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12:02 AM
It doesn't look like spam to me. There's no promotion or solicitation.
12:47 AM
Not sure what to do with this question. It is unclear, and actually, if you look at the text, inappropriate and looks to be rude-abusive. Thoughts? cv-pls or flag-pls?
It's also a SD report
@HovercraftFullOfEels Looks rude/abusive to me. Even being generous, the MCVE doesn't require the verbiage used by the asker.
@HovercraftFullOfEels fwiw, I R/A flagged it as well. There's barely a question, and the text has more profanities than I think is reasonable.
@Joundill, @cigien: thanks for confirming my suspicions
1 hour later…
1:54 AM
Someone's always linking their site in (meh to poor) answers. The linked pages are relevant, but it's seeming somewhat spammy..? Should it be left as-is? stackoverflow.com/users/14187575/code-with-bishal?tab=answers
@CertainPerformance No, that should be flagged. 2 of the 4 answers don't disclose affiliation, and 4 answers linking to one's content is excessive anyway. I've raised a flag.
sounds good, thanks
@CertainPerformance From what I see, the user wrote 4 answers. one, two stated affiliation. The other 2 do not (although the user name coincides with the site name). I'd think raise a costum mod flag to have the user reminded of site rules.
@cigien AFAIK there's nothing necessarily wrong about linking to one's own site, Jon Skeet has over 100 links to his personal site (if I recall from the last thread when this came up). Although, admittedly, I don't like too many click bait leading to untrusted sites either.
2:10 AM
@bad_coder Linking to one's own site is not a problem per se, but it's considered spam if a substantial proportion of answers do that. Where that line is drawn is quite fuzzy, admittedly. 1/1 answer linking to content is fine, 4/4 not so much. If your estimate is right about Jon having 100 answers of that nature, that would still be out of over 30k answers, which I would consider below the threshold.
@cigien Yes the overall percentage does make sense (unless it's a proeminent library author, in which case it gets even more fuzzier.)
@bad_coder Yeah, it's definitely fuzzy. The overall percentage threshold probably doesn't scale linearly either. It's just a guess, but high rep users likely get more leeway in this regard (especially if they're well known library authors as you point out).
3:17 AM
@Dharman that's an election winning speech right there. No need to take an intransigent stance and alienate part of the electorate.
1 hour later…
6:02 AM
What to do with stackoverflow.com/q/67172786/2943403 ? Should it be closed as unclear because the [mcve] is dependent on graphical representation? Is it a basic duplicate where by an array should should be grouped by a single column (id) in the subarrays?
6:37 AM
7:28 AM
Not sure if NAA or rude. link.
@E_net4thecopycat 100% NAA. Not that rude, so NAA is definitely the safer way to get it gone
@E_net4thecopycat I also don't feel it's rude/abusive enough for R/A flag (especially since it comes with penalty)
Aye, I figured. The question was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Maybe. Should've had my coffee before doing SO.
7:43 AM
It will come to a mod's attention anyway, if I'm not mistaken (accepted answers flagged as NAA have to be handled by mods IIRC)
1 hour later…
9:46 AM
@Yatin congrats, you are the proud editor of the most copied answer among the downvoted ones, see Do people copy downvoted answers?
10:13 AM
@bad_coder OH cool :D
^^ I'm trying to find a reason to close this post, but I can't think of one (neither am I inspired to find a duplicate atm.)
an image for code is a close reason
@bad_coder Personally I voted Typo as the amazing image shows the OP simply typed helloworld.py in terminal instead of python helloworld.py
@Tomerikoo that's not really a typo. Someone else might plausibly make the same mistake too.
10:45 AM
@Tomerikoo The actual reason was strange, Windows had the interpreter associated to the file extension and executed the script. I don't have an explanation for the output not getting directed to the terminal. (Needs debugging details, imo.)
@bad_coder Yep I agree with @John as well. Typo might be wrong here, but in the end the question should be closed. Either details or debugging would do...
@Tomerikoo what worries me in this case is that I was unable to find a good duplicate. altogether strange.
@bad_coder Not surprising actually. How would you find it? What's the search phrase? Keep in mind that if such duplicate exists, it's by someone who has no idea what's going on so expect titles like "Please help me no output from Python" and the likes of that...
11:06 AM
Q: Igniting fire in [space]

Mohd Abdul MujibThis tag needs to go to the outer space as its very ambigous, and vague. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? This tag doesn't help to describe the question in any way. It doesn't give us any information about the real content of the questi...

11:27 AM
11:49 AM
Is this open-worthy? It was closed from here yesterday and was translated (not by me, I just fixed it a bit)
12:02 PM
12:34 PM
This was a clear NAA but has been edited - is it now an answer to the question?
@JeanneDark To me, it is now a comment.
@JeanneDark It looks like an attempt
On the other hand, I am not sure about the reason for which the question is protected
@Vega Well, it attracted a random spam/RA/NAA answer, so I can understand why Zoe did it. It's probably not really needed, but since the new answer was added, it's made the Q more visible, so it might attract more crud.
12:47 PM
@NathanOliver It doesn't have any spam attractive title, got one NAA answer, not spam. As it doesn't get any answers since a year, it seems that the answer should come from someone which got a specific knowledge and most probably from a new user. Protecting it will prevent that
1:18 PM
Are this and this self-duplicates? Same user seems to be asking quite a few very similar questions over the past few days - is this a 'dodgy' pattern?
1:43 PM
@MihaiChelaru [tag:cv-pls]
@JeanneDark Yes, apologies, was just looking up the formatting. Haven't had to manually type one of these out in a long time, forgot to use the close-vote generator userscript.
1:55 PM
ASAP as possible :)
Q: Can we [repair] this tag?

MureinikThe repair tag on Stack Overflow's main site has no tag excerpt or description, and the ~170 questions tagged with it are a mish-mash of unrelated questions ranging from handling auto-repair of MSIs, repairing MySQL tables (borderline offtopic) and even repairing laptop keyboards (clearly offtopi...

2:18 PM
@AdrianMole The code is different, at least. And the newer question is asking about a main method that doesn't exist in the older question
We could ostensibly close the older as a dupe of the newer
but I'm not sure it's worth it
@TylerH Yeah. But I've see a list of Qs coming over the past few days that all seem to be asking much the same thing. I suppose that's OK, if each answer prompts a new question ... but are we being suckered into writing the whole dang code?
If you know of more by this user or otherwise suspect misuse, feel free to flag. If you think it's just a user asking a new question for every line of code, I would downvote and comment each time
Argh, Firefox 88 changed the unobtrusive grey outline of the URL bar when focused to an annoying/confusing red outline. What is the point of that? Now I think there is some problem with the contents whenever it is focused
Hmm. Guess we're drifting into forbidden territory if we continue this in here ... I'll keep a watchful eye on future developments.
I would save me the comment, I don't need that kind of spotlight :(
Remember, you should be looking at the questions in isolation. If different users asked all of these Q's, and you'd find it okay, then it should be okay if a single user did the same thing. Really I only investigate the user if I suspect they've asked the exact same Q before or posted the same exact answer before, or if I suspect spam.
2:43 PM
Is this closable? And if yes, why? stackoverflow.com/questions/67179857/…
@desertnaut Yes, I'd say it could be closed for the external resource recommendation reason or the POB reason
@TylerH it is not POB, and not asking for a recommendation
@desertnaut It is asking us to find a library that contains that code
or prove that one doesn't exist (so Too Broad would apply, too)
POB covers leeway in differences between that code and other code in libraries that covers the same gist but not the same literal code
@TylerH OK, VTC'ed as too broad
3:37 PM
... what sort of tag is this
@mck "Coming immediately after in a sequence;" lol
It must be the next one to get burninated.
@mck Looks like a tag that should be burninated [next] ;)
Let's not deviate from the [script] guys, we don't want to get sidetracked.
You haven't burninated the one that and you are thinking of the one already.
3:44 PM
Look guys, we can't everything...
No, but we
@Dharman Why I suspect all those exist without clicking?
@Dharman You sure about that?
@Braiam Because they're exactly the type of tags people are likely to make
@Zoe What happened there?
My finger slipped
3:55 PM
@free2fork Please keep interpersonal issues out of the room. If you think a question of yours was closed incorrectly, or want to know why it was closed, you may ask, but extended discussion should be handled in a separate room. See our FAQ for more information.
4:17 PM
Do you have an other answer? I mean, what is your main purpose of your request to re-open?
that is an option as well
I was thinking the Ministry but maybe this is better
@free2fork You've been given some options to have your situation resolved. Your attitude at this point is unhelpful and if it continues, you may face a chat suspension
@Machavity please answer my question How other people will provide their answer with a question(dplicate or not) keep being flagged then closed ?!!!!
Maybe the question is the problem and ask about that
4:27 PM
The user that responded didnt asked nothing about the question
If I havent opened the "supposed" duplicate question he would have how to answer it, by the way he responded different obviously, because the "supposed duplicate is from THREE years ago
@free2fork I think that the main point you're missing is that there is a proper way to discuss. Your question was initially closed because it was wildly unclear. If that was changed, there is a way to ask for it to reopen. Calling people stupid will surely discourage them from helping you... Just saying...
Three years doesn't automatically make it invalid
@free2fork if you don't want to look at a duplicate then we can't help you.
Is this closable as Needs Details or Clarity? stackoverflow.com/questions/67177450/…
I generally protect early for a number of reasons. The answer read as NAA to me, so I didn't protect it because it was spam. There's a few NAA posters who re-post their question (or post more) in spite of being told not to. I often protect questions receiving NAA answers to prevent more, either from the same person or from others. Or potentially the same person on a sock account. There's a similar reasoning for full-on spam: if they've found it, there's a chance it'll be reused (probably because the logic is along the lines of "it'll fly under the radar because it's similar" - some spam tr
@Zoe That's what I figured. Do you do back an unprotect later or just leave it?
5:03 PM
@10Rep yes. I have no idea why you want to convert WordML into something it already is ....
5:14 PM
This is NAA, isn't it? They mention a try but also say it threw an error, too.
@JeanneDark I think it is NAA.
Thank you
@NathanOliver I tend to leave it. I'll rather unprotect on request than having to manage protections (it's substantially harder to keep track of protections than votes)
@rene ahh ok, thank you.
5:37 PM
@tink exact self-dupe too (slight formatting difference due to a copy-paste error)
5:54 PM
@RyanM ugh - didn't even notice that bit =(
6:12 PM
I assume there's something going on developer-wise as 5 of the review queues are empty (as far as I can see)?
@DavidBuck Yeah they're rolling out some changes to review
@TylerH I wondered how I missed it until I saw it had only been published 2 mins previously
6:31 PM
7:12 PM
7:29 PM
@mck I'm not a pandas guy, but if you could give the OP a couple of pointers about what he did wrong with his post. Seems like he really did try his best.
@Scratte Yep... And I got a festive message welcoming me to the review queues! :D
@Tomerikoo Yes, I noticed a pop-up. I found it quite off-putting since I have 3 steward badges already.
@Scratte Agreed... There is already No, I don't want to know how review queues work
Though I lost interest a while ago. Then again when they changed the User Interface, since "Suggested Edits" is a pain when all the real estate is going to something other than the actual review.
7:37 PM
@Scratte No I haven't seen the 0 queues, but it's good seeing you in chat :D
@bad_coder I'm in chat all the time. Just not in here.
Anyway, if they want users to review, perhaps displaying all the queue as having 0 review items isn't the best idea :D Unless they're targeting users which they'd prefer do not review. But then suspensions are probably a better way to go.
@Scratte yes, I was thinking about checking up on you when I had some time.
@Scratte lol, always finding inconsistencies and contradictions in the system :D
Do First Posts only have a user's very first post?
@bad_coder It's sad that a small insignificant user is finding such things.
@Scratte it's not "sad". Do you know what "sadness" is? It's the passion that comes from perceiving the loss of "a good".
@Scratte The bigger problem is that it not only "displaying the queue as having 0 review items", it is literally cleared...
7:55 PM
@bad_coder I guess to me it's sad. The site has potential.. someone like me finding inconsistencies and contradictions means that other people aren't even looking for them. It makes me think that testing isn't part of development of the site.
@Tomerikoo That's odd. I opened a suggested edit and it gave me a review (that I didn't do. I just opened it to check if they had decided to give me enough room to see the post :-)
Yep it's the only one. The others literally appear to be cleared...
@Scratte I would think so based on the name
First question and first answer maybe
at most, first couple of each...
@Tomerikoo Ehh.. no. I've opened 3 now. They're all different.
I'm seeing the same thing on the review queues.
And when I go pick on one, I get a a blocking popup such as "You’ve earned access to the Reopen votes queue! Awarded at 3k reputation"
@Scratte Tried to post a non-one-box image without success. I meant that the queues show with 0 items and when I enter them they are literally cleared... Only the suggested edits queue, albeit appearing as 0, actually has items to review
8:03 PM
the text for suggested edits is nice though. Especially "Edits should maintain the post author’s original intent.". No more "The author intended to answer the Question" or "The author intended to ask a good Question".. :)
Though I'm a bit confused why it's saying "You can Approve, Improve, or Reject edits or Delete low-quality posts." emphasis mine.
@dbc No little X in the upper right corner? Or a "Got It" button?
@Scratte You should post it as a bug over at the New onboarding for review queues. Seems like a definite mistake...
@Tomerikoo Not sure what you mean by "clearned" then. I though you meant that the queue was empty. But for me it's seems it just keeps giving me reviews.
@Scratte Yes, there's an X or a "Got It". And "Escape" works. So it's not that bad. But it's weird being congratulated for earning access to a review queue that I worked in within the past few days.
@Tomerikoo Oh.. someone it having fun then :D I imagine they forgot to put in the correct link to the reviews when the patched it in. It's probably some hardcoded test-default-link.
@Tomerikoo Seeing as the other post on meta about the general rework left most of the concerns ignored.. you're welcome to do it though :)
8:14 PM
@dbc I agree it seems nonsensical to show it to you if you've done recent reviews in that queue
it would make sense if everyone were misusing a queue and they wanted to re-educate people on a wide basis
But then they should say that. They aren't. They're welcoming us to the review queues :O
I agree, I don't think that is what they intended, to be clear. I think it showing up for cases like dbc's example above is an error/mistake/bug.
I also think it might be separate from the issue of people getting the popup/modal multiple times per the same queue... I can't reproduce that issue at all
across any site
wow the new popup in review looks really cheap
8:35 PM
@TylerH I'm definitely seeing it for queues where I have done work within the past two days. I captured a screen shot, and added a reply here meta.stackexchange.com/a/363510/344280
@Tomerikoo Nice meta post :) Too bad you don't get unicorn points for it.
@dbc Yep, already +1'd
@Scratte Well at least I get some from that suggested edits bug you passed over xD
@Tomerikoo You want to check to see whether you see anything in the "Low quality posts" queue? I just flagged three NAA posts.
8:42 PM
@dbc Still cleared... Either people are really fast or that's indeed a bug
@Tomerikoo Not cleared. All three flags are "Pending".
@Tomerikoo Yes, I noticed. I'd probably upvote it if I logged in to view it. Instead I'm happy scrolling around the tiny cookie box :D
There should be bunch of posts in LQP. I have almost 20 pending NAA flags
@Dharman Like I mentioned, they probably forgot to put in the right link somewhere.
Ohh, so that is why I can't see anyone reviewing my NAAs today
I was wondering what's going on
8:45 PM
@dbc I meant the queue still shows as cleared with nothing to review
@Dharman See the new pin on the starboard
they've poked stuff
and now the queues don't work
the review bees are buzzing angrily
I just "earned access to the Suggested Edits queue" xD
I remember when they had a bug in the First Posts queue. If I remember correctly it was fixed in less than a day, but it took two weeks to get back to normal after the fix.
8:48 PM
I haven't noticed any changes in the actual queues. Just a new "onboarding" message the first time I go into any queue.
@AdrianMole You've also earned that to Triage.. but there's nothing in the queue for you. Perhaps you're suspended ;)
Maybe they finally got tired of all the reviewing we did and are just hiding the items from us :-)
One doesn't "earn" access to Triage; it's handed out as a warning/punishment.
^ yes. I've been saying that for a while. It's not a privilege. It's a "duty" being pushed on users. It's an odd thing really. Especially when being suspended from it.
Hmmm. First 5 reviews I've been given in Suggested Edits have all been wikis or wiki excerpts. Never seen that before.
8:52 PM
@Tomerikoo Ha.
For all other queues, we should keep the "onboarding." For Triage, we should have "waterboarding."
@AdrianMole Just rename Triage to Hazing
9:14 PM
Congratulations - You have passed 100 consecutive Review Audits! As a reward, we are giving you a 500 Point reputation bonus.
... and then, the effects of the alcohol wore off and I woke up.
@AdrianMole I suggested an edit on April 5, today it's being addressed :)
Now First Posts is empty too. That was fast. It had almost 700 items 30 minutes ago :D
9:51 PM
@Scratte Late Answers just got full - I'm now in the 20+ zone for today.
This NAA seems a bit off from a > 10k user.
@AdrianMole What do you mean?
@Scratte Looks like it has 1.7k items in it to me
@AdrianMole They weren't at 10K when it was posted though. More like 7K
@Scratte But still, not what you'd expect from an established user.
Nah, it happens. People get rep in strange ways without even knowing how this site works
9:59 PM
@RyanM Maybe it's been fixed then :) Reference
This is what I saw when I posted that message.
10:20 PM
@Dharman certainly not by the suggested edit alone ;)
Yeah, I rejected that
@Dharman Well only if you're willing to go through the video and summarize the method...
@Dharman When I clicked your link, I got this popup: imgur.com/a/Bv92Zr3 I wish something like this popped up before someone answered a question. A popup that says: "Is this question on-topic for Stack Overflow? Did you check for duplicates before deciding to answer? Closing duplicates instead of answering them helps Stack Overflow to resolve questions without bloating the site with redundant content."
I wish there was no need for that
10:29 PM
^ I have the same wish
@Dharman Maybe an annoying popup would be a good alternative to blocking repeat offenders from being able to answer new questions. meta.stackoverflow.com/q/397526/2943403
@Dharman are you out of close votes today?
and I still see so much more stuff to be closed
I still have few delete votes
and 14 flags
@Dharman the next moderator election can't come soon enough
Yeah, I would have no problem with people answering whatever they want as long as I had easy means to quickly delete the stuff that should not be answered
Maybe SO should have a special echelon between regular user and moderator user -- "curator user". This would just have greater capacity for curating features.
I don't know if you necessarily need to become a moderator. It's just that the only way you can be free from these shackles is to become a diamond.
10:38 PM
At least I have Makyen's userscript and I can set reminders to come back in 2 days.
and then this room helps with del-votes
@Dharman I super-love this room.
and I could delete accounts if I was a mod
right now it is annoying to have to flag each account for deletion and then wait a month until someone handles the flag
So if I could have the power to unilaterally close and delete questions, delete and suspend users, quickly remove comments, and lock posts without becoming a moderator that would be great
@Dharman Deleting site profiles (what most people call an account) doesn't really help all that much, and sometimes hurts. Users can immediately recreate their profile on the site. If we've destroyed their profile (as oposed to "deleted"), then they get a 14 day suspension, of which the remainder is usually applied when a new profile is created, but they can still immediately recreate the profile, along with any profile spam.
We can and often do, separately, suspend them for up to 365 days, but it is a separate action (combined in some userscripts).
But when they recreate the profile they lose all previous votes and contributions right?
@Dharman The prior contributions are not, normally, associated with the new profile (although, I've seen what appear to be glitches where they are associated). Many, or all, of the questions, answers, and comments associated with the deleted/destroyed profile are deleted (which depends on if the profile is deleted or destroyed and the post's score). Votes which they had previously cast are deleted, usually, but not always (e.g. if there are a lot of votes, then it's kicked up to the CMs).
10:51 PM
That's good. I do flag them again when they recreate their sock-puppets
@Dharman Yeah, some people recreate their sockpuppets within minutes, even seconds. Deletion as a sockpuppet doesn't automatically apply a suspension, so the moderator has to remember to do that manually, prior to deleting. I plan to have a userscript automatically apply a suspension prior to deleting as a sockpuppet, but haven't gotten to doing so, yet.
There's also significant limitations on which accounts can be deleted as a sockpuppet. I also have plans to add a pseudo-sockpuppet deletion option (i.e. very similar, but without the limitations imposed by the sock method), but, again, not done, yet.
Moderators building Stack Overflow for Stack Overflow
11:20 PM
@Dharman I don't think so. The answer is of course yes, there are lots of technologies other than Wi-Fi Direct for peer-to-peer communication. Recommending one would be off-topic and there's not enough in the question itself to make a recommendation even if it weren't. And "what are all the ways to do peer-to-peer communication in Android?" seems too broad as well.

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