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5:49 AM
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7:33 AM
Hey @Sam
8:10 AM
Heya Fox
I got this really catchy song stuck in my head :S
@FunctionR sing it for us
lol, everybody wants to rule the world
8:43 AM
Hello world!
Hello @Psychemaster!
I proposed another question on Fox's area 51 proposal.
9:07 AM
@Unihedron yay!
9:34 AM
Aside from using => to denote evaluating the expression, what symbol can I use? 'Cause that also means "Larger or equals"
For example:
function add(a, b) {
  return a + b;
var a, b;
@Unihedron Larger or equals is >=, not =>
add(1, 2 + 3) => (1) + (2 + 3) => 1 + 5 => 6
@ProgramFOX That's what I thought, but then Pascal lets both be valid operators, which made me quietly weep.
@Unihedron huh, okay
But which language is your code block?
It's JavaScript.
Then => is not "greater or equals".
9:36 AM
But => is a syntax element in JS, it's an arrow-function.
Actually, I don't even use Pascal. Screw Pascal programmers.
@ProgramFOX Lambda!
@Unihedron Yea, indeed. It's called "arrow-function" in JS.
@Unihedron What do you need that for?
9:38 AM
Then why not using images?
Or use jQuery.
9:42 AM
Hi @Ahmad
Hello there!
Hey @FunctionR!
We had a debate with vba4all is he here?
@Ahmad No, he is in the Meta chatroom.

 Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
let me to inform him
@Ahmad He joined the room now.
9:44 AM
ok what's up
I got confused, seems another person invited me to another chat room
@Ahmad You were probably invited to the Meta Tavern. There are two taverns: the SO Tavern (this room), and the Tavern on the Meta (a room on chat.MSE).
I am now in tavern-on-the-meta
@vba4all you may come there
10:01 AM
Boom overflow!
That didn't take long, must be one hell of a short stack
Yeah, the stack size decreased because it was exploded after the first boom.
23. A compiler can compile source codes into program. But what compiles the compiler (which is a program
itself)? Of course we would need a compiler for this job.
Source code A is the source code of Compiler A. When we compile Source code A by Compiler A, we will get
back Compiler A. Source code B is the source code of Compiler B. When we compile Source code B by Compiler
A, we will get Compiler B. Which of the followings must be true? Note that we call two files identical if they are
bit-by-bit identical.
10:36 AM
@Unihedron wth
@Sam Great question right?
lol, where'd you get it from?
The past paper of the contest I'll be attending tomorrow.
Oh, I hope it all goes well ;)
Good luck!
10:41 AM
It's easy. But it's challenging for everyone else, so. Eh. :P
After studying their past questions I'm not even worried.
@Unihedron The answer is B, "i only", right?
Nope, guess again. :D
.... okay then.
I followed this argumentation:
C++ source using C++ compiler => C++ compiler
? source using C++ compiler => ? compiler
? should be C++ => C++ compiler
Basically I just tried to fill in languages to see what it would give.
Notepad++ productivity tip: if you hold Alt before selecting, you can select a block and type on all selected lines simultaneously. No longer do I have to mess with regexes in search & replace!
@Stijn You can also do that in Visual Studio.
10:51 AM
oh that's neat
If it's not B, then it's probably A @Unihedron.
Well, consider if Source Codes A and B are in language X, while Compilers A and B are in languages X and Y. Then instantly, none of the conditions are fulfilled.
The first Java is compiled with C, so that's not that hard to come up with.
Why cannot Compilers A and B compile both the language X?
oh wait
It says "i only".
I get it now.
Trick question ;)
1 hour later…
12:22 PM
@Unihedron the answer is A. none of the statements
@Stijn Well done! :)
Ha, I just wrote TimeSpan as TimeSpam :D
1 hour later…
1:49 PM
Hi @GeorgeStocker!
@Unihedron Hello.
Hi all :)
Hey there!
2:23 PM
Cool, I got Copy Editor on SO!
Wow well done!
Why "huh"?
2:39 PM
Got an upvote on an answer. Unexpected. :P
3:04 PM
I like this Halloween-style GitHub contributions chart:
it's very... spooky
... not...
Ha, it's actually really cool!
1 hour later…
4:48 PM
@bummi voted
5:17 PM
@ProgramFOX thanks :)
Q: Very strange bug called NoClassDefFoundError

JoinerI am developing two Bukkit plugins using 1.7.9-R0.2 version API, called Wand and Weapons. They both have Factions 2.4.0 and MassiveCore 7.2.1 in their Build Path. This is a soft dependency and I decided to only add Factions because MassiveCore is always handled before it. softdepend: [Factions]...

^ @Unihedron

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