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@HenryEcker Well, the OP edited it to add code...but then edited it again to say it was no repro, so I'm going with that.
@RyanM Well... glad they got it figured out in any case.
Ty for the update though
5:53 AM
The "this one" was meant for this Qt:
Sorry for "Buggy" Posting of mine, I didn't know Markdown was not working in 'Chat'...
@chivracq Welcome. You might want to check out the tour and the FAQ to better understand how SOCVR operates.
Requests are rather structured here, and your specific request to downvote a specific post to get it to roomba is a bit outside of that structure.
6:10 AM
@HenryEcker, yeah OK, Thanks, => I read both Pages...

Not sure if "Do not request action on posts or edits where you are involved or where you have a conflict of interest." applies to me, I'm not really "involved", i simply answer Qt's when the Qlt meets my Criteria... (I wrote the Tag Wiki...)

"... you can request people to look at posts you bring up, but they are IN NO WAY REQUIRED to vote or flag as you suggest."
=> Eh beh, yep..., this is exactly what I'm asking...!?
@chivracq As Henry noted, please don't ask for downvotes here
@chivracq You are not involved in the post (at least by our standards). I do want to draw attention to FAQ #10 "Do not ask for up- or down-votes on any posts." which seems to be the core of your request. "I just "need" 1 Downvote in the Duplicate"
A valid request for SOCVR could have been to close the new question as a duplicate of the older post.
Grrr..., sorry for not using the "right Terminology", => about the Downvote, if sbd can simply look at the Qt, it's an exact Duplicate by the same User, both VLQ Qt's, => "the new Qt is a complete=exact Duplicate of the older post", does this qualify now...?

And sorry, I was just trying "to help" for Quality on the Site, I'm out now, do what you want with that rubbish Duplicate Qt...

@chivracq We don't allow requests for downvotes under any circumstances. We are, however, happy to accept requests for close votes.
(I haven't looked at this specific question to see if it qualifies, as I'm unfortunately on my way out of the house, otherwise I'd generally be happy to offer more advice)
6:26 AM
@chivracq I suggest you also see "Clean-up by downvoting? A ridiculous user experience". Basically, it's considered unacceptable to downvote just to cause the Roomba to delete a question. The possible situations are, potentially, complex. There may be other reasons why a post is worthy of a downvote, in which case you can choose to downvote, if you want, but downvoting only because it will cause the Roomba to delete the question is not permitted.
Yeah but Closed Qt's will remain "visible", this one is an exact Duplicate by the same User/Asker..., and VTC's require 3 Votes, I thought just asking for 1 Downvote was "easier" than 3 VTC's...

I'm a "Content Keeper", I very often disagree with 'Roomba' and all "overzealous" Content Deleters..., when I "think" stg could be deleted, => believe me, the Qlt is LOW...
@chivracq While I can understand what you want (the question gone/deleted), the method you've chosen to use to get there isn't appropriate. It also has hit on one of the "hot" buttons in this room and on the site, which has, in the past, caused a considerable amount of drama on meta. The directive in this room, and Stack Overflow in general, is that asking for upvotes or downvotes isn't acceptable, ever. It's clear you didn't intend to step on this landmine, but it is something that's there.
7:17 AM
Ah...!, very good @Makyen, I didn't know how to "handle" that Qt, I've been hesitating "for days", I asked 10 days ago for Advice in this [Thread](https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/415099/3799241) (didn't get any reply), then I thought this Chat-Room was the next "right" Place... Sorry for the "Commotion", sbd has "in-between" down-voted both Qt's, so that's perfect for me, and you'll see me back in this Chat-Room in about 15 years, I think... (Currently .5k-rep, Close-Vote=2k-rep, I get +100-rep per year...)
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8:34 AM
Anyone familiar with knows if stackoverflow.com/a/70704644/4826457 is NAA? It is self admittedly similar to the top voted answer.
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9:57 AM
@SurajRao It's not well formed R to start
And that answer ignores the whole premise that list objects can't be exported, by passing it raw to the capture.output function
@chivracq as a tangential remark, probably avoid using quotes entirely until you have the time to understand their proper use
10:34 AM
@tripleee @triplee, yep I "have the time to (try to) understand "their" proper use" (for quotes), care to explain what you mean...?, + "probably avoid [entirely]" also...?, which doesn't make much sense in English...? I have and had the time, => Am I "allowed" to use Quotes again now...? (Still not sure which "Quotes" you mean btw...)
10:45 AM
Oops, sorry for missing 1x "e" in "@triplee[e]". ... but the automatic Reply on [:_Some_Nb] got it right, ah-ah...! (Can't edit my previous Post...)
@chivracq en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scare_quotes for a start, though you seem to be using them simply as an incorrect device for incessant constant COMIC-BOOK emphasis
I'm obviously not in a position to dictate anything; but trust me, they are distracting and obnoxious. I don't think that's what you want
11:07 AM
@Braiam thanks
11:51 AM
@tripleee (with 3x "e" this time, ah-ah...!), beh..., OK, Thanks for the 'Wikipedia' Link, I honestly didn't know the Concept of "Scare Quotes", interesting, and "They can imply doubt or ambiguity in words or ideas within the marks" => yep, indeed, applies to me *so_____me___times*... I don't know..., if you want to "analyze" my (Tech) Writing, here you go...: You have 10k+ Posts of mine over [2013-2022]: https://forum.imacros.net/search.php?author_id=23592&sr=posts

And then again, I don't understand "as an incorrect device for incessant constant COMIC-BOOK emphasis"...
12:16 PM
@cigien You just closed this as a dupe but maybe there is a better/additional dupe target (looked but couldn't find) explaining the GCC extension ("statement expressions"). Any thoughts?
... I'm sure there is a dupe somewhere - the only place I would have learned about that extension is from SO.
Yeah, this is the canonical for that, but as I mentioned in the comments there, I don't think that's what's happening in the code.
@cigien Yeah, I think you're right. Otherwise, what would the value/type of the 'expression' actually be?
^ You got that one twice! :)
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2:26 PM
Should a user be reminded not to answer and hammer in one fell swoop? stackoverflow.com/q/7395326/2943403
@mickmackusa No. There's nothing wrong with this on its own. This only becomes a problem if it's a pattern. If a user does it often it should be flagged for moderator attention and they will investigate and talk to them. Answering and closing as a duplicate, while unorthodox, is ok as long as it's not a blatant abuse of the system, e.g. spam, voting fraud, preventing competitive answers.
The user has a long and colorful record of abusive behavior. @Dharman
We don't target users. If you think the user is abusing the hammer to gain some advantage over other users, please flag for moderator attention
@Dharman the user has closed with a duplicate that funnels traffic to their own answer, and posted an answer on the dupe closed question which gives advice that does not exist on the dupe target. Don't you think that it is strange to offer mixed advice? Don't you think this has a somewhat bad smell? Fully self-serving, no?
2:42 PM
The only way they found the question is because I hammered it first. They reopened it to answer, and then closed it again. They used hammer to post an answer to an otherwise closed question, and that is the only thing you can say they did "wrong". However, the question was open for a long time before I closed it today and it can remain open if another PHP user thinks so. I only closed it because I didn't see a good answer on this question and the linked question provides relevant solution.
We assume good faith, not malice. You can always disagree with others' actions and it's your prerogative as PHP gold-badge holder to change the closure. But we should not try to forcefully find something someone else did wrong and point it out. As long as a user provides useful content, the community should be happy.
@mickmackusa The user is acting within the accepted SO practices: close a duplicate just because there's some edge part of the question that is relevant.
If you want that to stop, remove the part that is a duplicate.
Focus the question on the last portion: catching all errors.
I'm pretty sure I've seen a Meta post on this (possibly from Shog9)n but I'm having trouble locating it.
In any case, in my opinion, if you VTC for any reason it means that you think that the question can't (or shouldn't) be answered, so it's inappropriate to both VTC and answer (regardless of whether you're using a dupe hammer to do so).
2:59 PM
That makes no sense Joshua, duplicate means literally: this question has been asked before, look at the answers here.
Duplicate questions are questions that should be answered, just that they happened to be answered before.
If they should continue to be answered, why VTC it at all? Closing it as a dupe still prevents it from receiving more answers. Why not just link to the relevant Q&A in the comments and allow both questions to continue to receive answers?
Because we want all the answers in a single page to prevent duplication of answers.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica By that train of though, why do we keep duplicates at all? The system should automatically delete every question closed as a duplicate
Think about it: when you close as duplicate you are providing answers.
The fact that a question is a dupe doesn't automatically mean that it isn't useful to keep around because it can still help people find the correct answer.
3:04 PM
Of course, if the duplicate is a carbon copy of the target, just delete it.
But if it helps people that uses other search terms to find the answers they are looking for, that's helpful.
3:16 PM
@Braiam I agree entirely.
That being said, if we think that both questions should continue to receive answers, we can't VTC as a dupe because by definition that prevents one of them from continuing to receive answers.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica But it's consistent with all the "rules" we've established
The duplicate answers part of the question, the rest is not answered by the duplicate.
3:33 PM
Every day something new on SO. This question was asked in English and then, 10 minutes later, changed to Turkish by the OP.
4:20 PM
@tripleee Not sure I agree with that; it's downvoted and a comment explains why it's a bad idea. It seems like it's actually helpful to the site because it could warn people against a dangerous practice.
@tripleee Just close the question
@tripleee Relevant Meta post: Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality? (Full disclosure: I posted the question, but it's relevant in this case I think).
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7:30 PM
@Dharman OP edited post.
@Dharman OP edited post.
7:54 PM
2 messages moved to SOCVR /dev/null, per self-request
@desertnaut @Dharman this cv-pls seems to be stuck altough it's already closed, probably because of typo in the tag.
@bad_coder nice catch; @Makyen, could you please manually remove my (fulfilled) request here? chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/53823973#53823973
8:14 PM
@desertnaut I edited the request to fix the tag issue. It should now be handled the next time the Archiver is run.
8:44 PM
@Makyen thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience
@desertnaut np. Stuff happens; no big deal.
9:04 PM
Four upvotes in a few minutes for this! Am I getting weary or is that suspicious?
@vestland That will roomba in 10 days. There doesn't seem to be any reason to delete it in a hurry.
it's possible they posted a del-pls by mistake. when they posted the request, the question wasn't closed
Ah, I see.
though it's true it will roomba
I'm kinda surprised that a question like that one can pass the automatic checks on the Ask page. It's literally a link and nothing else...?
9:21 PM
Yeah, and the user has 1-rep. I saw another question very recently that I'm surprised got through the quality filters.
The fact that this one made it through makes me less surprised that that sentence-long link question made it through.
Maybe these are being edited in the grace period? I think there's a lot more you can get away with when doing that.
@blackgreen You're right, should be a
10:19 PM
11:16 PM
@Dharman: congratulations on your RO appointment :-)

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