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3:56 PM
Right, the THC is scheduled for 02:30 my time, which makes it impossible for me to attend and answer the questions. I'll probably answer them once I'm done with work so that's like roughly 14 or so hours after the THC is originally scheduled for.
This has reminded me - something's come up and it's likely that I won't be able to make the start of this. I'll do my best and pick up the questions as I see them.
4:14 PM
Compilation of questions to ask, add more if you think of any. I won't be here during the THC, so feel free to steal these and ask them yourselves :)
(Half of these are from GeorgeEdison's compilation during the AU THC)
4:28 PM
@Manishearth Can I vote to close one of your suggested questions as exact duplicate? :P
5:06 PM
@Wooble Sure, and consider replacing it in his post.
1 hour later…
6:14 PM
@man - got sent here by the email? :P
@Lix Nah, was hanging around beforehand
ah wait... you're not running this time...
I like hanging around THCs (can't participate in this one though)
@Lix I never was running
I just got an email reminder bout the event...
@man - doesn't mean you won't some day
@Lix Nah, never had much of an interest in SO... Don't like the culture much
(starting off on Physics.SE gives you some standards for the level of detail in answers that just doesn't match with SO -- and I'm not a great programmer either, just an amateur)
@Wooble Edit away :)
gtg now, have fun in your THC
6:20 PM
@man - thanks!
2 hours later…
7:54 PM
@RocketHazmat hi hi
Sup @Neal? :)
@RocketHazmat nothing much. How about you?
Trying to merge code between two SVN branches. Conflicts galore!
/me wishes we could switch to GIT.
/me also wishes /me worked here :)
8:05 PM
@RocketHazmat I am still not used to GIT... :-\
I've used git a little bit.
not super comfortable with it yet
I use TFS, wanna trade?
At least it's not AccuRev
Mercurial's where its at
So, I got my "Vote for Rocket" posters all printed out :)
8:11 PM
@JNK not at all
(I wish I really had posters >.>)
Next election im totally going all out election politics mode
Im thinking rallies,
@RichardJ.RossIII What's your platform going to be?
False promises, a whole "my fellow americans" speech
gotta give out schwag
8:13 PM
@JNK Im going to target solaris
GNU Hurd is where it's at, yo
yay my google+ page is back :-)
@Neal w00t
I made a mistake on my nomination.... It has almost 60K followers :-D
It was blocked by google for the past week
oops :P
8:20 PM
Well, I just merged 3 months worth of revisions. Let's see what happens
So far google has not put back all of our posts yet, hopefully they will soon.
Why was it blocked?
Oh, names. Bleh.
@minitech BBC claimed it for copyright reasons... We are a fan page and we had more followers then them. So they flagged us.
So we changed our name and a few other things and they finally let us back in today.
@RocketHazmat brohoof /)
8:23 PM
@Washu (\
(\/) Cutman!
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
What time is it?!
8:25 PM
Pre-THC question for the candidates who showed up early:
What should I put in my sandwich: turkey or salmon?
@Shog9 Turkey.
@Shog9 Nutella.
@Shog9 turkey with bacon
Salmon is the turkey of the sea.
8:30 PM
(both meats are smoked, if that matters to you)
@Shog9 Turkey and caviar
@Shog9 smoked turkey with bacon...delicious
beer. (i'm not a candidate)
@ThiefMaster ok... beef, venison, or pork?
8:31 PM
@Shog9 Which meal is it?
@Shog9: One more vote for turkey
@minitech Dinner
@Shog9 Turkey.
@Shog9 horse!
Seekrit Tirkees
8:31 PM
I am a turkey and I find this offensive.
@LevLevitsky FOOD! -chases-
@ThiefMaster Naaahh... horse is not good for a sandwich.
why not? a nice piece of horse steak on some baguette.. yummy!
@ThiefMaster: Not the ponies! D:
8:33 PM
Put shepherd's pie in your sandwich. And then take away the bread.
@Lix that sounds good. But I don't have any
@Shog9 Turkey and honey
or what about some unicorn steak?
this has been a very insightful peek into the candidates already. it's going quite a way toward determining the allocation of my votes.
Me neither :/ but a guy can dream...
8:33 PM
Great guys, now I'm hungry! V_V
@Shog9 beef. pork is out for me (not kosher)
you don't know what you are missing...
@Neal is venison kosher?
@Shog9 yep :-) deer is kosher :-D
8:35 PM
That means 2/3rds of the sausage in my fridge is kosher (we'll just ignore all the bacon for now).
I must admit I don't fully understand the reasoning behind rules governing what you can and can't eat, but then again I don't understand vegetarians either, so I guess that's just me XD
@Shog9 Well it is kosher if it was made from kosher meat, otherwise not :-P
@Kolink You gotta listen when they're not chewing, they're much easier to understand then.
@swasheck I can be random at times... But in a good way!
8:36 PM
@Neal ah, well in that case none of the meat in my fridge is kosher and I might as well just feast on all that bacon
I also have a question for you early birds. What’s your favourite "what's your favourite *" question?
@Shog9 Go for it :-P
This judges meta participation
@Kolink everyone has their own reasons, I guess. I for one am asked a lot why I don't eat meat, but people usually understand it in the end :)
@minitech: That one.
8:37 PM
@minitech Favorite comment. (cannot find the link...)
@minitech My favourite "what's your favourite _____" question is the question that is my favourite "what's your favourite _____" question. Or... something like that.
Yeah either the quotes or the one about coding standards
@minitech: I like the "best comment one"
1 min ago, by Neal
@minitech Favorite comment. (cannot find the link...)
8:39 PM
@RocketHazmat I thought you liked the that.
Ah darn! @Neal beat me to it! D:
@RocketHazmat ^_^
That's what I get for still being at work
As am I :-P
It is 3:40PM EST (15:40 EST) here in NYC.
@RocketHazmat that's the one with the really long comment about knights travelling on an epic journey that ends up rickrolling right?
8:41 PM
I'm at school! It's 12:40 PST.
@Flexo: I was more referring to "update time wasted here: "
Q: What is your most productive shortcut with Vim?

Olivier PonsI've heard a lot about Vim, both pros and cons. It really seems you should be (as a developer) faster with Vim than with any other editor. I'm using Vim to do some basic stuff and I'm at best 10 times less productive with Vim. The only two things you should care about when you talk about speed (...

@Lix: VIM FTW. That's one vote from me.
good evening
Howdy @Gordon.
8:44 PM
@Shog9 why was my comment moderated and stars removed?
I think this chat room needs more unicorns.
Q: What's your favorite "programmer" cartoon?

Dan WilliamsPersonally I like this one: P.S. Do not hotlink the cartoon without the site's permission please.

@RichardJ.RossIII: I'm a unicorn!
@swasheck Donno, but when the town hall starts all of these will be cleared.
8:45 PM
@DanO'Day Shalom
@RocketHazmat yes, but we need MOAR
@RichardJ.RossIII: Agreed
I'm clearing stars because we actually use stars as part of the Town Hall process.
@Shog9 well hopefully it wasnt perceived as inflammatory because otherwise i wont be able to ask any question in here
Those times when I wish you could change your display name only on chat...
8:47 PM
It has much nothing to do with the content of what is being starred.
@GraceNote thanks.
@GraceNote noted
This one's pretty cool:
@RocketHazmat We can trade vim secrets after the main event :P
Q: Twitter image encoding challenge

Brian CampbellIf a picture's worth 1000 words, how much of a picture can you fit in 140 characters? Note: That's it folks! Bounty deadline is here, and after some tough deliberation, I have decided that Boojum's entry just barely edged out Sam Hocevar's. I will post more detailed notes once I've had a chance ...

Not exactly a 'whats your favorite'
But it's at the top of the search
@Lix: I don't really know many >.>
8:49 PM
So it counts, right?
@roc - do you use it at work?
Who is doing that?! It is very annoying...
Stop starring everything. >.<
Someone is clearly looking to get ban-hammered...
@Lix: I use Geany at work. I use VIM when I need to :P
8:50 PM
@AnnaLear I had to :)
@roc - well there's your problem ;)
@AnnaLear Stop removing our stars :)
@RichardJ.RossIII no, you didn't. #antijokechicken
@Lix: Agreed ^^
8:51 PM
Really? I was flagged for that?
Meh. Don't do that. :|
I mean, if you guys want to waste your limited number of stars on this instead of actual questions during the TownHall...
Wait, I didn't know that stars were limited.
I guess I don't use chat that much though
stars are special in THCs
Every time somebody asks a terrible question, I'm going to star a non-question in retaliation
8:52 PM
You can't plead ignorance!
@AnnaLear Since when are stars limited?
@Neal Since always?
I didn't know that Richard was an antistellarite
@Neal Everything's limited
> You can star a maximum of 20 messages per room per day.
From the FAQ
8:52 PM
@AnnaLear Where is this documented?
@RaghavSood link?
@Shog9 Remember that time SO ran out of 0s and all the bits had to be 1s?
@RichardJ.RossIII That question needs some, err, question golfing.
but does it count to my voting quota? do i look better because of all the votes i just cast?
@RaghavSood thanks
8:53 PM
@AnnaLear Well, not technically always. Someone had to be irresponsible, and @MichaelMrozek swung the feature request hammer of doom to put a stop to it.
@swasheck I don't think that stars have anything to do with votes... Maybe I'm wrong though.
@TimStone true
Stars !== Votes
@JNK That was terrible. To down-vote something you had to cause integer overflow.
I'm surprising I'm saying this, but we're all better people as a result.
8:53 PM
Can I get a badge for using up all of my chat stars?
@Wooble No.
@Neal: Why not?
@TimStone Why is your name italic out of interest?
He's a room owner.
@RocketHazmat because we have too many badges already
8:54 PM
@RocketHazmat because that badge DNE
Sure. Find some construction paper, cut out a star, and write "Everyone's a Star" on it.
goes off to post feature request
@swasheck SO uses the term 'vote' for everything. In this context it means 'star'
everything is rate limited...
8:54 PM
I want a gold star :O
@RocketHazmat Don't we all.
@Lix Even complaints about rate limiting
Yes! We must create a gold star chat room!
Thanks, anna. I feel special :)
8:55 PM
any time
Greetings all :)
@sho - I see what you did there :P
Welcome to the party
@AnnaLear: I feel so special :)
8:56 PM
Hmmm who removed that? and why?
@GraceNote special effect for this room? room owners aren't elsewhere are they?
Next animated gif that isn't a hula girl gets flagged
@JackDouglas They are always italic unless they are blue.
Welcome @mad
@GraceNote gotcha
imagines everyone is on Google images looking for an animated hula girl
Greetings, @MadaraUchiha, @JonClements.
@animuson :-P
Let's not turn this into a GIF war... because I have one that always wins
@RichardJ.RossIII chucknorris.gif?
8:57 PM
@MadaraUchiha haha I did that. @Shog9 deleted it :-P
or was that the joke?
@RichardJ.RossIII: nope.avi
That moment when you can’t tell whether or not someone posted loading.gif
:( @Shog9
I love chrome dev tools right now...
8:58 PM
Well, he did issue a warning, fair enough :P
@Lix ehhh I do not like it that they hid the icons by default
ok, quiet down you jackasses - the THC is about to start.
The gif nuke
@Kolink nope, this one: i.imgur.com/WyusJ.jpg
Except of course I can't find the gif version :|
@nea - that also struck me as blarrgghgh!! why??
8:58 PM
@Shog9: I'm a horse, not a donkey! D:
We still have two minutes. Do you know what can happen on here in two minutes? My grandmother once cleared fifty flags in two minutes.
@RichardJ.RossIII Hue-manatee... -groan-
@Lix Also I do not like the new settings page for the console...
@Kolink see, I win!
Alright folks, everyone please quiet down, let's begin
8:59 PM
man -a tee
That's a good one.
@minitech: oh u
I want to star it, but I'm afraid of the wrath of anna
in 2013 Stack Overflow Moderator Election, 9 mins ago, by Andrew Barber
My secret plan is to replace all spam posts with my own affiliate spam links.
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