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12:20 AM
There could be many good answers
but it doesn't quite seem to fit "primarily opinion-based"
Maybe "too broad"?
8 hours later…
8:17 AM
Is there something in the std to map the future result?
For example, I have -> impl Future<Output = Result<Option<String>, Error>> but the future I get is Result<Option<String>, Canceled> so I'd like something like future.and_then(|result| result.map_err(Into::into))
8:32 AM
No wonder, I'll use that file:///home/felix/Programmation/Rust/GOA/goa-rs/target/doc/futures/future/trait.FutureExt.html#method.map
That should be in the std, tho
9:27 AM
play.rust-lang.org is still working ^^
9:49 AM
Let me see your close votes, people. Bring them higher! Higher!
@E_net4 why ? where ?
@DenysSéguret here
I don't understand this question and the concept of initializing an iterator. I pass
Yeah, that verb is unsuitable for what the OP wants. But then they say how other languages such as Java have things like Stream.of, and so it seems that they just want to create a one-time iterator.
Oo, I'm now 14k.
10:07 AM
@E_net4 Congrats :)
15k is a much better milestone though.
The gold will be the real one
Oo, of course!
Still a few months for you before you get there, it seems
Might get myself more time to write answers once I defend my PhD.
(O right. Yes, I'm defending my PhD thesis next Thursday.)
10:15 AM
what is defending a PhD ?
because it's a bad one ?
@E_net4 Good luck!
Hmm, that seems like not the right thing to say... Assuredly you know the material well enough that luck is not required ;-)
10:44 AM
@E_net4 wow, I can't believe my mans gonna be a full-on Rust Doctor
11:01 AM
@Stargateur That might not be a thing in your country, I don't know. But in many countries, a public defense is required.
@trentcl Yeah, I'm calmly preparing things nevertheless.
@набиячлэвэли It ain't about Rust, though. :P
@E_net4 well, it shoulda been
maybe you'd be able to heal me from having just implemented a C++-style proxy in Rust
(it was a huge fucking mistake)
> thread panicked while panicking. aborting.
oh good
I guess the 4 unsafe blocks in a row finally bit me in the arse
11:50 AM
> I'm talking about std libraries and rustc as well. Every time there is a bug there is always discussion on how many previous versions are affected and whether they require patches depending on the severity of the issue.
cough cough
that amazing I didn't know all people are so afraid of upgrading rustc
12:06 PM
There are different expectations, though.
Granted, in most of my projects only hold the latest-stable guarantee. As in, it's not a breaking change if the code suddenly requires a new feature from the latest stable. But not all projects follow this policy.
I still wonder how hard it is to keep the compiler up to date these days. Last time I checked, Ubuntu does not provide a package for rustup in their registries.
(mentioned Ubuntu here because it's clearly one of the weakest links, with development stuff taking so long to be updated unless by messing with PPAs and carp)
ubuntu you get the same bug than archlinux but 2 years later
...my point, I guess.
the problem is that a lot of big framework don't want to update
this is ridiculous
rust is not gcc or clang
I bet most user prefer to have something uptodate
I also see mio have the same problem
at some point use rustup
I'm on windows and I have rust up to date - -
At least Rayon provides some expectations regarding the minimum supported Rust version. Sodiumoxide has none, it's surprising to see them concerned about backwards compatibility with older compilers without adding an old version in CI.
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