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12:16 AM
Q: Can the theory of elliptic functions developed from purely geometric considerations?

KugaI always had this question, but was unable to get a definitive answer to it. There is the theorem of division of the arc length of the lemniscate with ruler and compass. So I always wondered, is it possible to reconstruct the theory of elliptic functions from purely geometric considerations? If t...

12:32 AM
Q: Examples of non-trivial exclusively irrational integrals?

Robert LeeOne very famous integral is $$\int_{\mathbb{R}} \frac{\cos(x)}{x^2 +1} \, dx = \frac{\pi}{e} \tag{1}$$ as is shown in the answers to this question. I find this integral particularly interesting as the result is written exclusively as a combination (by "combination" I mean a product/quotient/add...

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4:22 AM
Q: Invoking constructor in 'with' statement

Ian NewsonI have the following code: class Test: def __init__(self, name): self.name = name def __enter__(self): print(f'entering {self.name}') def __exit__(self, exctype, excinst, exctb) -> bool: print(f'exiting {self.name}') return Tr...

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2:22 PM
Q: What are sealed classes in Java 17

Java FanToday I updated my java version from 16 to 17 and I found that sealed class is a new feature in it. I think it can be declared like this - public sealed class Main{ } But what is the use of sealed classes in java? I also knew that it was a preview feature in jdk-15

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3:34 PM
Q: Google Cloud Platform - request denied for geocoding

Lukas T.Hello on the Website im building for my Customer (with Wordpress and Divi-Builder) i constantly get an error if i try to set a pin on google maps for my clients home adress. it says "geocoding was unsuccssful for the following reasons: REQUEST_DENIED - the url where that happens is: https://colla...

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7:14 PM
Q: What is a function field analog of Giuga's conjecture?

Thomas SauvagetGiuga's conjecture (1950), which is still open and has strong numerical support, reads : Let $n$ be a positive integer. If $1+\sum_{k=1}^{n-1}k^{n-1} \equiv 0\pmod{n}$ then $n$ is prime. What would an analog for function fields be?

8:04 PM

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