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12:00 AM
12:25 AM
@Dharman there's some interesting content in there, what do you think about flagging it to be locked for historical interest?
1:08 AM
@miken32 it's not at all relevant to programming as defined by the [help]
I don't see any value there, just peoples' personal opinions
also at 7k views it doesn't really qualify
1:29 AM
Please let people remove their own edits - I added the edit to another post, not my own, but didn't notice it.
This will save the moderators that review edits time.
2:06 AM
@Gowiser While you can't retract suggested edits, check if there is anything to be fixed in the post (there often is). If so, you can still make changes to the suggested edit before it's reviewed.
@Scratte for the editor the less noise the better. Abbreviations are much gentler to look at.
@cigien If you have some time and are bored ... I reopened this, which upset the Story-Teller, so I hammered it closed again. There seems to be much confusion about what is/isn't allowed in this (single TU) case, and which C++ Standard (11/14/17) applies. Feel free to pile in to the comment-chatroom.
2:32 AM
@cigien I edited the wrong post. So all I could do was change my edit to <!-- I edited the wrong post -->
@Gowiser No, you can change the actual edit itself, so long as it's not been reviewed yet. If there are corrections to be made, you can make them.
1) I edited the wrong post 2) I could not delete my edit 3) I edited again to "edited the wrong post"
I think we misunderstand each other. The edit should never have happened. There was nothing to improve. I thought I edited my own post not someone elses
Full Moon approaching fast ... that's my excuse! ;-)
@AdrianMole Hehe. I have no excuse.
@Gowiser I understood what you're saying. If there really is nothing wrong with the post you mistakenly edited, then there's nothing to be done. It's not a big deal; it's just one rejected edit. I was just pointing out that when this happens (hopefully infrequently), you can check whether there are improvements to be made, and make them, and then no harm is done.
2:39 AM
@cigien Ty. I did
2:58 AM
@Gowiser While hopefully this won't happen again, or if something similar does, then you can follow @cigien's advice about making some improvement, if you do end up doing the same thing again, please make your "it's a mistake" comment much more noticeable (i.e. put it at the top of the post and explain something like "I edited this post by mistake. Please reject this edit."). As it was, your note was hidden within a code block, which makes it less obvious and adds potential confusion.
@Makyen Affirmative
@bad_coder This request is currently invalid.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, invalid request: del-pls requests are not permitted on answers with score > 0.
@Gowiser But, don't take the situation as a major negative. We all make mistakes from time to time. Our responses here are just to provide ways in which handling it might be improved.
@Makyen I don't. When I was young I could code for weeks, and only had to check syntax errors. But as I get older .... not so much. Critique is good - unless it isn't explicit.
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5:30 AM
Do you guys know how many offenses of the one-(un)delete-vote-per-post rule warrant a suspension?
merely using a word that an AI is allergic to doesn't by itself warrant suspension
Imagine being an expert in venereal diseases on bio.se and somebody with a regex decides to cause you trouble
@oguzismail two. First one is a warning.
5:49 AM
Q: Request to burn the [ps1] tag

Maximillian LaumeisterThe ps1 tag is currently being used to describe both powershell (.ps1) questions as well as the bash shell's PS1 input prompt facility, two totally different things. Back in 2018, the tag excerpt was edited to say: DO NOT USE this tag for questions about PowerShell scripts, use [powershell] inst...

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10:46 AM
Is this a meta question or an actual SO quesiton?
11:20 AM
@Ooker Questions on Meta get deleted quickly because they often lead to unconstructive discussions in the comments. In this case, it is very unclear what the topic actually was. If you want you can ask another question, but make sure you listen to the feedback you received and make it clear what the topic of discussion was. And remember that SOCVR won't take a side. You can't ask in this room for undeleting or deleting questions on meta
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12:47 PM
@Dharman why should questions be deleted if there are unconstructive discussions? Why not just simply lock it or deleted the unconstructive comments? Is unclear the same with unconstructive?
Some people see them as beyond fixable. These questions are usually rants, accusations, or way too broad/unclear to ever be useful. Instead of waiting other people's time, some users decide to delete it and stop the unconstructive discussion. There's usually enough comments to know why people decided to delete it from plain view.
@Dharman i see. Do you find my question like a rant?
It seems that you find it unclear. Why do you think the two questions I list as still unclear?
1:08 PM
@Ooker I only see one (deleted) question, which does seem confusing and unfocused still
@tripleee i mean, it that deleted question I listed two questions to answer that post. One only bedded to answer them
Would distraction mean "irrelevant to the goal (ask questions, get answers)"?
Would policies like "be inclusive and respectful", "be patient and welcoming", and activities like Winter Bash be irrelevant with asking questions, getting answers?
you asked for feedback, but I don't think debating the topic in more detail is welcome here
I see. Sorry for posting too much here
@Tomerikoo yes, sorry for that as well. But I wonder why it doesn't handle meta?
@Ooker Because that's what the rules say...
1:16 PM
@Ooker Why should it handle meta?
(in other news, the math in your profile seems to be off; or do you really rean to say that 8 people in the current world population have internalized oppression? Who are they?)
On a more serious note: It is simply not the purpose of this room. This room is for moderating Main SO for quick closure of problematic posts.
there is a chat room Tavern on the Meta where you might be able to get help to rearticulate your question, or maybe eventually have a discussion about it if and when you manage to distill it to a well-defined topic
2:16 PM
@TylerH That's the point of a historical lock, that it's completely off-topic but still of interest. You're right that 7k views probably wouldn't qualify it though, I hadn't noticed that.
2:31 PM
Q: Dis-[connect-four] better tagging

Daniel A. WhiteWe should remove the connect-four tag. This is a game and doesn't really add much to the post. While we do have chess, there is a much wider audience. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Yes it does. It ambiguous if ever a library would b...

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4:14 PM
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6:03 PM
Why is this post still not closed as a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/q/64418281. I already flagged it in the past..
and the flag was marked as helpful
6:26 PM
@RandomPerson there is no guarantee that a cv-pls here is obeyed or even noticed; it is a request which we sometimes disagree with and sometimes simply don't see because we are not here 24/7
see also the room FAQ (link in upper right corner in desktop version)
7:36 PM
@RandomPerson I think meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/376111 is relevant. It doesn't matter whether the post is actually closed; so long as another user voted to close as duplicate, your flag is marked helpful.
8:04 PM
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10:22 PM
11:03 PM
@khelwood But it was in ... Polish? Don't know what it means, but it look funky.
Turkish: Oyuncunun savundu─ču bölge -> "Area defended by the player."
@AdrianMole Haha :D
@AdrianMole In the old days it was the german and the french that refused to use english. Today it's the east block.
Polish, Turkish ... It's all Greek, to me.
11:48 PM
Why is this question allowed on stackoverflow? The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List. Doesn't it violate the policy for questions?
@Gowiser It was posted before the current rules were in place. Since it was successful and interesting a historical lock is placed on the thread and it has been kept.
@bad_coder ty
@Gowiser I'm trying to find a meta post for it but couldn't...There must be one somewhere explaining the historical lock.
@bad_coder Why not move it to meta? Is that not possible? Or is it also not allowed on meta? Is there a site for these kind of questions?

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