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12:05 AM
Is it possible to put a delete vote on an Answer that has a score of 0 or a positive score?
@Scratte Not unless you're a moderator or the author.
@RyanM I could be the author. But I assume I have a binding vote in such case :)
I'm finding it very strange that the API will not give information about delete votes on Answers.
I don't normally try to predict the future but, presumably, this will be NAA, even if the op were to ...
Sorry, ... were to complete their question. :-)
note that it is possible for there to be delete votes on answers with non-negative scores, because they may have been cast while the post previously had a negative score
... I have seen such answers turn into something that is not NAA :)
12:11 AM
@Scratte 20k+ users can do that, but only from the LQP review queue.
@RyanM Yes, but I'm just going to ignore those :) Since the API isn't telling me this, I have to scrape instead. I'd rather limit the amount of pages I have to get.
@AdrianMole oh right...good point.
... that is, for zero-scored answers. Positive scores just give us the "Recommend Deletion" option.
@AdrianMole Interesting.. I'll change it back to <= 0 then :)
But do those delete votes stick if the post makes it out of the LQP queue?
Dunno. But I can't see why not ... it's a delete vote and is 'consumed' from one's daily quota.#
12:14 AM
@AdrianMole Your flags are also consumed from your daily quota, even if one is declined, no? :)
@Scratte Yeah. But delete votes are very sticky. In normal circumstances, they only go away if the post is deleted then undeleted.
... we can't even retract our own.
... and even mods have to delete/undelete (IIRC) to clear them.
But they can do it faster :)
Only if they are awake.
Some of them never sleep.
@AdrianMole yes
12:26 AM
@RyanM Is the spam relation the reason this older post was cv-pls'd?
@DanielWiddis yep
Only remaining one on the network, and it's less clear than the others, but was eligible for Roomba if closed.
@pkamb No, being the editor of any of the answers or the questions doesn't make you involved, so the request is perfectly fine.
@TylerH No, not in the transcript. Transcripts only show placeholders for deleted messages to moderators, not to non-moderators. Such placeholders are not shown to non-moderators. You see them in the transcript because you're running the Archiver, which goes through the effort of find out if there are any deleted messages in the timeframe covered by the current transcript page and inserts the placeholders, so that it can then fetch and display in the page the contents of the deleted messages.
OTOH, everyone is shown placeholders for deleted messages in the actual chat room (i.e. the page where you can type in new messages and/or see new messages as they come in).
12:59 AM
@RyanM does that fit into this?
Oh hey, several CVE on the design of WPA*/WEP, most are dealing with packets fragmentation.
@Nick hmmmmm...good question. it's sort of a weird case, since they make the request once with the parameters, and again a second time without...I'll defer to you since I have very little experience with the field and common mistakes, and you have a relevant gold badge: do you think it does?
as far as misunderstandings go, this would be an odd one, but it's possible
@RyanM I hadn't looked at the question carefully enough - having done so I see the answer is actually wrong anyway, the correct answer is in the comments to the answer. I've VTD'd
1:15 AM
@Nick ah, I see, well spotted. Thanks for double checking me and for the second look!
1:39 AM
@Machavity or other RO: this request has been actioned but is not being picked up by the archiver due to the other question links (not closed as dupe)
2:18 AM
Is it okay to comment on a "needs focus" post that I just voted to close giving the (too vague) questioner a hint on where to look next? I figure they'll get some help out of the auto-email of the comment even if their question is roomba'd in 10 days.
@DanielWiddis I do it sometimes. Some people discourage it because it rewards bad questions, but eh. I like to help.
It's a vague answer to a vague question, I guess. ;)
^ is this correct? I apologize if I've gotten it wrong or I shouldn't be doing this. Just was hoping that I could help out.
@ewong The request is fine, though it's preferable to be more specific about the close reason; off-topic is a little vague, even if correct. In this case, the question could be closed as General Computing. Also, you should take a look at the FAQ if you haven't done so already, there's a bunch of useful information there.
Also, for non-terrible General Computing Android questions, anyone should feel free to use my canned close reason:
> Questions about topics other than development or programming, but related to Android, are not on-topic for Stack Overflow, but **may** be on-topic at https://android.stackexchange.com (and you're more likely to get a good answer there). Please review [the guidelines for posting in that community](//android.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic) before posting there to ensure that your question is on-topic.
Minding, of course, the usual rule about suggesting other sites: don't tell people to repost obvious junk that would just get closed a second time
3:05 AM
@cigien thanks! Sorry for the vague reason.
No worries. You can see the close reasons other members use in their requests as well, to get a sense of what sorts of reasons are generally used.
@cigien Just FYI: saying only "off-topic" as the request reason is insufficient. Please see "What Should Request Reasons Contain?"
@Makyen Crap, that's right. For some reason I thought it was just frowned upon, and not actually disallowed. Noted, thanks.
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4:22 AM
Q: We should burn a [card] from the deck

Daniel WiddisA peek at the recent discussion around visa and mastercard led me to the card tag. card has 192 questions and no usage guidance or tag wiki. Questions reference: Cards in the open source Bootstrap library Cards in React Bootstrap The Card class in Flutter Oracle's Java Card Connected Platform f...

5:51 AM
@Makyen can you delete this message of mine? OP has improved it, I retracted the vote.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@Makyen thanks =)
np :)
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10:19 AM
10:36 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels 😂
11:04 AM
Heh - Using a question asked by an SE Dev. as a close-vote audit seems like a bit of a "dead bloody give-away!" :-)
11:37 AM
12:06 PM
1:29 PM
Hehe - do you really mean Excel Marco or are you referring to macros? in a comment.
... OK, maybe not so silly: Excel Marco
In programming you can never be sure if it was a typo or intentional
Very ture.
@AdrianMole The person who invented C# only did so after enough people were convinced he had been referring to a new language called C# all along, instead of just suggested improvements to C++ in his papers, and he didn't want to admit to his mistake. :-)
this is fun, what other parts of programming history can we revise
1:45 PM
@TylerH Jon Skeet's real surname is Babbage.
@AdrianMole is his first name Charles?
Don't be silly. He snuffed out long ago.
@TylerH "I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question." - Charles Skeet
Is this Off topic? If so: why? POB? Off-Site content?
@Turing85 yes, tool recommendation.
@TylerH thx =)
2:00 PM
Does anyone know if all of the recent review queue changes included one where, if you voted to close the question, it precludes you from seeing the question in the reopen queue if it's put in there?
I think they made that change but I can't find where it is mentioned
@DaImTo Didn't we close it already?
2:25 PM
Hmm, someone not too bright serially downvoted me 10 hours ago; all but one of the posts they downvoted were CW answers
I guess they didn't want to lose that much rep themselves
I wish I could tell them it doesn't matter and that the rep will be refunded either way...
A single -2 might stand, no? I agree thought, what an interesting decision.
@IanCampbell it's not the rep loss that triggers the reversal script, AFAIK; it's the number of times someone voted on a single user's posts weighted by how closely they were voted on
Do you own the CW posts though? I'll be interested to see what happens tomorrow.
I do; I got downvote entries on them in my reputation tab as well
It wasn't a ton of posts, just 4, but I think a downvote on 4 posts within 30 seconds of each other should be enough to trigger. I agree the CW aspect will be an interesting test case, though.
The user was just lazy I'm guessing and didn't pay much attention; they're my 4 most recent answers
3:05 PM
Huh. I downvoted an answer and now my reputation is a palindromic number. That counts as win, doesn't it?
@Turing85 yes, but now you're stuck at that rep level
that's a lesser-known rule of Stack Overflow: nice-looking reputation scores such as 42, palindromes, etc. are locked in for 1 year.
@TylerH welp, Why wasn't my 12321 not logged in? Or 10101?
@Turing85 You must have skipped those levels shrug
I don't make the rules; I just cryptically quote them at opportune moments.
@Dharman yes they seam to have decided to open it again. Still seams opinion based to me.
TylerH is currently eating a tacocat so he's on a roll
3:57 PM
@TylerH @bad_coder I'm assuming the one I just moved to Graveyard by you was a cv-pls request. You had listed twice and no action request. Just let me know if that was a mistake; if you meant some other action, I'll move it to dev/null/ and you can re-request
4:14 PM
Are questions which ask about databases and entities on-topic? Specifically, this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/67200071/…
@10Rep databases are on-topic in general, provided they meet the other criteria for SO.
I haven't looked at that particular question to know if it's appropriately scoped, but from the title, I would guess so, at least my first reaction would be yes.
@10Rep this question in particular looks like it belongs to dba
@TylerH there is 0 programming-related in the question, pure ER-modelling
It's asking about database cardinality, not about anything related to SQL or a database language...
But I don't know what cardinality is so... I'm not sure.
@Turing85 ah, if it is specific to just the ER model and not about any implementations of data then yeah I'd agree it should go on DBA
@10Rep "The definition of cardinality that matters a lot for query performance is data cardinality. This is all about how many distinct values are in a column.The first meaning of cardinality is when you’re designing the database—what’s called data modeling. In this sense, cardinality means whether a relationship is one-to-one, many-to-one, or many-to-many. So you’re really talking about the relationship cardinality."
@10Rep I am not stalking you, I just happened across your answer within 60 seconds, honest.
@IanCampbell isn't that what a stalker woud say? =)
@IanCampbell I've come across answers like that as well... but that was extremely quick :)
I'm not an ironclad expert on burniation, but we don't have to remove tags from closed questions, right?
I think they get deleted at the end
4:32 PM
@IanCampbell IIRC no, because at the end all the closed questions with the tag will get deleted by a mod.
What can be done when a post was deleted from review and then undeleted by the OP but stayed low-quality (the edit changed a few words but the answer is still thank you)?
This is auto-flagged so just wait
@JeanneDark Is it always (when deleted from review is undeleted) automatically flagged?
Indeed it is autoflagged, see here. Might take a ... while... to be handled.
@IanCampbell Thanks!! I guess that answers my previous question. I'll keep an eye on the post
4:38 PM
If there's a very compelling reason that it needs to be deleted and it's negatively scored, you could post a del-pls request. But probably not worth the effort.
I was thinking that but I guess as it qualifies for an auto-flag it still doesn't justify bothering the room, as you said
When this happened to answers I had flagged, I just remained patient. They were eventually deleted.
@TylerH Nope, no such change
@TylerH @RyanM Agreed. In fact, I swear the queue preferentially shows me questions I have voted to close in the reopen queue.
IE here, the 5th review offered for the day.
Took me more than 5 clicks in my history to find one, but not that many more.
5:46 PM
@TylerH that was my mistake, the action was meant to be a cv-pls and was acted on correctly by the reviewers. Thanks for taking notice.
6:25 PM
So interesting that they could get around the duplicate answer filter with 0 and two line breaks.
@RyanM Hmm, thanks. Maybe I am just thinking of a feature-request on MSO or MSE or something
6:39 PM
@PaulRoub wow so many bad answers there
btw @Makyen someone filed an intent to ship for :has() (parent selector) in CSS for Blink. :-) Figured you may be interested in that news. It'll probably be months/over a year before it gets anywhere noteworthy, but... big step!
7:38 PM
Not sure why the answer isn't linked. Here for those without userscripts
@TylerH Great thanks for mentioning it.
will make userscripts a lot easier to manage on the CSS side, for sure
8:19 PM
@anky It seems clear to me; someone was able to provide a correct answer as well. It is asking "If an element is in multiple of the 4 columns, add it to the 5th column".
I've edited the post to add that alternative clarification as well
@TylerH I understand your point and that it has an answer, Good for OP. however it doesnot describe the problem enough, and its not very clear visually as well. why do they want a transposed value to be compared as an example.
@anky mmm, for me the answer is clear and the code too, if you don't understand something then you should ask for more details in the comments, or experiment so that you understand the logic.
Okay, I respect of your opinion @all. IMO it was just unclear. OP should edit and describe further is what I thought. Thanks.
Also I dont believe I should experiment with the answer to understand the question--i.e unclear
8:37 PM
@anky The idea of experimenting with the answer is not to indicate that the answer itself is unclear, but rather that it is not clear to me, for example, if you provide a code that uses many advanced elements of a certain technology then for a newbie it is unclear but that is not indicates that the post is unclear but that the user has not taken the time to understand the answer.
@anky As I already pointed out, if you want the OP to give more details then express it in the comments instead of deleting it. Elimination is the last resort and should be used when something is truly insurmountable, it is a residual resource. And this does not appear to be the case. Or if you don't like it then give it a DV.
@eyllanesc I don't see how anky is asking for deletion.
@Braiam plop, I see now that the request is unclear. since it is asking for a cv-pls for an answer, is that valid? And if it is valid, what does it imply?
@eyllanesc Probably linked the wrong thing.
@Braiam mmm, it seems to me that the problem is the type request and not the link since his argument indicates that the answer is not clear, for example: why do they want a transposed value to be compared as an example. indicates that it is not present in the question but in the answer.
@anky It appears that you may have unintentionally linked an answer instead of the question you intended to; could you double check and confirm?
8:52 PM
@eyllanesc The answer doesn't say anything, other than the code to do the thing the question is asking.
Transposing is changing elements from a place to another. Which is what I asked an explanation as to why they want to do this, in the comment on the question. A dataframe is supposed to be composed of an array of variables and observations, an assumption that OP breaks adding a variable that has no relationship with the observation.
Speaking of which, I found a duplicate target.
@Dharman FYI, the correct dupe target for that is stackoverflow.com/q/36446114/208273
Thanks, I don't plan on closing more Android questions
@RyanM Ahh thank you. Apologies. Apologies to everyone. I was linking to this question actually
@eyllanesc sorry I was referring to the question. My bad :/, somehow I copied the link to the answer... aarrgghh
flies away in the jungle
9:10 PM
Q: This tag needs a re-[mix]

miken32The mix tag is supposed to be about a tool for the Elixir language but it is constantly being misused in questions about Laravel Mix which should have the laravel-mix tag. Given that the correct usage of the tag is so light (292 questions total) I suggest the tag should be renamed elixir-mix to a...

9:22 PM
@anky Sorry, got pulled away by work. Why they want something seems irrelevant to me. They've got example code, desired output, and a clear explanation of how to reach the desired output from their example code.
@TylerH And this is why we have such crappy programmers :D
Haven't you seen code review questions? They have to include what is the task/context the code is supposed to do.
@Braiam Not sure I follow. We're on Stack Overflow, are we not? Or did we merge with Code Review.SE?
@TylerH We are on SO yes, but that's the level of absurdity of your argument.
Like I said, I don't follow
Are you saying people writing clear questions are poor programmers?
@TylerH Questions without explanation about the goal aren't clear questions.
9:27 PM
OP explained the goal just fine
the answerer understood it, I understood it, it sounds like eyllanesc also understood it
Questions doing something totally moronic without a very good explanation is not a clear question. Which was what OP was doing.
that anky didn't isn't OP's fault
@TylerH I recommend you to stay away from dataframe questions then.
OK, I see. It's your opinion that OP was doing something bad.
Or at least, read what a dataframe means.
9:29 PM
If you think OP is mixing up terms, you can leave a comment asking them to clarify their terminology.
"How do I disable SSL verification in [framework]?" is a perfectly fine question, despite usually being an awful idea and usually not the correct solution to whatever you're trying to do. That's a fine thing to note in an answer or a comment, but it doesn't make the question unclear.
But you seem to have a hard time using the right words yourself, which leads to a lot of unnecessary arguments with other users
So just keep in mind that communication issues are not the same as "low quality questions" or "bad programmers"... people may just be communicating past each other.
It's bad to jump to the conclusion that someone's a bad programmer or "doing something stupid" because they didn't explain something the way you would have. As often as not, the person jumping to conclusions is wrong.
@RyanM (for instance, maybe you're a distributed team running an anti-spam project on a Q&A network, your webserver's SSL certificate expired, and you need a way to keep your chatbot connected to the webserver until the admin gets back and renews the cert)
hypothetically speaking.
I'd also like to remind you about the general 'be nice' rule in the code of conduct; telling users to stay away from subjects w/ tacit accusations of ignorance, or accusing users of being crappy programmers or doing totally moronic things is not OK.
@RyanM And that's why I don't want programmers to be sysadmins. Tkvm
9:36 PM
My point is that sometimes there is a good reason to do something that's stupid 99% of the time. Because that 1% exists, and they read Stack Overflow too.
@RyanM Oh, I don't deny that, but you have to include that in your question ;)
I think Dharman would have a word or two about using SQLi, when pdo is available on php
@KevinM.Mansour Rude/abusive, but yeah. Spam generally promotes something.
@RyanM So I flag as spam or Rude/Abusive
Prefer to flag as Rude/Abusive; some moderators may dispute Spam flags on content that isn't exactly spam.
9:51 PM
@RyanM Okay; Thanks for help. :)
It'd still probably be marked helpful, though.
np :-)
Spam flags are marked as helpful automagically when a post is deleted by the Community user. Still, agree that RA is the way to go.
@IanCampbell Thanks for Info. :)
1 hour later…
11:16 PM
Hi, I rewrote a question which where flagged opinion based. Based on advices taken from the community. I was wondering if someone here could help me to know if my question is now better suited or if it still needs improvement ?
@crg looks reasonable to me but I'm not a subject-matter expert
Thanks @RyanM I've voted to re-open it. I guess it will now be a matter of time..
@crg I think your question can still be improved a lot more by providing more details about the API and the parent and child. How low is "low connection"? How much data is being passed?
It may no longer be primarily opinion based, but it may still lack details or clarity.
@IanCampbell Got it thank you ! I will add some more details and clarity
11:30 PM
Regarding the "low connection" bit: I'm not sure I see how the connection speed is relevant. Perhaps you mean a slow processor?
Maybe I should change low connection by slow. I meant like 2G or your phone in a French forest...
Rather, I'm not sure how the connection speed affects passing data between parent and child components. Doesn't that happen locally on the phone?
Though I've never been to a French forest, so I can't speak to their effects on memory latency.
I am not passing the data between parent and child components. This is the all point of my question. If I better pass data from my parent to my child, or make two calls to the API. One in a child and one in the parent.
Oh, I see. Are they the same API call to get the same data? and the question is whether you should make the API call in both places or just pass the data locally?
Yes it is the same API and the same data. And yes my question is whether i should make the api call on both component or only on the parent and pass the data locally.
English I not my mother tangue and still new to the language so hard for me. You're help is nice though
11:43 PM
@crg maybe all this chat posts about your question should go into that question?
If so, I'm just going to answer that for you: just pass the data locally. Redundant API calls are always going to be slower because network latency on a phone is potentially a lot, and you could have one fail but not the other, and all sorts of fun things to think about.
Reducing the number of API calls you need to make from a mobile device is always good if you have a way to do it without sacrificing correctness.
+1 @RyanM thank you !
Sorry for the spam @Vickel
@crg no, don't get me wrong! you asked how to improve your question, and I think you should add the parts you posted here in chat
@crg Now that your question has been answered, don't delete it. That will just add to a question ban. Deleted questions contibute a lot to a question ban. Just worth mentioning.
@Vickel Ohh I see aha ;)
Yes I won't delete it, thanks for the advice :)
11:51 PM
That's good :)
Thank you all for the patience and kindness. Gotta go, start to be late in the French forest

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