bar for the rest of us there's literally no reason
Mornin o/
user image
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
Jack, funfriday
jack, help
7:26 AM
don't just stare you wanker
7:45 AM
Good Morning,
I want to import data to a CSV, but all lines are in the first field
because of \n on new lines but still in the same cell.
I want them in multiple cells.
Hi guys at the moment i am trying to deserialize a json with newtonsoft its lib, but i get this error "JsonReaderException: Error parsing boolean value. Path 'DowntimeCause'".
but my json is a valid json : {
"actionId": 1,
"actionType": 1,
"jsonData": "{\"DowntimeBookId\":39116762,\"DowntimeClassId\":153,\"DowntimeFunctId\":null,\"DowntimeSolverId\":null,\"SolvedStatusId\":2,\"ExplainStatusId\":0,\"PrgUserId\":10203,\"DowntimeCauseId\":1,\"RepairTime\":null,\"IdleTime\":null,\"MachineId\":499,\"DowntimeActionId\":null,\"WorkstationId\":24,\"BatchId\":201900147,\"ShiftId\":5448636,\"CorrStarttime\":\"2019-03-04T02:55:36.4\",\"Starttime\":\"2019-03-04T02:55:36.4\",\"Endtime\":\"2019-03-04T03:17:11.4\",\"Frequency\":1,\"Duration\":21.583380,\"Comment\":\"\",\"Norm\"
jsonData is previously serialized at the other end of my app
@SeppeGeerinckx DowntimeCause is not boolean value --> testreden
@SeppeGeerinckx 1 is not a boolean
omg i oversaw that completely ...
thanks guys !
8:01 AM
Reads shitID instead of ShiftId and giggles.
@Squirrelintraining haha It's the payload to log the downtimes in the packaging process of the beer company Heineken
god, enough with the rebecca black stuff guys
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there are more productive things to do with your time
There are?
Are there?
Rebecca Black for president. :D
More fridays for everybody :D
8:17 AM
@Neil It's been a veeeeery long time since I saw this
@HéctorÁlvarez not long enough apparently
had to star anyway
8:46 AM
I wanna do so much stuff
Among the things I wanted to do today wasn't learning K8S
9:01 AM
IList<string> formatters = new List<string>();

            foreach(var item in GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters)

            return formatters.AsEnumerable<string>();
why AsEnumerable has been used in this?
I don't see a need!
9:11 AM
*clap* \o
clap clap clap
ahoy mateys o/
@Neil ur literally da wurst
9:15 AM
@Hans1984 pushes haaaans out of the way
*eifel tower* \o kieran!
@CaptainSquirrel :)
@Hans1984 I'll admit, that one nearly got me
i was able to stifle my laughter as a cough
9:17 AM
Buenos dias
Now the real question is
do i get breakfast
Yes, you do
9:39 AM
good morning
@Neil That was very clever
@ntohl ikr?
I guess I'm too used to your shenanigans by now, even if I don't think about it being a friday today.
10:12 AM
@Hans1984 haaans
what is shenanigans
@nyconing An ancient tribe that lived in the Amazon. It's a warrior/hunter tribe, legends say they still live this day.
10:35 AM
@CaptainSquirrel what is deas?
that doesn't count keke
50 secs ago, by Squirrel in training
10:37 AM
@Squirrelkiller That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
We need someone to restore a backup of Caprica Six :(
Jack, learn nutz <>https://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/41593632#41593632
I've learned the command nutz
Jack, nutz
Mar 12 '18 at 17:38, by Rudi Visser
Mmmmm, nutz
10:46 AM
@HéctorÁlvarez That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@HéctorÁlvarez i like you
but don't tempt me with kicking you ;)
cuz i'll do et
i swer 2 gud
@HéctorÁlvarez That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
No you didn't.
10:47 AM
Jack, Java
gud bot
Make it a capital C
Jack, learn nyan !~"Test3"
@Squirrelkiller do you want to test?
Few days ago, I got a linkedin request from a "Kiran Kirar", thought "Oh ok Kiran knows my name from Azure DevOps so maybe he added me there", just accepted it, and then realized it's actually some recruiter
Jack, nyan
10:55 AM
@JackSparrow That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
I don't understand mate
@Squirrelintraining I do not, I find it dangerous to have a bot trigger another bot
@Squirrelkiller agreed
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10:58 AM
that is why I said
in Sandbox, Nov 11 at 2:49, by nyconing
@Squirrelintraining Hi, the every replys on bot are going to ping the command taughter, are for safety
I mean i can just
Jack, ban SquirrelInTraining
wait crap
Jack, ban 5757162
@CaptainSquirrel You cannot ban that user
he just did. ;)
11:03 AM
I'll be fixing that tonight
AKA i'll have an override to fix
so i can ban whomever i like! MWHAHAHAHAHA
evil squirrel
11:42 AM
Can someone assist me? I'm running into MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist. with dotnet run
It clearly exists.
dotnet build runs without any issues
@notatroll I think you're wrong. You're having an existential crisis.
you probably think I'm really here talking to you too
What kind of project? Also do you run dotnet run inside the solution folder holding the .sln file?
hey guys
i'm looking at some code and found this on several functions return this.Result = this.SomeMethod()
that doesnt look good
is this just to save some lines of code?
11:54 AM
they keep the result in an instance var
never seen this before
yes, it saves one line
but it also saves the returned result in an instance variable
which is strange
and most certainly a hack
I guess this is all wrong
sometimes they even repeat themselves
11:55 AM
Am i wrong in thinking that would just be return SomeMethod(Result); ?
I mean,some method has other stuff
It's short for
this.Result = this.SomeMethod();
return this.Result;
it must be it
but what's the this. achieve?
11:57 AM
the "this"?
ah, is .this local to the scope of the current class?
(Or specifying to use the instance var in case you have a local or static var with the same name)
it's how you call the abstract class
it's like public class ASomething : AGeneric
@CaptainSquirrel Are you having a stroke or something?
Oh fuck me
11:58 AM
I'd rather not, Captain
Its similar to how an interface works right?
@Squirrelkiller don't knock it till you've tried it
Jack, lenny
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yes, you can have code implemented there
on interfaces you just have the signature
I feel like this is the whole Dependency Injection thing all over again
I Don't see the point in dependency injection
But part of that is never having to use/implement/maintain anything with it in
solid ;)
12:00 PM
DI means you go "Oh my controller needs a UserService? Let me jsut add it to the ctor and dont care about where it comes from"
I love it
The only time I've seen it used was for a console app that did one thing with a bit of logic
I'm just afraid I might overdo it
And was written by a contractor that just over complicated the entire thing
12:03 PM
Squirrel unite!
@Squirrelkiller But why wouldn't you just new up a UserService in the public MyController() method instead
and then call it wherever you needed it
Request from @Hans1984 a squirrels transformers picture.
Because it should be a singleton per request
Not every controller needs it, not every service that needs it should build another one
he user is managed there
12:04 PM
So if you don't need it in a controller, don't add it to the controller surely?
We have like 200 controllers
that's not even very much overexaggerated
I might be missing the point entirely here
but i still don't see the advantage of DI
with DI it forces you to the right architecture. Like inversion of control, modularity, testability etc..
more reusable code for eg
@Squirrelkiller I hope scattered over at least 40 projects
12:09 PM
you can do it in pure DI too, where there is no framework, but still you build up your factory tree, so you can explicitly use or mock your dependencies
We had like 6 projects before, but without a good architecture. We're going for hexagonal, but we need time to refactor all this. So right now, it's one project with folders that shall be projects in some months.
We basically go controllers -> core holding contracts and business logic without dependencies <- implementations of stuff that calls databases and other libraries
Yeah DI is great for testing, since you simply stuff a mock into the controller when instantiaing it for testing
instead of going "how the fuck do I test something that builds its own service"
right now some classes instantiate their own services, which come from libraries form other teams. We can't test that shit.
I dont even know what architecture I am using
or if it even has a name
but it works quite well
I suppose it is a microservice architecture, but that doesnt really say much about the internal architecture of each service
and doesn't have tests
I indeed have trouble writing tests
mostly because my code just works and remains to work because you would have to be a genius to break it without making syntax errors
A lot of what i'm reading is to do with the ability to update your code incase you rename stuff or want it to do something different
Which could just be solved with proper planning...
12:17 PM
With just a few weeks of coding you could save hours of planning!
business change always exists in most branches
today, my manager says "I want A to do X"
tomorrow, my manager says "I want A to do Y, but definitely not X"
I would want to be able to do that with the least possible amount of effort
As long as you have all that in writing, I don't see a problem
SLA and Constantine's Law help a lot with it
our code style is heavily based on SLA
happy philanthropy day: the day where rich people give money to improve their bad image
> Single Level of Abstraction (SLA)
12:20 PM
@Wietlol This is the thing, I don't mind rewriting code based on business requirements
so long as the business requirement isn't me adding extra code to counter the fact that people aren't using the software correctly
but you dont want to have to start the project from scratch again
> so long as the business requirement isn't me adding extra code to counter the fact that people aren't using the software correctly
If you ask me to change the same functionality more than twice i'm going to start pushing back
@Squirrelkiller you'd be surprised how often that used to happen to me
with the excuse of "You are trying to tell people how to do their jobs"
Well, yeah
Our application is basically two applications, because one customer pays so much we have to do way too many custom changes
If someone is complaining about the system not working a certain way because they aren't following the way it was coded and has been for a fucking year
12:22 PM
They even said they wanted to actually take over our team
You're god damn right i'm not going to make that change
But when they come and throw cash in kilograms on teh table?
Not kilograms of metal money of course. kilograms of paper money.
I'll be more likely to do it, but i still won't be happy about it
Plus the goalpost has been moved so the time is then moved
Oh we arent. But it's our job.
@Squirrelkiller a while ago, we had a website project... and it has 7 god classes that all did the same thing... all with one or two special rules added to it
it was horrific
12:24 PM
If the expectation is you can change the goalpost without changing the timeframe you've got bad news comin
I once made a god class in my first "real" project before I was a professional developer, since then I dont do that anymore. I look at that monstrosity and think "what the fuck did I think".
at my first internship, I had to write some graph editors and an image capture tool
I had no clue what a class was other than basically a namespace
I lost the code tho :(
you refactor out monsters by you go. If you have a feedback to do something, than do the exact opposite later, you instantly refactor that out to be able to extend the functionality to whatever
im not looking back as "wtf was I thinking" but more like "why the heck did they accept me writing their software?"
12:26 PM
so no more rewrite, much more add 1 more class
@Wietlol Write one class with if statements for specific scenarios?
silly lion
@CaptainSquirrel heck no
we now have one class where all rules are extracted to other classes
you pass those rules as a set via the constructor
Squirrel Dredd
No wait, that's more Robocop
12:45 PM
damn I still need to see Judge Dredd
I hear the remake is better than the original, which almost never happens
1:09 PM
 if (flagAdd == false && removeList.Count > 0)
                    removedict.Add(setId, removeList);
                else if (flagRemove == false)
                    adddict.Add(setId, addList);
                    adddict.Add(setId, addList);
I don't understand why this guy added the same thing in the else condition?
Is there a scenario that I am missing?
why can't it simply be
Because he's dumb
that guy is me
how can I be so dumb?
congrats, you just became a better dev
no I am an idiot
and this was pointed out by my colleague
your colleague sounds mean
1:13 PM
I am feeling embarrassed and depressed
I think most devs look at code they wrote wrote before and go "What the hell was I doing?"
Those this doesn't happen to are either perfect devs, which probably isn't possible, or don't learn, which mean they aren't good devs.
All I have in my defense that I was having 4months exp
Dude if you saw the shit I build when I was only coding for 4 months...
I mean hey just think of it like drawing: you get better at it all the time -- and if you don't evolve your style, you're nota good artist
1:15 PM
thank you :'(
some people stick to the same formula just because people tell them it's good -- when someone who knows what they're doing would change it over time
which is to say, surround yourself with better programmers than you
you're welcome, guys ;)
better than me?!?
just kidding :P
If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.
Therefore bye
1:19 PM
"When Squirrels land, they look like superheroes"
But I really think at times I learn so slow
learning how to learn is a legit thing
some guys who joined 6months later than me have as much knowledge as me
I think more
Seriously though as always, only sith deal in absolutes. Somebody needs to be the smartest, so oyu can learn from him.
I'm scared of the day our ~60y/o senior dev retires. He knows, like, everything.
Don't be afraid to ask other devs around you for help - they know the code base, they have the expertise, they know lots of stuff you don't know. Use that to learn.
1:21 PM
I am an introvert by nature so that doesn't help either
When I was starting off, I would be faced with a problem and legit didn't know what to try next, and I'd talk to my programmer colleague and he'd legit run circles around me
what if they hide that?
he'd give me 5 things to try, all of which seem obvious in hindsight
seems like a nice guy
that alone taught me a lot
1:21 PM
I am too, but I learned to hide it. I even tend to talk too much sometimes now.
I like all of you :')
> only sith deal in absolutes
Never quite understood that metaphor
What do you mean
I think it's pretty straight forward
Although with like, 3 layers. Ok a bit straight forward.
I learned the right questions to ask
Matthew 12:30
1:23 PM
Who's Matthew and what questions did he ask?
that's what it means....so Jesus is a sith
what did matthew do at 12:30 in the day?
Na, Jesus forgives. Old-Testament-God is a sith.
"Oh you slightly didnt do what I say? Guess you all gotta die."
Jesus saves, but only Buddha performs incremental backups.
First layer: Don't judge in absolutes, try to see stuff in shades of grey. Not good/bad, but what exactly happened, what do the people involved actually deserve.
When a Sith would go "you did something against me, you die."
1:28 PM
that was also something I've learned over the years
that applies to programming, but mostly just general life experience
anyone who tells you the answer is obvious is very likely someone who doesn't really see the full issue
controversial issues are controversial because the answer isn't obvious
Another layer: The sentence itself is an absolute, therefore you cannot follow it.
There are of course exceptions: You shouldn't blow up coruscant, even if the necessity arises. But maybe you still have to blow up coruscant? I don't know the context, so that's a definite maybe.
Whether or not some is obvious entirely depends on the perspective.
I don't follow that one
Somebody standing on a scale is obviously trying to find out how much they weigh.
Unless you don't see the stone they're holding to find out how heavy the stone is.
hmm, so acknowledge that even things you assume are true could be simply assumptions?
Maybe they don't actually care how much they weigh, but their spouse went "our scale is broken, the needle doesnt move at all!" and they're just trying to find our why.
1:32 PM
@Shad just for reference
there are days i'll write code
when you swear you had a doctor appointment today...
go away and do something else
come back on that same day and be like
There was the interesting paradox of the two men in the waiting room waiting to be interviewed for a job. One man watched the other as he flipped a silver dollar and thought to himself, "He seems confident. The man with the silver dollar will surely get the job."
Instead he ends up getting the job, and not the one flipping the silver dollar, and as he reaches in his pocket, he finds he had a silver dollar there the whole time.
So his knowledge was correct, even though it was useless to him at the time
sort of a caveat to what you said, basically. Knowledge without context is useless
1:42 PM
haha thanks for sharing captain squirrel
no worries
1:58 PM
Time to get some weekend, cya next Week or something!
laters o/
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