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12:02 AM
I want to create a framework for making Android apps in Haskell, just to make it so there are questions with both [android] and [haskell]
I think the review queue might explode
bonus points if it's a full-stack framework that uses PHP and SQL on the backend
I actually wrote an internal app for our company that ran on Android (used Cordova). Had a PHP/MySQL backend
Hi Ryan, I clicked "Leave Open" on an Android question earlier, but you weren't around to celebrate with me.
@IanCampbell 🎉🍾
12:06 AM
Amazing, not disappointed.
@RyanM "How can I convert my Android app to Haskell code?"
NAA? stackoverflow.com/a/62886106 It sort of kind of provides possible information.
@IanCampbell Yeah, I would say so, unless you can edit it to answer the actual question instead
What does this mean?
@AnnZen It's a slightly condescending way of saying you need to write code.
12:13 AM
I think it needs to be flagged as no longer needed at the very least.
Yeah. It's a tad snarky.
12:45 AM
@AdrianMole I remember you said that. That's why I think Haskell is the way to go here :)
I'm waiting for Haskell++.
I have no idea what Haskell is, but I assumed it was imperative.
Are you waiting for object oriented Haskell?
@Scratte The only thing imperative about Haskell is asking good questions about it
Ahh.. wrong assumption. It says: "functional programming language"
So the next Question is: What would Hashell++ be?
12:52 AM
@Scratte well I assume it'd go to eleven
Hmm.. there's new version planned for 2020 :)
Actually SML was my favorite language in school. But I can't remember any of the details. I don't even think I can make a program that prints hello world anymore.
1 hour later…
It was the question asker that approved the edit. So it's probably OK
You can tell by the slight highlighting around the username i.sstatic.net/iDBIY.png
can't stop laughing about the comment
Haha, I didn't notice
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
@AnnZen I think it's OK. The phrase "fool's game" is used to describe a programming practice which may be ill advised, not the OP.
5:10 AM
Yeah, there's nothing whatsoever wrong with that comment.
@Makyen I'm so excited about the possibility of your user name turning blue!
5:26 AM
@CodyGray Thanks. Hopefully it will happen. We just have to wait and find out. :)
more waffles
And yet more waffles™
I guess I could go around and offer free tours of the site for votes. :)
did someone say waffles? I love waffles
oh no, ElectionBot's gone rogue...
@RyanM You see that slit in the box? That's for depositing waffles into it!
5:32 AM
...do I write my votes on the waffles?
Yes, with blueberries or honey or your choice of sauce/addition.
I must admit I usually prefer real maple syrup on waffles, although other toppings are nice to mix it up.
I do too, though the presence of maple syrup doesn't exclude, say, blueberries as well...
Careful, we're going to be food shamed by John Dvorak.
Though my breakfast-topping guilty pleasure is that sometimes I enjoy fake maple syrup
5:37 AM
I can understand that, although I'd probably prefer strawberries. :) As long as they were actually ripe strawberries.
@RyanM Thou dost blaspheme!
Ahhhg... please not that.
Strawberries are my favorite fruit
I did say sometimes...usually I prefer real maple syrup, and I always have it in my home :-)
Also I think the fake stuff is only good on pancakes...not really waffles
I'm... just not a fan of the fake stuff.
Lately I've been very much enjoying a bottle of bourbon-barrel aged maple syrup
5:41 AM
There aren't any insensitive brand mascots on those bottle of fake maple syrup are there?
@RyanM Looks good.
@IanCampbell I am afraid that is in fact the brand I have
Such a sinful guilty pleasure. That's the brand I grew up eating myself.
I think my family just bought whatever was on sale
but it was definitely sometimes Aunt Jemima
Nowadays they get the real stuff
Filled with high fructose corn syrup and theobromine free. How can you go wrong?
5:47 AM
@IanCampbell IMHO phrases like “fool’s game” risk being misinterpreted, given we can’t expect many SO users to necessarily be familiar with inner-circle English speaker idioms
@sideshowbarker I can certainly see that side of it. And I personally wouldn't use the phrase. But I didn't think that risk warranted a R/A flag.
true yes
should not be flagged
But hey, you can always flag no longer needed, it's almost always true.
anyway, of course somebody seeing that “fool’s game” phrase could look it up if they weren’t sure what it meant — but the point is, there are some people who wouldn’t stop to think that it might be an idiom, but would instead think it was personally directed at them, and so them take it personally, get defensive (“So you think I’m a fool?”)
buy anyway, yeah, language is hard
6:14 AM
Only 4?
Oh Makyen is still awake ...
6:31 AM
@rene Only barely. :)
@Makyen I assumed so ... ;)
@Makyen Could it be blue and in italic or it's mutually exclusive?
how do i vote?
@Vega From the RO's POV, there isn't a conflict of interest, but we're willing to discuss it, if people feel there's a problem. From a technical system POV, all moderators are labeled as room owners, with the moderator indicator taking precedence when it's put into the page. So, I believe, moderators who are actual ROs will just show up as moderators.
However, there are some rooms where there are moderators who are actual ROs, so it could be empirically determined. :)
@Makyen Uh oh. Is this something else we disagree on? I much prefer honey on my waffles. Although, I must admit, real maple syrup is a close second. Fake maple syrup is a hard pass.
6:47 AM
@DarshanChaudhary wrong room, try here: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/217027/…
@sideshowbarker It's not an "inner circle" thing. It's a very common phrase. If you don't know what it means, you can look it up, just like any other unfamiliar phrase.
@IanCampbell Declined a flag on that comment on that basis. It is still needed: the information it conveys is still relevant and helpful.
Okay blurred flower Rene, thanks for your help!
@sideshowbarker I don't validate flags on the basis that someone who doesn't think might get offended. If I did that, we'd be left with nothing but whitespace on the site.
@CodyGray I agree with the hard pass on the fake maple syrup. The honey, really depends on the honey. There's a lot of variability in honey, with most that are mass-commercially available not all that great, IMO. They are usually not bad, just ... not that great.
@DarshanChaudhary I was pondering if I would ask the electionbot in the electionroom and then link you here with the response but it is more fun if you try that yourself ;)
6:51 AM
@Makyen That's true. There's a distinct advantage in raw, locally-sourced honey.
We agree after all. :-)
@rene Apparently ElectionBot also hangs out here sometimes?
Are they?
7:13 AM
@Daniil Having a single flag declined shouldn't put you or anyone else off from flagging things. The "why" is obvious: there was no evidence of serial voting found after investigation, thus the flag was wrong and no moderator action was warranted, thus it gets declined.
7:51 AM
Q: Time to [write] this tag off

RemyI recently came across the tag write being used, and upon checking it out I noticed it had no description, and only few questions (65 as of time of writing). While adding nothing to the post. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? No, the t...

@rene Which candidate will finally get us more jQuery?
8:30 AM
@gre_gor I don't see how that's opinion-based, certainly not primarily opinion-based. Some of the phrasing was problematic in the first draft, but I've edited. Please review again.
@CodyGray "Is there a better design that I have not considered?"
@JeanneDark How is that primarily opinion-based?
@CodyGray That's not the flag reason. The description says "This question is likely to be answered with opinions rather than facts and citations. It should be updated so it will lead to fact-based answers." - opinion-based (better? OP has not considered?)
@CodyGray It's still a broad design question.
@JeanneDark It used to be "primarily opinion-based". The "primarily" was removed recently in a misguided attempt to shorten the close-vote descriptions. I think this is a serious mistake, as the "primarily" part of that was the operative portion. Either way, I fail to see how a question about improving the design of a system when giving specific criteria is going to lead to anything but fact-based answers.
@gre_gor What makes it too broad for Stack Overflow? Are you saying that can't be answered in a few paragraphs?
@CodyGray It seems as if the descriptions have been made worse lately.
@JeanneDark Indeed, I think they have, too.
"Too broad" was much more clear than "requires more focus", for example.
@CodyGray When I flag it seems that the most often encountered problems are not really covered by the existing flag reasons and then I have to wonder which flag reason covers it best.
9:25 AM
@JeanneDark That is a source of frustration for many of us. I've learned to just pick the options that best fits.. as that is better than leaving the Question open.
9:36 AM
Hi guys. I know this is offtopic but i'm looking for a chat room that offers general help with SO. Recommendations?
What do you mean?
I'm not using SO chats a lot and I always get confused about the channels. Shouldn't there be something like a genral lobby for generic questions about how to use SO?
@Anticom There is Meta Stack Overflow. What problem are you having?
@CodyGray I've posted a comment over at stackoverflow.com/a/62364644/966530 and stackoverflow.com/editing-help#comment-formatting clearly says i can use MD link format in comments but it doesn't show up properly. What am I missing?
@Anticom You have it backwards. You have [https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/web-sockets.html#dom-websocket](the spec) when you should have [the spec](https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/web-sockets.html#dom-websocket).
I've fixed your comment there.
9:41 AM
@CodyGray Oh, I should grab some more coffee before asking stupid questions :D
Also I'm not 100% sure whether I'm supposed to down-vote the answer since it's plain false information
@Anticom we tried, no-one was keen enough to keep it going: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/348331/…
@Anticom If you think the answer is not correct or not useful, then yeah, you should probably downvote it.
@rene Thanks for the insights,
@CodyGray On and thanks for helping me out of course :)
@Anticom Sure, any time!
Does anyone here have a userscript to remind them when a bounty expires so a close vote can be cast?
9:52 AM
@RyanM That sites gives me this.. ?!?
@Scratte Weird. It's a legit site. Just an American grocery store.
Blocked for me too
@Zoe That actually helps to make me feel better.
If it works for americans, it could be that it's blocked for europeans because GDPR or something
Ah lol, yes, i'm blocked too
I even have a safeway card
now I cant spend my points from over in europe
9:56 AM
@Zoe When I turn Opera default VPN on, it works..
Spoopy scawwy skeleton GDPR
well, it is scary, there are huge fines involved in carelessly collecting user data and reselling it without permission
no ceo wants to explain to the board of shareholders why a fine of xx million had to be paid
Also blocked here, so probably just blocks everyone outside of the US?
Kind of a strange way to do things though
@Rob And it doesn't even work, since I'm perfectly able to access it with VPN :) It would be better to just have a button where collecting data when users click "OK".
@Tschallacka maybe @Makyen has one. I don't think there is a ready US in our repo for that: socvr.org/tools/userscripts
10:07 AM
@Scratte Hmm, I am able to access that site. have encountered this kind of blocking for sites as important as electricity and gaz providing companies. I cannot access my online accounts from abroad. They told be to use their apps
@Tschallacka The thing about that is that the time is not really predictable.
The block is released once a script to auto-assign the bounty has run, unless the user manually assigns it.
@Scratte I know, but say a bounty has 4 days remaining, I could schedule a lookback in 5 days. As the question will most likely slink back into obscurity.
I think I have edited over 100 posts and so far I noticed only 2 people rolled back. Second: stackoverflow.com/posts/62889275/revisions
@Tschallacka The Request Generator will do for that. There's a scheduler in it.
@Dharman Why.. do people do that? Why not add an actual explanation for the code they post?!?
Adding 'hope this helps' doesn't make any sense. Why would you answer then?
10:16 AM
@Vega It's the same as "Try this". I always want to ask "Did you?"
@Vega Better would be, "If this doesn't help, then you have far deeper issues, and you probably need specialist counselling."
hmmm, @Scratte I don't see an option to set up a reminder. Only the option to remember if i've sent a cv-pls already. Or an I looking at the wrong screen
@Tschallacka Do you see this option?
@Vega I think it's a combination of two factors:
1) Trying to socialize instead of giving just objective answers.
2) Being confused about the thread-like nature of SO. People are used to instant messengers and there "try this" etc. would be a more natural thing to do.
s/thing to do/reply to give
@Anticom there you have it. Two things we want to get rid off: Socialize and Threads ;)
@Vega it is my standard Git commit message ...
10:26 AM
@rene you actually bother with a message? :p
Git commit messages should have variety. "First", "Second", "Third",... "One thousand two hundred and fifty six",..
My last message was "update yyyy-mm-dd"
Not literally so, but it coulda :P
Joke aside. I try to influence developers to either put an descriptive commit message, or buy cake for everyone, if they mess it up.
@Scratte I just vigorously close PRs containing bad commit messages :)
10:30 AM
@Anticom Actually, the commit message has to at least include the Jira ticket issue number. But yours work too :)
@Scratte My projects follow the git-flow braning model, so the ticket ID is contained in the branch name :)
@Anticom Until some idiot developer rebases the thing..
@Scratte not allowed :) I get the idea and elegance of rebasing but history rewrites are a big no-no for me. I've had too many countless hours fixing stuff that didn't need fixing if only there was no history rewrite...
@JohnDvorak Awesome.. make any commit message you need to give me that :)
@Anticom Yes, that is my "rule" as well. Absolutely no history rewrites. Though I have on occasion had to hard reset the master branch when someone's IDE decided to update every single file with white space changes.
@Scratte Hope you still had the responsible dev to the shame walk?
@Anticom Cake.. they always need to give me and the team cake :)
@Scratte I'd become fat in no time in my company if we had this rule...
There would be like 10 cakes per day avg
@Anticom Just up the quality of cake.. make a list of approved cake vendors.
10:39 AM
Afternoon chaps
@Scratte good point
hey everyone,

8 months ago I made a retag/synonym request on meta stackoverflow. I got +5 rating, but no action was done. How do I push forward the retag/synonym effort?
this was my post
@f.khantsis You could modflag to bring it to the attention of a moderator I guess, no other options afaik
well my other options are to make a new post referencing the old one, or maybe there is a mod in this or other chat @ErikA
10:47 AM
@Scratte thanks :-)
@f.khantsis Posting a duplicate is not a good way to draw attention, though, it'll just get marked as a duplicate and likely won't draw much attention. But you may get lucky with mods in this chat, multipleare present but you're not allowed to ping them here
@f.khantsis This kind of requests take time. Mods are busy with more important things. Once there are enough mods someone might take a look at your request, however with +5 it is not a very popular request
I made the request 8 months ago. I doubt it's still on anyone's queue.

As for popularity, that may be because the library for the request is somewhat niche
Please note that there are requests years old with +100 and still nothing has been done. If you think yours is very urgent you can try to draw mods attention to it by flagging, but be prepared that it could be declined
"it's not a for a not very popular library" So it is a popular request, right?
Double negation trolling
10:51 AM
I hope I don't need to wait a few years and get 100 upvotes to get anything done.. @Dharman
For synonym requests you may very well get lucky, since these don't take a lot of effort from the mods. I don't know if there are actually simple synonym requests with 100 upvotes that haven't been carried out
Last time I flagged for mod a question in stack schange was a "Help me hack XXXX software" and it got rejected
@ErikA, so how would I "Get lucky"? flag a question for mod assistance?
@f.khantsis Indeed. That queues it for a mod to look at it and allows mods that are busy to leave it in the queue for later
@Tschallacka Being reminded about a post after a certain time is exactly what the revisit feature in the alpha Request Generator is intended for. Just set a revisit for when the bounty is scheduled to end (or 24 hours after that). Then the Request Generator will open a tab to the question the next time you open a question or review page after the the time you have set has passed.
It's not going to be perfect for what you want, because the revisit is based entirely on time (i.e. it's not watching for the possibility that the bounty will be ended early.), but it'll remind you about the question after the time you've set..
10:59 AM
@Makyen that's all I need, and I tested it out, it's perfect. Only improvement I can think of if a revisit in days N is selected that it takes the value from the bounty expires <span title="2020-07-14 12:00:34Z">in one hour</span> to prefill the boxes
11:10 AM
@Tschallacka Thanks. I've thought of having it pick up various possible times from the question. So far, I haven't done so for a couple of reasons: A) I'm not sure if it would be better to have it try to pick out some likely times, or if the consistency of having it always start at a particular time is better. For that, maybe have an additional entry in the request type list which is the time, or times, it picks out of the post.
B) SE has been changing its posts notices multiple times over the last several months. I've been holding off writing code that scrapes them (e.g. for the Roomba Forecaster) for a while, although, it's probably sufficiently settled now to be able to do it (maybe :; ).
BTW: I'm sorry to have duplicated the suggestion that @Scratte provided not that much later than the message I replied to. I should have read more of the transcript prior to replying to the ping.
@Makyen No problem. And I understand the difficulties on harvesting metadata from a fluid container with variable content. Thank you for your contribution though :-)
@Tschallacka np. I'm glad I, and the Request Generator, were able to help. :)
11:31 AM
@Makyen You reply gave me a link to your earlier message with the github and install links, so I'm happy you did :)
@Scratte I guess it worked out. :)
I also do not mind of someone says the same thing as I did, or a similar thing. We do not all have the luxury to read the entire transcript and double information is more helpful than none :)
True. Although, I do try to read most/much of it, particularly around where I'm pinged.
BTW: If you need that message in the future, I normally search chat for "alpha". There's then normally a secondary link back to that message somewhere not to far down the search results. :)
11:55 AM
Can we request deletion if an answer is completely wrong and just nonsense really?
Now I'm curious
@Tschallacka About what?
The answer that is nonsense
@Daniil :That's a bad answer due to a bad question though. Question should be closed as either lacks debugging details or not reproducible. For all I know, OP configured the language wrong and VS Code is giving a syntax error because it tries to interpret the code as JS
@Makyen Funny. I just put it in my link-list file with a heading of "Makyen alpha" :)
12:08 PM
Nice day for fishing
Fun fact: Mayken is a first name in my country. It's rare, but I've known two people with the name. The similarity threw me off several things about Makyen :)
@Scratte Interesting. I didn't know that. :)
@Tschallacka Hey, nice to see you in the room! I'm sure you've been in here longer than today but I've been a bit busy IRL.
12:17 PM
I've dropped in and out a few times
but now I got my hands on a couple of fancy scripts :P
makes live a lot easier I must say
@Makyen Here's a link to a Danish page. It's very similar to Maiken that has the same pronunciation.
Yeah we're like that. Makyen is sometimes like a userscript dealer. psst Hey kid, want a userscript to fix Stack Overflow?
@Scratte Thanks. That's interesting. The Maiken spelling is, obviously, significantly more popular. :)
@Machavity oh gawd... "Mak" and "Sam" could set up a "script syndicate" or something :p
@Makyen I think it's because we normally pronounce y the same as the French, and since it's an i-sound (English ee-sound) the y is probably just a fancy evolutionary thing :)
But I've misspelled your username many many times and it took some getting used to not getting a tab completion on "@May" :)
12:24 PM
@AlonEitan Code has now been added to that question
@JonClements Bot bouncers, coming to a chat room near you!
Just thinking... one letter different and we'd have the awesome Sam and Max....
@JonClements Would the duo then be Sammak or Maksam? :) Perhaps Maxam?
@JonClements Swap which name refers to who, and I could see that easily
RO can you please remove this request?
12:27 PM
@Scratte I'd noticed misspellings a couple/few times. Not from you specifically, but just a general "darn, I didn't get pinged there". It's good to know that there's a potential reason.
Thanks @Machavity and @DavidBuck
@Machavity lol :)
@Makyen "potential" is the keyword. Even my username is misspelled in very inventive ways :)
12:29 PM
The one username that I can never spell is Machavity. I always have to go to this room and tab-complete it :D
Yeah, the non-standard spelling sometimes has its drawbacks
@bradbury9 Last time I noticed, it was Scrattle, if I remember correctly. I may have been Scratlle :)
@Scratte Oh, definitely. But, it points to why it might look/sound more comfortable written like that for some people. OTOH, just a plain typo is also a quite likely cause, as you say.
What close reason would one use for that? There used to be an offtopic reason?
@Makyen Not sure how sensitive you are about it, but I did for a long time think your pronoun would have been different.. not that I tend to use any other than "they", but I started doing that long before I came here.
12:33 PM
@Tschallacka For flags it's Needs Improvement -> Community specific -> Blatantly off-topic
@Tschallacka Needs improvement – A community-specific reason – Blatantly off-topic (bottom)
I'm getting slow.
@Tschallacka You have a custom one instead, since you can't flag them, correct?
Flag them?
@Tschallacka Yeah, we weren't happy with that one either.
Do you mean close vote by flag them?
12:34 PM
Not intuitive. "Blatantly off-topic" is not "Needs impovement"
@Tschallacka I usually use a custom reason, which can be paraphrased as "not a practical programming problem".
@Tschallacka Us mere minors (<3K users) cannot close vote. We flag stuff and we have a "Blatantly off-topic" flag :)
Do you have a userscript with preset reasons?
Should be "WTF?" -> "Offtopic"
12:35 PM
@Tschallacka We do! comments.socvr.org
@bradbury9 Haven't we already told SE?
As a note, the last SO update broke AutoReview for closure. I did a PR for a patch but they never merged it
@Tschallacka Yes, the AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE script allows you to set comments for the other close reasons field.
When Smoke Detector says something about luncheon meat, what does that mean?
12:38 PM
@JeanneDark it's a different category of spam. It uses a looser filter so it has more false postivies.
@Scratte I wonder why that isn't present anymore on the close vote dialog then
part of the be welcoming?
Why do you have 100 flags left in the middle of a day?
Thank you!
@Tschallacka It was never in the close-vote dialog, at least as long as I've had access. The close-vote dialog has "other" and custom reasons instead.
@Tschallacka It because the close voters are meant to use a custom reason instead. Flaggers just puts a flags for others to notice..
Hmmh, I might not have noticed then. But then again, I rarely encounter off topic topics
@Dharman I knew someone would notice that! :D I've been busy with reading transcripts and cleaning out some stuff in real life. (I do not review until I feel ready :)
But it does remind me that I need to pick Makyen's users script to get the little blue box back instead of just messing with the dialog using CSS.
@Tschallacka Following Dharman's lead: I think maybe you're not reviewing enough :)
@Scratte Real life? What are you talking about?
@Tschallacka This does not sound right. I see so many off-topic questions each day.
12:45 PM
@janw Off-line life!.. It's surreal :D
@Scratte You might be right. I was actually gunning for the reviewing badges after I hit 20.000 and then the drama kinda started and took the wind out of my sails. I'm slowly getting back into it again though.
Most of what I see is off-topic.
@Dharman I'm usually looking for interesting questions to answer that are older and unanswered. The bad questions are usualy closed in that pool
@Andreas Yep. I frequently open SO with the intent to answer some questions, but...off-topic...dupe...typo...off-topic... :(
@Andreas There's different kinds of off-topic. The needs more details kind of thing.. and the "Why does my cat not talk to me on skype"-serious off-topic ones.
12:49 PM
Hmm the auto comments doesn't give an auto link for the custom close reason dialog box. Still, I can work with this with some copy and pasting.
@Scratte Feel free to remind me about that. It's something I really should break out into its own script and release.
Why was this starred?
Ok, then let me open Stack Overflow and let's see how many off-topic questions I can see which were asked in the last 24h
@janw Really annoying. Actually just sad. @Scratte That much off-topic? That can't be usual. Usually not that bad.
@Dharman Good luck. Include duplicates.
@Daniil Good question. I don't see any reason for it to be starred anymore either
@Machavity FYI: Your PR on SE-AutoReviewComments looks like you changed spaces to tabs, or something similar (i.e. it looks like you changed the whole file). I wouldn't merge the PR either.
@Makyen Ah, missed that
@Scratte I'll have the cake, thank you.
@Machavity It's the type of change that's easy to miss. Tools will often automatically make whitespace changes and automatically hide them from diffs.
Never mind, I figured it out
1:01 PM
how @IanCampbell
@IanCampbell OK, then, I'll just delete my reply before I send it :)
1:04 PM
@Dharman That first comment is pretty snarky
Not needed
But I guess it's C++, so I should be glad it doesn't say "Did you even read it moron?"
@Tschallacka A change to SE's HTML caused it to stop working for custom close reasons. There was a PR to fix it, but the PR had problems. I expect there will be a new PR shortly. Meanwhile, you can locally implement the changes that are on lines 865 and 866 in this diff.
Ok, I have used a considerable number of close votes in a short span. There's plenty of off-topic questions
We don't have enough close votes to close all of them
I agree, I could use more in a day
Maybe we could suggest getting 1 more for every 100 close votes you cast that result in closure up to a max of 100.
1:10 PM
@Makyen I see what happened now. GitHub directly fixes it to CRLF in their web tools because it has mixed line endings. I'll have to pull and push outside to avoid that
@Andreas Heh.. There's one really way off every time I get through 20 actual reviews. I also Skip about 100 to get to 20 real ones.
@rene You'll eat it all when someone else messes up? Or you'll keep getting more? :D
@Machavity Line endings was the other possibility. In that situation, I'd assumed it would have changed all lines, but that wouldn't be the case if the line endings were already messed up (i.e. not uniform). Yeah, that's the way you'll have to do it. It might be beneficial to submit an additional PR that only changes all the line endings to be uniform.
@E_net4alreadyvoted Why you no trust me?
@Daniil Thanks for pointing it out. We generally don't like stars on requests.
Just out of curiosity, how many people in this room routinely use all of their close votes in a day?
1:17 PM
@Makyen I think you have a lot of stuff on your plate already. Perhaps you should delegate this task :)
I don't. I use majority, but often I simply do not have time to use up all my close votes. I end up with few votes left at the end of the day.
Well, in fairness, you have a few other things on your plate currently.
@IanCampbell BTW, can one see this somewhere? It is not under "Votes cast".
@janw I am unaware of a way to know other than counting the number of closure votes in your profile.
@IanCampbell Yeah, but have you noticed there is considerably less HTH now?
1:21 PM
I have, I hope it helps the community
:49918717 Yeah, just figured the same. Unfortunately it does not show the daily votes
@Scratte Yeah, but that's really not possible, unless I want to release all of the code in the file in which I make that change. Right now, I'm not wanting to do that. I don't recall anything in that larger script which I'm specifically not releasing, but I'd have to look it over. The flag/close dialog change functionality is currently buried in the script in which I make personal-choice changes. It's not too hard to pull out into its own script. I probably should have done so some time ago.
@Scratte Maybe I should do some reviewing again. I also skip most of the posts.
@Makyen I don't use all your scripts and I don't know about all the details of how they run, but I was under the assumption that it would be fairly easy to see the code of an installed script. So if I was using the USSR Script, wouldn't I be able to see that bit that was changing the dialogs myself?
Can users see the timeline of comments?
1:26 PM
Or are you saying that the part of the dialog where you've put the little blue box, is just on your own private version, that no one else is using?
@AnnZen Yes, in the timeline. See here
@Scratte Yep. It's easy to see the source code for any userscript you have installed.
Yes, I see timelines of posts.
@Andreas I Skip them not because I cannot see that a post with an image is off-topic, but if I flag it and the code is added, then I have to re-evaluate. And if I'm not not comfortable with the technology, I can't make a proper judgement. Of course this makes me Skip a very large part of the posts.
@AnnZen do you mean the edit history of comments?
1:28 PM
@Scratte It's currently not released. I'd intended to do so, but kept getting side tracked. Actually, there are several scripts which I need to release.
@JonClements Something like that.
@Makyen Oh. Ok. Now it makes sense to me. I am reminded that I really want that cute little blue box back every single time I open the flag dialog.
The best you have is the pencil icon next to comments which'll give you the total times the comment was edited (don't forget comments are really only ever edited by the owner and they can only edit a comment for 5 minutes from posting it)
@Scratte Feel free to bug me about getting it released.
@Scratte "And if I'm not not comfortable with the technology, I can't make a proper judgement". Exactly why I skip too.
1:32 PM
@Scratte I see your silver badge is being delayed.
Way to go @Scratte, 70 more days to go
@Dharman I don't understand.
@E_net4alreadyvoted I was referring to your name. You don't trust me.
@Dharman Why do you identify yourself as a bot?
@E_net4alreadyvoted I mean, how can you not trust me?
1:34 PM
Yeah, you blew it. :P
Yeah, I blew it
OK E_net4, my curiosity is killing me. How do you change your user name so frequently?
30 accounts across the network. One for each day
Nay, @Dharman.
1:37 PM
@AnnZen Huh? What silver badge?
@Scratte Enthusiast
@IanCampbell Are you saying I'm getting the little blue box back in 70 days?
No, I'm saying to have to visit the site every day for 70 more days in a row.
@janw But.. I have that. I think I got it with no delay on main.
@IanCampbell I used to, that is how I got in that top spot in the CVQ
1:41 PM
@janw I am sure there was no delay in that nor the Fanatic.
@IanCampbell It is no secret. Just follow Shog's advice.
@Scratte I know :) It was just a guess what @AnnZen was referring at (it is still shown as "tracked" in your activity tab)
@Scratte Enthusiast
@E_net4trustsnobots Thanks
@AnnZen But why are you saying my badge is being delayed? It was Awarded Feb 9 at 0:05
@Scratte Is that even a link that others can see?
1:51 PM
@Scratte You have it!
@Scratte Yes, these are visible to anyone :)
@AnnZen Oh.. that's because I accidentally clicked on that when I looked at the pop-up for tracking next badge. I couldn't undo the choice. But.. it's all filled, so I obviously got it :) I just refuse to"Track the next one"
Hmmm, the auto comment dialog needs more dark mode copatibility
You couldn't undo it?
@AnnZen No. In the beginning it doesn't track one. But if you press the link of choices and accidentally make a choice of a badge to track, it will track that. Until you pick a new one to track. I couldn't make it "null" again.
1:55 PM
is that a bug?
@AnnZen I suppose. Perhaps the system makes a choice for users that do not pick one themselves even. I see all new users are tracking the informed badge :)
@Scratte Yeah, I don't like that either. I then just picked one which I won't receive anyway in the near future, like Legendary ;)
@janw I will never get that :D I think I will not even get Mortarboard :)
I wonder if the system will choose peer pressure at some point.
@Scratte Fun fact: I got Mortarboard because someone was serially upvoting my posts (votes got reversed later)
1:58 PM
@AnnZen That's just a silly badge.. anyone can get that by posting something bad..
@janw I suspect if you ever merge two account, you'll lose that then

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