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8:31 AM
@Shepmaster didn't I say like 2 two agos "infinite loop in compiler are rare" damm you love prove me wrong
@DenysSéguret ...
2 hours later…
10:30 AM
Q: How to simulate keypress in rust?

zwl1619I am learning rust. I need to simulate keypress,such as pressing "a",and there are two cases: 1、Bouncing immediately after pressing. 2、Keep pressing for 2 seconds. Any help please. Thanks!

10:53 AM
Again, I couldn't care less about SO anymore, but just out of curiosity, why not ask for code and clarification before CV'ing?
It used to be the common courtesy to at least give them a fighting chance.
cause OP have >3k and account is 6k old with only questions
there is no hope left
but be my guess
I let a chance to new user:
Q: how to serde an array of structs in rust?

bankerI have an array, each element is a struct, I have do something for the struct G1, G1 is a external type which actually is a external struct ECP from other's crate. So I write "ECPDef"and use #[serde(remote="ECPDef")],according to this tutorial https://serde.rs/remote-derive.html . but I got an er...

I think every question, regardless of the author's reputation should deserve a fighting chance.
(As we all know, how reputation means literally nothing.)
You did good on that serde one.
e_net would say me I should also have close vote the other question but I give a chance by kindness to new user
I do not expect from new user to know all the rules and have skill to make good quetions
I expect it from all other peoples
@Stargateur I do not expect anyone to know how to ask a good question, because asking a good question is hard.
Regardless of SO, this is more of a philosophical thing. My attitude is: help anyone in need until it turns out they either don't need help, they could only help themselves, or they are unwilling to help me to help them.
@PeterVaro there is limit to bad question
11:01 AM
@PeterVaro discord help channel exist for this exact reason
Yet another account, yet another community, etc. that makes very little sense. I assume there are countless of other forums out there (not just channels on Discord) where Rust related help is supposed to be given to anyone asking for it. That's no excuse to be a polite mentor in my opinion and keep up the helpful-attitude on SO.
so no I'm eing impolite by doing what SO guideline recommand
I didn't even say a thing to the OP
next level being moderate by something you didn't say cause you should have
SO guidelines are, what the people who enforce them think they supposed to be.
That really is not a good argument.
I think that a "I'm not really helping on SO" thing, most people who complain about SO guideline don't help on SO and don't understand why we do that. I expect you should know this as a previous curator but seem you forget it
there is a reason for downvote, there is a reason for close vote, SO is not a tutorial site, neither a "fix my problem" site
11:09 AM
Oh, on the contrary. That's exactly why I'm not actively contributing to SO
because IMHO this attitude and this mentality became the commonly accepted thing
However, it wasn't like this before, don't forget that!
if you want go on quora that exactly the mentality you search
SO used be a very, very friendly place, where people thrived to get some sense out of bad questions. Because they enjoyed helping others.
you would have to prove me that
That would require me to dig up some 6-7 year old questions, look at their edit history
and hope that their comments have not been already removed
(which is something that's happening surprisingly regularly these days..)
That's way more effort to put into this topic than I'm willing to
So.. you have to take my word for it :)
(I say this though, my experience from those years are mostly limited to Python and C)
thing is I know what I'm talking about and you wrong, the only thing that changed is opinionated question was more accepted in the beginning.
11:14 AM
(But also on the Blender, RaspberryPi, and a couple of other SE sites)
@Stargateur Of course you are. You're always right. But when you are not, like now, you might accept that fact as well ;)
that me who must prove you wrong and not the contrary ?
what a world
specially say me I must accept fact when you give none
No one proved anything. I anecdotally explained what my community's attitude used to be.
I didn't wish to prove anything
I don't care if you think I'm right or not
I do know what it used to be for me and I do remember how I felt being a mentor or helper
And that's quite frankly what I do care about.
I'm think you confuse with python tag comunity
where question sux a lot more
@Stargateur That was a sarcastic reaction to a very stupid comment of yours
Anyway, this thread goes nowhere, I've already regretted bringing it up, ignore it please.
that remind me
A: Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?

Mysticial Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? I hate to pile on, but I couldn't resist summarizing the problem. And I apologize ahead of time for any potentially offensive language that I might use. Basically there are 4 camps of users on Stack Overflow: The "caretakers" who want to keep the site...

But I just think SO start like that
that the natural way SO have always been
11:45 AM
@Stargateur This question about using a proc macro to remove a field doesn't look to broad to me.
@DenysSéguret I didn't close vote, I don't know much proc macro, I say it look broad
ok I didn't say it's look broad
but I thinked it
1 hour later…
1:05 PM
Q: Rust: Can Clone be implemented for a trait object with finite lifetime (without using unsafe code)?

soulsourceFirst things first: What am I trying to achieve? I'm trying to use Iterator::fold() with an accumulator that itself is an Iterator, but in addition I need a clone of that iterator internally. fn whatever<T,U,V,W>(some_iterator : T, other_cloneable_iterator_init : U) -> impl Iterator<Item=W> where...

what a question !
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
Oy, what happened here
3 hours later…
6:36 PM
@Stargateur indeed
7:16 PM
Dear @Stargateur, please note my disclaimer and assume that code restructuring is not the solution, even if it absolutely works for the minimal example. Understand that this is not actually the code I am writing, and restructuring in this fashion will not always be feasible. I did play around with non-lexical lifetime support enabled on the nightly channel, but at least I can't make it work with that feature enabled either. — Jesko Hüttenhain 2 mins ago
what I answer ?
Dead Jesko have you READ the answer of shepmaster ?
7:27 PM
I am by no means requiring you to be a magician and there is no obligation for you to answer my question. Thank you for the comments! Unfortunately, they have not solved my issue. — Jesko Hüttenhain 48 secs ago
4 hours later…
11:56 PM
@Shepmaster Ha, yes, this was what I realized as well. I ended up collecting the results and going over them again. I haven't been able to come up with a clean solution yet. It's all mostly code that should not see the light of day so far on my end :-)

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